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  1. Leen
  2. (Rank 5)
  3. The Summoner withdraws a strange mobile device, happily whispering to it about how cute something is.  Without further warning, an unknown flying machine crashes into the battlefield and pops open, revealing a tiny, silver-haired girl with bright red eyes who leaps out and readies herself, skin trickling with the texture of liquid metal.  And cuteness.
  5. Abilities:
  6. Bullshit Cross (Special):
  7. Anytime Leen takes damage or is inflicted by a status effect, she instantly recovers (MND x Twice Level) HP as a Regeneration effect.  This healing is instantaneous and interrupts the enemy's turn, though it only does not occur if Leen is reduced to 0 HP from the attack (which will never happen, by the way).  The healing can occur even if a status would normally prevent its use, and that thing about not applying multiple times on the same attack?  Who cares, it's going to put her back at full anyway!
  9. Slightly-More-Stable Mind Warp:
  10. Leen's Mary-Sue eyes radiate with pure Mind Control(tm).  Make an opposed check using Leen's Force versus the target's Force or Finesse, whichever is lower- on success, roll 2d6 and consult the following table for the status inflicted on the target:
  11. 2-3: Nothing happens
  12. 4-5: Berserk
  13. 6-7: Berserk, Confuse
  14. 8-9: Berserk, Confuse, Charm
  15. 10-11: Berserk, Confuse, Charm, Fear
  16. 12: Berserk, Confuse, Charm, Fear, Curse, Sleep, Petrify, Poison, Seal, Stop, Slow, Stun, Zombie, Burn, Freeze, Paralyze, Flinch, Infatuated, Bronze, Glass, Amnesia, Virus, Trouble, KO, Slap in the Face From the GM
  18. Expel Life:
  19. Leen does freaky tentacle monster shit and reverses her absorption technique, giving life energy to the enemy instead to fuck them up.  A single target is inflicted with Poison, Zombie, and Short-Range Knockback without an opposed roll.  Doesn't matter, it's not like it would've failed anyway.
  21. Astral Flow, Win:
  22. The GM gets up and leaves.  You win the combat by default!
  24. Spells:
  25. Leen can cast Resonance and she doesn't really need anything else.  Really.
  27. Special:
  28. Cover (when used as an individual summon), Immune to Fear and Zombie, Auto-Protect, Auto-Shell, Auto-Regen, Counts as Construct-Type
  30. Devotion:
  31. The MoĆ© Amnesiac-Robo understands the value of going to unnecessary lengths to be a protagonist.  Leen costs one fewer Destiny to summon when any character capable of summoning her visibly angers the cosmic forces of the universe by being nosy and forcing their way into tasks intended to be handled by somebody else constantly.
  33. Pact Gift:
  34. When Leen's Devotion is fulfilled, the Summoner has probably already proved themselves to be infinitely more powerful than their allies in both whatever combat role they may uphold and plot-fu, so they just get a cute maid outfit instead.  It has little fluttering wing ornaments on the back!
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