NeoVegelion 1.75: You Can (Never) Finish

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  1. [17:55:02] <Date_Miyako> A brown-haired girl, likely somewhere around the age of 16, walks through the halls of the containment center where they kept her new frie- er, hospital. Not a containment center! Staff seemed nice enough, though.  "Lessee... they said this room was... Nikki's, yeah." It wasn't, but it's not like Miyako would know, she mixes up a lot of things. The location
  2. [17:55:02] <Date_Miyako> of two pilots' rooms in a hospital were among them! "Nikki! Are you alri-" Bursting into the room, it took a few precious moments for the girl to realize that she got the wrong room. "... oh, um, sorry!"
  3. [18:16:37] * Emily_Borg is lounging in her bed, reading a book in light that to most people would be uncomfortably dim. She's quite engrossed in the book; it's a sappy teen romance novel that her "mother" supplied to her for her stay in the infirmary, +
  4. [18:18:30] <Emily_Borg> and as much as Emily hates bad grammar, she has to admit that there's something... inciting about all this talk of love and life... at the very least she can live vicariously through the characters, but her immersion is unsatisfyingly broken by the untimely intrusion of Date. +
  5. [18:20:12] <Emily_Borg> Quickly, the small blonde's pulse starts to pound like a trapped rabbit's; she wasnt expecting anyone, so any intrustion like this can't be good... fear begins to consume the small girl as she locks her gaze on the fuzzy vague human shape, +
  6. [18:22:05] <Emily_Borg> and from Miyako's point of view, she sees the bright, jagged glint of Emily's pp
  7. [18:22:51] <Emily_Borg> pupils in the dim light, like a cat's eyes but somehow... broken, disjointed, like someone took a knife to a normal eye and cut a few jagged slices.
  8. [18:23:12] <Emily_Borg> Emily swallows hard. What does this person want?
  9. [18:29:05] <Date_Miyako> Oh, whoa, guess this patient wasn't prepared for visitors! ... whoops- wait, wait, wait, what's with those eyes? Why does she seem so small? Is it like, a new medical condition? Brokeneyeritis? "Uh... I'm guessing this isn't Nikki's room?" Miyako would tilt her head. "Say, what's with you, anyway?" Maybe she was one of those "born sick" people!
  10. [18:33:12] <Emily_Borg> "..." Emily remains silent. She wants to say something, she really does, but this person in the doorway, they're just... talking so fast, Emily can't deal with it! 'My eyes are made of cotton candy' is what she wants to say, it's a funny joke, sort of... but she can't eke it out.
  11. [18:33:40] <Emily_Borg> +
  12. [18:35:07] <Emily_Borg> "My uh..." She eventually manages to eke out in a soft, hoarse mumble.
  13. [18:40:54] <Date_Miyako> Her wha? MIYAKO MUST KNOW THIS-- Also, wow, what timidgirl. She must be like, laryngetic. Is that even a word? Who cares! "O-oh, so you're super sick." She apologetically bows profusely!
  14. [18:44:09] <Emily_Borg> Emily tilts her head and squints. Is the figure... bowing to her? Wha? The odd choice of reaction from Miyako makes Emily relax a little, though only until she realizes that Miyako might have a knife in her shoe. "M... maybe... uh..." Still though, Emily's furiously yelling at herself in her head to not just SAY NOTHING, and it seems to be working!
  15. [18:44:12] <Emily_Borg> +
  16. [18:46:26] <Emily_Borg> If only a little bit. "I... had some... um..." The girl is bowing still? Emily's gotta see this... with a quick motion, she throws on her dark glasses and hits the light switch, fully revealing her covered form.
  17. [18:53:13] <Date_Miyako> ... this was getting progressively weirder and weirder. Speaking of that stuff, Miyako sort of missed using those in simulations. Ah well! The Super Electromagnetic weapons were okay with her, too. "Maybe? So you're not sure if you're super sick or not? You definitely look like it." Heaaadtilt.
  18. [19:06:15] <Emily_Borg> "No, I mean..." Emily mumbles softly as she squints to try and figure out who it is that's across the room. It's clearer now, she's around Emily's age... but who is it?
  19. [19:06:32] <Emily_Borg> "Yeah, I'm uh... cotton candy." Fuck.
  20. [19:07:19] <Emily_Borg> *actually ignore that line
  21. [19:12:54] <Emily_Borg> So, Emily tries to test the waters. This girl hasnt moved from the doorway, she's been... bowing, she hasnt jumped at Emily... maybe she's alright? So, that joke... what was it? "Yeah, Im uh... cotton candy." And she immediately winces. FUCK.
  22. [19:15:58] <Date_Miyako> Nice. NICE. "Pfff... Kyahahahahahaha!" Miyako doubles over in laughter at the screwup for a few moments, but then realizes that >laughing at a hospitalized person is not cool, so she stops. "... Phew, uh, sorry. I'm Date Miyako." She'd casually walk up, and offer "cotton candy" her hand!
  23. [19:20:32] <Emily_Borg> Emily cringes HARD at the laughter. Nopenopenopenopenope... She thought wrong, this girl is just gonna make fun of her. That panic comes back, but this time she doesnt bother with trying to tamp it down. +
  24. [19:22:06] <Emily_Borg> So, when Miyako starts getting too close Emily edges closer and closer to the side of her bed, ready to kick the approaching horror away and throw herself over the side if she gets too close...
  25. [19:22:36] <Emily_Borg> Miyako can easily make out that Emily's shaking, and she's groaning softly.
  26. [19:26:49] <Date_Miyako> Oh... she's running away. I-is Miyako that scary? Cotton Candy thinks so, at least! "Hey now, nothing to be scared of. I'm a pro mecha pilot, here to save the world from those monsters!" That heavily depends on one's definition of "pro". "And one of my friends got kinda injured, so I was going to visit them. ... say, I heard there was another EVA pilot here.
  27. [19:26:49] <Date_Miyako> Wait, do you know where she's at? I wanna go see her, too!"
  28. [19:21:31] * Emily_Borg doesn't respond immediately. She stares at Miyako as the girl continues to approach, almost sizing her up. The whole thing about "pro mecha pilot" piques Emily's curiosity though, and so does the comment about 'another pilot...' so this girl is an Eva pilot too? Then, she can't be that bad... this train of thought eventually leads to Emily visibly relaxing, the small blonde's muscles loosening and her posture slouching as
  29. [19:21:31] * Emily_Borg she works up the courage to say something, anything... but until then, she just stares at Miyako, holding her covers up to her nose and peering over them with those big sunglasses of hers.
  30. [19:27:17] <Date_Miyako> She's... pretty fit! Definitely picked for that when chosen as a pilot, and not because she was smart, or charming. Definitely neither of those, as she's proven far too many times, already. "... So uh, what's your name?" L-let's not shake hands just yet, she seems v shygirl
  31. [19:33:06] <Emily_Borg> "..." Emily lowers the covers a little bit, biting her lip silently until she ekes out, "E-Emily."
  32. [19:40:35] <Date_Miyako> Oh hey, finally a name! And not cotton candy. Nice. "Emily, huh? Anyway, do you know where I'd find a girl named Nikki? I wanted to visit her today... and the other pilot here, too, now that I think about it." Miyako gives the girl a warm smile!
  33. [19:47:26] <Emily_Borg> "Um..." Emily's voice is quite quiet and guarded as she slowly warms to the taller girl standing in front of her. "Nikki is... down the hall a little ways." There. Some words out, something to break through the ice that's formed in Emily's head and around her tongue... after all, she does want to be on good terms with her other pilots.
  34. [19:54:20] <Date_Miyako> Miyako... almost feels kinda bad for this girl. Someone as outgoing as her must be pretty scary! "Ah, thank you, Emily. I'll be on my way!" As she turns to leave, she looks back to the girl once more. "Oh, and do you know where the other pilot is? I heard she was here for surgery, so I wanted to cheer her up!"
  35. [19:56:39] <Emily_Borg> "O-oh, um..." Emily blinks at Miyako from behind her glasses, then gives the Japanese girl a small wave and a sheepish smile. "That's... that's me..." Ice. =. Broken.
  36. [20:02:31] <Date_Miyako> o-oh "... ohhhhhhhh. So you're the third pilot? That's so cool!" Miyako would give one last grin to the sickgirl. "Hope you get well soon!" With that, she'd be off, and to Nikki's room... hopefully!
  37. [20:08:23] <Emily_Borg> "Oh! Uh..." Wait, Miyako isn't going to stick around to talk? Well, that figures... not like Emily has anything to say beyond massively awkward attempts at conversation... as Miyako heads out of the room, Emily curls up into a sad little ball of self-pity, wondering why the hell she has so much trouble talking to people...
  38. [20:08:25] <Emily_Borg> but...
  39. [20:08:34] <Emily_Borg> The characters in this romance novel don't...?
  40. [20:17:39] <Date_Miyako> ... it takes about three minutes for Miyako to burst right back into the room. "Hi! I got lost. What's up?" Come to think of it, she did go in the wrong direction. Wait, does she not have any sense of direction, or something?
  41. [20:22:38] <Emily_Borg> No, she really doesn't have a sense of direction, but she walks in on Emily dragging herself across the floor to her crutches on the other side of the room! The small girl jumps a little from the sudden intrusion, but she doesn't seem nearly as scared as she did even just a few short minutes ago. "Well... uhm..." Emily bites her lip and blinks at Miyako from behind her glasses. "The... roof? That's up." She smiles a little. Simple
  42. [20:22:39] <Emily_Borg> jokes, the way forward to the future!
  43. [20:34:57] <Date_Miyako> Well, it's good that Emily is slightly okay with random entries like that. It's probably going to happen a lot more often! "Hehe, good one. But no, I was wondering why your... eyes are like that, too. What happened to them?" Curiosity killed the Miyako!
  44. [20:38:49] <Emily_Borg> Emily bites her lip at that, and turns a little bit reddish. Miyako... saw her eyes? Shit. "Well um..." A little bit uncomfortable, the small lithe blonde crawls those last crucial few feet towards her crutches and grabs at them; with a strained voice, the girl says, "It's um... a birth... thingy. My eyes are... y'know..." The girl foists herself up on the crutches and pants for a moment, then says with a sheepish smile, "Broken."
  45. [20:44:38] <Date_Miyako> People's eyes could break? Weird! Wonder what it was. Irisitis? "Broken? So you have like, a rare disease, or something? Oh, oh! Does it make you super-smart, or something?" miyako plz
  46. [20:45:50] <Emily_Borg> Emily giggles a little at that. "Ehehe, no, it just makes me uh..." The girl's voice trails off. Surely she couldn't just out and say that she's weird, that'd be... bad, but maybe she could sneak by with cool...?
  47. [20:52:07] <Date_Miyako> "Ah, I see! So in order to compensate for your lack of strength, you mastered synchronization with your mecha, becoming one with it in the process!" It seems that Miyako would complete the sentence for her, instead. "Man, I'd go for that role, but I think I've got mine already." What is she even talking about...?
  48. [18:27:01] <Megaman3300> Emily blinks a little bit, then tilts her head in mild confusion. After a moment, she hunches her shoulders together a little and glances up at Miyako with a slightly taut, confused expression.
  49. [18:32:14] <Flamy> This confusion does not go unnoticed by the great idiot, and a moment of realization dawns upon her! "Oh! You probably don't know what I'm talking about, are you? Hum..." She places her hand on her chin, thinking for a moment... before arriving to her conclusion! "Tell you what, I'll bring you some manga later to show you later. It'd be better to get you
  50. [18:32:14] <Flamy> some visuals, so I can explain it  better. Besides, you look like the sort to like reading!"
  51. [18:58:54] <Megaman3300> "Manga?" Emily blinks, then nods. She doesn't... really know what that is, but... maybe this is a chance to start off on a good foot. A cool foot. "Alright." And with that, the girl hobbles over to a nearby chair and slowly pulls herself down, sitting there awkwardly for a moment as she tries to think of what to say. Her mom said this would be easy, she said that she'd get along just fine with the other pilots once they got
  52. [18:58:55] <Megaman3300> here... she lied. "Y-yeah. You could say that." She says, her voice keeping a forced even tone as she brushes a stray lock of blonde hair from her face.
  53. [18:59:19] * Megaman3300 is now known as Emily_Borg
  54. [18:59:49] * Flamy is now known as Date_Miyako
  55. [19:07:01] <Date_Miyako> Oh, sweet! Someone interested! At laaaast- "Cool stuff! Hm... Hey, what's your favorite color? Mine's red." Sadly, she was assigned a blue EVA, but hey, can't always completely pin the role down.
  56. [19:11:51] <Emily_Borg> Emily blinks. Favorite color? "Oh. Mine's uhm..." Emily blinks, then thinks for a bit. Eventually, she bites her lip and presses her legs together lightly, nervously playing with her hair for a moment before saying, "I... don't really have one, I think. Except... not blue. I... really really don't like blue."
  57. [19:20:42] <Date_Miyako> ... Wh oops. "Oh, huh. Guess people have their un-favorites, too! You... probably have your reasons for it, so I won't pry!" Yeah, she's kinda bummed out on how she got into piloting. Not to say that she doesn't like it, though!
  58. [19:26:29] <Date_Miyako> "Say... do you know anything about Nikki? She looks and sounds pretty important to herself at least, but I've never even heard of her. Also, she dyes her hair turquoise," Miyako seems really hung up on that one thing, and not on her using a bunch of show terms!
  59. [19:27:09] <Giantree> Elsewhere, Nikki sneezes.
  60. [19:28:13] <Emily_Borg> "Yeah..." Emily tilts her head and idly swings her healing legs. "She um.. looks..." She tilts her head and squints behind her glasses.
  61. [19:37:24] <Date_Miyako> "Hm, maybe if we ask her, she'll tell," Nikki probably won't, but okay. "Or maybe she has to keep it a secret! Maybe she's secretly a spy for another country? And what she did back there, against that Angel was... something else." Miyako shakes her head, then shrugs.
  62. [19:39:04] <Emily_Borg> "Oh?" Emily tilts her head and purses her lips. She had heard a little about the fight, but hadn't been fully briefed on the occurences. "Uh... what'd she... do, exactly?"
  63. [19:45:11] <Date_Miyako> "Oh, you weren't told? So the Angel, who I'm gonna call Noodles, because his (or her?) arms looked like noodles, comes up, and then Nikki and I deploy, right? We go in, Nikki kinda shoves me, and I fall. Noodles goes up, and punches Nikki. The fight goes on, and I end up out like a light. Well, no, I still could see, but boy, was it blurry. Anyway, Nikki's
  64. [19:45:11] <Date_Miyako> robot had her Umbilical blown off, and then when it powers off, it then powers up, and beats the wheat out of Noodles!" It should also be mentioned that she makes some weird motions with her hands as she tells this. "And then it blew up."
  65. [20:09:12] <Emily_Borg> Emily watches the vigorous hand gestures with a vested interest, leaning forward a little as Miyako finishes her story. "So... that's..." The girl bites her lip. "So she berserked?"
  66. [20:09:33] <Emily_Borg> "Uh..." Emily shakes her head. "I mean... her eva berserked."
  67. [20:11:51] <Date_Miyako> She thought it was a great conclusion, at least. "Huh? Oh, yeah, they said that over comms that her Eva went berserk. Do you know what that means? Other than Nikki going ham on the Angel, that is." Miyako stops the arm-waving for now, interested in what Emily had to say about the matter.
  68. [20:13:25] <Emily_Borg> "Yeah." Emily nods. "It's like... um..." Emily bites her lip and scratches the back of her hand, looking down as she thinks, "It's like... the eva gets... really mad and just kind of goes... crazy." She smiles a sheepish smile, which quickly turns to a grimace as her shoulders hunch.
  69. [20:18:55] <Date_Miyako> it mad "Either way, Nikki's robot sure saved our butts back there! I owe her one, because that thing hit hard, and I kinda didn't have much power to block it. Neutralizing the field makes it hard, wouldn't you know it!" ... and now Miyako was curious about Emily's Eva. "Oh, by the way, what's your mecha- er, Eva unit?"
  70. [20:22:52] <Emily_Borg> "It's uh... the big orange one." Emily says quietly. "With really long arms, and a weird helmet." She smiles a little.
  71. [20:22:59] <Emily_Borg> "Unit 02."
  72. [20:36:37] <Date_Miyako> "Unit 02, Unit 02... Oh! That one," Snapping her fingers, Miyako gives Emily a nod of recollection. "Yeah, I think I saw it earlier, but Unit 00's the one for me. It's tuned up for up-close combat and everything. Like, it's sooo me." She sort of... nods to herself, before snapping back to reality. "Oh, yeah, what's that thing you're reading? Looks pretty
  73. [20:36:37] <Date_Miyako> interesting."
  74. [20:37:29] <Emily_Borg> "Oh! Well um..." Emily smiles a little and picks up the book. "I-it's... nothing really, just... something I thought would be... I dunno. Nice." The girl holds up the book, it's called "Love, Really!"
  75. [20:44:08] <Date_Miyako> Seems pretty embarrassed about it. Miyako leans in a little to look at it! "Hm... doesn't look like nothing, really. You're into that sorta stuff, though? ... Won't judge you for your interests, though. Oh, oh, actually. How do you even pilot 02? It doesn't look too good for melee combat, but I might be wrong on that one."
  76. [20:46:47] <Emily_Borg> "Well um, it's just... a normal Eva..." Shit, this is a weird thing to be reading. "A-and it's not like... I like this, it's just... it's fun to laugh at all the uh, bad grammar. And... bad characters, and sloppy writing." She swings the book open to a random page, and indeed the prose is... painful at best. "See?" With a slightly reddened face, the girl smiles sheepishly. "It's... tripe! Complete tripe."
  77. [20:51:33] <Date_Miyako> Miyako just... blinks, like the very existence of the book was in question. "I... Pffffahahahahaha!" Miyako goes into another laughing fit, but it doesn't go for long. "... phew, wow. That is another level of bad. Where did you get this from, and do they have more of this stuff?"
  78. [21:02:13] <Emily_Borg> Emily gives just a moment's worth of whimper, and says, "M-my mom! She made me read it!"
  79. [21:07:29] <Date_Miyako> ... that actually sounds pretty bad. RIP "Your... mom. Your mom made you read that?! Did... Did she actually read it?" Miyako is slightly afraid of Emily's parents now. "So, what do you usually read?"
  80. [21:10:03] <Emily_Borg> Emily breathes a silent sigh of relief at that. Good, Miyako doesn't think she's... uncool. She just thinks her mom is uncool, which... IS WORSE. "N-no, she definitely read it, I-I mean she didn't read it, that's why I'm reading it so she doesn't have to, o-or um..." Emily's arms starts flailing about as her voice starts picking up in pace.
  81. [21:19:31] <Date_Miyako> Wonder what her deal is with her parents. "Hey, whoa, uh, calm down. Let's... stop talking about it for now. It sucks, and we both know it. Anyway, so like I asked, what do you usually read? Research reports on Eva-related stuff? Good literature? Textbooks?"
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