Celestia Greentexts: Rut Me, Anon

Sep 13th, 2015
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  1. >A note is slipped under your door hastily, somewhat crumpled from trying to get it to fit.
  2. >Its frantic movement is enough to get you to wonder if it's some kind of bug at first glance.
  3. >Walking over and picking up the paper, you try your best to read the pink and rather chicken scratch writing.
  4. >"Do you like me?
  5. >_Yes
  6. >_No
  7. >_Maybe"
  8. >Each answer had a line to check on.
  9. >But you weren't someone who just answered random mail.
  10. >Grabbing a pencil, you write below the three answers.
  11. "Who is this?"
  12. >You slide the paper under the door and wait for a reply.
  13. >It comes back about as fast as you'd expect.
  14. >"Just answer the question."
  15. >Picking up the paper again, you reread the answer, pencil in hand.
  16. >You were always the risk taker, weren't you?
  17. >Checking the "Yes", you slide the paper back under and wait again.
  18. >A clopping of hooves can be heard outside before the note comes back.
  19. >"Celestia's chambers. Ten minutes."
  20. >The sound of hooves faded until they were no more.
  21. >What was this silly sunhorse up to?
  22. >You open the door and head out to the halls of Canterlot Castle, ready to investigate.
  23. >Celestia's chambers were only a few hallways to the left.
  24. >Your journey began and ended within about five minutes.
  25. >Knocking on Celestia's door is met with the sound of scrambling hooves.
  26. >"Y-YOU'RE EARLY."
  27. >The door opens a creak, and you're met with Celestia's magenta, albeit bloodshot, eye.
  28. "Uh...princess?"
  29. >The door slams shut, and the sound of moving around follows.
  30. >"W-wait right there, Anon! Don't move!"
  31. >She fiddles about inside for a moment, and after a few minutes pass, the door opens once again.
  32. >"Come in~"
  33. >She tried to sound nice, but she still sounded nervous and twitchy.
  34. >Entering, you find the room dimmed and decked in candles, a record player spouting a smooth sax, and the windows open to show off the clear night sky.
  35. >Was she...?
  36. >"H-hello, Anonymous~"
  37. >Turning to Celestia, you find her dressed in a small, red, see-through nightgown.
  38. >Her face is covered in hastily applied makeup, her mane is frazzled, and her eyes look rather small and crazy.
  39. >And she can't stop fidgeting with her hooves.
  40. >"I-I'm so glad you could make it."
  41. "Sunhorse, are you doing okay?"
  42. >"HAHA-" she slaps her mouth closed as soon as she realizes how loud she was.
  43. >"I-I mean..." she tries her best to giggle cutely, but her nervousness makes her sound shaky. "Of course I'm okay, you kidder, you."
  44. >Her butt suddenly starts to wiggle, and she grimaces, turning her head around to face it.
  45. >"Stop it back there! I'VE ALMOST GOT HIM!"
  46. >She freezes, then turns back to you with a wicked grin.
  47. >"I-I'm sorry for that outburst. I don't know what came over me! Haha..."
  48. >You stared at her awkwardly, slowly piecing together what was going on.
  49. >You noticed her butt wouldn't stop shaking and twitching.
  50. >Unfortunately, she caught your eye.
  51. >"O-oh, do you want to see my butt, Anon!?"
  52. >She quickly turns around to show you her rather large sunass,"
  53. >"D-do you like it? I've been working hard to get it nice and firm!"
  54. >She wiggles it in your face, and while you admittedly thought it looked pretty good, you were getting creeped out by Celestia's behavior.
  55. >Never stick your dick in crazy, after all.
  56. "It's...nice."
  57. >She turns around faster then you can register, her eyes meeting yours in a flash.
  58. >"PERFECT!"
  59. >She pushes you onto her bed, then climbs on next to you, shoving her ass in your face.
  60. >"Maybe you like it so much you could look at it more...or tell me how nice it is...or touch it."
  61. >She covers her mouth again.
  62. >"OopsdidIsaythathahasillyme!"
  63. >This was starting to add up.
  64. >Having been in Equestria for about a year now, you'd been given time to read up on pony sex and whatnot.
  65. >And Celestia was...
  66. >Well.
  67. "Princess, are you in heat?"
  68. >She silently stares at you for a moment, then laughs.
  69. >"No, I'm not in heat! That's SILLY!" She chuckles a little. "But you should get naked."
  70. >Sticking your dick in crazy AND getting a kid?
  71. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JOsUhrrxeg
  72. "Y'know Celestia, I think I gotta go."
  73. >She gasps.
  74. >"Nononono, you mustn't! Y-you, uh, you haven't tried the nice dinner I was going to make after we made lo-"
  75. >Her hooves cover her mouth a third time.
  76. "I think I'm good, thanks."
  77. >You get up off the bed and head for the door.
  78. >When you reach it, though, you find it's locked.
  79. >A yellow aura encases the doorknob.
  80. >You suddenly feel something behind you breathing down your neck.
  81. >There's a tense silence as you resist the urge to turn around and face a sexy doom.
  82. >Celestia leans in to whisper into your ear.
  83. >"Make love to me."
  84. >Your heart pounds as you try to form an escape plan.
  85. >There was an open window to your right.
  86. >Jumping out of it was a gamble, but maybe you'd land in a nearby tree.
  87. >Maybe.
  88. >Your foot shifts to the right a little.
  89. >Preparing to face the sex-hungry princess, you ready yourself to bolt to the window.
  90. >You turn around, meeting Celestia's eager face.
  91. >"You've made the right choice, Anony-"
  92. >Shoving her out of your way, you make a mad dash to the window, indeed finding a nearby tree you could jump into.
  94. >"NO, ANONYMOUS!"
  95. >As you fall out the window, you stick your arms out and try desperately to cling to one of the branches of the tree.
  96. >Your fingers roughly brush past one branch, surely leaving you with some splinters to deal with later.
  97. >The pain subsides as the adrenaline continues to course through your body, and once you think you've lost hope, your hands are able to catch onto a branch.
  98. >"ANONYMOUS!"
  99. >What a short lived celebration.
  100. >Celestia flies out her window in search of you, scanning the area with an intense eye.
  101. >You quickly look at the ground below you to see if there's some kind of entrance back into the castle.
  102. >As luck would have it, the main entrance was just below you.
  103. >If you could climb down and make it in there, you could rush back to your room unscathed.
  104. >Bonus points if Celestia doesn't see you.
  105. >That pesky sunhorse was patrolling the skies above you, so it might be a good time to go.
  106. >Looking down again, the closest branch is about a couple feet below you, but it isn't a drop you can't handle.
  107. >You skillfully let go of the branch you're holding, then quickly catch the one below you.
  108. >The entrance is still a ways away, and dropping now would be suicide.
  109. >"AnonyMOUS~!"
  110. >Celestia was flying around the tree now, certain it was where you were hiding.
  111. >She still had to find you amid the leaves, though...
  112. >Use that to your advantage, Anon.
  113. >She was looking in the branches above you.
  114. >The closest branch below would be a tough drop on your legs.
  115. >Instead, you opt to grab onto the trunk of the tree and shimmy downwards.
  116. >Carefully.
  117. >No noise is made as you make your way down.
  118. >Unfortunately, the tree shakes as you hear Celestia rummage through the leaves, making it tough for you to hold on.
  119. >You gasp as one of your hands slips off the trunk, then cling with your other hand and hope that Celestia didn't hear you.
  120. >...
  121. >...
  122. >The shaking continues, indicating that she was still unaware of your position.
  123. >Taking the trunk in both hands once again, you shimmy down to the point that you can safely drop to the ground.
  124. >"Found you~"
  125. >That was right in your ear.
  126. >You have no time to look at your attacker as you let go of the tree, falling to the grass below.
  127. >At least you're able to watch Celestia humorously ram into the spot you were once in.
  128. >Hitting the ground hurts a little, but it's not nearly anything compared to what Celestia may have in mind for you.
  129. >Once she shakes the stars away, she looks down at you.
  130. >This is your sign to get the fuck out of there.
  131. >You dash over to the entrance of the castle, the beating of Celestia's wings coming shortly after you run.
  132. >In an attempt to slow her down, you slam the doors in her face, and hear as she runs into yet another solid surface.
  133. >That silly princess.
  134. >Wasting no time, you run through the halls and towards your room, intent on locking the sun princess out.
  135. >Once you hear the entrance doors fly open behind you, the princess' hooves hitting the floor is the most audible sound in the halls.
  137. >The polished marble floors causes you to almost slide as you turn a corner, running up some stairs.
  138. >Your room was on the second floor.
  139. >Victory was nearly yours.
  140. >Unfortunately, you being a human and Celestia being a horse, she was already near enough to catch you.
  141. >You were just lucky she didn't attempt to pounce on you.
  142. >Think quickly, though, or she WILL get you.
  143. >Fuck.
  144. >FUCK!
  145. >You unbutton your overshirt as best you can while running, and when you find it loose enough, throw it back to the princess as a distraction.
  146. >It lands right on her face.
  147. >"GAH!"
  148. >She tries to shake it off, and while you turn another corner, she runs head first into the wall.
  149. >How she didn't have a concussion, you would never know.
  150. >Whatever, your room was right there!
  151. >You bust through, then turn around and slam the door shut, turning the lock.
  152. >Once you check if the door is secured, you try to catch your breath, panting heavily.
  153. >A sudden slam against the door causes you to jump backwards!
  155. >She slams her hooves on the door, but it seemed she wasn't gonna try to break through.
  157. >She runs off, likely to her chambers.
  158. >Works for you.
  159. >It might be best to wait until she sleeps before coming out again.
  161. >The clock struck ten, and you were certain Celestia had gone to bed by now.
  162. >After all, simulating sex with toys was a tiring practice, right?
  163. >...right.
  164. >You approach your door, slowly turning the knob and peeking out.
  165. >Your shirt still lies against the wall Celestia had hit
  166. >The dark, silent halls did nothing to calm your nerves, as you knew anyone could be around any corner.
  167. >Looking both ways before exiting, you sneak out and grab the shirt before sprinting back into your room.
  168. >Close it.
  169. >Lock it.
  170. >Safe.
  171. >You throw the shirt into the growing laundry pile and get back on your magically-connected-to-the-internet-from-Earth laptop.
  172. >Shut up, it's magic.
  173. >Suddenly, a note is slipped under your door.
  174. >ohshit.png
  175. >With knowledge of what happened last time, it may be best to keep your door closed.
  176. >You go over to check out the note, noticing that it was written almost exactly like Celestia's, except the font was now blue.
  177. >"Do you like me?
  178. >_Yes
  179. >_No
  180. >_Maybe"
  181. >You smartly check no and slide the note back under the door.
  182. >Not a second passes before you hear a response.
  184. >The clopping of hooves becomes quieter as Luna runs off to find relief.
  185. >These crazy horses and their estrus.
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