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  2. From the Desk of Bethea Jenner
  4. I wanted to contact you because I do not want you to miss out on the Solar Eclipse on May 9th! To enjoy this rare opportunity and have all the information you need to succeed, please call
  5. (877) 915-1414 and use the code 33952 to access your 5 minutes of FREE personal consultation!
  8. Dear margaret,
  10. The reason I'm writing to you again is because it's not too late for you to enjoy the positive energies that are going to emanate from the Solar Eclipse on May 9th. Thanks to the positive vibes of this celestial event, you will be feeling the positive vibes of this powerful force for up to six months from now!
  12. As a Cancer, your intuition and perceptual awareness will be stimulated by this astral circumstance. Positive changes are making their way into your life.
  13. Believe me, during this incredible event you will accomplish things you never even dared dream about up until now!
  15. margaret, you can expect big changes in terms of love and relationships in general. You will also receive great news about professional projects and future success. And this is just a preview!
  17. A Solar Eclipse is a very special New Moon. Things that are begun between the eclipse and the next Full Moon – this includes seeds we plant, projects we undertake, contacts we make, and intentions we set – can take on added significance 6 months down the road.
  19. The Solar Eclipse on May 9th will mark a time of renewal. This lunar phase is key – it will influence your upcoming months, especially the time around the next Full Moon on May 25th. That's why it is so important that you take advantage of this period of luck and let me do everything I can to help you!
  20. The first thing I want to do is introduce you to the team at Aura Luck – they are tarot specialists, renowned astrologers, and seasoned in spiritual guidance
  22. margaret, nothing would please me more than being able to speak to you personally; sometimes it's just more appropriate to talk about things over the telephone. However, because of my commitment to doing your weekly forecasts and putting in the necessary time and research on your charts, I cannot currently accommodate personal phone readings.
  24. But, it is with great relief that I am able to introduce you to someone who can give you their full attention and assist you in understanding the extraordinary event that is going to take place. My friends at Aura Luck will help you take advantage of the opportunities of wealth and happiness that come to us every day. Only when you finally learn how to do this can you say that you are "in the right place at the right time."
  26. To get to that point though, you need a certain level of guidance first, and May 9th will be when your energy is at its peak. This is why I suggest you speak to one of my friends at Aura Luck. They are all trained professionals that will help you identify, define and explain the current life path you are on, and guide you in making decisions to help you finally realize how to turn your dreams of wealth and happiness into realities.
  27. margaret, there is nothing like direct contact with a professional psychic to quickly discover your inner potential!
  29. Your hidden talents will one day open doors for you. It's time you learned how to take advantage of the many gifts you possess. Your happiness is in my heart and I do not want you to miss this great opportunity that is taking place on May 9th. I consulted with my friends at Aura Luck and all of them have agreed to offer you 5 minutes of FREE consultation – just use the code 33952. This is an irresistible opportunity!
  31. All you have to do is enter in the code 33952. Yes, margaret, you read that right: it is a free private consultation for the first 5 minutes. Consider it a gift from my friends and me. And if you wish to continue your conversation, the psychic of your choice will charge you only $3.99 for each additional minute. But, if after the first 5 minutes you are not completely satisfied (which I find will hardly be the case) you can simply hang up.
  32. The Solar Eclipse on May 9th is going to bring unprecedented energy
  34. Unfortunately, I cannot go into detail here in this letter about how it will affect you personally. But, I've consulted the professionals at Aura Luck, and they all have the resources and skills to talk to you about things in depth. That is why I would love for you to contact them today!
  36. They will take the necessary time to understand your current situation and help you in your quest for truth and happiness with personal, one-on-one advice.
  38. My goal is only to help you, margaret. However, I would never want you to feel like I am imposing on you. If by any chance you do not want to take advantage of this extraordinary offer of 5 minutes of FREE consultation and receive professional advice that could transform your life for the better, simply click here to unsubscribe from receiving any future news or promotions from Aura Luck.
  40. Please, do not take this letter lightly. The Solar Eclipse on May 9th could potentially change the rest of your life. Just call (877) 915-1414 and enter in the promotional code 33952 to begin your FREE 5 minute consultation. Let my friends at Aura Luck lead you down the path to wealth and happiness.
  42. Your Friend,
  46.    Bethea
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