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  1. Joining the league of Villains wasn’t his plan per say but after the fall of the Hero Killer: Stain he had to avenge him in some way. First he thought of doing vigilante work but that would not have been as fun, so he decided to talk to Grian as he heard around the underground world that the league was recruiting. It wasn't that hard to convince Grian, after a week he and another villain (who unbeknownst to him would become like his little sister) Himiko Toga were brought to the bar of the League. Which in hindsight was a stupid idea in it's own, what if he decided to use that information to get the league caught, he wouldn't but they needed a better thought process.
  3. The first thing he noticed when he was brought into the bar as it was very run down and reeked of old liquor. The second thing he noticed was Tomura Shigaraki, the fucking creep, was immediately against him and had to be forced to hear him out. The only way it was allowed was the warp gate villain 'Kurogiri' was it? had told the man to listen to them. He was instantly called out  for being 'rude' as the little creep said he was. He didn't know right away if he should join as the league to him had an unjust cause. Tomura had the nerve to try and jump on Toga and himself, Dabi instantly pulling out his hand to set the weirdo ablaze.
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  5. However before he got to fry the little asshole he felt his hand go through one of the warps Kurogiri made. As Tomura walked away he watched unamused, apparently the child didn't like the idea of following Stain's ideology, he wanted the league to take down All Might the current symbol of peace. It was a foolish outlook but he went along with it, after the child left he was told he had to wait some time before he was even approved to join. Annoyingly he got accepted a week later and was instantly given a few tasks, the first being the nomu in Hosu.
  7. He was watching on top of a water tower along with Shigaraki and Kurogiri. As the nomu destroyed the city and heroes, it was glorious. The second was when he was ordered to terrorized the summer camp, and capture Bakugou. The first requirement that happened was he had a quirk used on him to make clones that looked identical to terrorize some of the heroes, the second being his favorite. He got to play with fire, slamming his hand against the rough bark of the tree and set his palm on fire. The blue flames shot out and eventually got the forest on fire, he continued to hold his hand there letting the flames dance upon the trees. Eventually he decided he had enough fire across the forest that he distinguished his fire and took his hand away, telling 'Twice' the weirdo that it was time to get back to the designated get away area.
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