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Sep 15th, 2015
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  1. {{M4R|Badly written + Nothing happens}}
  3. This story is real and happened to me and my sister. My name is Thomas, I'm 17 and my sister, Chloe, is one year younger than me.
  5. Two years ago, our next-door neighbor, killed herself. She was a 30 year old mom who left her husband and two young children behind her for unknown reasons. One night at 2 am, she left her bed, went in the garden, locked herself into their garden cabin, took some drugs and hung herself. I was there when the husband looked for his wife the next morning. The ambulance and the police arrived a dozen of minutes after he found her in the cabin. I saw them taking the corpse away. The husband and his two young children moved away right after the suicide. A week or two after that event, a new family moved in that house. There was a 12 year old girl (Regina) and an 18 year old boy (Julien) with their parents. Julian and I had quite a lot in common, music tastes and games, so we quickly became friends.
  7. I discovered we had something else in common: passion for paranormal things. We began to discuss ghosts stories and such things and it appeared he wasn't aware of what had happened in their garden cabin. I told him the entire story and we both decided to go into the cabin at the anniversary of the woman's suicide, which was almost two months later.
  9. --Two months later--
  11. Chloe insisted on joining us: she had never seen anything paranormal (I must admit neither had I) and she wanted a first encounter. So we both went to his house for the night. We played games till the hour came: at 1:50 am. The three of us walked toward the cabin, shaking like sheets and not only because it was cold: we were scared and excited at the same time. Julien was the bravest: he was the first one to enter and to lock himself alone in the cabin. After two minutes, he unlocked the door and went out. Nothing happened. My turn.
  13. I entered the cabin and locked the door. It wasn't completely dark inside: there were holes in the planks and the moon's light illuminated the inside. After few seconds, I was able to see clearly everything in the cabin, even the girder where I guessed the woman had hanged herself. After a while, I heard my sister complaining: she wanted me to come out of the cabin, it was her turn. I think I was relieved that I had a good reason to go out. I unlocked the door and went out, faking to be brave, without any fear. Chloe entered and locked herself. Julien and I waited a couple of minutes when I asked to Chloe if she saw something or what. I got no answer. I was going to knock at the door when a loud scream came out from the cabin, the scream was almost hurting my ears, it was the scream of someone who was terrified to the highest point. I tried to thrust the door as the screams continued, becoming more and more inhuman as time passed.
  15. I couldn't break that damn door, so Julien ran to the other side and crawled into the cabin through a small window. I stood there waiting to see what will happen when the screams stopped suddenly. It seemed to last for hours but after a while, Julien unlocked the door from the inside and I saw my sister, inanimate on the ground. The most terrifying thing was that she had some marks around her neck, like she had tried to hang herself. We took her to the hospital and doctors said she had a kind of trauma; she had to stay some days for observation. They couldn't explain the marks
  17. A few days after the incident, I asked Chloe what happened in there, doctors said it would be better not to talk about it. She didn't answer me. She said she didn't want to remember it. Today, I still don't know what she saw in that cabin and, it can seem selfish, but I'm glad I went out of the cabin when Chloe asked me to. There are two things I know: first thing is that my sister isn't the same since. She is distant, fearful and often has nightmares, even night terrors. The second thing is that they destroyed the cabin before moving out from the house.
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