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  1. (save corruption successful)
  2. we have
  5. Ruler        Glitch officer
  7. 1. Load 32 list, make glitch officer governor. This effectively clears the rest of the list.
  8. 2. Load 32 list, create officer whose # of men equates to another province's governor. Make them governor.
  9. 3. Move the ruler to Province 32.
  11. Province 32 now contains:
  12. * Ruler
  13. * Governor pointer officer
  14. * Controller pointer officer
  16. Now we have to create the pointer to 6E within the zero page.
  17. 4. Create an officer pointing to a zero page address and send them to another province. That address plus two must equal zero.
  18. 5. Make that glitched officer the governor (due to a quirk in how the game appends linked lists this effectively makes it the final entry)
  19. 6. Make another glitched officer 6E__ and send it to that province. Out of all the possible values in the range of 6E00-6EFF there are hopefully enough officers we can create that the game will let us send. Otherwise we can blank memory in this range to overwrite the existing status flags.
  21. Now the zero page will contain XX 6E 00.
  23. 7. Set the # of men of the governor pointer officer to equal the address of the 6E pointer.
  24. That province now contains:
  25. -Pointer to zero page
  26. -Controller pointer officer
  28. 8. Create officer pointing to the zero page address we want to write data to. Make them governor.
  29. Province now contains:
  30. -Destination
  31. -Pointer to zero page
  32. -Controller pointer officer
  34. 9. Dismiss the pointer to zero page officer.
  35. 10. Create officer equaling the data we want to transfer, then dismiss the controller pointer officer.
  37. After each time we do this, we have to send another glitched officer 6E__ to the province containing the zero page pointer in order to reset it back to point to controller input.
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