Skype chat log with alfred.cockwench

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  1. [5/23/14, 6:48:46 PM] TGOD: Got dox of your hacker, I personally know him.. TGOD
  2. [5/23/14, 6:49:03 PM] Roger Ver: Roger Ver has shared contact details with TGOD.
  3. [5/23/14, 6:49:07 PM] Roger Ver: Hi
  4. [5/23/14, 6:49:48 PM] TGOD: Are you seriously going to pay? I don't want to send dox and have you not pay
  5. [5/23/14, 6:50:05 PM] TGOD: He sent me the post on FB over aim to try and look cool
  6. [5/23/14, 6:51:48 PM] TGOD: I dont got all day
  7. [5/23/14, 6:51:49 PM] Roger Ver: I will really pay,  but I don't think there is a hurry at the moment.  I will post the exact details of the reward on my Facebook page shortly.  Then you can decide if the terms are acceptable,  or we can negotiate the details
  8. [5/23/14, 6:52:15 PM] TGOD: Not sure anyone else will be of much help
  9. [5/23/14, 6:52:18 PM] Roger Ver: I'm busy locking down all my accounts at the moment.
  10. [5/23/14, 6:52:24 PM] Roger Ver: So I need a few hours please
  11. [5/23/14, 6:52:37 PM] TGOD: Take down post and we will go over details
  12. [5/23/14, 6:52:50 PM] TGOD: I already have his dox, doxed via ISP
  13. [5/23/14, 6:53:03 PM] TGOD: Doxed him a few weeks back when he pissed me off
  14. [5/23/14, 6:53:25 PM] TGOD: Random kids on facebook wont be of much help, trust me.
  15. [5/23/14, 6:55:07 PM] Roger Ver: Several hundred thousand people already heard about the reward for the hackers capture.  Even Max Keiser already tweeted about it to 100K followers
  16. [5/23/14, 6:56:26 PM] TGOD: Whats the point of those people knowing/going for the bounty when I have all the info you need
  17. [5/23/14, 6:56:35 PM] TGOD: Right now, in a text doc
  18. [5/23/14, 6:57:24 PM] TGOD: ?
  19. [5/23/14, 7:01:20 PM] TGOD: This feels like a waste of time, you don't even seem interested
  20. [5/23/14, 7:06:36 PM] TGOD: ...
  21. [5/23/14, 7:18:26 PM] Roger Ver: just busy
  22. [5/23/14, 7:18:31 PM] Roger Ver: What else should I know?
  23. [5/23/14, 7:18:49 PM] TGOD: About what?
  24. [5/23/14, 7:19:16 PM] TGOD: I have the info you need, I just dont see why you have to have kids on fb/twitter going after bounty
  25. [5/23/14, 7:19:23 PM] TGOD: when I have what you need already
  26. [5/23/14, 7:20:07 PM] TGOD: I'll provide you with name and address
  27. [5/23/14, 7:21:15 PM] TGOD: Also got other details including phone, facebook, email, etc
  28. [5/23/14, 7:22:46 PM] TGOD: Pulled address from his IP by socialing his ISP
  29. [5/23/14, 7:22:55 PM] TGOD: so it's all 100%
  30. [5/23/14, 7:28:02 PM] TGOD: Hello?
  31. [5/23/14, 7:28:27 PM] Roger Ver: How can I know it is the actual hacker,  and not some random person?
  32. [5/23/14, 7:29:50 PM] TGOD: Because I personally know the kid, have him added on Xbox, skype, aim etc
  33. [5/23/14, 7:30:38 PM] TGOD: I'd rather have 36 BTC
  34. [5/23/14, 7:30:41 PM] Roger Ver: Great,  what state is he in so we can contact the police closest to him?
  35. [5/23/14, 7:31:20 PM] TGOD: He's in Duvall, WA
  36. [5/23/14, 7:31:28 PM] TGOD: but before I give info, how do I know I will be paid?
  37. [5/23/14, 7:32:26 PM] TGOD: And i'm not waiting for an arrest to be payed out, that will take a while i'm guessing
  38. [5/23/14, 7:37:03 PM] Roger Ver: Any ideas?
  39. [5/23/14, 7:37:47 PM] TGOD: I'll send info for half payment, then when it eads to arrest, other half?
  40. [5/23/14, 7:37:53 PM] TGOD: leads*
  41. [5/23/14, 7:38:50 PM] TGOD: I have previous IP's as well
  42. [5/23/14, 7:47:32 PM] TGOD: That sound like a deal?
  43. [5/23/14, 7:48:47 PM] TGOD: He's done this before so when he gets raided he will probably get fucked for way more than just doing what he did to you.
  44. [5/23/14, 7:49:05 PM] TGOD: But I don't want him knowing we're doing this so just make him think you don't know who he is so he won't be expecting it.
  45. [5/23/14, 7:49:20 PM] TGOD: And try and destroy evidence
  46. [5/23/14, 7:57:41 PM] TGOD: I have to go soon, what's your decision?
  47. [5/23/14, 8:11:25 PM] TGOD: Hello?
  48. [5/23/14, 8:14:33 PM] TGOD: You up?
  49. [5/23/14, 8:15:08 PM] Roger Ver: I'm on the phone with the cyber police.  hold on
  50. [5/23/14, 8:15:39 PM] TGOD: Whats the point if you dont have info to give them?
  51. [5/23/14, 8:17:48 PM] TGOD: ?
  52. [5/23/14, 8:18:24 PM] Roger Ver: They think they have already traced the person
  53. [5/23/14, 8:18:29 PM] TGOD: Prob be best to contact his local PD
  54. [5/23/14, 8:19:02 PM] Roger Ver: My friends have friends at the cyber police who are helping,  the local police don't know much about computers..
  55. [5/23/14, 8:19:38 PM] TGOD: What info have they obtained?
  56. [5/23/14, 8:20:06 PM] TGOD: So I guess this was a waste of time...
  57. [5/23/14, 8:20:17 PM] TGOD: You weren't going to pay either, amirite?
  58. [5/23/14, 8:20:50 PM] Roger Ver: Read about how honest of a business man I am.  Of course I would pay.  I honor all of my promises.
  59. [5/23/14, 8:21:27 PM] Roger Ver: The cyber police say they were able to trace his IP on Skype even through the proxies,  so it looks like they will be able to arrest him.
  60. [5/23/14, 8:22:02 PM] Roger Ver: They said that Skype has a built in back door to allow them to track every user even if they are using proxys
  61. [5/23/14, 8:23:23 PM] TGOD: Skype subpoenas will take months
  62. [5/23/14, 8:23:35 PM] TGOD: I have his info now and he will get raided if you contact his local PD
  63. [5/23/14, 8:25:12 PM] TGOD: So?
  64. [5/23/14, 8:25:18 PM] TGOD: Should I stay on or should I go
  65. [5/23/14, 8:25:33 PM] TGOD: I feel like my time is being wasted now
  66. [5/23/14, 8:25:43 PM] TGOD: Need a solid answer
  67. [5/23/14, 8:25:51 PM] Roger Ver: What is your phone number,  the police want to talk to you too
  68. [5/23/14, 8:26:02 PM] TGOD: That wasnt part of the deal
  69. [5/23/14, 8:26:08 PM] TGOD: Im not talking to police
  70. [5/23/14, 8:26:09 PM] Roger Ver: If you give them the information that leads to the arrest,  I promise to pay you
  71. [5/23/14, 8:26:54 PM] TGOD: That doesn't sound very promising
  72. [5/23/14, 8:27:20 PM] Roger Ver: It sounds like they have located him already anyhow... but thanks for your help!
  73. [5/23/14, 8:27:41 PM] TGOD: What state did they pull? -_-
  74. [5/23/14, 8:27:58 PM] TGOD: Want to see if they're being legit being the "cyber police" and all
  75. [5/23/14, 8:28:39 PM] TGOD: ?
  76. [5/23/14, 8:32:19 PM] Roger Ver: They won't tell me any of the specific information
  77. [5/23/14, 8:32:27 PM] Roger Ver: but I am still on the phone with them now
  78. [5/23/14, 8:32:31 PM] Roger Ver: It sounds like they want to help
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