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  1. It’s one of those mornings again, I slept late in my work clothes with nothing on my productive agenda accomplished. It kind of feels like I’ve had a blackout and this is the morning after. Hell, the waiter apron is still on and straws are sliding out of the pocket. Turning over on the bed to seek my phone, I see that it’s face down, and right beside my pillow. Wondering what happened last night, I turn on the screen on my phone. Brushing most of the possibly urgent missed calls from various people, I unlock my phone to see that I was texting with somebody before I fell asleep… a girl, of course. Retracing my messages, I found gems such as “I wanted to talk to you about something serious”, “What do you think of me”, and also “I think you're amazing and do you want to… go out?”. Realizing what transpired last night, I cringe and regret letting myself go this far on the topic with anyone let alone her. Exerting a low groan with my hands clawing at my face, I ponder on such a circumstance. Who or what in the hell could have caused me to take such a drastic step in my relationship with her?
  3. Getting up and trudging to the bathroom, I begin to think about it more. After giving my face a rinse in warm water, I rush some more sense back into me and begin to cringe even more at the chain of events from last night. Brushing my teeth now, I try to scheme an excuse of telling her that what I said yesterday was a bluff. There has to be a way to tell her that I didn’t mean to ask her out…, not yet at least. my friend- wait no, my sister, took my phone and decided to prank whoever she saw fit by talking about those things while I was taking a shower. And as that thought rang out, the bathtub handle squeaked, the shower head sprayed my head with hot water. The excuse I made up wouldn’t sit right with her, my family is a whole state away and it isn’t anywhere near any holidays or school breaks. She isn’t dumb either and would find out immediately about any possible lies I place in front of her. Scratching my head while applying shampoo, I keep wondering how I can pull it off. Heading back to my room to get dressed and leave for brunch, as I don’t work until the latter half today. Looking back at my phone, I notice that rather than it being the usual 9 a.m. from a blackout, it’s 12 p.m. and I have to get to work in fifteen minutes. I kick off the jeans I was going to wear, and switch them in favor of a pair of black khakis, I scramble to get my work uniform. I rushed and began to search for my secondary uniform shirt, for the one that I wore earlier had a stench. Tossing a hot pocket in the microwave and sliding my shoes on, I wondered why I took so damn long to get anything done today. While burning myself on first contact, I manage to secure the hot pocket in the cardboard sleeve and roll my bike outside the driveway to start my route. Cycling quickly while also trying to cool down and then bite into the hot pocket with little success, I narrowly miss two people and three objects on my way.
  5. The commute was not too long due to my urgent pacing and soon after I had clocked in and sat down in the break room for a short breather. The aroma of garlic, tomatoes, and freshly baked bread had seeped into my nose as I took in my deep and rushed breathes. “Yo Tamaki”, I hear a voice call out over the sound of dishes being clinked together whilst being washed. “Hey there” I respond, too out of breath to notice who had just said that. “Did you sleep in because of how tiring work has been lately? Which explains your tardiness?” the voice said smugly. “Nah, I was out late after work… that’s all” I say in between my inhales. “Ohhh, so you’re actually needed somewhere other than work, school, and home?” he replied, he cuts the water off and he approaches me. “Yup, definitely” I tell him, “You know Jeremiah, I’m quite a busy person” I follow up with a hint of sarcasm. “Oh yeah, I understand. When I was your age, I had so much to do and many places to be like: school and home.” Jeremiah replied. “Dude, you literally finished college this year. The “When I was your age” was unnecessary.” I retorted. “You’ll see when you get to this point, things start to look different than they do in the beginning.” Jeremiah said, relaying his special spectacular wisdom. The front door then jingled as a customer entered the establishment. “I’ll get it” I mutter while standing from my seat and walking towards the front of the restaurant. “Welcome to Giuseppe's Italian Cuisine, table for one?” I greeted the guest while giving a slight smile.
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