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  1. [Bypasses]
  2.     (Any) Velocity, 0%
  3.     (Vape V3) Misplace, 3.7 blocks
  4.     (Vape V3) Autoclicker, 19.9 to 20.0 CPS
  5.     (Vape V3) AimAssist, 10 V/H speed
  6.     (Vape V3) NoSlowdown
  7.     (Vape V3) Hitboxes, 1.0 blocks
  8.     (Sigma) Jesus
  9.     (Sigma) Step
  10.     (Sigma) Blink
  11.     (Sigma) Spider
  12.     (Sigma) FastLadder, 1.0 motion
  13.     (Sigma) DepthStrider
  14.     (Sigma) LongJump, Custom mode
  15.     (Sigma) LongJump, NCP mode
  16.     (Sigma) Teleport, Basic mode
  17.     (Sigma) HighJump, 10 boost
  18.     (Sigma) NoSlowdown, Vanilla mode
  20. [False Flags]
  21.     (Magic G) Breaking blocks when standing on/under them
  22.     (Magic G) Breaking blocks and running into them
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