The Apollyon Association - Info

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  1. <b><u><i><size=30><color=#BFFF00>The Apollyon Association</color></size></i></u></b>
  3. <size=16><color=#50C878>Welcome to the</color></size> <color=#BFFF00><size=16>The Apollyon Association</color></size>
  5. <size=18><color=#BFFF00>Our staff are on around 4 to 6:30 pm AEST. If you got any issues report it in our discord!</color></size>
  7. <color=#BFFF00><u><size=19>Links</size></u></color>
  8. <color=#50C878>Discord:</color>   <color=#BFFF00><u><link="">Click here!</link></u></color>
  11. <color=#BFFF00><size=16><b><u>Server Rules</u></b></size></color>
  14. <color=#BFFF00>[1]</color><color=#228B22> TKing (Team Killing) is only allowed if it lands within the realm of common sense   or isn't in the expense of other players in the long run. Players who however TK in excessive or consistent amounts without a valid reason is against the rules.</color>
  16. <color=#BFFF00>[2]</color><color=#228B22> Spawn killing isn't allowed unless if it is sudden and you plan on leaving the area or are being attacked by fresh spawns.</color>
  18. <color=#BFFF00>[3]</color><color=#228B22> Hacking, exploiting or abusing within the community is not allowed.</color>
  20. <color=#BFFF00>[4]</color><color=#228B22> Earape is fine as long as it stays within a contained or controlled environment that isn't completely at the expense of other players.</color>
  22. <color=#BFFF00>[5]</color><color=#228B22> Admin produced chaos such as summoning a incarnate of death or destruction to kill a unproductive/camping player, spawning an army of stone-cold statue killers willing to snap your neck among other eldrich abominations of any kind is allowed as long as it is done sparingly and not completely at the expense of other members in the long run.</color>
  24. <color=#BFFF00>[6]</color><color=#228B22> Flaming/Spamming of any kind isn't allowed in the community. This does not include debates, criticism or serious discussions however it should stay within Group/Private DMs.</color>
  26. <color=#BFFF00>[7]</color><color=#228B22> Unwarranted censorship is not allowed within the server.</color>
  28. <color=#BFFF00>[8]</color><color=#228B22> Elongating the round isn't allowed in general. This includes turning the nuke off continuously, teaming a counter class as the last person left, etc.</color>
  30. <color=#BFFF00>[9]</color><color=#228B22> Avoiding a ban before it's cooldown via joining the server (Discord or in-game) in an alt or avoiding bans/staff, in general, will get you banned and your alts will be banned just as long as your main account.</color>
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