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  1. so i opend a behemouth crate and it said i got a masterball and when i looked into my inventory it wasnt there and my inventory had space
  2. **----------------------------------------------------**
  3. _Who: <@!201785780950138880> Can we confirm?
  4. Slazmaz: I don't know about crates
  5. _Who: Oh sorry
  6. _Who: read it wrong
  7. _Who: <@!497320044825411603> will investigate...
  8. _Who: <@!497320044825411603> all seems well on our end.
  9. ziggy: well i have no clue how to prove it
  10. ziggy: i have pics
  11. ziggy: but yeah
  12. Slazmaz: I mean, if you don't have a video
  13. Slazmaz: We can't do much
  14. ziggy: well then rip
  15. Slazmaz: Hopefully it doesn't happen again
  16. ziggy: hopefully i got walk 10k blocks again
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