Elastic TF Hentai Story 2

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  1. “Argh… what a day at work…”
  3. Kara dropped her bag by the door and made her way to the bedroom.
  4. Kara was a Magic Model – a person whose job it was to model the latest clothing spells and, occasionally, the latest fashion Transfigurations. Today, she had been made ten feet tall, worn a dress of liquid iron, been turned into an anthropomorphic squirrel, and finally shrunken down to model for the faery designs.
  6. Stripping down to her underwear, Kara flopped down onto the bed and turned on the T.V., eager to watch her favorite shows. After an hour or so, she grew bored, and the sight of her own naked body was making her pretty horny (Kara was a lesbian).
  8. Kara flicked off the TV and sent the remote floating over to the nightstand (a lesbian WITCH, may I add), stood, and threw her underwear into the basket across the room. She was about to get down to business, when she remembered a show from two days ago, in which her body had been rearranged repeatedly to show off the shape-shifter’s autumn collection.
  10. Reciting the words the stylist had used, Kara felt her boobs hit the floor. Looking down, she realized they had fallen off her body, and now sat jiggling on the floor like fleshy dew drops. She bent down and picked them up, reveling in the odd sensation of feeling her tits in impossible ways. Remembering the reassembly spell, Kara uttered the chant and then promptly stuck them back onto her chest…and noticing that she had put her left boob on her right side.
  12. She tugged at them again, and put them back in their proper place. Placing her hands on her hips, Kara popped off her legs and lower body. Hurling her top half onto the bed, she walked her legs over and sat down, legs splayed open. Kara reached up and pulled her head off of her neck, and placed it between her legs. She stuck her tongue out and licked at her (now very moist) pussy. As she basked in the glow of her pleasure, a thought came to Kara.
  14. She placed her head back onto her neck, and with her right hand began to pick at the edge of her crotch. Eventually, like a sticker, it peeled off, leaving a bare patch of skin in between her legs. Setting her vagina aside, she felt the area and was surprised with a numbed sense of pleasure. Again, she picked up her pussy, opened her mouth, and began to roll her pussy around with her tongue.
  16. After five minutes, Kara came and startled herself so much she spat out her soggy pussy. Swallowing and picking her upper half with her hands, Kara took her sheets and began to dry off her crotch. Suppressing the urge to keep rubbing, she instead stared at her disembodied vagina, deep in thought. Then, she had an idea. She rushed over to her old 10th grade spellbook and looked up the spell she needed. Pointing at herself and muttering the words, she instantly felt a tingling sensation, followed by a faint creaking noise, both of which abruptly stopped.
  18. Setting down the book and giving her hands a look-over, Kara saw that they looked smoother, and felt very flexible. Grabbing her legs and pulling, they stretched like rubber and thinned out. She let go, and the snapback launched her legs off her lower torso, leaving just her pelvic region and butt sitting atop her pillow. Eventually, she reassembled herself, all except her pussy, which she had left on the bed. Pulling at the sides, she saw it stretch six inches wide; then ten; then a foot; then two whole feet, all the while becoming wetter and wetter as she groaned with pleasure. Kara stopped pulling her crotch when her arms could spread no wider (her vagina was now 5 ½ feet wide, and only barely thinned out). Letting go, the same snapback caused her to yelp, and drop her sex back onto the floor, where it bounced and came to rest a few feet away from the bed.
  20. Kara walked over to her crotch and picked it up again. She thought for a while, then shrugged, and pulled it over her arm up to her shoulder. She moaned as she felt her arm inside her body, and looked down to see it outlined in her new elasticized skin. Kara slipped her sex off of her arm and became very excited about her plan. Climbing back onto the bed, she stretched her vagina out again, and stuck both her feet in. Resisting the urge to stop and come, she continued to pull her vagina over her body, until her lips were around her neck. Looking down, she saw that the back of her sex had not stretched at all, and that she was more or less just a head.
  22. Pleased with the result, she reached her right arm out the opening and lifted up the top of her pussy. What she saw both freaked her out and made her incredibly excited. Much like her arm had been outlined in her abdomen; she saw the outline of her body, with her boobs forming lumps a few inches above her crotch area. Her feet were large bumps a few inches shy of her chin. Kara, seeing how wet she had already become, pulled her lips all the way up over her head, and let go. She felt and saw the moist flesh close up and found she could breathe easier than she had expected; although, air rushing in through her hole did cause her great pleasure. Sticking her arm out the opening again, she pushed with her hand and felt the world flip.
  24. If one could look into the world just then, they would see a disembodied arm, standing upright on the hand, with the elbow disappearing into a dripping disembodied vagina.
  26. Kara hand-walked over to where she assumed the bathroom to be, and hoisted herself up onto the sink. She pulled her arm back inside. Turning onto her belly and opening her lips up a bit, she saw a vagina, standing upright, with her own face peeking out at her. Laughing, she pushed her arm back out and scuttled back onto the bed, got under the covers, and had the best sleep she had had all week.
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