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  3. Your Name : Jousef
  4. Real-Life Age : Eighteen, almost nineteen.
  5. Country of Residence : Arabia, usually moving a lot regarding to my collage.
  6. Timezone : GMT+3
  10. Explain briefly what Powergaming is (Try to use your own example instead of predefined generic one) :
  11. Powergaming is to RP doing something which you can not do in real life, or regarding to what's realistic and what is not.. Doing this thing is not realistic, like RP'ing that you are flying or something like that.
  12. Explain what Common Sense is :
  13. Common Sense in general is the correct way of thinking, like.. Using your sense to know what is right and what is not.
  14. Explain briefly what Metagaming is (Try to use your own example instead of predefined generic one) :
  15. MG'ing is mixing between IC information and OOC information. For example, telling someone in PMs or /b or any OOC chat to do something ICly.
  16. Explain what "Roleplay" is to you :
  17. It's the acts. Acts of the person, actions of the person, to explain everything in /me's and /do's. /me's for what your char is doing and /do's for anything else like emotions and such. More like the actors if I will give an example.. Actors in the movies using the 'Role' which is to take another personality, or to get in this personality.
  18. TELL US MORE :
  20. Why should we pick you? : Usual answers would be 'I'm fast learning, I'm active, I'm better than others, bla bla bla' . But to be honest, this question in my opinion, is un-answerable, it has no perfect answer, everybody has skills, and everybody has his experience, which you decide to accept or to decline him/her regarding to it. And my experience is pretty good in my opinion, I'm ex. GM 2, I have been in the GM team for like 6 months, I think. And I have done a good job, and lot of admins was pleasing me, so, I think that I do a good job, and time will show it all.
  21. How long have you been RP'ing on your main character (In hours)? : My MAIN character has 900 hours played, I have my CK'ed character, it had around 500 hours as well, tho'..
  22. Define a good Gamemaster : Good GM is the GM who cares about his community, who loves to help newcomers and give them the correct answers on what to do and what to do not. Good GM is who is applying nowadays to be a GM, just for the communitie's sake, not thinking about that cute icon which will be next to his name, or his powers.
  23. How many hours per week are you active In-game : It's un-countable for me, since I have some days which I will have exams, mid-terms and such.. But in normally it would be around 20-25 hours. (Even more but I don't wanna give wrong information)
  24. What can you contribute to the GM team? : ​I can contribution them a good learner, I'm good in teaching people, and I have done like a million time, even after leaving the GM team, I have being called by my old GM mates to help them in the RP schools, 'cus everybody was admitting that I give students a good examples and making them learn quickly.
  25. What is more important, your Rp or Report (Explain) : RP is more important, obviously, your RP is like your real-life, you wouldn't disappear in real life to handle a report and come back, but if it's something which can be handles without hurting my RP, I would handle it to be honest.
  27. Have you ever been jailed/kicked/banned (If yes, state the reason) ? : I only had two serious problems in my whole years in this server, first one was Alt > Alt, and it was in the first days of my playing.. I was a noob, who wasn't? Heh'.
  28. And the second one was OOC money transfer, it wasn't my fault, someone transfered to my alt money OOC'ly and when the admins asked me if I allow to reset this character, I did allow it without any argue. But I'm so far from any OOC problems, not to put myself in troubles.
  30. Do you know how to use Ventrilo? : Of course, I have even been in LSPD and used it un-counted times.
  32. Do you understand, providing false information may lead to a ban? : ​Yes, I do.
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