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  1. The film opens in space (duh) - Kylo Ren’s shuttle flies up from the bottom of the frame, the camera panning up with it. It heads towards the supremacy. We see Kylo Ren in the shuttle. Hux is looking out the window. Hux says “we’re not going to see Supreme Leader Snoke yet.” The two talk, with Kylo being pretty out of it - presumably thinking about Rey. On the supremacy Kylo is taken on a floating bed to a medical bay while Hux goes to talk to Snoke about the destruction of Starkiller. Hux walks into Snoke’s throne room expecting to be reprimanded for the destruction of Starkiller but Snoke smiles and seems unbothered. He requests Kylo be brought to him at once, but Hux tells him he’s still recovering in the medical bay. Snoke extends his arm and starts to “force squeeze” Hux. (I think the force squeeze is a mixture of draining the life force from people and crushing them at the same time - more on that later). He drops Hux and Hux gets up quickly. Just then Kylo Ren walks in. They both look at him as he walks in and we see a cool POV shot as he gets closer to Snoke and Hux - with Snokes music also getting louder too. Snoke says to Kylo: “Because of you, the resistance has destroyed Starkiller base, and the girl has gotten to Skywalker.” Kylo apologizes and tells Snoke that the girl had “Raw power”. He dismisses Kylo and tells Hux that they are going to “obliterate D’Quar”, Leia included and that Kylo was to personally lead the fleet against Leia - as a test of allegiance. Kylo insists he can do it and Snoke tells them to see to it. They leave and Hux tells him the supreme leader will destroy him if he fails to do what he is told. He gets in an elevator and smashes his helmet out of frustration
  3. Wipe to D’Quar: We see the millennium falcon fly off the planet. Leia stands in the crowd at the end of the force awakens and watches it leaving. Poe comes up to her and tells her to come quick. They hurry over to the medical bay where we see Finn in a pod crashing. Poe says he doesn’t know what’s wrong and he can’t let Finn die. They both struggle to get it working when Rose Tico comes running in crying. She apologizes and says she was saying goodbye to her sister Paige, and that she is the mechanic for Finns pod. She recharges Finn’s biohexacrypt (spinal implant) and sits by his side looking depressed. Poe thanks her and goes off with Leia. Leia tells him he can’t spend his time worrying about Finn, and that the first order will be on their way soon and they need to evacuate the planet. We see Finn sleeping. He wakes up screaming “Rey!” This freaks rose out and she drops all her stuff. Finn is flipping out because he can’t move. He asks where he his and she says the resistance base. She is kind of flabbergasted by Finn and he’s like “what’s so funny?” And she’s like “I heard stories about you, breaking into starkiller and disabling the oscillator” (even though it was Han). Finn plays it up that he’s some sort of big shot hero and that he’s ready to get up. Rose tells him not to as he’s still charging so it will hurt. Finn says it’s no big deal and he sits up in pain but tries to hide it and play it off but he’s clearly like whimpering. Poe and leia talk about what they’re going to do and leia says they need to set up a blockade, to Poe’s dismay. Leia says they have no choice if they want to fend off the dreadnaught that the first order is going to send. Just then rose shows up and says “look who’s back”. Finn staggers into the room, and Poe and Finn reunite.
  5. Finn asks where Rey is. Poe says she went off with chewbacca to find Luke and Finn says something like “thank goodness that Wookiee’s Gone”. He asks what they’re going to do and Poe says they’re going to fight.
  7. Wipe to ach-to: the millennium falcon flies into frame. We see slow motion jump cuts recreating the last few minutes of TFA. Rey pulls out the lightsaber. Luke takes it and stares at it in his hands. He says “what are you doing here? Why do you have this?” Rey says “General leia organa sent me. The resistance needs you.” Luke tells her that she needs to leave and that he’s of no help. Rey tells him that he defeated the emperor, and restored peace to the galaxy to which Luke says “there will never be peace in the galaxy.” He then walks away, and says “and take this too”. He gives the lightsaber back to rey. Rey follows him very confused. She tells him that she’s heard stories about him to which Luke says they’re not true. Luke stops at the edge of a cliff overlooking the falcon, Chewie, and R2. He turns to Rey and angrily asks what they’re doing there. Rey says they came because they wanted to see him. Luke says that he doesn’t want to see them and walks away. Rey calls out “Han solo”. Luke turns around. Rey says “you know him”. Luke says “you mean knew”. Rey then says something like “if you knew he was dead why didn’t you come”. Luke stares and then walks away. Rey calls for him to come back but he ignores her.
  10. We see the first order pull out of hyperspace. The camera pans around to reveal they are at D’Quar. We see the resistance panicking - we see Finn and Carrie Fischer’s daughter confirming the presence of tie fighters and dreadnaughts. There’s a big ship fight and the blockade takes hits. Poe blows up tiefighters and takes out one of the dreadnaught cannons. Just then like 6 more dreadnaughts show up and start blowing up resistance ships. They also deploy like thousands of tiefighters. When it looks like all hope is lost, the raddus shows up out of hyperspace blowing up hundreds of tiefighters. Leia boards the ship and forces Poe to come, leaving his squadron behind. Eventually he does and then watches out the window as a bunch of his comrades get blown up. We see Kylo in a tiefighter, someone through the headpiece tells him leia got on the raddus. Kylo spins through some debris and approaches the raddus. He senses leia and leia senses him. He hesitates. Another tie fighter comes up from behind him and shoots at the ship blowing things up. Poe runs back to his xwing to try and rejoin the fight but it gets blown up. Kylo sits there realizing what he has done. The raddus tries to jump into hyperspace but something’s wrong with the engine. Bb units from the resistance hear this and run out of the room. They run by BB-8 and He sees them and joins them. Kylo flies around some more just trying to look like he’s doing something. Just then the raddus boosts into hyperspace. BB-8 and the other bb units kind of like party together. Leia says they’re going to meet with maz kanata and an old friend holdo on a ship that’s harbouring the survivors of the senate and mazs castle attack.
  12. Rey says she needs his help. She doesn’t know who she is, and she’s scared because she feels like she’s going to encounter Kylo Ren again. Luke then tells her that he once thought Kylo was the chosen one, but he destroyed everything he had. Rey interrupts him and asks him to train her and that kylo failed him and she won’t. She says she knows she’s not the chosen one but that if Luke’s not going to help the resistance himself, he should train her so she can go back and fight Kylo. Luke says he has to think about it and leaves. Rey sits there. Chewbacca meets porgs, they surprise him by jumping onto him. He catches on thats jumping around annoyingly and eats it. Rey tells him to spit it out. He does. Other porgs jump on R2. He zaps one.
  14. Wipe to: the raddus meeting up with like a grungy looking really big ship. Inside Leia and poe meet Holdo and Maz. Holdo and Leia embrace as Leia is relieved Holdo is alive. Poe tells Holdo the first orders artisinal was massive, and that the resistance doesn’t stand a chance without backing from the republic. Holdo then tells him there is no more republic and that the only option now is to side with the first order. This upsets Rose as she doesn’t know if her sister is alive or not, and she says that the first order killed her parents and she was practically raised by the resistance. Holdo tells her it’s not her place to discuss this given as the first order is a serious threat, and Finn asks where they get all their money and resources from. Maz says that rumour has it Snoke funnels money from the planet cantonica, as he owns and operates several casino and illegal betting things. Poe says that even if the first orders money source is taken out they still have way too many vessels and machines.
  16. Poe also says it's impossible as Snoke probably owns the police there too. Maz then steps up and says she knows of a splicer in Canto Bight jail that could possibly break into Snokes bank. But somebody would have to break him out. Finn says that he'll do it, but Rose doesn't want to. Finn tells her that he was once a stormtrooper but now he has something to fight for, and that paige would want her to fight. Rose then agrees, but only to monitor Finns spinal implant.
  18. Yes they do fight on ach-to. Here's what happens leading up to this moment: Luke has discovered Reys strength - we see this meditating scene in the trailer - this freaks Luke out. Meanwhile after Kylo and crew wreck havoc in the D'Quar base they find the map to skywalker. Kylo does not want to give it to Snoke, but Hux finds out about it and tells Snoke that the map has been found. Snoke, presumably too weak, sends Kylo Ren to do this one last test - he also thinks Kylo shot at Leia - but he's sending the Knights of Ren with Kylo to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid as he is concerned about Kylo's fascination with Rey (He mind rapes Kylo). They go and Luke pulls Kylo's ship out of the sky. It crashes and the other knights land. Rey tells Luke he has to fight Kylo but Luke does not use his lightsaber anymore so he says no and tells Rey to do it. Kylo already sends the knights after Luke and they fight. Luke does a lot of cool force moves like ground explosions, calling lightning, and like force punches/hits with his caddle prod. Meanwhile Rey is attacking Kylo and Kylo is fighting back in self defence trying to get her to listen but shes still mad at the fact he killed Han.
  20. Luke says Kylo destroyed the temple - but what he means by this is that Kylo found out vader was his grandfather, and luke lied to him about this. He tells the other students about Luke's lies and gets them to attack luke with him. Luke fought back in self defence. In the process, destroying his temple. He failed Kylo and his school, killing all of his students, the surviving ones going off with Kylo, as luke projected him to be the chosen one opposed to him.
  22. As for anakin there is no visual representation of him but yes Hayden Christenson, Ewan McGreggor, and Frank Oz all have vocal cameos. They talk to Luke as he meditates looking at the tatooine suns. Rey then comes up to him and he gets mad at her for breaking his concentration
  24. The next day Rey, Chewie and R2 disturb Luke from meditation - the Tatooine scene i mentioned. Rey asks Luke if he's made up his mind to which Luke tells her to calm down. He asks her to come sit and meditate with him. She does. He asks her more about Kylo and what happens to which she says she doesn't know. She says she tapped into some sort of primal instinct and can't explain it. Luke tells her to try and do that now. He tells her to clear her mind and focus. He asks her what she sees. Rey kind of ignores him and gets lost. She hears the screaming of kylo murdering the students (but the twist that it was luke doing it), and freaks out and blows up the rocks sending her flying back and luke flying back. She almost falls off a cliff when Luke catches her with the force. He says "You may not be welcome here, but I'm not going to let you die". Rey asks to let that little thing slip and if he can still train her to which luke says hes only seen her raw strength once before and that was in kylo ren. Luke says there is no use in training Rey because her power is too uncontrollable and she let's herself get lost.
  26. Anyways next scene with them is the knights of ren scene where they fight at nighttime. When Luke fights the knights, Rey attacks Kylo, and Kylo tries to defend himself to talk to her. Rey swings aggressively at Kylo and slips and falls off the side of a cliff into water and starts to drown. Kylo jumps in after her and pulls her to a cove. Kylo says "I don't want to hurt you, I just want to talk". They talk a little before being found out by Luke who throws Kylo around. Rey tries to stop him telling her that he saved her life, but Luke ignores her. Rey eventually has a big burst of anger that sends both of them flying.
  28. So after Kylo leaves (he tells Snoke that he killed Skywalker and the girl), Rey decides to train to fight snoke. She swings her staff around and then switches to the lightsaber. Luke watches her and asks her if she wants to know the truth about the Jedi. He takes her to to tree where these journals are and tells Rey about how they chronicle the first force users before Jedi and Sith existed. How the factions were only created due to disagreement on how the force should be used, and luke says that the force takes what it gives. There are weird looking creatures on the island that live in the trees surrounding the main tree. They take care of the books in the tree.
  30. Finn and rose receive word that snokes money is being funneled through SEVERAL casinos, betting tracks, illegal alien fights and stuff - essentially, snoke owns the entire Canto Bight city and it's entirely first order run.
  32. Finn and Rose need to break DJ out of jail. They discover that Canto Bight is extremely hard to get into and that it's a high possibility they might get recognized at the city entrance, so they sneak in via a back canal on a space boat. After a luxury cruise spots them making the illegal entry the canto bight aqua police are called and they chase them into the city. Finn and Rose steal a speeder from an alien and zoom off in it, being followed by the police speeders. Eventually they pull into traffic and cause one speeder to like turn sideways into an intersection and the canto bight police speeders all crash into eachother. They make way through a betting track, and into the back of a casino. They both are obviously out of place and try to act formal. Finn starts betting at a table and is doing good until his back starts hurting. It turns out his biohexacrypt is starting to run low on charge and his paralysis is coming back. He bends down in excruciating pain and that calls attention to himself. They run out back through the stables and set a bunch of fathiers on the loose after casino management started to chase them out. They hop on one and ride off. Finn is in excruciating pain and they stop at a weird alien tech store where they upgrade his back technology. When there they get blasters too. They go to the police station and theres a big fight sequence. Eventually, they break DJ out, and escape on his ship thats been compounded by the police
  34. DJ says that the source to Snoke's vault per say is not going to be on Canto bight but rather on his ship and that they would have to break in in order to bankrupt Snoke as he would have to do it from the source. They do this and get away with it for a bit. But BB8 and BB9E get into like a fight and they get called out. DJ, having worked for the first order before backs out and pretends like he was in on it. Finn and Rose are shit out of luck, and then captain phasma comes in. DJ tries to play it off like he sold them out but Phasma calls him out for working with Maz and accuses him of being a resistance sympathizer. She then kills him
  36. Saber: Rey and Kylo do infact fight the praetorian guards and they do good for a while but they get bested. Luke breaks into the sumpremacy and uses it there and kills all the guards like really fast. He spends the whole film saying he's never going to use it again, and that the Jedi is no more, but he finally embraces it again
  38. Snoke's body is not his real body. He jumps from body to body and decays their life force and then jumps to another - going back to Rey's parents, Luke tells them that Snoke was looking for force sensitive infants and children to feed off of. Rey was hidden on Jakku, and Snoke moved onto Ben. Once he gets Rey, he throws Kylo Ren aside and starts draining the life force from her, which we see in the trailer.
  39. Luke says: "It ends here Snoke. You're done." But Snoke starts to laugh - his eyes roll back in his head, and his body sort of caves in. Rey collapses as Snoke possesses her.
  41. Also as for Rey's parents: They were first order officers that discovered Rey was force sensitive when she was a kid. They then discovered Snokes plan and decided to hide her from him.
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