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Edited DSParda-Laurelai retelling

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Aug 23rd, 2012
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  1. The Truth about Laurelai needs to get out:
  3. It's about time that someone went ahead and exposed this person for the manipulitive bitch she is. Laurelai is a very familiar name to a lot of you here on reddit. I had the misfortune of interacting with her in person for about a month. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
  5. First off, I will not be posting any personal information here. Not because I care about what happens to this person but because I don't want harm to come to the people that may have also interacted with her.
  7. Not at the beginning of July I was told that if I could house Laurelai for a short time that she wouldn't cause any trouble. Now I guess me being the person I am was stupid enough to believe this and spent ~$300 in gas to get this person. Yeah I realize that I was a fool for believing what I was told, but that's what makes me who I am.
  9. On to the first week, SO everything is going okay, I'm letting her settle into where she lives. One thing I was not told, was she does nothing but reddit or IRC during the day, and on top of that she is active with [REMOVED PER REDDIT RULES]. Yet I am made uncomfortable when I am getting messaged on my personal site by someone that knows my home address and who I am living with, as well as my full name.
  11. I digress, what I have come to say is that like the pastebin that has been floating around on the net, Laurelai is impossible to live with, I understand that you may have certain food allergies that prevent you from eating foods. Yet I do not think it is that hard to, after or during the time you make food for yourself, to clean up and dispose of anything that needs to be put in the trash. This person does not understand the concept of cleaning up after yourself. In any way. I believe that had I not gotten up in the morning to clean up the mess that was left the night before, nothing would have gotten done. My living partner rarely if ever showered, and the smell was actually enough to get ingrained into my apartment(I am actually in the process of getting rid of the couch this person slept on), but rarely showering I mean 3-4 times in a month, and even then I doubt the water even touched a part of this person's body. Food was left out over night, drinks were half finished and left sitting where ever, dishes were left in the sink until I came along to do them. This person never left the screen they were sitting in, be it playing video games or on a combination of IRC/Reddit. This person made no effort to bring in money to help pay for the things she needed, nor did she make an effort to find employment, made harder by the fact she has no form of ID. I did offer to help her get the necessary documents to find employment, come to find out she does not want a “conventional” job but instead wants to be a sex worker, and while I have no problem with this I do have a problem with random johns in my living area.
  13. NOW there are claims by her here on reddit that I raped her, now yes we had “sexual relations” all with her consent. We had an argument one night and I will admit I did fly off the handle at the state of my apartment. After that (4 days) we did engage in a sexual act( I recommend NOT DOING ANYTHING SEXUAL WITH THIS PERSON) again, verbal consent was given, several times. On August 6th when I drover her to [REMOVED PER REDDIT RULES] to hand her over to a new roommate I was made aware by a mutual friend that they were told that I forcibly raped her. These are false allegations and they are being spread by someone that has an extreme internet addiction, a few hours without internet and they get extremely hostile and look for other ways to get online.
  15. My partner and I were also harassed and attacked over twitter, her tweets have since been deleted.
  17. TL;DR- There is no TL;DR read it and inform yourselves.
  19. My stuff that I feel applies to this that I've been made aware of and want to pass on to you all
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