Narcolepsymons-- I mean, Oran Mini

Jul 23rd, 2011
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  1. [23:35:10] * @Raven is sitting at the front desk of the guard office, filing through some paper work. She's had quite a rough time since the incident with the bandits, and between some handy first aid and sleep, she's barely getting over it. Still has quite a few bruises on her, even!
  2. [23:36:04] <Clarity> The morning of the 47th of Spring-- it was a sunny Spring day and... okay no just kidding, it's an average day. An average day in which a small animal pads along the grass accompanied by a much taller teenage girl, smiling along in the goofiest way a smile is capable of being. Every year she'd have a tradition of coming to this place, and despite it being a day late the two of them made their way anyway.
  3. [23:36:17] <Clarity> Knock. As soon as they approach the door. Knockknock.
  4. [23:36:30] <Clarity> Knockknockknockknock.
  5. [23:36:41] <Clarity> Knocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknock.
  6. [23:36:47] <@Raven> Raven looks up from her papers, "come in..."
  7. [23:36:55] <@Raven> Maki growls from under the desk.
  8. [23:36:57] <Clarity> "Hee hee. Oh Sky, don't you love how there's never anyo- WHOA!"
  9. [23:37:13] <@Raven> "...I can hear that, ya know."
  10. [23:37:26] <Clarity> The door slowly opens. "Uh... hello? Som- someone's actually in here?"
  11. [23:38:20] * Clarity scoops up the Shinx before slowly taking another step in, facing it. "Whoops... we goofed, huh?" It gives her a face. She gives a face back. "Whaddaya MEAN I goofed?"
  12. [23:39:11] <@Raven> Raven raises an eyebrow. "Yes...I'm the guard captain in town. I...don't believe we've met"
  13. [23:39:55] * Clarity scratches her head. "Ha ha... sorry about that. I... well, since when did we HAVE a guard?"
  14. [23:40:11] <Clarity> Cough cough. "Oh no didn't mean that whoops crap sorry. It, more like, I mean, er."
  15. [23:41:15] <@Raven> She puts down her pen and just continues to stare...sort of confused. " pretty new, got here start of the season. The name is Raven. Raven Bokor. Who might you be?"
  16. [23:41:29] <Clarity> Nodding at herself. "Right, I mean, uh-- I'm Clarity, and this is my best pal Sky. I, er, well, it's a long story."
  17. [23:42:31] * Clarity steps in and closes the door. With a sigh. "I guess I didn't hear there was a new guard here. Sorry 'bout all that."
  18. [23:42:46] * @Raven hurdles the desk to inspect the creature closely. "What. Is. That?"
  19. [23:43:54] <Clarity> She holds Sky close to her chest, cradling like usual. "Sky? Oh, he's a good frienda mine! We'd been together for centuries and..." He gives her a weird look, which is returned with a pause. "Oh, no, I lied, just years. He was a present, I think!"
  20. [23:45:15] <@Raven> Raven stares at it a bit more..."Hm...Anyway...what could I help you with, Miss Clarity? I've...honestly not recieved many inquirers around here, am quite curious."
  21. [23:46:22] <Clarity> "Right! Well uh, every year I'd come back here because nobody's ever in this place," cough cough. Resisting the temptation to say 'stinky old' was really hard. "So it's really quiet, y'know? So ever since I was a little girl I'd always sneak up here to take a loooooooong nap after the big festival."
  22. [23:46:42] <@Raven> "You...were coming here, to take a nap?"
  23. [23:46:45] <Clarity> The Shinx tries to move a bit in her arms, getting closer to sniff the woman.
  24. [23:47:28] <Clarity> "Yeah! Every time I tried, some crazy thing woke me up, or I just couldn't get to sleep... and I can totally get to sleep just fine anywhere else. So," her expression darkens, to one attempting to be spooky or some such. "I always thought the place was haaaauuuuunted~"
  25. [23:48:55] <@Raven> Raven is totally fixated with this little creature, to the point Maki looks sort of jealous. "I...can't say I've experienced it being haunted...granted, I grew up around a very peculiar creature, so I'm kinda used to it maybe. I'm actually living here at the moment,'s probably a bit more 'inhabitable' then your last visit, I'd imagine."
  26. [23:51:09] <Clarity> A cough. ".. Right. Really sorry about that. If I knew it was someone's house I probably would've asked or something. It's just that it's always fun to try!" The creature makes its way up to her shoulder. "I'll always try again next y- oops." Hand-to-mouth. Because, you know, that implies she'd get fired. Or something along those lines. Can you even get fired with no boss?
  27. [23:51:52] <@Raven> "...I honestly don't mind if you want to rest somewhere here...actually..."
  28. [23:51:58] <@Raven> She's staring right at the Shinx.
  29. [23:52:08] <@Raven> "Are you aquainted with Mrs. Baker?"
  30. [23:53:11] <Clarity> A nod with a goofy grin. "Kinda! She doesn't like me dozing off around her place... uh, okay, here you go, Sky." Noticing he was clawing at her, the poor creature gets slowly brought down and let go on the floor. He walks up and gives Raven a few sniffs.
  31. [23:54:01] <@Raven> Raven snatches him up in an extremely deft hug. "You are...absolutely...ADORABLE."
  32. [23:55:46] <Clarity> The Shinx turns back with a look on his face that practically screams 'Help me.' Much to his dismay, Clarity only giggles. "Oh, tough it up, chump! You've dealt with worse than THAT before." After a bit more laughing along, her glance darts to the side too. "Oh right! Who's this?" She, too, bends down for the Growlithe... and likely isn't as well-received.
  33. [23:57:25] <@Raven> Maki's kinda grumpy about his master's infatuation, but is well trained enough to bear it, if not grinning. he sits down and looks up at Clarity plainly. "Oh...sorry Maki. He's an old friend of mine, a gift of sorts as well."
  34. [23:58:32] <Clarity> She reaches a hand out to pet him at least once. "Oh, that IS kinda cool. I bet they could be friends or somethin'."
  35. [23:59:52] <@Raven> "...possibly, but...I think he's kinda grumpy about um," here you go, she offers the Shinx back to its master. "I...have a deal of sorts that might interest you."
  36. [23:59:54] <Clarity> After a quick while, the girl stands back up. "But, oh, right. I WOULD love to try to keep the tradition up, but with someone else here? No way, holy crap, do you know how much of a jerk that'd make me seem like?"
  37. [00:00:44] * Clarity takes him back, after which he quickly clings to her shoulder. "But sure! I think he probably likes y- Oh don't gimme that look."
  38. [00:02:06] <@Raven> "I..." she's unsure how to phrase this. "Well, come with me," she grabs Clarity's hand, and walks outside, locking the door behind her. "We got a little trip to make to the daycare center!"
  39. [00:03:11] <Clarity> "Whoa! But I'm 17! I don't need to hav-" Dragged before she can finish a word. Sky hops off and runs along instead of dealing with THAT, but at least he doesn't refuse to follow. Probably because he doesn't know the name that was just dropped.
  40. [00:04:00] <@Raven> Well, they hurry along, with Sky and Maki following then, who knows if they get along, being both big masculine manly mons~
  41. [00:04:45] <@Raven> "I'm really fond of your little buddy there," Raven explains on the way. "You'd be welcome to rest anywhere you want in the guard house, any time you want, if you allow Miss Baker to her magic, I want an egg of his species."
  42. [00:04:47] <Clarity> Sky gives Maki a look that says nothing besides 'What.' Not in a violent way or anything, but more a type of suspicion.
  43. [00:05:37] <@Raven> Maki...shrugs?
  44. [00:05:43] <Clarity> "Whoa! That's kinda quick, isn't it? And Sky's never..." She looks back at the Shinx only to see him giving a hugeass grin his species shouldn't even be capable of. "... Well, maybe just a FEW times."
  45. [00:06:45] <@Raven> "Anyway I'm willing to pay you if that isn't enough, since it -does- seem that I get more out of this exchange then you do. But to hell with it, Maki could use a little brother or sister anyway~"
  46. [00:07:38] <Clarity> "But uh, okay! He follows me around because he's the only one who can ever wake me up, usually. So if he's not there..." Cough cough. "Nope, nevermind, no biggie! I'm a little tired, but let's see how he feels about some action." Her own grin is really goofy.
  47. [00:08:04] <@Raven> Anyway, they eventually get to the daycare center, Raven sort of charges in, "Miss Bakerrr~"
  48. [00:08:58] * Clarity picks Sky up thanks to his reluctance. "Good morning!" Clarity herself wears a fake smile upon entering. Because, you know, she's already made a bad enough name for herself by trying to sleep in the waiting room. Or some room.
  49. [00:09:11] <@Raven> (feel free to step in anyone, really~)
  50. [00:09:30] <Joanna> (Sorry. I was eating. Something happen?)
  51. [00:09:37] <Clarity> (Yep, we're IN YOUR HOUSE.)
  52. [00:09:37] <Clarity> (Yep, we're IN YOUR HOUSE.)
  53. [00:09:51] <@Raven> (we just got to the daycare, so anyone can step in really)
  54. [00:10:09] <Joanna> "Oh, oh!" Joanna looks up from her posters and waves. "Raven! It's nice to see you!"
  55. [00:10:51] <Joanna> "And Charity! What can I do for you?"
  56. [00:11:13] <@Raven> "And you as well! I'd like to thank you again for helping me get patched up after the incident the other day, but...well. breed something for us with Ditty?"
  57. [00:11:53] <Clarity> Sigh. "Clarity! But yeah, it's somethin' like that. Sky here says he needs some lovin'... right, Sky?" He shakes his tiny little head. "Too bad."
  58. [00:11:53] <Joanna> "Oh, of course! What do you need?"
  59. [00:12:25] <@Raven> Raven gestures to the kitty with a very toothy grin. "This charming little devil, right here!"
  60. [00:13:19] <Clarity> "It's kinda like, er... he's been around me too much and needs a break, y'know?" Her voice turns into a whispergrumble: "And I totally know he's the reason I could never sleep in that place before."
  61. [00:13:56] <Clarity> ... But of course her face peps right back up after an odd look from him. "Nope, nothing! Could we leave 'im here for a while?"
  62. [00:14:02] <Joanna> "Haha. Sorry, Clarity. I keep on getting you mixed up. Hey, Ditty!" One of the markers turns back into a Ditto. "This is Sky, right?"
  63. [00:15:34] <@Raven> Raven gives Clarity a little hug, "Oh, don't you worry, I'll take goood care of you while this business is takin' place."
  64. [00:16:40] * Clarity shivers a little... with a smile! "Right!" Of course, then she sets Sky down... or attempts to, before getting clawed at, retracting her gesture with a brief cough. "Er, yeah, this is Sky."
  65. [00:17:56] <Joanna> "Ditty, this is Sky." Ditty then had his form change into a Shinx, as he leapt down the counter and nodded at Sky. "Oh, look! Ditty likes him already!"
  66. [00:18:40] <@Raven> Raven suddenly realizes this IS kinda awkward.
  67. [00:18:41] <Clarity> "D'awwww~ Isn't that cute?" This time she FORCEFULLY sets him down. "You have fun, okay~?"
  68. [00:19:08] * Clarity bends down and whispers into the tiny animal's ear. "And don't spare any of the details, 'kay?" Wink wink.
  69. [00:19:10] <@Raven> "What...all do you need form me, Mrs. Baker?" She pulls out her wallet.
  70. [00:19:40] <Joanna> "Just an egg, really."
  71. [00:19:55] <Joanna> "I kind of like collecting Pokemon, myself."
  72. [00:20:23] <Clarity> "Really? I got money too-- y'know, he CAN be pretty rowdy sometimes."
  73. [00:20:50] * @Raven shakes her head. "That won't do! Surely you'd accept SOMETHING in addition to that?"
  74. [00:20:55] <Clarity> A gloomy sigh. "Otherwise I don't think I'd ever wake up from my best dreams~ .. Hey wait, that'd be a GOOD thing!"
  75. [00:22:15] <Joanna> "Nah. I don't need any. If you want me to hatch them, however, I do charge."
  76. [00:22:58] <Joanna> "Well, just for some. Sometimes, I hatch really special Pokemon. Those I charge 200 for."
  77. [00:23:07] <@Raven> "Well, if that's what it takes for you to accept something else then just one of the litter, then sure!"
  78. [00:23:36] <Clarity> "It's reaaaaally scary to think of him having a lot of kids. I wouldn't ever be able to get a good night's-- er, good day's sleep. Good ever's sleep. Sleep at all." Her frown deepens and deepens with each sentence fragment.
  79. [00:23:50] * @Raven removes the money from her wallet and hands it to Mrs. Baker. Is...there anything else you need from me? Like, when should we stop by to check on things?"
  80. [00:24:11] <Joanna> "Alright, then... Shinx, Shinx... if you want me to hatch the eggs, come in three days, okay?"
  81. [00:24:38] <Joanna> "And you can pick up Sky in about seven hours."
  82. [00:25:13] <Clarity> "Huh? Really?! Just seven hours?" Clarity's expression is a confused one. "I don't think I'll even be up until at least thirty!"
  83. [00:25:18] * @Raven nods. "Will do!" She turns to Clarity and offers a hand. "Good doing business with you, Miss Clarity! My home is now your home any time you wish."
  84. [00:25:44] <Joanna> "...oh. Alright, I can keep Sky for a while if you want."
  85. [00:25:59] <Clarity> A loud giggle... almost a malicious-sounding one. "No problem!" She extends her own hand, shaking it wildly. "Glad to do it again sometime!"
  86. [00:26:47] * Joanna nods as she watches Sky and Ditty get along. "Alright, then. I'll see you tomorrow!"
  87. [00:26:48] <Clarity> "Speakina which... Hey, Maki, right?" Lean-down. "Does he eat fish a lot?"
  88. [00:26:54] <@Raven> Raven picks up Maki and does a very girly, and unbecoming of her usual behavior, swing with him in her arms. "You're gonna get a newwww friend, Maki!" Maki doesn't seem NEARLY as excited.
  89. [00:27:06] <Joanna> "Oh, wait. Can I ask your opinion on something?"
  90. [00:27:15] <Clarity> Well, not really leaning down, then! She probably gets hit in the face with the dog. Ow.
  91. [00:27:23] <@Raven> "hm?" Raven stops spinning.
  92. [00:27:55] * Clarity rubs it a bit. That's just embarrassing. "Yeah? Whatcha need?"
  93. [00:28:22] <@Raven> "and...I'm not sure if he likes fish, to be honest."
  94. [00:28:26] * Joanna shows Raven and Clarity one of the posters. It's a yellow and green striped poster, with a BIG egg in the center. "Got Pokemon Eggs? Let Us Hatch Them! Widdershin Day Care"
  95. [00:28:50] <Joanna> "What do you think of the poster?
  96. [00:29:25] <@Raven> Raven studies it. "That's...a really vivid color layout."
  97. [00:29:27] <Clarity> "T-Those colors..." Her face is pure horror. It's almost like she's about to throw up but barely restraining it.
  98. [00:29:33] <@Raven> "Catches the eye, can't deny that..."
  99. [00:29:58] <Clarity> "Er, I mean yeah, it's great! Totally hip!" She gives a thumbs-up sign and a wink. Too bad she still looks sick.
  100. [00:30:06] <Joanna> "..." Joanna puts the poster down. "Hm... what colors should I use instead?"
  101. [00:30:43] <@Raven> "Well, I'd say red would work better with green, but it'd look all wintery I guess...hmmm."
  102. [00:31:10] * Clarity tilts her eyes toward the Shinx pai- oh god, are they really doing it HERE? Wait, no they aren't. Nevermind, false alarm. Instead, Clarity points over there. "Well uh, why not use those?"
  103. [00:31:32] <@Raven> "Blue and yellow?"
  104. [00:31:51] <Joanna> "Hm... that sounds good."
  105. [00:31:53] <Clarity> "Black too! It looks kinda like... 'look at us, we're cool,' you know?"
  106. [00:32:08] <Terri> (BTW, Whats your roof made of, Joanna?)
  107. [00:32:47] <Joanna> (Good question. I guess just sheet metal that's treated for non-rusting or something.)
  108. [00:32:53] <Terri> (k)
  109. [00:33:28] * Joanna fills two bowls with blue and black paint and starts working on the poster. "After I'm done with this, can you go put it somewhere where people look?"
  110. [00:33:55] * @Raven nods. "Sure, least I can do for you."
  111. [00:34:05] <Clarity> Heavy, heaaaavy eyelids. "Yeah... sure." They almost clamp shut. Almost!
  112. [00:34:49] <@Raven> "...well, I can, she will probably be passed out somewhere."
  113. [00:35:20] <Clarity> "Don't worry, I still have a few minutes left in me! ... Seconds. ... Milliseconds."
  114. [00:35:24] <Joanna> "...if you want, we have a few spare rooms. I bought this building with five bedrooms, and we're only using two."
  115. [00:35:53] <Clarity> Her eyes sparkle. "Really?! You'd actually be okay with that?"
  116. [00:35:54] * Joanna tilts her hand towards the outside, and the Shinx pair head out.
  117. [00:36:11] <Joanna> "Yeah... how much are you willing to pay?"
  118. [00:37:28] * Clarity puts a snarky look on. "Ohhhh~ I gotcha. Well, I DID just get a pad lined up, but... maybe some other day for that one. This good?" 100 gold gets held out, with a wink.
  119. [00:38:14] * @Raven shrugs, "Up to you. I could use some company while I'm in the office anyway. Even're, well, unconcious.
  120. [00:38:19] * Joanna take the money. "Yep, that's good for one day."
  121. [00:39:08] <Clarity> "Don't worry! I'll come say hi tomorrow~!" Cough. "... Well, actually, it's kinda just because I wanna bring Maki some fish. He looks like the 'I wanna eat fish' type."
  122. [00:39:44] <@Raven> Maki does look kinda hungry :E
  123. [00:40:02] <Clarity> "Oh, by the way! Did I mention I fish? I fish. Nice to meet..." ... Zzzzz. Out, on the bed if it's a few steps away. Otherwise... whoops.
  124. [00:40:35] <@Raven> "...uh."
  125. [00:40:35] * Joanna drags Clarity into the bedroom. "Nice to see you, Raven."
  126. [00:40:45] <@Raven> "I' you with that, yeah."
  127. [00:40:55] <@Raven> "Is she seriously ILL or something? Is it contagious?"
  128. [00:41:15] <Joanna> "Good." Clarity is barely moving a bit. "Probably just lazy."
  129. [00:42:03] <Clarity> "Hee... when did all these... bears get here..." Her eyes stay shut, but with some wobbles and wiggles.
  130. [00:42:48] <@Raven> "Well...I'll...make sure to keep an eye on her then...that was kinda sudden!"
  131. [00:42:53] * Joanna heaves at pulling the girl... but hardly anything.
  132. [00:43:27] * Clarity at least doesn't weigh TOO much... something like you'd expect from an apparently-healthy teenager.
  133. [00:44:11] <Joanna> Well, it's not like Joanna is a martial artist or anything... darn you, STR dump stat.
  134. [00:44:30] <@Raven> Raven's no weight lifter either, thank god she's a quirkly little girl!
  135. [00:44:39] <Joanna> "A little... help here... Raven?"
  136. [00:44:11] <Joanna> Well, it's not like Joanna is a martial artist or anything... darn you, STR dump stat.
  137. [00:44:30] <@Raven> Raven's no weight lifter either, thank god she's a quirkly little girl!
  138. [00:44:39] <Joanna> "A little... help here... Raven?"
  139. [00:45:02] <@Raven> (I already was :B)
  140. [00:45:15] <@Raven> "I'm trying." HEEEAVE
  141. [00:45:26] <Clarity> It's an unfortunate world we live in, where all teenagers sleep like rocks.... oh wait, nope, it's just this one.
  142. [00:45:54] * Joanna finally gets Clarity into the bedroom and sighs... thank goodness someone didn't go through with the two-story plan.
  143. [00:46:14] <@Raven> "Anyway, I'll wait for you to get those posters ready then go put them up around town!"
  144. [00:46:20] <Clarity> Zzzzzzzzzz. "Moooooom... watch out for the..." Zzzz.
  145. [00:46:37] <Terri> "ZzzZzzzzzzZzz" you hear from above.
  146. [00:46:54] * Joanna gets back to the counter and quickly finishes the poster. "Alright, here we... is someone on the roof?"
  147. [00:47:00] <Clarity> ZzzzzZzzzzzzz. Suddenly she snores louder, accepting the challenge.
  148. [00:47:44] <@Raven> "...uh..."
  149. [00:48:01] <@Raven> "I'll...go check on that."
  150. [00:49:01] * Joanna goes outside and climbs a ladder in the fenced in area. "...yep. Someone is sleeping here." Would Joanna know his name?
  151. [00:49:21] <Terri> "zZzzZz"
  152. [00:49:38] <@Raven> "That's Terri...he' to town."
  153. [00:49:44] <@Raven> "What is he..."
  154. [00:50:03] <@Raven> Raven climbs up on the roof and stands over him. "TERRI!"
  155. [00:50:08] <Joanna> "Sleeping."
  156. [00:50:10] <Terri> "AAaaah!"
  157. [00:50:18] <Clarity> ZzzZzzZZZzzzzZzZzzz. It's still going from inside... today's victor is decided.
  158. [00:50:35] <Terri> (Terri isnt that much of a snorer.)
  159. [00:50:46] <@Raven> "Terri! What...are you doing on the roof of the daycare?"
  160. [00:51:18] <Terri> "Ah! Loud Angry Stick Person!"
  161. [00:51:22] <Joanna> 1d6+1
  162. [00:51:23] <RichterBelmont> Joanna, 1d6+1: 3 [1d6=2]
  163. [00:51:51] <Terri> "looked comfy up here. So took nap."
  164. [00:51:54] * Joanna stands on the roof and crosses her arms. "Alright, what are you doing here?"
  165. [00:51:56] <@Raven> "Huh? Me? Yeah. Me. I guess."
  166. [00:52:13] <Terri> "Who other person?"
  167. [00:52:17] <@Raven> Raven points at Joanna. "It's her house, just telling you." Raven backs away slooowly
  168. [00:52:39] <Terri> "Oh. Ok."
  169. [00:52:49] * Joanna shakes her hand. "Don't sleep on the roof."
  170. [00:52:59] * Terri frowns.
  171. [00:53:00] <Terri> "Why?"
  172. [00:53:28] <Joanna> "If you want to rent a room, I'll let you rent one of my spare bedrooms."
  173. [00:53:41] <Terri> "Rent?"
  174. [00:54:08] <Joanna> "Yes. It means you pay with money to borrow a room."
  175. [00:54:21] * Terri processes this for a moment.
  176. [00:54:30] * @Raven whispers to Joanna "He's a little unusual, but a good person."
  177. [00:54:37] <Terri> "Money is...these right?"
  178. [00:54:45] <Joanna> "So, like Ricki."
  179. [00:54:53] * Terri takes out a sack full of copper coins.
  180. [00:55:10] <@Raven> "I don't know Ricki"
  181. [00:55:23] <Joanna> "Yep. That should be enough."
  182. [00:56:04] <Terri> "Not sure if want room."
  183. [00:56:06] <Joanna> "Follow me, Terri." Joanna says as she climbs down the roof and heads into a bedroom.
  184. [00:56:16] <Terri> "Ok."
  185. [00:56:17] * Terri follows.
  186. [00:56:21] <Clarity> ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IT KEEPS HAPPENING.
  187. [00:56:45] <Joanna> "And this is your room. Now, money, please?" Joanna holds out her hand.
  188. [00:56:50] <@Raven> Raven vaults down herself, and follows for now. Waiting on the posters anyway~
  189. [00:57:09] <Terri> "Huh? Ok."
  190. [00:57:48] * Terri hands her a pile of coins. Some of them while valid due to the metal, weight, and size, are not from nearby.
  191. [00:58:31] * Joanna looks at the coins. "I'll have to ask Maka about this. Anyways, you sleep here." she says, pointing at the bed.
  192. [00:58:50] <Terri> "Ok."
  193. [00:59:33] * Terri falls onto the bed, and uses his backpack as a pillow.
  194. [00:59:40] * Joanna leaves the bedroom and goes back to the counter. "Anyways, here." She hands Raven a poster. "Pick a good spot, okay?"
  195. [00:59:48] <Terri> Boris perching on his stomach.
  196. [01:04:48] <@Raven> Raven nods, "mhm, will do, Mrs. Baker. I'll see you shortly~" she turns to leave with Maki at her heels
  197. [01:05:40] * Terri goes back to sleep. "ZzzZzzZzzzzZzz"
  198. [01:05:57] <Clarity> ZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzZzzzzZZZzzzZZzz.
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