A Remote Desktop YTP Collaboration Info

Dec 23rd, 2019
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  1. Gahd, this was a fucking nightmare to upload. I could say that this is a fairly unique collab to end the 2010s era of YTP. While most collabs are source/poopism/second based, we had our collab go way different where we had our own pre-made set of sources ready to be edited.
  3. Most parts had elements borrowed from previous entries to create running gags or a follow-up. We also had some tennis segments like the 5-second match between me and VidTens, and the 1 second mini-tennis by most of the participants of the collab. My favorite parts were getting the chance to use ZONE-SAMA's webseries, ZTV News mainly and constructing the plot for the collab.
  5. I thank all of me entrants for this big vid tiddie, because I wouldn't expect it to be that well. Gotta go for now, Scanty and I are doing some duties to kill the Anarchy sisters yet again.
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