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  1. Hi ____,
  3. Thanks for reaching out. I am available for new work and would love to meet up and learn more about your project.
  5. To give you a better sense of where I'm coming from, I'm newer to professional horticulture and am still fine-tuning my process a bit, but that also means that my rates are modest by industry standards and that I'm flexible and open to working with folks on the level or scope of work that they want to take on.
  7. If you'd like to meet up for a consultation, I have some flexibility during the day next week on Tuesday (11/19), Friday (11/22), or Saturday (11/23). Is there a time that would work for you on one of those days?
  9. Best,
  10. _____
  14. P.S., Here's a little rundown of what the process may look like, if you're curious:
  16. During our consultation, we'll chat about what your goals are, what your budget looks like, and the conditions at the site. I'll gather any other information that I need from the site, taking photos of the yard, some measurements or sketches, and some soil samples to verify what we're working with.
  18. If you have any favorite plants or features that you'd like to include, definitely bring those thoughts with you. Depending on your input and the size of the project, the consultation could take 20 minutes to an hour. (An e-mail consultation is an option if that's more convenient for you, but I will need to set up a time to visit the site itself.)
  20. After our meeting, I'll sit down with all the information and get back to you with a price quote within a day, and if it sounds good to you, I'll ask for a 25% deposit to get started.
  22. I'd estimate a 5-10 day turnaround on drafts, in terms of how long it'll take me to get back to you with a design or requested changes to a design, though it may vary a bit if I have a follow-up question or if you think of something to add. I'm comfortable doing the drafting through email, sending over the design plan and plant list and asking if there are any changes you'd like to see, but we could also meet up for this at your request. My quote will include up to two rounds of drafting and feedback before the final design, but we can do more or less depending on your needs. The goal is always to get to a plan that you're excited about.
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