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  1. Been friends with the group since high school, but had a falling out near graduation (will probably talk to other players to hash this out). Went to an Ivy League law school, but got kicked out after getting into a bar fight, and moved back to his hometown. Parents wouldn't talk to him because of his expulsion, and the friends he made in college were ignoring him, so he found himself hanging out with his old high school crowd. Helped work on the game as a designer in an ancillary way while finishing his law degree at a community college, and later signed on as the company's lawyer after Realms of Gold blew up.
  3. Personality wise, he'd be a pretty chill dude 90% of the time. Makes effort to keep things copacetic and act as mediator and counselor if he sees people he cares about dealing with issues. Unfortunately, he's also somewhat arrogant and controlling, and a little entitled. He wants a picture perfect life with picture perfect relationships, and when things aren't going that way, he stops mediating and starts acting like a bully. Although he's mellowed out a lot since high school, and is fairly aware that he can get mean when stressed out, that arrogance and entitlement are still an aspect of his personality.
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