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  1. <Kingcrimson>: How filthy are you
  2. <FilthySissySlut>: how filthy do you want me to be?
  3. <Kingcrimson>: Oh very nice I have a very hard thick cock that needs a throat to fuck
  4. <Kingcrimson>: What you wearing right now
  5. <FilthySissySlut>: mmm
  6. <FilthySissySlut>: I'm wearing a pair of green french panties
  7. <Kingcrimson>: I'd love to pull them to the side and get my fingers in there while I fuck your mouth hard
  8. <FilthySissySlut>: making me moan hard around your cock, in-between gagging
  9. <Kingcrimson>: Feeling that vibration as my cock slides down that nice wet throat
  10. <Kingcrimson>: As I just pound away
  11. <FilthySissySlut>: my face becoming a sloppy mess of drool and precum
  12. <Kingcrimson>: Don't forget my balls you slut
  13. <FilthySissySlut>: taking your cock out of my throat and jerking it as I lean down to slurp on your balls
  14. <Kingcrimson>: They are nice and full for you little slut make sure you give my cock a nice kiss with that slutty lipstick mouth of yours
  15. <FilthySissySlut>: I wrap my big lips around your swollen head and slowly push the tip of my tongue against your piss hole
  16. <Kingcrimson>: Get that cock nice and wet you're going to need it
  17. <Kingcrimson>: I spank your ass and begin to push two more fingers in as I push on your prostate
  18. <Kingcrimson>: There we go good slut get good rewards
  19. <FilthySissySlut>: you feel my hole spasm around your finger as you slap my ass. I moan hard around your cock as you start to stretch my hole wider
  20. <Kingcrimson>: How's that feel slut you are a very good whore
  21. <FilthySissySlut>: I moan and grind my ass back on your fingers, slurping your cock hungrily
  22. <Kingcrimson>: I push my remaining fingers into your ass and turn my hand slowly see good sluts get the best treats isn't that right
  23. <FilthySissySlut>: ohhhh fuckk... I can feel the precum literally forced out of my clitty, closing my eyes as the powerful sensations fill me
  24. <Kingcrimson>: Oh look at that you must really be feeling it you've stopped sucking my cock does that mean you want it somewhere else now
  25. <Kingcrimson>: As I sllowly twist my hand again
  26. <FilthySissySlut>: I let out a long low groan, as your hand fills me completely.. it's so intense!
  27. <Kingcrimson>: I can't hear you slut I push deeper
  28. <FilthySissySlut>: unnghhhhhhffuuuuuckkk
  29. <Kingcrimson>: You need to speak louder slut
  30. <FilthySissySlut>: God!
  31. <FilthySissySlut>: Don't stop daddy!!
  32. <Kingcrimson>: I knead your prostate in my hand
  33. <Kingcrimson>: What will I do with you slut
  34. <Kingcrimson>: As I flick your clitty
  35. <Kingcrimson>: I twist my hand again
  36. <Kingcrimson>: I pinch your prostate hard
  37. <FilthySissySlut>: I scream
  38. <Kingcrimson>: Oh I got a derespon their
  39. <FilthySissySlut>: my clitty throbbing and practically pissing out thick, clear precum
  40. <Kingcrimson>: What would you like daddy to do next as I yank my hand out to let you gape
  41. <Kingcrimson>: Before sliding it back in
  42. <FilthySissySlut>: I try to speak, but it comes out as a moan, my eyes clenched tight as you fist me
  43. <Kingcrimson>: You must be feeling good slut you can't even talk
  44. <Kingcrimson>: Would you like it deeper?
  45. <FilthySissySlut>: "oh g-god..." I manage to mumble
  46. <FilthySissySlut>: no one's ever fisted me before.. I feel so incredibly full and stretched
  47. <Kingcrimson>: I can tell little slut I yank my fist out to let you breath
  48. <Kingcrimson>: You loved that slut I can tell as I show you the precum you made on my fingers
  49. <Kingcrimson>: Make sure you clean this off my fingers slut
  50. <Kingcrimson>: Then we can get to the real fun
  51. <FilthySissySlut>: I take your fingers into my mouth one by one and lick off all my sticky precum
  52. <Kingcrimson>: Good girl now get on all foues
  53. <Kingcrimson>: Daddy is going to give you a good treat
  54. <FilthySissySlut>: I get back down on my hands and knees, ready for you to use me again
  55. <Kingcrimson>: I rest my cock in between your ass throbbing and wet I rub your precum all over it
  56. <Kingcrimson>: Now how do you ask for my cock whore
  57. <FilthySissySlut>: please daddy... please would you fuck my slutty ass with your nice big cock?
  58. <Kingcrimson>: Good girl I ran my thick cock hard into your ass as I pinch your nipples
  59. <Kingcrimson>: My big heavy balls slapping against your ass
  60. <FilthySissySlut>: I cry out, the pain in my nipples making my hole grip your cock like a vice
  61. <Kingcrimson>: Your body is so sensitive just like a girls i flick your clitty as I pound harder
  62. <Kingcrimson>: And I run I finger down your spine
  63. <FilthySissySlut>: unghhh yes, hurt me daddy!
  64. <FilthySissySlut>: moaning like a cheap whore
  65. <Kingcrimson>: I spank your ass with both hands look how easy it is to fuck this hole I bet you give it away for free slut
  66. <Kingcrimson>: You just love to have this hole stuffed and fucked don't you
  67. <FilthySissySlut>: yelping with every slap, moaning in between as you plow my hole hard
  68. <FilthySissySlut>: yes, nnghhh, I live for it... to be stuffed with cock
  69. <FilthySissySlut>: uunnnhhh, I can't get enough
  70. <Kingcrimson>: I lift you up and start fucking you quicker
  71. <Kingcrimson>: I walk you to a window now everyone can see you
  72. <FilthySissySlut>: oh god!
  73. <FilthySissySlut>: knowing everyone will see my little clitty flopping around as you fuck me in the ass
  74. <Kingcrimson>: Look your nipples. Got harder you must love this now I slow down my thrusts to a slow piston action
  75. <Kingcrimson>: Your ass is loving this
  76. <FilthySissySlut>: I feel humiliated, but my body is more turned on that ever
  77. <Kingcrimson>: Everyone would be able to see this slutty little whore with smeared makeup and a cock inside her
  78. <Kingcrimson>: I then push you against a wall to fuck you harder while pulling your hair
  79. <Kingcrimson>: Look you're shaking I wonder why
  80. <FilthySissySlut>: god, feeling you dominate me totally.. making me your bitch
  81. <FilthySissySlut>: taking what you want from me
  82. <FilthySissySlut>: fuck
  83. <Kingcrimson>: I throw you into the bed cock glistening you know what to do slut
  84. <Kingcrimson>: I put your legs behind your head
  85. <FilthySissySlut>: my hole exposed for you
  86. <Kingcrimson>: Now show me how you beg for cock
  87. <FilthySissySlut>: I reach down and spread my hole for you
  88. <FilthySissySlut>: please daddy.. keep filling my ass with cock.. you know I crave it so bad
  89. <FilthySissySlut>: I'm empty without it
  90. <Kingcrimson>: Good little whore I begin to fuck you in a mating press deeper and deeper
  91. <Kingcrimson>: How do you feel slut
  92. <FilthySissySlut>: used.. slutty.. and sooo good!
  93. <Kingcrimson>: Good because you're just my fuck sleeve and you love that don't you as my thrusts get faster
  94. <FilthySissySlut>: nnggggg yes.. the more you take what you want, the more it gets me off
  95. <Kingcrimson>: I slap you in the face tell me slut how it feels
  96. <Kingcrimson>: As I scrape my cock against your prostate
  97. <FilthySissySlut>: "so fucking good!" I gasp
  98. <Kingcrimson>: Do you want me to stop or do you want to beg for more
  99. <FilthySissySlut>: "no, no.. please don't stop daddy.. please, give me more!"
  100. <FilthySissySlut>: "I'll do anything you want"
  101. <Kingcrimson>: You love this cock don't you skut
  102. <FilthySissySlut>: "yes daddy, god yes.. give it to me daily, please"
  103. <Kingcrimson>: I pound harder and harder who is daddy's best slut
  104. <Kingcrimson>: My cock snakes it's it' further into you
  105. <FilthySissySlut>: "I hope I am daddy! mmmmm fuck... no one else will let you use them the way I will! ungh"
  106. <Kingcrimson>: Exactly slut you need to keep daddy proud don't you
  107. <FilthySissySlut>: I close my eyes and nod, biting my lip as your hard cock slams into my prostate
  108. <Kingcrimson>: Otherwise he will use his thick cock on other sluts as my heavy balls slapping against your ass
  109. <FilthySissySlut>: "I'll do anything to keep you fucking me"
  110. <Kingcrimson>: Oh really I grab your throat and squeeze a little you fucking slut as I fuck you
  111. <Kingcrimson>: You love being treated like a fuck toy don't you
  112. <FilthySissySlut>: You can see from the look on my face how much I do.. how much I get off on being used and abused like some sort of sex doll
  113. <Kingcrimson>: Look at this ass these lips everything about you says fuck me it's free
  114. <Kingcrimson>: My balls start to tighten up
  115. <FilthySissySlut>: "any time of the day or night" I gasp, through your tight grip on my throat
  116. <Kingcrimson>: So slut where should daddy cum
  117. <FilthySissySlut>: "on my face please sir!"
  118. <Kingcrimson>: Ok slut kneel down as I yank my cock from your ads
  119. <Kingcrimson>: I begin to pump my cock make sure you open that mouth wide
  120. <Kingcrimson>: I want that tounge out ready
  121. <FilthySissySlut>: I get on my knees in front of you, head back, mouth open, tongue out
  122. <Kingcrimson>: I start pointing it at you you ready slut don't waste any
  123. <FilthySissySlut>: I rub my clitty as I wait for my reward
  124. <Kingcrimson>: I begin to cum gallons on you as it goes into your mouth and hair
  125. <Kingcrimson>: There you slut your reward
  126. <Kingcrimson>: You can cum now
  127. <FilthySissySlut>: I close my eyes as I feel your hot ropes of cum splatter over my face
  128. <FilthySissySlut>: trying to catch as much on my tongue as I can
  129. <Kingcrimson>: You sure are hungry for it slut
  130. <Kingcrimson>: Make sure you suck it from my cock too
  131. <FilthySissySlut>: I fantasize about serving at a gloryhole all day
  132. <FilthySissySlut>: I lean forward and start to suck your cock clean, warm cum still dripping from my chin
  133. <Kingcrimson>: That's a good girl as I lay my drained cock on your face
  134. <Kingcrimson>: And really do you?
  135. <FilthySissySlut>: I do.. you have no idea
  136. <Kingcrimson>: That's hot
  137. <Kingcrimson>: Do you have Skype id really like to do this again sometime
  138. <Kingcrimson>: It was so good I have never cum harder
  139. <FilthySissySlut>: I don't use skype, but I'm around here a lot with the same name
  140. <FilthySissySlut>: and thanks, I'd love to do it again any time you want x
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