bye-bye lyrics

Dec 11th, 2013
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  1. You happy with our love life?
  2. Don't think you understand that
  3. The way you let it die
  4. Matters not now because you're still insane
  6. Thanks for giving me this shame
  7. Thanks for returning my heart
  8. But you left a few scars
  9. Didn't think I'd be rid of them easily
  11. Stop being such a trickster
  12. Tell me the simple truth
  13. If there were other suitors,
  14. would you go with them?
  16. Why must I say
  17. goodbye
  18. Why must you say
  19. goodbye
  20. In another world where our love can be
  21. meaningful, powerful, devoutful
  23. Why did our love
  24. end here
  25. corrupted by pain and fear
  26. Give me your conditions, I'll satisfy them
  27. flawlessly, endlessly, shamelessly
  28. Don't worry, my dear
  30. Don't worry, my dear
  32. A twisted fabric pattern
  33. A barely lighted lantern
  34. The perfume of your hair
  35. Bit by bit, I begin to hate myself
  37. A flower gently wilting
  38. A current swiftly stilling
  39. and our momentum stops (how it stops)
  40. Soon enough there will be no one left to tell
  42. In the end it's not your life
  43. Don't even care if you're right
  44. If there's a chance, well, I might
  45. Alter your mind
  47. Why should we say goodbye
  48. why should we say goodbye
  49. In another world where our love can be
  50. meaningful, powerful, devoutful
  52. Why did our love
  53. end here
  54. corrupted by pain and fear
  55. Give me your conditions, I'd satisfy them
  56. flawlessly, endlessly, shamelessly
  57. Don't worry, my dear
  59. Whisper into my ear and tell me "I love you"
  60. I want you, I need you, I can't live without you
  61. So reach with both hands now
  63. Why did I say goodbye
  64. goodbye
  65. Why did I say goodbye
  66. In another time where love could've been
  67. meaningful, powerful, devoutful
  69. Why did our love
  70. end here
  71. corrupted by pain and fear
  72. Give me your conditions, I'll satisfy them
  73. flawlessly, endlessly, shamelessly
  74. Don't worry, my dear
  76. I'll always be right here
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