Nov 2nd, 2015
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  1. “Yoo hoo! Nullity? Are you there? It’s Nurse Reinhold.”
  3. “Coming, coming! I’ll be right there!”
  5. Big Sis turns to face you with a bright smile on her face.
  7. “Wait till Nurse Reinhold sees you up and about. She’s gonna be sooooo happy!”
  9. She quickly stands up on her hooves and quickly trots on over to the front door. You can see her open the door and when she does, Big Sis slowly trots outside and gently closes it. You could hear mumbling of some sort coming from outside, but you’re unable to completely make out what is being said.
  11. With your heart still ripe with emotion, you start to whimper a little for Big Sis. You were really hopping that they would both just come right back in, but instead the two of them converse for what seems like forever on who knows what. You wanted to go right back outside and give Big Sis another giant hug, but you figured that whatever it was that they were discussing was very important. Maybe you should let them talk for a little while. You’ll be alright for a few minutes by yourself, right?
  13. Still longing for snuggles and affection, you reluctantly turn your head away from the front door back to the unopened presents that were sitting on the table. Your eyes slowly scan them and the banner above them, as well as the whole room once more, just soaking in and absorbing the environment you were in.
  15. This house, wherever you were, was so feminine and homely that you still couldn’t quite understand how you ended up here. Technically speaking, you don’t recall spending you whole life here and you knew you hadn’t lived your life as a pony, let alone as a mare. You were a human. You were a dude. You were a cynical jerk that hated everything.
  17. Yet why was it that being a female pony in a girly home felt so much better than your old life? Was it because for once in your life, you had someone that actually cared about you? Was it because you had all of these friends that you don’t even remember having?
  19. “We Love You Radiance!”
  21. Looking at that banner and the presents underneath them once more, well…just how many knew about you? Did everyone around wherever you were really love you as much as Nullity did?
  23. Wait. Nullity…that’s right. You just heard Big Sis’s name. Nullity…that’s an unusual name for someone. Then again, so is Radiance, so you figured there’s no argument in that either. Still, if you had to guess, your names were probably tied to your cutie marks. Supposedly, you provided love and comfort to others, so Radiance must be something like an abundance of love…like radiating love or something. Not like you were like that as a dude. Far from it.
  25. You giggle a little at the thought of a depressed hairy slob trying to be all cuddly and affectionate with all of your old coworkers. Yeah, well guess that means you’ll never have to deal with them again, so at least that’s one good thing.
  27. As for Nullity, however, she did say that she took pain away from others, so you guess her name would make sense. After all, she did make you feel a lot better about your current situation. As much as you now needed her for emotional support, there was still something about her that struck a cord with your mind. Was it her affection? Was it her humming? Was it…?
  29. Your tummy suddenly rumbles hard. The craving for any kind of food quickly takes over your mind from whatever you were thinking about beforehand.
  31. You can still hear Big Sis, or Nullity, talking with someone else outside. You didn’t know how long they would be outside and you knew you could really go for a nice bite to eat.
  33. As you turn your head to scan the area around you for food, you notice a couple of apples neatly stacked in a basket just past the entrance to the enclosed porch. The doorway leading there had the same appearance as all of the other doors. It had a simple white color with a silver handle, yet there was a glass window in the shape of a heart that sat in the center of the door. The apples appeared just within the boundaries of the window itself.
  35. Mmm…just the thought of apples is enough to make your mouth water. Wait a minute. Apples?
  37. You close your eyes and lightly shake your head. Since when the heck does someone develop a bad craving for apples? Not that you didn’t dislike them, but you never really ate them, nor did you ever think about them as food to frequently get. That’s really strange. Yet just the thought of having a red, smooth, fresh, juicy, yummy apple is enough to make your hunger all the worse.
  39. Your tummy rumbles even louder. Screw it. You wanted an apple and you wanted one right now!
  41. You balance yourself back onto your hooves and try to carefully walk on over to the heart-shaped doorway. You still hadn’t completely mastered the art of walking like a pony, but recalling how Nullity taught you to walk, you look down at your hooves and try to mimic your walk from what you can remember.
  43. …!
  45. Oh…Oh no. D-Don’t! Please don’t!
  47. But you can’t…help it…Just look at your precious widdle hoovsies! They’re so cute and pretty.
  49. No…please brain…don’t…don’t think like that.
  51. But how can you not admire your beautiful hoovsie woovsies?
  53. Because I’m a dude that doesn’t care about girly junk like that.
  55. But I’m just a cute little mare that only wants to be beautiful and happy with her looks.
  57. But…But…I’m not supposed to think like that.
  59. But…But…I’m not a guy. I’m a girl. I’m a mare. I just wanna be a cute widdle happy girly pony.
  61. But I…don’t want…
  63. But I want…I want…I want…
  65. But…But…I’ve always been a guy, haven’t I?
  67. That’s who I had to be, but I’m a girl. That’s who I want to be, and that’s who I really am.
  69. *SMACK*
  71. “OW!”
  73. You reel back in pain as you walked right into the door. You fall back on your butt and rub your front hooves against your muzzle, gently trying to lessen the pain.
  75. “Owowowow…gotta stop walking into things. That really hurt.”
  77. You still wince in pain, yet upon hearing your own voice again, you notice once more just how beautiful and motherly it sounded. Your hoovsies too, looking at them while rubbing your muzzle, they just…they just…
  79. They just would look so lovely if they had some kind of nail polish on them. Just the thought of beautifying yourself…painting your hooves, wearing eyeshadow, putting on a little bit of makeup, getting your hair done, putting on something lovely…just making yourself look so beautiful and feminine…doesn’t it all sound so absolutely wonderful?
  81. You could feel some kind of odd tingling flowing throughout your body as your mind was becoming submerged with these thoughts. For some reason though, you didn’t feel all that alarmed as you should have been. It is strange, but just the thought of simply dressing as a girl…err…mare and behaving like one made you feel so calm and peaceful inside, if not a little happy. But that tingling feeling…it’s like having a headache that gradually transforms into feelings of pleasure. You loved feeling that, yet it also kind of made your poor little head hurt.
  83. You gently shake your head as your vision quickly returns back to the door in front of you. You can feel your tummy rumbling for the millionth time and your mind instantly turns back to the apples.
  85. You stand back up and attempt to open the door, only to realize that it won’t open.
  87. Nonononono! You want those apples! You’re so hungry. They sound so yummy. You need them. You want them! YOU HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!
  89. You try pulling on the door handle with your hooves, but to no avail. Your face scrunches in frustration. You were going to get those apples. Even if you had to break the door down, you were going to get them. With another attempt at effort, you try pushing and pulling on the door, yet it just would not budge.
  91. “Wait a minute…is that…?”
  93. Just on top of the door handle was a silver lock. You push against the lock so that it turns to the opposite direction. It clicks upon doing so. You pull down on the handle again and try pushing on the door. It opens outward.
  96. Well, it’s not the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Everyone has a brain fart once in a while, right? At least no one saw you, you hope.
  98. You trot through the open doorway and see to your right a small brown stand with a pile of apples sitting in a bowl on top it. Next to that, though, was a violet and white-striped hammock that connected to the opposite ends of the enclosed porch. The porch in itself had screen walls all around it, with a screen door sitting just a few feet in front of you.
  100. You also noticed two wicker chairs, with pink cushions on one and blue on the other. Both chairs faced forward to the opposite end of the porch, with a small mosaic table sitting right in front of them. And just as you would guess, the table was also in the shape of a heart. A bouquet of flowers sat neatly on top of it.
  102. Right now though, your thoughts were becoming completely overrun with the notion of being able to munch on those freaking yummy looking apples. Without a second more to spare, you plop on up onto the hammock, trying to position yourself carefully while it swings from your force. As soon as the hammock balances itself, you try reaching to your left for the bowl of apples. Fortunately, you’re able to grab them without falling out of the hammock.
  104. You can feel your mouth watering as you placed the bowl of fruit right in front of you. Five red juicy apples sat neatly in the bowl. Oh…Oh…
  107. You plow your head right into the bowl, eagerly taking a giant bite out of one of the apples.
  109. “MMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHH! Mmmmmmphphphph….”
  111. Your taste buds go wild over this little piece of heaven you were chewing. You pull your head up and close your eyes, savoring every little taste of this amazing fruit. You chew for just a little longer and swallow, licking your lips clean.
  113. The taste was akin to…to…what? You can’t even describe the taste. All you knew was that it was super duper yummy and that you sooooooooo wanted more oh so very badly.
  115. Yet when you open your eyes and look back down into the bowl, you notice that there’s only four apples left. Wait, four apples? Did you just eat an entire apple in one bite? And you’re STILL hungry?
  117. Still though, you don’t care. You gobble down another, and another until the bowl was completely empty.
  119. “Ahhhh…”
  121. You lick your lips clean one final time and lean back against the hammock, resting the bowl on the stand next to you.
  123. “That was amazing.”
  125. You gently pat your tummy, satisfied that you were able to quell your hunger. You then stretch out on the hammock and let your eyes wonder.
  127. Despite the fact that the porch was enclosed, you could still see the wilderness in front of you. From what you saw, your backyard was really just an open landscape, filled with all sorts of lush greenery. You could hear water flowing somewhere in the distance. Trees and bushes lined themselves up neatly in the distant horizon. Patches of bubbly clouds were floating here and there with the sun shining brilliantly across the blue sky. You could also hear birds chirping and leaves rustling. It appeared as though you lived somewhere out in the wilderness. Not that that was a bad thing, but it’s just that…well…the landscape looks really familiar somehow. It’s almost like you’ve seen it before.
  129. Suddenly, you feel yourself freeze as an unnerving realization begins to dawn on you. You felt a nice cool breeze flow through the screen walls, lightly brushing against you. It’s enough to make the hairs on your body stand up. Your eyes open wide and you sit straight up. Your gaze becomes frozen on the horizon like you had fallen into a form of hypnotic trance.
  131. “Is that…? Nuh-No, can it be?”
  133. The landscape in front of you, you realize, is nearly reminiscent of that dream. There was mostly just an open green field in front of you, but if you walked far enough to the horizon, you would clearly see bushes that would likely give way to trees. And you could see them too. Hills in the distance. Wait, the water. Was that the river?
  135. “There you ARE Lil Sis! We’ve been looking all over for you.”
  137. You quickly turn your head to see Nullity standing there with a warm smile. She looked so similar to that girl.
  139. Without warning, your brain starts to subconsciously replay the humming she made when she was cuddling you. You…You can’t think. All you could feel was fear beginning to sink into you. What the heck is this? What’s going on here?
  141. “Why are you looking at me like that Lil Sis? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost. What’s wrong?”
  143. “Uh…” is all you can say.
  145. Nullity turns her head to the doorway and calls out.
  147. “Nurse Reinhold! She’s over here.”
  149. You hear trotting sounds and soon, a tan-colored pony with a dark blonde mane comes out. She walks over to Nullity and turns her head to face you.
  151. “Ah. There you are Radiance. So good to finally see that you’re out and about.”
  153. Nurse Reinhold was dressed in a typical nurse’s outfit. Her mane was styled in a ponytail. Two brown bags hung on her back like saddlebags do on a regular horse. She had a very calm, if not reserved demeanor. She stared at you with blue eyes similar to yours, yet you also notice a small horn protruding from her forehead. Wait, was she a unicorn?
  155. “Sorry about the wait Radiance. Nullity was just keeping me up-to-date on your progress. I’m so relieved to see that you’re awake again.”
  157. Her complexion shifts as she tries to give you a reassuring smile. Still though, it didn’t do much of anything to calm you. The breeze was still rustling against your fur and for every additional second that you sat on that hammock, you became more and more unsettled.
  159. You try to quickly climb out of the hammock, but in your sudden movements, it starts to bounce and swing. You yelp in surprise as you fall face-first to the ground.
  162. Except, you don’t hit the ground. Instead, you find yourself floating just above in this…golden plasma thingy. The heck?
  164. “LIL SIS! Are you okay?”
  166. “Oh you know. Just floating on my own with magic…somehow.”
  168. You hear both ponies giggle a little. Without warning, you’re turned right-side up by the golden plasma. Facing them, you see Nullity relieved to find that you’re unharmed, with Nurse Reinhold smirking a little at your clumsiness.
  170. Yet her horn…you saw that it was glowing. You could see a little bit of that golden plasma radiating off of her horn. Wait a minute. Is she using magic to hold you up? How on Earth is that possible? MAGIC DOESN’T EXIST!!!
  172. “H-How are you d-doing that?” you stammer.
  174. “With magic, of course!” Nurse Reinhold starts chuckling. “You need to be a little more careful Radiance. You’ve got to pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t you know that’s how you got hurt?”
  176. Nullity flashes her a quick glare upon mentioning that. Nurse Reinhold’s expression quickly becomes apologetic.
  178. “Err…I’m sorry Radiance. We’ve all just been a bit concerned about you as of late. It’s a relief to see you up and about again, but you have to keep in mind that you’ve been asleep for a full week. Your body is still recovering. You’ve got to take good care of yourself.”
  180. You’re gently lowered to the ground by the golden plasma. You see it fading off of you, as well as Nurse Reinhold’s horn. Honestly, that was absolutely surreal. How the heck is she able to do that?
  182. “Here, why don’t we all go into the living room? There’s some things I’d like to talk to you about Radiance. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to have Nullity present during our conversation.”
  184. “Uh…okay.”
  186. Nurse Reinhold turns and walks through the doorway. Nullity comes up right next to you and wraps a wing around you.
  188. “You okay Lil Sis?”
  190. “Y-Yeah. It’s nothing. Let’s go.”
  192. You and Nullity begin walking back into the house while your mind begins to wander. Ignoring the fact that unicorns and magic now somehow exist, you were still really creeped out about the backyard. You didn’t want to think about that. Still though, it did feel really good having someone comforting you the way Nullity did. Having someone hug you the way she did with her wing…it was enough to make you feel a little calmer. Guess that really is her special talent, huh? Being able to null your pain…
  194. As you both return to the living room, you notice Nurse Reinhold sitting on the couch. You can see her bags floating in the air by that golden plasma thing. The bags themselves opened on their own and you could see a couple of medical apparatuses, as well as a clipboard and some paperwork, all moving on their own inside the plasma.
  196. It was so weird to see actual magic with your own two eyes. That’s just not physically possible. But then again, ponies didn’t have wings, nor did they know English. None of this was making any sense.
  198. Eventually, Nurse Reinhold rests all of the objects down on the couch with her magic. You then notice that plasma engulfing the pink bean bag next to the couch. The plasma raises it off the ground and moves it to face directly across from where Nurse Reinhold was sitting.
  200. “If you would be so kind, please have a seat.”
  202. “O-Okay.”
  204. Nullity pulls her wing from you as you take a few steps towards the bean bag. You plop down on your tummy into the bean bag. It surprisingly felt very comfy, considering that you’ve never sat in a bean bag before. Nullity situated herself so that she was lying against you and the bean bag, again placing a wing over your back to comfort you.
  206. “Good, good. Please make yourself comfortable. If you don’t mind, I’d like to do a quick check-up to see how you’re doing physically.”
  208. “S-Sure,” you quietly murmur.
  210. “It’ll be alright Lil Sis. I’m right here.”
  212. Nurse Reinhold plops off the couch and walks right up to you. She uses her magic to grab some kind of medical apparatus from the couch. It looked like one of those things that doctors use to see into your ears, mouth, and nose.
  214. “Now, open your mouth and say ‘Ahhh’ for me.”
  216. “AHHH.”
  218. She uses it to examine your mouth.
  220. “Mmmhmm…good, good. Now, tilt your head up a little for me.”
  222. You do so as she points the device up into your nostrils.
  224. “Looking good there.”
  226. She then moves it to each ear to examine them and after doing so, she places the device back onto the couch.
  228. Next, she uses magic to reach a similar looking device to examine your eyes. Your eyes twitch a little as a small bright light pours into each eye. Shortly thereafter, however, Nurse Reinhold uses a thermometer to check your temperature, followed by another medical instrument to check your breathing. Finally, she wraps some kind of blood pressure monitor around one of your arms for a minute or two.
  230. Once she has the readings, she pulls up a clipboard and begins jotting down all of your results from your physical examination.
  232. “Very, very good Radiance. So far, everything looks perfectly normal. That’s a good sign. We should still get you in to have a more detailed examination just to make sure you’re alright. For now, though, I’d like to spend the rest of the time asking you some questions. Is that alright with you?”
  234. “Sure, go ahead.”
  236. Nurse Reinhold places all of the medical equipment back into her bags with her magic and situates herself back onto the couch. All she had out now was a clipboard with some paper and a pencil.
  238. “What’s the first thing you remember Radiance?”
  240. You pause for a moment. Should you tell her what happened to you before you woke up here? Or should you just talk about when you first woke up?
  242. “Uh, well I remember waking up in my bed. I was a little confused on where I was, but I saw one of the ‘Get Well Soon’ cards lying next to my bed. I discovered it was written by Big Sis, by which point I started calling out for her. She immediately came to me and…well, we came down here to the living room. Then you showed up for my daily checkup according to Big Sis.”
  244. “I see, I see.”
  246. Nurse Reinhold was scribbling on her clipboard with her magic as you spoke.
  248. “Do you happen to remember anything before that?”
  250. You notice Nullity giving her a sudden look as she said that.
  252. “I know, I know Nullity. But we need to make sure she’s doing alright mentally too. We want to make sure she’s healthy inside and out, right?”
  254. You hear Nullity sigh and you can feel her snuggle a little closer to you.
  256. “It’ll be okay Lil Sis. Just be honest. You’re safe. I’m right here with you.”
  258. You felt nice and warm with Nullity being this close to you. Still, why was Nullity giving Nurse Reinhold those looks when she asked certain questions?
  260. “Well, to be honest, my memory is really fuzzy. I don’t really remember a whole lot when I woke up. However, I did have a lot of dreams while I was asleep.”
  262. “Mmhm…”
  264. Nurse Reinhold was looking down at her clipboard as she scribbled notes of some sort.
  266. “What did you dream about Radiance?”
  268. “Uh…”
  270. You stammer for a moment. Was your old life just a dream? Was any of it real? If magic and talking flying horses exist here, was your old life really just a bad dream?
  272. “Well, I’ll be honest with you. All I really had were nightmares about living another life.”
  274. Nurse Reinhold stops writing and looks up at you curiously.
  276. “Uh…I dunno…it’s kinda embarrassing. But, if you really wanna know, I was someone else living a bad life. Uh…it wasn’t all that pleasant.”
  278. “Hmm…interesting. How very interesting. Comatose patients normally don’t dream about anything.”
  280. Nurse Reinhold looks back down and continues jotting down some more notes.
  282. “Do you remember anything else besides that dream? Do you remember anything beyond when you just woke up and what you dreamt?”
  284. “Umm…well, not a whole lot. I mean, I know who Big Sis is and what we do, but there are so many things where my mind is fuzzy.”
  286. “Do you know where you live?”
  288. Shoot. No, you didn’t.
  290. “Well, I live here with my Big Sis.”
  292. Nurse Reinhold and Nullity both chuckle.
  294. “Of course you do you silly little filly,” says Nullity affectionately.
  296. She wraps a hoof around your neck and hugs you tightly. Her physical comfort just felt so wonderful.
  298. “But in all seriousness,” Nurse Reinhold says, “do you know where you’re at?”
  300. “Uh…”
  302. You didn’t. You might as well just say it now.
  304. “No, I don’t.”
  306. “Lil Sis?”
  308. Nullity looks at you with concern. Her eyes…no…please don’t get sad. Please don’t get sad. Your heart’s already been through so much.
  310. “Hrm…you at least know about Equestria, right?” Nurse Reinhold asks.
  312. Equestria?!? Wait, like THE Equestria from that MLP show? Do you actually live in Equestria?
  314. “Well, yeah. I’ve always wanted to see all of Equestria. I wanna see Manehatten, Canterlot, Applelossa, the Crystal Empire…there’s so many places I wanna visit.”
  316. “And we will see them Lil Sis. Don’t you worry.”
  318. You hear Nullity breathe a sigh of relief as Nurse Reinhold resumes speaking.
  320. “Yet you don’t remember where exactly you are in Equestria?”
  322. “No, I can’t remember.”
  324. “Well, you and Nullity live in the outskirts of Vanhoover.”
  326. Vanhoover? From what you can remember from watching the show, you didn’t recall all that much about Vanhoover. Was it ever really shown in any of the episodes?
  328. “Do you remember anything near your home?”
  330. You do remember what you saw when you were on the hammock. The backyard still creeped you out, but if it was any indication, you and Nullity probably lived in a relatively remote area.
  332. “Well, Big Sis and I live in a quiet area. I think there’s other houses near here, but we kinda live more out in nature than we do in the city.”
  334. “Good. Yes, you are correct.”
  336. Phew. At least you were able to get that down. But do others live near you? They’d have to, right? After all, if you and Nullity help others, you gotta at least be close to civilization.
  338. “Now, even though I have several other questions I would like to ask you, I am sad to say that I may have to get going soon. I have another patient that I need to go see in a little bit, and in the interest of time, I’d like to ask you one more question. Nullity, it may not be one you want to hear. That being said, is it okay if I still ask her?”
  340. You turn to see Nullity looking at her in thought, then turning her head to look at you.
  342. “Okay. But if my little Radiance doesn’t wanna answer it, she doesn’t have to.”
  344. “I understand. Just remember, I only want Radiance to recover and be healthy and happy. And I know you want that too.”
  346. Nurse Reinhold turns her gaze back to yours.
  348. “Now Radiance. You don’t have to answer, but I would still like to ask you this: do you remember anything about your little accident?”
  350. Although you can’t directly recall what happened since you can only remember anything about this life when you woke up, something in your brain clicks.
  352. “Wait, did it have something to do with a lake?”
  354. “Yes.”
  356. You can see Nullity starting to become uneasy. Her breathing was becoming a little heavy.
  358. “D-Did I fall in the water?”
  360. “Yes.”
  362. A small chill starts to creep through you. No…was that memory actually real?
  364. “W-Was I drowning?”
  366. Before Nurse Reinhold answers, you felt tears beginning to drip onto your fur. You turn to see Nullity furrowing her head against you. She was shaking as she clung onto you tightly.
  368. “P-Please Nurse Reinhold, c-can we drop it?”
  370. Upon hearing her sniffles, you quickly wrap your hooves around Nullity and give her a giant hug in an attempt to reassure her that everything was alright. Even though you wanted to inquire more, however, you decide that it’s better to stop for now. You didn’t want to see your big sister cry. You wanted her to be happy and loved, just like how she wanted you to be too.
  372. “Uh…Nurse Reinhold? Maybe we should stop. I think I’m alright. Honest. My memory’s still a little fuzzy, but I think I’m recovering just fine.”
  374. “Mm, we can stop.”
  376. Nurse Reinhold shifts her gaze back to Nullity.
  378. “Thank you for letting me ask those questions Nullity.”
  380. Nullity turns her head up to look at her, then to you, and then back to her with a few tears sparkling in her eyes.
  382. “You’re welcome Nurse Reinhold. *sniffle* At least we know our little Radiance is doing better, right?
  384. “Of course she is.”
  386. Nurse Reinhold then addresses both of you.
  388. “Radiance, while I can’t find anything wrong with you at the moment in terms of your physical health, I will say that you seem to have a little bit of amnesia from the accident. Now, this is not to say this is permanent, but it might take some time for you to recover your memories.”
  390. “O-Okay,” you reply.
  392. “However, you have been asleep for a week and your body is still recovering, so it’s very important that you take things easy. Nullity, if you don’t mind, I’d like to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Wilhelm. Would you be alright with scheduling it sometime soon?”
  394. “Yeah,” says Nullity with a smile. “We can do that.”
  396. “Would you be alright with scheduling it by the end of this week, at around this time?”
  398. “Sure. We can definitely do that, right Lil Sis?”
  400. “Of course we can,” you reassure her.
  402. “Excellent. I’ll see the two of you again at Dr. Wilhelm’s office then. Remember, take things easy and if you two ever need anything from me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”
  404. Nullity stands up and folds her back wing onto her back. She then walks up to Nurse Reinhold and gives her a hug.
  406. “Thank you again for coming here every day. I can’t even begin to thank you for everything you’ve done for my little Radiance. She means the world to me.”
  408. “Of course. It’s no problem at all. Considering that everyone here loves you two, I can only imagine how much we all want our Radiance to fully recover. But for now though, I really must be going. I’ve got another appointment to get to in less than thirty minutes.”
  410. Nurse Reinhold uses her magic to pack the rest of her things into her bags and places them back onto her back. Nullity then walks her to the front door and opens it, guiding her out of your home.
  412. “Bye-bye Nurse Reinhold! See you soon!”
  414. “See you soon!” you hear Nurse Reinhold say.
  416. Nullity waves one of her hooves for a few seconds as Nurse Reinhold departs. And once she was officially gone, you see Nullity promptly closing the front door. She turns around slightly, casting her gaze once more onto you.
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