A Special Present

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  1. “A Special Present”
  3. by littlemissjazz
  5. [mm4f] [romantic] [dirty talk] [erotic] [sexy petnames] [keep the heels on] [couch sex] [double penetration] [foreplay...cuz that’s important] [body worship]
  7. ************
  9. Synopsis: You decide to give your girlfriend a special present for her birthday that involves your brother and some well needed TLC.
  11. *Due to the sudden interest I have in threesomes and the sexiness that is two men catering to a woman in bed, I decided to make a script. It’s my first script too so be nice pls cuz I’m fragile.
  13. *Every dash in between lines that looks like this ----- is meant to imply a small pause. Just a little heads up.
  15. *A note for the fellas: if anyone decides to fill this shit script, have fun with it! Be sexy and verbal! That’s what makes this so much fun :)
  17. ************
  20. Man #1: (kissing sounds w/ moaning) God, baby, you’re gonna wear me out. (chuckles) Not that I’m not worn out enough tonight though. I can see you’re just so energized though. Must be the fact that tonight is your special night. (you kiss her lovingly) Did you have a good time tonight?
  22. -----
  24. Man #1: I’m glad you had fun, baby. Yeah, I did too. The party went better than I expected. To be honest, I thought it would end in a drunk fight with my brother like the last time.
  26. -----
  28. Man #1: I wasn’t that drunk last time! My brother had more than I did! And plus, he should’ve never went and tried to dance with you without my consent, the fuckin' playboy.
  30. -----
  32. Man #1: Would I have said yes? Yeah, I mean, it's just dancing, right? My brother and I have always learned to share our “belongings” but he usually asks me first.
  34. -----
  36. Man #1: Huh? What do you mean “what if it was for other things to share”? (chuckles) Like what? You thinkin’ dirty, birthday girl? Is that champagne goin’ to your head now?
  38. -----
  40. Man #1: (laughs) God, your face is priceless right now! And so red...were you really thinkin’ about something else? With me and my brother?
  42. -----
  44. Man #1: (clucks tongue) Lying is a sin you know, baby girl. I think that you were thinking about something else. Well, we’ll see what’s in that nasty mind shortly.
  46. -----
  48. Man #1: You’ll see what’s going on soon. But you’re gonna love it, I promise you. It’s a special present. (you kiss her softly) Just sip your champagne and relax for me for a while.
  50. [sound of knock on door]
  52. Man #1: Mmmm there’s half of your present right there.
  54. [door opens with a click]
  56. Man #1: Nice of you to come back so suddenly, brother.
  58. Man #2: Wouldn’t miss out on this for the world. Mmm, hey, birthday girl. You miss me already?
  60. -----
  62. Man #1: You wanna know what’s going on? This, my beautiful birthday queen, is your special gift especially from me.
  64. Man #2: And me.
  66. Man #1: You remember all those times we were talking about spicing things up in the bedroom? Remember when you suggested having a threesome and I wasn’t with the idea at all? Well, I changed my mind. Especially after I saw your Pornhub history on your laptop. You’ve gotta start cleaning out your history, babe.
  68. Man #2: Or don’t. Nothing turns me on more than a woman who’s freaky like that.
  70. -----
  72. Man #2: So where do I come into this, you ask? Aw, sugar, don’t be so coy now. Don’t act like you weren’t staring me down tonight at your birthday party. Don’t act like you weren’t purposefully putting your hand on my knee and my arm while my brother sat right next to you on the other side. Mmmm you were just begging for me to take you right there on that couch, weren’t you?
  74. Man #1: Or both of us taking you right there in front of everyone? Were you dreaming of taking my brother’s cock deep in your throat while I lifted up that tight dress and hit that pussy up from the back?
  76. -----
  78. Man #2: Mmmm from the sounds of that tiny whimper I guess you were. So naughty. To put it simply, sexy: I’m your special present.
  80. Man #1: We both are. And we are just waiting to show your body the lovin’ it needs, but only if you want us too. No pressure, baby.
  82. Man #2: Most definitely. If you want me to leave right now and not do this at all-
  84. -----
  86. Man #2: (chuckles) So you really want us too, huh? So eager. You didn’t tell me she was this forward, bro.
  88. Man #1: Mmm come here, kitten. Let my brother get a good look at what he’s sharing with me for tonight.
  90. Man #2: Goddamn, you are gorgeous. I’ve thought about touching you so many times. Lemme just out my big hands on your waist and…. (slow kissing sounds) (moans softly) You taste so good.
  92. Man #1: I need to get my hands on you too. Lemme just bend down and… (kissing sounds) Start kissing up your sexy legs. They look so damn good in those stilettos.
  94. -----
  96. Man #1: Oh? You want me to spank you, huh? Well, if the birthday girl wants it…
  98. (hard smack sound)
  100. Man #2: Oh, fuck, that moan! That just went right to my cock. If you make sounds like that when you’re spanked I wonder what sounds would come out if those pretty lips if I just… (kissing sounds) Just kissed and flicked my tongue on those the tops of those breasts. You like that? (tongue flicks w/ moaning sounds) I can’t wait to get that dress off.
  102. Man #1: Oh fuck, me neither. Please, honey: let us take your dress off.
  104. -----
  106. Man #2: Not until we strip, huh? (chuckles) You heard the birthday girl, bro. And I always oblige a lady.
  108. Man #1: Mmm, can’t argue with that.
  110. (sounds of clothes rustling & belt buckles as both of your pants come down)
  112. Man #2: And here we are, baby. All stripped down just for you. You like what you see?
  114. Man #1: Now it’s your turn. Let me kiss your neck as I take this tight dress off. (sound of zipper coming down) Fuck, where you wearing that lingerie the whole time under that? Ohhh, God, yes.
  116. Man #2: You’re so beautiful, sugar. Look at the way that lingerie fills out those curves. You forgot to take down your hair too, gorgeous. Don’t worry, I got it. Oh, I love the way your hair falls onto your shoulders like that.
  118. Man #1: Do my hands feel good on your waist, baby? How about my tongue as I flick it over your neck? (tongue flicking & moaning sounds)
  120. Man #2: God, this is amazing.
  122. Man #1: No, she’s amazing. Just look at this woman.
  124. Man #2: You’re not kidding. I can’t believe you managed to bag her.
  126. Man #1: I still have no idea. But I’m grateful.
  128. Man #2: More grateful that me? Hmm, let’s see about that when I unhook this bra here.
  130. -----
  132. Man #1 & #2: *in unison* Oh fuuuuck.
  134. Man #2: Baby, your breasts...they’re beautiful. My eyes are just drawn to them.
  136. Man #1: Mmm, I’m gonna kiss them now. I need your nipples in my mouth. (kissing & tongue flicking sounds) Does it feel good, baby? Does my tongue feel good on those gorgeous nipples? Fuck, I know they do. (tongue flicking sounds continue)
  138. Man #2: He’s got your tits and what do I have? Mmmm, maybe I could… (hisses slightly & moans) just run my fingers over those pretty little panties. Does my baby like that? You’re so wet my fingers are already soaked. (moans loudly) Fuck, honey, your hand! I-It feels so good gripping my dick like that! Oh, please, keep going and I’ll...mmm, fuck, just slide my fingers into your panties.
  140. Man #1: Oh, fuck, baby, your hand on me feels so good. (chuckles) I didn’t know you were so good with your hands like this. (moans) Yes, keep going, beauty. Stroke me through my boxers while I take those beautiful titties in my hands.
  142. Man #2: Let me move my fingers in and out for you. (groans) Does it feel good for you, babydoll? From the way your hips are moving like that, I guess it is. Yes, throw your head back on my shoulder like that! God, this feels so good. So sexy… (moaning & wet kissing sounds)
  144. Man #1: (growls) Fuck, I can’t take this anymore. I don’t know about you, brother, but I need to be inside this beautiful woman.
  146. Man #2: Before I make her cum with my fingers? What a shame, but I can’t take her hand rubbing me like that any longer. My cock is about to explode.
  148. Man #1: What do you say to that, darling? How would you feel about two hard cocks inside you at the same time?
  150. -----
  152. Man #1: (chuckles) That’s the naughty girl I wanted tonight. (you softly kiss her) Should we go upstairs?
  154. -----
  156. Man #1: No? Oh, you want the couch, huh?
  158. Man #2: (moans) Fuck, yes. Lemme just take my boxers down for you. (hiss as you take your boxers down) (chuckles sexily) You like the way my cock looks? Is it any bigger than my brother’s?
  160. Man #1: (sighs in irritation) God, don’t even start. Not now.
  162. Man #2: Come here, baby. Sit right on my lap as I sit on the couch for you. (moans softly) God, your ass is so pretty. So plump and juicy. I can’t wait to see it bounce when my cock is pounding in and out of it.
  164. Man #1: Lemme just come up in front of you. Spread your legs, honey, so I can stand in between them. Mmm, that’s it. You mind if we keep the heels on this time? I just love the way they look on you right now.
  166. Man #2: (moans) Oh, God, yes! Please do!
  168. Man #1: (groans) Okay, baby. I’m gonna start to move now. Lemme just grip your ankles and spread your legs a little wider. If you’re uncomfortable, just let us know, okay? This is all about you tonight.
  170. Man #2: Wait, how come you get to go first?
  172. Man #1: Cuz I’m the one that’s got her legs spread. Now quiet!
  174. -----
  176. Man #1 & #2: (moan in unison)
  178. Man #1: Ohhh, fuuuck, you’re so tight, baby! I guess it turns you on to have two men having you like this.
  180. Man #2: I’m gonna start moving too. You ready? Here I come, baby. (moans as you slide inside her) Ohh, yes! Fuck! Y-You’re so tight! So hot and wet for me…
  182. Man #1: Lean back, baby. Lean back against my brother as I slowly thrust into you. (moan as you begin to slowly thrust) Oh, yes. Oh, you feel so good wrapped around me like this! Lemme just… (tongue flicking & sucking sounds) run my tongue over your ankles. You like that, kitten?
  184. Man #2: (slowly begins to move as well) Mmmm, does this turn you on, babydoll? Does it make you so wet knowing two men want you so bad?
  186. Man #1: Do you have any idea what you do to us? To me?
  188. Man #2: God, I want you so bad. I’m gonna move a little faster, okay? Hold onto me and my brother.
  190. Man #1: I’m gonna start going faster too. Hold onto me, sexy. Hold on while we take you on this ride.
  192. Man #1 & #2: (moan & grunt in unison as you begin to move faster, your hips pumping a little harder)
  194. *Feel free to add some wet sound effects in here. Maybe the sound of springs squeaking too*
  196. Man #2: (moans loudly) Oh, this feel so good! This feels so fuckin’ good! (whimpers with each thrust) You feel so good on me, baby. Oh, yes, lemme grip that ass a little harder. You want me to spank you? Yeah? (hard smacking hands & loud moans)
  198. Man #1: Mmm, you like this, kitten? You like feelin’ my brother pounding you from behind while I’m beating that pussy up from the front? Best birthday ever, right? (chuckles & moans as you begin to move a little faster)
  200. Man #1 & #2: (moaning louder, a little more urgently now) *Feel free to improvise here, fellas. Have fun with it*
  202. Man #2: Oh, fuck, I’m so close. I-I have to move faster, baby, please… (moans begin to go an octave higher as you move faster) Yes, yes, yes! Oh, God, yes, sugar! Bounce harder on me! Oh, fuck me, I’m gonna cum!
  204. Man #1: (groans) Mmmm, yes, cum in her. Cum in her right now. Lemme just move a little faster.
  206. Man #2: (moans continue to become more urgent now) Oh, you like that, huh? You like it, pretty girl? Yes, yes, fuuuuck! Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! Cum with me, baby, please! (moans become louder) (groans loudly as you finally cum inside her) Yes, yes, yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside you!
  208. Man #1: (moans) Oh, yes, you’re taking it so good, baby. You’re taking his cum so good while I’m still pounding into that pussy. (moans loudly)
  210. Man #2: That’s it. Give it to her good. (whimpers) Oh, yes, keep going. Lemme move my hips slowly as he makes you cum one more time. You like me moaning in your ear, don’t you? Can you give us one more, baby? Just one more, please… (moans softly)
  212. Man #1: (moans) Oh, yes. Oh, fuck, I’m almost there. I-I’m right there on the edge. I need to move faster, baby. Can I move a little faster!
  214. (Hard slapping sounds & wet sounds as Man #1 begins to move faster)
  216. Man #1: Oh, you look so beautiful right now! I-I’m gonna cum soon. I can’t hold back, baby!
  218. Man #2: (moans) Fuck, I think I’m gonna cum again. You feel so amazing on me, baby girl, fuuuck. (thrusts in time with Man #1) Yes, just like that. Just. Like. That.
  220. Man #1: Oh, I’m almost there! Are you close again too, honey? Lemme reach down and rub that clit for you.
  222. (Man #1 & #2 moan & whimper in unison as you begin to near your climaxes. Slapping sounds become more frequent)
  224. Man #1: Oh, God, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum so deep in that pussy, baby! Fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes…
  226. Man #2: Oh, shit, I’m cumming too. I-I can’t hold on, sugar. Please cum with us!
  228. Man #1: Cum on that dick inside you, sexy! Cum on both of us. Give us that gift. (moans loudly) Oh, honey! I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside you!
  230. Man #2: Oh, yes! Cum on me!
  232. Man #1 & #2: (moaning in unison as you both finally cum inside her. Slapping sounds become slower & less frequent as your thrusts begin to calm down)
  234. Man #2: Oh, fuck, yes… (whimpers) Yes, that’s so good, baby. I can feel you dripping down my balls. Let me kiss your neck for you. (soft kissing sounds)
  236. Man #1: (moans softly) Oh, that was amazing, baby. You’re amazing. Oh, come here. (soft kissing sounds) Lemme just slide out of you. (moans loudly) W-What are you doing? Why are you locking your legs around my waist like that?
  238. -----
  240. Man #2: You...want him to stay inside you? Both of us? You want another round, huh?
  242. Man #1: (chuckles) I guess we brought out the freak. What do you say, bro? Up for another round with this beautiful woman?
  244. Man #2: I wasn’t planning on anything tonight, so… (moans as you begin to slowly thrust) I’m up for anything. I can cum for hours.
  246. Man #1: Alright, sexy. Here’s round 2.
  248. Man #1 & #2: (moan in unison as you begin to move)
  250. Man #2: (whimpers) Oh, yes!
  252. *Script Ends Here*
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