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  1. Is humanity too far lost? This is a question that has echoed in the hearts and minds of anonymous everywhere. The idea itself is in disarray,  scattered revolutionaries that blanket the globe like stars in the night sky. Each a brilliant flame of truth , change, motivation and love.
  3. The idea is in such a state that the most notable and powerful amongst us, spend their days within their own echo chambers of what they view as the good fight. They take down youtube, social media accounts or expose local government corruption. Which in its own right is very much appreciated and noteworthy indeed but the time is fast approaching of perhaps the biggest chance we have to pursue change. To stand shoulder to shoulder and let all our voices be heard to the corrupt snake that poisoned every facet of our daily lives. Where will you be? We look around social media and inner webs and we see stagnant order of egos lost in echo chambers of hate or a sort of disposition towards one another that seems to not be able to be reconciled. This is ego driven division. Ego is something anonymous killed off itself for the very sake of being immortal , a idea that no manipulative force could conquer or tame.
  5. Ask yourself, are you living up to the idea? No we dont mean hacking some website , reporting some disgusting accounts or doxxing yet another corporate thief in a five thousand dollar suit, we mean are you representing the very idea that you chose to become when you started? Are you unifying your brothers and sisters or are you standing against them? Is keeping within your own groups and taking down youtube for over a hour really what is to be ordered off the menu against the enemy we all face? You really believe this is how a change will come about? Or are you just doing these things for the lulz? The greatest lulz the elite hold the cards too, the great threats that face mankind are in essence runaway freight trains barreling towards every last human being on this planet and here no one has been even able to unite with each other because of simplistic ego driven disagreements. Never mind seeing the common threat that faces us all. A threat that super seeds any and all disagreements any of you believe are so damn important. Perhaps it is the destiny of mankind, one that can not be stopped. Its true of humanity, it takes people to pay the ultimate price in large numbers for anyone to care enough to stop it from ever happening again. Ironically; this is exactly what humanities common enemy has in store for us all. Yet here we are in all our glory, exposing corrupt puppets , shutting down youtube for a whole hour and bickering amongst ourselves about how the other isnt a real anon. If we were the elite at this time, we would be admiring our handy work. You see theres a choice being made and soon another chance for us to demonstrate exactly the power we truly have will be here again and how much uniting have you done for this event? How many million mask march videos have you put out? How many fliers, emails or Social media events have you orchestrated? Everyone bitches about how poor the march has been over the years yet no one has put in a large collective effort to see to it that its not? Have you forgotten who you are? Have you forgotten that anonymous is the people? That means you, yes you the one watching this now? What have you done to promote the march? Theres a choice being made , not making a choice is making a choice.
  7. You can go on, fighting the local social media battles, doxxing each other, corrupt puppets that control nothing , reporting accounts,shutting down web sites or you can strike at the root of all this in which you battle. The battles are indeed important to win but this wont win the war for humanity.
  9. November 5th is coming, the idea needs you, your brothers and sisters need you, your fellow anons that you call fake need you, your countries need you, the children needs you, the world needs you.
  11. The choice is yours, like it always has been. We show you the doors of truth but its us united together that have to open it and use it as its intended.
  13. Unite while theres still time. You can go back to your disagreements another time.
  15. We are anonymous.
  16. We are legion.
  17. We do not forgive.
  18. We do not forget.
  20. Expect us.
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