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  1. (21:40:04) Faulter: this is redic
  2. (21:40:09) Drift: what
  3. (21:40:10) Drift: the
  4. (21:40:11) Drift: fuck
  5. (21:40:23) Faulter: i have no fucking clue.
  6. (21:40:47) Faulter: i came on.. saw all these people here. i asked one question, and caligula posted at me
  7. (21:40:50) Faulter: i had no fucking clue
  8. (21:41:00) Faulter: i was ready to leave and get riley ready for bed
  9. (21:41:03) Faulter: then he whispered me
  10. (21:41:10) Faulter: telling me to post back
  11. (21:41:24) Faulter: telling me i'd be twinking if i didnt reply
  12. (21:41:30) Faulter: i have shit to do. i cant fucking reply
  13. (21:41:34) Faulter: so they contacted staff
  14. (21:41:39) Faulter: not im dealing with this bull shit
  15. (21:41:47) Faulter: its fucking nearly an hour after bed time for riley
  16. (21:41:53) Faulter: i dont have time for this
  17. (21:44:22) Drift: can i see the post
  18. (21:45:00) Faulter: ive got staff yelling at me for contacting staff after they had. i didnt even know they contacted staff. i whispered skip to see what i should do, then apparently bumble was already dealing with it. i didnt know..
  19. (21:45:04) * Faulter looks for it
  20. (21:45:28) Faulter: he didnt exactly try to KILL fally, but im sure thats what is intended, seeing as they are claiming this as their new home :l
  21. (21:46:01) Faulter: Caligula. Before his eyes appeared two more  women following the advent of the familiar first, and he smiled the welcoming smile of a host, although he was far from it. He was aware that most likely they came in search of  the king he was usurping--their scents did not match that of this place, and therefore he  would not stupidly inquire unto them as he did the initial lady. "Welcome, welcome, friends," he greeted congenially, "to the new law of the land." He looked to the darker girl as she spoke. "Certainly not. I am here to...deliver a polite notice of eviction, you see. I am Caligula of Red Pyramid." His and Sartoris's definition of "polite" was perhaps a  bit different from theirs, however. But they were soon joined by yet another, and out of the corner of his eye he spotted a pup who had gone previously unnoticed by him. Sloppy, sloppy business. Quickly, he scooted over to place himself between the child and the mouth  of the den, and then he would attempt to snatch the pup about (c) Caligula. the scruff of the neck. If successful--and considering Caligula was an adult and far faster than any mere child--he would trap the boy between his forelegs with one paw pinning him to the ground. "Ah, I see.  Where are your parents, little boy?" [Sorry, man.]
  22. (21:46:52) Faulter: i just want to go get riley to fucking bed and eat
  23. (21:47:08) Drift: just go
  24. (21:47:22) Drift: i wish someone would fucking LOG ON
  25. (21:47:34) Drift: but i have to go anyway so
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