Jabber Work: Thursday

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  1. Warning, extra perverse fetishes today. Temporary male-to-female genderbending, yuri fondling, tail penetration, and cunnilingus.
  3. "Princess! My office. Now." I shivered slightly at the tone of voice. Not out of fear. Not exactly. Anticipation, guilt, maybe nerves. But I wasn't scared of my girlfriend. No matter how emotional she had gotten last night. No matter how much she had spilled her guts out. No matter of the fact that I'd told her I loved her. No matter that she might decide that was a sign that she needed to put me in my place. No matter of the fact that she was seven feet tall and prone to dominance displays at the drop of a hat.
  5. Brenda was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, her head low. "Ugh. How can you look so cheerful when you're getting called in after a party like that?" she asked, her voice ragged as she kneaded the sides of her head. "I can't believe I drank that much." A wad of damp seaweed was plastered across her forehead, shading her eyes still further, and the damp webs of algae still smelled vaguely alcoholic as she slumped on her elbows, propping her head up on the desk.
  7. "Probably because I was the only one who wasn't drinking heavily last night." I walked past her, a jaunty spring in my step, as she made a vaguely obscene gesture in my direction. I opened the door into Catrine's office, carefully, already able to hear the arguments erupting from within. Catrine held up a hand to me, forestalling any conversation, with a ferocious expression on her face. Her other hand was holding her phone to her ear. A pink-labelled can of soda sat, unopened, on the desk. She flicked a hand towards me, and then towards the can.
  9. "Yes sir. Yes- I- Yes, the whole team worked their asses off- Yes- I- I'm glad to hear that- Yes I know my job was on the line- Yes, I can-" She was speaking in a rapid staccato as the conversation raged on. I approached the desk, picking up the can, cracking it open, and taking a swig. The sweet, bizarre taste of artificial strawberry flavor filled my mouth, fizzy and sweet. I frowned, and held up the can. 'Monster Pink.' That's when everything turned rather strange.
  11. The tingling began in my throat. A strange feeling, almost like a sore throat building. I cleared my throat softly, and realized that my voice had risen several octaves, shifting to a rather squeaky soprano. My chest was beginning to ache a bit, as though I'd spent a day doing pushups. The ache spread out, across my arms, down my stomach. What little muscle tone I had began to soften, becoming smooth, and what painfully little body hair I had vanished, turning my skin smooth as silk.
  13. My hair was growing longer. Much longer. My scalp tingled pleasantly, almost soothing, as I felt the tresses slither down my sides. It was far silkier and softer than normal, becoming a delicate waterfall that hung across my shoulders. It reached down to the small of my back, almost long enough to provide me with some cover. Almost, but not quite. As I trailed a finger through it, I became aware of how good it felt, the gentle tugging on my scalp sending a little wave of pleasure through entirely new nerves.
  15. My hands, too, had changed. Smaller, more delicate, weaker. My nails had turned a bright bubblegum pink, glittering softly, and I could see how slim and willowy my limbs were, now. If I was a little short as a guy, I was a petite girl. The sight wasn't entirely unpleasant, although a little disconcerting from this angle. At least I was a fairly attractive girl, shading towards 'scrawny' at worst. I brushed a hand down my stomach, which was now soft and smooth.
  17. The sensation of losing my manhood- temporarily, I hoped- was disconcerting. At first, I was aware of a tingling pleasure centered in my groin. Then, it seemed to shrink, the points of pleasure growing narrower, and more defined. Even as they did, they became more sensitive, the sensations growing more intense as I concentrated, my chest rising and falling as I gasped for breath. A pair of modest breasts were providing a very minor help in holding up my top. As my manhood vanished, I let out a soft little sigh. What was now occupying the space between my legs was a much more intimidating thing to explore. I balled my hands into fists, as much to resist temptation as to keep my pants on.
  19. I looked up towards Catrine, opening my mouth to protest, and she held up a silencing finger, brow knitted. As I lost several inches of height, my clothing became loose. My dress shirt was nearly falling off, my tie caught on my bare shoulders, jacket sleeves hanging down over my hands. The only thing keeping on my pants were both hands furiously bunching fabric up. Catrine jerked her head over towards the small personal closet in the corner of the office. I awkwardly shuffled over towards it, and stared through the slats at the sparkling pink garment within.
  21. It was like something out of a triple-X fairy tale. Vaguely aware of the fact that my clothes were about to drop to the ground, I stepped into the closet. Squirming out of my now-useless clothing, I was surprised by how pleasant the dress was. I'd had a vague impression that dresses were uncomfortable or somehow restrictive, but this was surprisingly roomy, hanging across my shoulders and draping over my newly feminine shape quite nicely. It would even have been fairly tasteful if it'd had 90% more fabric above the mid-thigh. As it was, it looked like the kind of thing the trashier kind of princess would wear to the local gangbang, exposing my slender waist and flared hips. The whole outfit was bringing up some very old memories I'd tried hard to repress of the time my mother had gotten me girl's clothes from the Salvation army.
  23. I turned towards Catrine imploringly, and she held the phone away from her head. "He's on a different call for the moment. I'm about to snap this desk in half. Get down under here and give me some fucking relief, now."
  25. "You had to slip me some genderbending soda so I could eat you out during a meeting-" She shot me a dark look, and I squirmed. I probably should have read the can first. The stuff wasn't harmful, but I might have had an allergy to black magic that she didn't know about.
  27. "I want to be rough with someone, and I thought you'd be fun to torment like this! Now get down under the desk." I sighed, and did as she said, slipping under the mahogany. "Yes sir. Yes, I was on the line the whole time. Yes, I know the deadline was today. Yes, I know we finished it yesterday. Yes, I- Yes. Yes, I know. Yes."
  29. The carpet, mercifully, was quite soft and plush. I thought it might be shag, appropriately enough, and a pleasant cream color. I gently knelt between Catrine's knees, hemmed in on either side by the thick mahogany of her desk. She wasn't much for oral sex when I was a guy, always claiming that it didn't give her enough control. As far as I knew, she'd never had a girlfriend, either. I gently pulled her knees apart, her skirt riding up, to expose her bare skin. She wasn't wearing underwear. Plush, brown thighs rested on either side of my shoulders as I tugged the skirt up a bit further. The scent of peaches filled the air under the desk. Here, with little room for the musk of her body to escape, I was hot-boxing her excitement.
  31. I became peculiarly aware of my nipples, stiffening against the smooth silk fabric of the shirt. A heat was growing in the pit of my stomach, and it compelled me to lean forward, and stare. I'd never gotten a chance to really examine her so closely. The soft mound, smooth and hairless. Her brown skin parted to reveal soft pink. The folds of flesh, flush with arousal. The slow beads of fluid dripping down onto the expensive leather of her chair.
  33. My musings were cut off by a clawed hand tightly wrapping in my long hair, and yanking me face-forward. My nose was abruptly pressed against her soft mound, my lips shoved forcefully against her pussy, cries of protest muffled. Her long, flexible claws gently ran across the back of my head as her warm, scaled palm brushed over my scalp. I looked up, and saw her staring intently into the distance. Given little other choice, I began to gently lick. Clumsily, at first, just teasing her. When her grip loosened and her expression became a bit warmer, I began to explore deeper, curling my fingers around her knees and working my tongue a little deeper inside.
  35. "Yes sir... Yes... aaah... Yes..." Her voice was growing a bit breathier, not that the person on the other end of the line seemed to notice. I noticed her clitoris as the small pearl peeked out from its hood, and shifted my lips to wrap around it. "Ah! Yes! Yes! Absolutely, sir! Oh, yes!"
  37. Girlcum drizzled down my chin, slick and warm. I closed my eyes, and worked my tongue a little bit deeper, trying to curl it. I remembered reading about the best places to perform oral, and tried to use that limited knowledge. "Yes! Oh, god, yes, we should be ready to get back to work next week! Oh Jesus, oh yes! Yes! Yes!"
  39. Catrine's thighs clamped tightly around my head, forcing my face against her groin as she underwent a profound religious experience, cutting off my oxygen for a moment. "Yes... Yes, sir. Yes, I know that you like when your managers show some enthusiasm. Yes. Mmm... yes, thank you, sir." She hung up the phone, and leaned back in the chair. Her thighs unwrapped from my shoulders, letting me gasp for air, as her tentacles languidly slid into my top, beginning to tease at my nipples lightly. "God. Thank you, Princess. I get tense as hell when I'm talking with that bastard. Helps to have something to help me unwind."
  41. I shot her an accusing look. "You could've asked me first- Ah!"
  43. Her great clawed paws wrapped around my shoulders, yanking me up and off of the floor, and spreading me out on the desk. I squirmed, staring up at her, eyes wide. With a single ferocious slash of those claws, she ripped open the dress, not even grazing me. I lay with my breasts now on display, legs slightly spread. The tentacles slowly nuzzled at the soft pink nipples, tongues dancing across them slowly. Catrine had a fierce smile on her face. "If I asked for permission, the look of surprise on your face wouldn't have been as arousing."
  45. I opened my mouth to complain, only to find her lips pressed against mine, kissing me ruthlessly. She was an overpowering, terrifying presence when I was my normal self. Female, shrunken, vulnerable, I was completely helpless to her attentions. It was all I could do to not squeal like a schoolgirl when she placed one of her broad palms between my thighs, and began to squeeze and knead my groin. My toes curled as she teased me with the heel of her palm, a reaction I couldn't control in the least. "Y-You're getting off on embarrassing me!" I squeaked, as she broke the kiss.
  47. "Yes. My beloved subordinate has been rather... difficult, lately. I feel I need to put her in her place." The palm pressed a bit more firmly against me. "Mmm... You know, you're a woman now, through and through. A woman's heart, a woman's body, a woman's soul." I gave her a dubious look, and she winked. "Well, a woman's body, anyway. And that means you have a virginity." I went stiff, as her tail slid around from behind her, its tip smooth and rounded.
  49. "No!" I protested squeakily, as the tail ran across my leg slowly, intimately. She gave me a bemused smile.
  51. "No?" I shook my head ferociously. "You don't want me to jam this into you, hard, raping you senseless as a woman?" I shook my head again. "You want it to be gentle, don't you?" I shook my head again, although with a little less fervor this time. "You want your first time to be tender, and loving." I bit my lip, and shook my head very slightly. "You want your lover to hold you close, stroking and caressing you, soothing your fears, showing you that everything will be okay." I didn't move. "You want to be taken, to be loved, to experience the joy of a woman as it's meant to be experienced: At the hands of someone skilled and gentle."
  53. "You're putting words in my mouth," I whispered.
  55. "I could put my tongue in your mouth instead." She smirked, and I shuddered as one of her big, strong claws rested on my chest, caressing my breasts lightly. She was very gentle with me, even gentler than when I was a man. I was grateful for that. "Now." The tail slid up, and rested by my cheek. Long and tapered, it ended in a rounded bulge that- I realized now- really did look quite phallic. "How about I just... tease you a little with this? I'll do it nice and slow." The tip brushed across my lips, and I could taste peaches. "Just nod your head, and I'll take your virginity with love and tenderness. Doesn't that sound nice?"
  57. I nodded. Slowly, so slow it had to be meant to tease me, her tail traced its way down across my chest. Brushing over one of my nipples, tickling me gently as it ran around my navel. It traced a delicate line across the soft curves of my mound, before resting against my pussy. I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the pain of penetration. There was a soft, squishing noise, and I became aware of her heartbeat.
  59. I waited for several long seconds for the pain to strike, the tearing of my virginity, but there was nothing but a slight fullness and warmth. Then her tail began to move, and my legs tensed, pushing my hips up against the intrusion without any conscious input from me. "Haa!"
  61. She stared down at me with a gigantic grin, as I clapped my hands tightly over my mouth, cheeks going terribly red. She reached down with one hand, yanking my arms up and over my head, her other hand resting on my stomach. The tail moved, and again, I let out a high, feminine cry. The grin on her face grew, as did the blush on mine. She pressed it a little deeper in, and the cry pitched up higher. "You're making some very embarrassing noises, there, beloved subordinate. Teehee~<3" The hearts rose around her head like a momentary cloud of steam. She looked very hungry.
  63. The tail began to roll, back and forth, grinding in and out of my oversensitive pussy. My toes curled, pushing my hips into the air as she kept thrusting, letting out little moans with each movement. The tentacles settled on my breasts, wrapping their warm, slippery mouths around my nipples, and sucking ferociously, tongues teasing. I could feel a knot of heat building up in the pit of my stomach. It wasn't like the ferocious hardness of a man's arousal. For one thing, nothing I did could slow it down. Tensing up, tightening- that just encouraged Catrine, making her thrust faster, pushing me mercilessly towards the orgasm. So I lay back, and let it happen.
  65. The climax rolled out in waves of heat through my entire body, from the core all the way out to my fingertips. Skin goosebumped, and muscles twitched. My eyelids fluttered, as I let out a soft sigh of satisfaction. I opened my eyes and looked up into Catrine's amused face, and shivered. The air conditioning was cold on my bare skin.
  67. "Catrine... Would you prefer it if I was... You know. A girl?" I was embarrassed by how weak and soft my voice sounded. Full of trepidation, painfully frightened. As though I'd just become a girl for good if she'd be a bit happier that way. The worst part was, maybe I would have.
  69. She didn't answer. She just rested a hand on my head. There was a surge of energy, as my masculinity came back, all in a rush. Admittedly, there wasn't a lot of masculinity to return to me, but the shredded dress was a little bit tighter. I squawked, and was silenced as she tugged me up against her body, my lips forced against hers in a deep kiss. I began to relax, my manhood stiffening in reaction to both the touch of her warm body, and the fact that I had a penis again. After several long seconds, the kiss broke, and she grinned.
  71. "I like that you're a guy. Trust me, putting you in princess outfits and making you a girl for a little while are fun, but I'd never want you anything but yourself." She curled both massive, clawed paws around my shoulders. I shivered as the nails dragged over my skin, dangerously strong and terribly powerful. She buried her face in my hair, her legs wrapping tightly around my waist. So strong that she could snap me in half, and so gentle that I knew she never would. I relaxed in her embrace. "Tomorrow's got a few things to wrap up, then maybe some time next week, we can start thinking about that vacation-"
  73. "No. I got us bus tickets. Tonight, we're both going out to the country. I've already called to let them know I'm not going to be here. You're going to do the same." I spoke very firmly for someone who was dressed in a princess outfit. "We're going out to this little town, and spending a week at this little inn. I've seen how you work. You want to take care of a bunch of little things, and by the time everything's finished being sorted away, you're going to have another huge project bearing down on you, and you won't be able to relax." I took her hand very firmly. "The bus leaves at eight tonight."
  75. She eyed me critically. "Is that enough time for me to fuck you, and get a shower after work?"
  77. "Probably not."
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