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Minecraft Spells

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  2. General Use
  4. First-time users, make sure to read the section below on configuring permissions- otherwise, you won't be able to cast anything!
  6. Use "/cast [spellname]" to cast a spell. Most spells do not take parameters- if they do, the parameters are optional and meant to represent different or more powerful versions of the spell. Many spells use a target (the block under your cursor).
  8. Or, just wave your Wand!
  10. The following spells are currently implemented:
  11. Exploration spells:
  12. blink: Teleports you to, or through, your target location.
  13. peek: Temporarily turn the target surface to glass.
  14. ascend: Teleport up to the nearest standing place above you (blink does this, too).
  15. descend: Teleport down to the nearest standing place below you (blink does this, too).
  16. recall: Set a marker and teleport to it later (aim up to return).
  17. spawn: Returns you to spawn. recall can do this, too.
  18. map: If you have the dynmap plugin installed, re-renders the target tile.
  20. Nether spells (requires NetherGate):
  21. phase : Instantly transport you to another world
  22. portal : Create a temporary portal that anyone may use
  24. Construction spells:
  25. torch: Place a torch at your target location, or aim at the sky to create daylight.
  26. bridge: Extend the ground under your feet.
  27. pillar: Create a pillar at your target location.
  28. stalactite: Same as pillar, but downward.
  29. absorb: Give yourself some of whatever you're pointing at.
  30. fill: Fills the selected volume.
  31. rewind: Undo your previous spells, one at a time.
  32. alter: Alter certain blocks (stairs, logs, leaves, wool).
  33. transmute: Modify the material used in your last construction.
  34. paint: Fill a single block with your selected material.
  35. shell: Build a dome around your target using your selected material.
  36. blob: Create a sphere of your selected material.
  37. superblob: Create a large sphere of your selected material.
  39. Mining spells:
  40. blast: Similar to tunnel, but is targeted and spherical instead.
  41. superblast: A dangerously large version of blast.
  42. mine: Mines out the targeted ore vein, and drops the ore blocks. Not rewindable.
  43. disintegrate: Destroy the targeted block.
  45. Help spells:
  46. heal: Heals you to full health.
  47. day: Changes the time to day (torch does this, too).
  48. night: Change the time to night.
  49. cushion: Creates a (Final Fantasy-inspired) temporary water bubble, meant for landing on.
  50. manifest: Give yourself some material by name. Only gives building material blocks.
  52. Combat spells:
  53. fireball: Throw a Ghast fireball! (It's invisible, due to server issues)
  54. arrow: Fire a magical arrow.
  55. monster: Summons a dangerous familiar to your side.
  56. sandblast: Drop a giant ball of and on your foe (thanks, anon!)
  58. Farming spells:
  59. tree: Grows a tree magically.
  60. familiar: Spawn an animal familiar to keep you company.
  62. Nature spells:
  63. frost: Freezes water and snows up other blocks.
  65. Notes on Spell Use
  66. Selection spells (fill)
  67. Cast once to select first point, cast again to select second and cast spell. Note that, unlike cuboid, you can select distant points. Right-click with a stick (change spells with your wand) to cancel a spell in the middle of selection.
  69. Material spells (transmute, fill, blob, bridge, pillar...)
  70. Some spells act with your "selected material". This is the first block in your active inventory (starting from the left) that can be used for building.
  72. For selection spells (fill), you can change the material after the first selection by left-clicking while holding a material.
  74. The transmute spell is a special case- it allows air as a selection. So if you want to use a material for a transmute, make sure if it's the left-most material in your inventory.
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