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  1. A greeting for the morning
  2. Wake and stand up. Face a window, or the brightest wall. Place each hand on its opposite shoulder, and remember a time when you were accelerating. Lower your hands slowly, while you take five deep breaths.
  4. A ritual for business
  5. Set your work on a surface in front of you. Place a blank piece of paper on a surface in front of you. Recall a coworker's dream that has gone unfulfilled. Imagine it briefly. Now begin the work. With each completed element, draw a facet of your coworker's dream. When the task is done, the dream is done.
  7. A meditation for the city
  8. Select an inessential object and carry it outdoors. Place the object in front of a building that intimidates you. Take a picture of the object with the building in the frame. Show the picture to a friend in a different city.
  10. A salutation for tomorrow
  11. Stand on a hill with a prime number of friends. As the sun sets, throw a cube into the sky.
  13. A prayer for data
  14. Before sleeping, remember that you are a system, and speak aloud the answers to these questions:
  16. What did I do today that I did not want to do?
  17. When was a time that I made a careful choice?
  18. Who did I speak to in a dishonest way?
  19. Who did I want to speak to, but did not?
  20. When was I not deliberate, and what was the result of my automatic action?
  22. A song for the stars
  23. Pull a petal from a flower
  24. Pluck a flower from the pot
  25. Place the flower in a jar
  26. And put it in a sunny spot
  28. Push a shovel in the sand
  29. Dump the sand into a pile
  30. Shape the pile into a castle
  31. Watch it crumble with a smile
  33. Tell the sky your day's adventures
  34. Ask the sun about the moon
  35. Ask the cloud about the ocean
  36. Tell the stars you're coming soon
  38. Something's going to happen in 16 days.
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