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  1. Bell's Final Procedure
  3. [00:21] <DrEvilKitteh> With a few final flaps of grey eagle wings, Karpinsky settled down on the pavement in the middle of the road, a mostly-limp Bell held securely in her arms. "Ah. As always, I appreciate the ride, darling." Bell looked up at the apartment building before them, unmistakable to the couple as the Ladder. She sent a quick text to Natasha that they'd arrived. "...Funny how my heart's beating fast," she murmured with a soft chuckle. "I'm both excited and terrified about it." Bell shook her head. "But...anyway. Let's get 'er done~." She pointed weakly at the front door, a crooked smile evident on her face.
  4. [00:25] <Karpinsky> "Let's find out how this goes." Karp headed for the door, smiling slightly as well.
  5. [00:28] <Jar_Mimic> And if Natasha was one to check her texts regularly, she would probably be rushing down to meet them at the door.  The way things stand, the door is unlocked, and the two entering the building know where Natasha's family's room is.
  6. [00:29] <Eprlide> And of course, an adorable drider girl is following her love down the stairs. Only a hint of telepathy is needed for her to know what this is all for, but with a determined smile she decides to go talk to Bell and Karpinsky regardless.
  7. [00:30] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell looked around momentarily after Karp stepped foot over the threshold. "...Jeez, I haven't been here in a while. But, uh...should we start going up? At least that's where I think her apartment is..."
  8. [00:32] <Karpinsky> "Yeah, I think so." Karp headed up the stairs.
  9. [00:33] <DrEvilKitteh> "Yo, Nat!" Bell called up. "If you aren't already around, get your lazy loli butt up and down here!"
  10. [00:34] <Eprlide> "That's not nice!" A voice destincly not-Natasha yells back. A familiar one.
  11. [00:35] <Jar_Mimic> On the stairs is apparently where they run right into Nat, Marzi, and Rea.  "Ah!  Please, stop!"  "Don't tire Bell out by bringing her all the way up there."  The girl and doll plead, bowing their heads with heavy breaths.  "We're going to be doing the procedure in the basement."  "Please stay down there."
  12. [00:37] <DrEvilKitteh> "But it's hella accurate~," Bell said in response to Rea with a grin. "...Ah, fine, then. To the sex dungeon in the basement we go..." She waggled her eyebrows at Karp.
  13. [00:39] <Karpinsky> "What, should I build one for you~?"
  14. [00:39] <Jar_Mimic> "It is not a sex dungeon!"  "A cyborg is living in there."  "God, we need to spend more time with her."  "Maybe we could turn it into-"  "Marzi!"  "Sorry."  "We'll be right down."  "Yes, please go on ahead."  Despite this, the girl, the doll, and the drider all end up with the two, allowing them to go down together.
  15. [00:40] <Eprlide> The Drider is obviously nervous about this. Having no experience with this kind of situation she just remains silent, an image behind Natasha.
  16. [00:41] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell mulled that over for a bit. "...I'll put it on the list of Possible Lair Additions," she finally concluded. Still being held by Karp, she put her arms around her lover's neck and lightly nuzzled a bit closer. "Let's hope said cyborg doesn't try to assimilate us, then."
  17. [00:44] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, Sylv is a peach.  She'd never do that."  "Plus, I think she might be upstairs.  So we don't have to worry about her."  For the patient's comfort, Nat and Marzi lead all present slowly down the basement stairs.  "Alright, now, uh, when I turn the lights on in the basement, try not to freak out."  "It might look a little bit, er, occult."
  18. [00:44] <SkinnyNecro> [sylvia moved into #34.]
  19. [00:45] <DrEvilKitteh> "Oh, well, Hail Santa and all that," Bell quipped drily.
  20. [00:46] <Eprlide> "Santana wouldn't be very happy if you said that in front of him..." Rea comments off-handedly with a small giggle, trying to lighten up the mood.
  21. [00:49] <DrEvilKitteh> "Then it's a good thing the only others around me right now, aside from Ky here, are a couple of lolis and a bunny doll."
  22. [00:49] <Karpinsky> "I dunno, who doesn't like being worshipped?"
  23. [00:51] <Jar_Mimic> Once at the bottom of the stairs, Nat quickly flips on the basement lights, filling the room with...  Nothing.  It's still black.  "Fuck!"  "Son of a bitch!"  "Rea, I'm sorry."  "Please ignore what we just said."  "Give us a second."  "We need to clear this miasma."  With that, the two sit down and cross their legs.  From their throats rises a low chant.  With each word, the darkness begins to fade into light.  As the basement becomes
  24. [00:51] <Jar_Mimic> more and more visible, it becomes obvious that it is covered.  Covered completely, floor, walls, and cieling.  With black ink in various and intricate occult designs.  To which, there is an obvious circular center point.
  25. [00:53] <Eprlide> "Oh, jeez..." After the uttering of the first curse word Rea just plugs her ears to hide away the rest of the words. She looks over to Karpinsky and tries to offer a light smile, then after confirming that Nat and Marzi have stopped talking, hugs her from behind. "I'm sorry you need to go through this..." She mutter softly.
  26. [00:54] <Karpinsky> "Bell goes in the center?"
  27. [00:54] <DrEvilKitteh> "Delightfully creepy," Bell observed. "Looks like something out of a random horror game or movie. Just add a few spikes, fires, blood, and red symbols, and it'd be completely stereotypical."
  28. [00:55] <DrEvilKitteh> (Btw, Rea hugged and said something to Ky. If you missed it, Karp.)
  29. [00:55] <Karpinsky> (Oh, missed that)
  30. [00:55] <Karpinsky> "It's not your fault."
  31. [00:57] <Eprlide> "I know... I just feel bad for you and Bell." Rea continues. "Natasha has been needing to take care of me recently as well, after a monster drove me out of my home. I can't thank her enough."
  32. [00:57] <Jar_Mimic> "That is correct."  "Bell goes right into the center."  "We've got a mat for her to lie down on."  "Rather, Rosemary has a mat for her to lie down on.  She should be here with our supplies in just a sec."  At this point, the transformed Magical Girl and her living weapon walk into the room, motioning for all present to enter as well.
  33. [00:57] <Jar_Mimic> "You're doing more than enough just by being with me, Rea."  Wink.
  34. [00:59] <Eprlide> "It's easy for you become you love me." Rea replies to Natasha with a little sticking out of her tongue.
  35. [01:01] <DrEvilKitteh> "You were always a compassionate little spiderling, Rea," Bell murmured as she sent another text out to someone else. "By the way, Nat, if anything goes wrong, I'm donating my body to you. Kinda like if I'd donated it to science, y'know? Figure it could help Rose a little, at least."
  36. [01:03] * Karpinsky carries Bell to the middle of the room. "What, I can't keep it~?"
  37. [01:05] <Jar_Mimic> It takes a lot to stun this world weary and battle hardened little girl.  But this stuns her.  Presumably, it stuns her doll, too, but it doesn't show quite as much.  Still, one of them stands there slack jawed for a moment before they both speak up.  "Bell, that's, ah."  "Unspeakably generous.  We're touched.  Thank you."  "We'll put it to good use with Rose.  It'll be a good body for her."  "But that's only if our cure doesn't work!  
  38. [01:05] <Jar_Mimic> Uh, thank you.  Really."
  39. [01:05] <Eprlide> "...Thank you, Bell." The Drider let go of Karpinsky as she carried Bell to the center. After being put there Rea goes around to -softly- hug the weak woman, staying there for a few good moments. "...Please do your best." She addresses to everyone.
  40. [01:07] <Karpinsky> "Please don't kill Bell for her body, I'd prefer to keep her for myself." Karp kisses Bell and heads to the side.
  41. [01:09] <DrEvilKitteh> "I didn't know necrophilia was one of your fetishes," Bell chuckled. She gingerly got out of Karp's arms and stretched a little after standing, though the kiss left her smiling wider. "Oh, don't worry about it, Nat. If I do die, then I won't really care what happens to my body, right? And if it's put to use, that's better than just rotting in the ground somewhere or being turned into scattered ashes." When Rea came along, she hugged the loli drider back for a brief moment. "...By the way, Sam should be arriving soon; figured some forewarning would be nice so it wouldn't jar your concentration any," she directed at Natasha.
  42. [01:18] <Jar_Libby> "Thank you," she says, looking at the collected group.  "Thank you all for supporting Bell and us like this," her bunny doll adds, spreading her arms wide, "We can start prepping for the procedure as soon as..."  And speak of the daughter.  Here she is.  A girl with the face of a stuffed animal descends into the basement.  "I brought all of your ritual aids, mother.  Your guards brought some, too."  And right behind her, there's a group
  43. [01:18] <Jar_Libby> of little dolls all carrying notebooks and such.  Everything is deposited before the little girl, who gives the sheep doll a pat on the head for her efforts.  "Thank you, Rose.  You should stick around.  Someone might need to drag me AND Bell out of this if it goes wrong."
  44. [01:18] <Eprlide> After the small hug the drider backs up, giving Natasha room to do whatever she needs to do. She ends up standing near Karpinsky.
  45. [01:20] <DrEvilKitteh> "Ah, to die side by side with a loli in a basement full of weird crap. Talk about the dream, ay?" Bell slowly lowered herself onto the pad and lay on it, shifting a few times to get comfortable. "...By the way, do I need to take my clothes off, or most of them, for this?" she asked Natasha.
  46. [01:22] <Jar_Mimic> "Ah.  Um."  Her eyes become evasive.  "Er, yes.  I will need to paint some ritual markings on you.  Anything covering your chest needs to be removed."
  47. [01:23] <Karpinsky> "Lewd."
  48. [01:25] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, come, come now," Marzipan remarks, "This is a medical procedure.  We've seen breasts before."
  49. [01:26] <Eprlide> "We're all girls here!" Rea comments, then pauses. "Well, Bell is kind of a special case but since she's the one undressing it doesn't really matter..."
  50. [01:26] <DrEvilKitteh> "Oh, how /scandalous/~." Bell's entire Outfit vanished, leaving her completely nude. "Oh, whoops, 'scuse me." A pair of lacy black panties appeared on her. "There, much better." She quirked an eyebrow at Marzipan. "So why's Nat being a lil' evasive, hm~?"
  51. [01:27] <Jar_Mimic> "Well, yours are, ah..."  Her little head is pointed right at a certain pair of things.  "Better than most."
  52. [01:30] <DrEvilKitteh> "You flatter me, though I think Ky would agree~" Bell said, and she arched her back just a /smidge/ to emphasize her chest. "Ah, the pains of being in a relationship with a loli: not getting to truly experience boobs in all their glory."
  53. [01:30] <Karpinsky> "Stop teasing them or I'll whip out my own." Karp replied.
  54. [01:31] <Eprlide> Rea just looks away from the conversation. Yep, no need to listen in just yet.  "I-I don't think you need to do that right now, Karpinsky..."
  55. [01:33] <Jar_Mimic> "Alright, alright, enough of this," Natasha finally says, pulling a small paint brush and a brown bottle full of a special kind of ink out of the backpack Rose brought, "I'm beginning the procedure now."  As she opens the bottle and dips her brush, Marzi begins to work at arranging all of the materials needed for the ceremony, including the reference materials.  Once well laden, the brush is put to Bell's skin in the center of her chest.
  56. [01:33] <Jar_Mimic>  It starts with a circle.  Then spreads outward with numerous symbols of alien origin, which are written to as high as the neck and as low as the belly button.  The while, the little girl is chanting away, her low voice almost indistinct from the hum of the flourescent lights above.  When she has finished, so has her bunny doll.  And when she has finished, the trickster's skin begins to sting slightly where she's been written on.
  57. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> "Ah, very well." Bell shrugged and resumed laying on the mat normally. "While I wouldn't object to that, just the one set of breasts is probably distracting enough for Nat, I think." She kept her hands at her sides as Natasha worked, and she couldn't help but wince at the stinging sensation. "If only I was a masochist," she muttered under her breath.
  58. [01:36] <Karpinsky> "Well, after this I could do that sort of thing to you~?"
  59. [01:37] <Jar_Mimic> "Yes.  I actually find this ink quite delightful to put on bruises.  It's diluted to about one part ink for every hundred parts water.  Getting this stuff on you straight..."  "We learned the hard way that it's not fun."  Girl and doll both shiver.
  60. [01:39] <DrEvilKitteh> "I can only imagine." Bell wavered a hand noncomittally at Karp, not wanting to shrug and potentially mess up the intricate inkwork now on her torso.
  61. [01:39] <DrEvilKitteh> Around that time, Sam quietly descended into the basement. Hands in his pockets, he stepped over to where Rea and Karpinsky were, though he remainded mostly behind them; remaining unobtrusive was is main concern.
  62. [01:43] <Eprlide> Rea just sighs and shakes her head. "Uh... should I still be here?" She asks out in the open, honestly. "I don't know how much I can contribute here."
  63. [01:44] <Jar_Mimic> After closing the bottle and safely putting away the brush, Natasha pulls out a certain pink and blue sceptre that was sticking out of her backpack.  It is laid in a specific place just above Bell's head, with the head of the rod pointed at her.  Meanwhile, Marzipan places candles at other specific points around the room.  By connecting the points, one might notice different geometrical shapes.  "Ah, will you light these when we're
  64. [01:44] <Jar_Mimic> done, Rea?"  "And would you all please step back into the stairwell.  We need the whole room for this."  "For reference, Bell, it took two circles like the ones you see on the floors and walls to make Rose."  "You, on the other hand, require five."  After all of the candles are laid out, a prism that might not look familiar to anyone is placed at Bell's feet.
  65. [01:46] <Eprlide> The Drider looks a bit relieved once she's given something to do. She backs up to the stairs and holds a hand up. The tips of her fingers aflame. "Is now a good time?" She asks Natasha.
  66. [01:48] <DrEvilKitteh> "Ah, so I'm a super special." Bell smiled, though her lips was strained just a bit from nerves.
  67. [01:48] <Jar_Mimic> "It's as good of a time as any," she replies, pulling a towel weighed down with books close to the stairs as well.  Obviously, the caster also has to be outside of the circle.
  68. [01:48] <DrEvilKitteh> Meanwhile, Sam stepped back up into the stairwell and leaned against the wall, arms crossed.
  69. [01:50] * Karpinsky had backed out, and watched nervously
  70. [01:52] <Eprlide> With a small wave of her hand all the candles are lit. The now extinguished hand grabs one of Karpinsky's, holding it softly in her own out of nervousness. "Want to back out?" She asks the tiny-horned woman.
  71. [01:54] <Jar_Mimic> "Alright, everyone.  This is the moment of truth.  Bell.  Everyone.  If you have any last words, now's the time."  "If we change your soul too much, Bell, you won't be the same, but if we change it too little, the problem won't be fixed.  We can't guarantee that this will work.  This is your last chance."
  72. [01:56] <DrEvilKitteh> (Anyone else wanna go first, or should I write Bell's stuff out?)
  73. [01:58] <Eprlide> (Start with Bell, then us react, I say(
  74. [01:58] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alrighty, then~)
  75. [01:58] <Karpinsky> "Bell, if this goes wrong, I won't forget you." Karp blew her a kiss, not sure if she could go in to her love.
  76. [01:59] <Jar_Mimic> "You can go give her a kiss if you want."  "But come right back."
  77. [02:01] * Karpinsky rushed in to kiss Bell.
  78. [02:02] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell slowly nodded, her expression changing a little as the reality sunk in even more. Karp made her smile and playfully bite the blown kiss out of the air. “I love you, Ky-WAHmmMMmm~.” Her eyes shut as she kissed her lover back with surprising intensity, though she made sure not to disturb the ink on her torso. “...If that was our last kiss, then it was a hell of a good one,” she murmured with a silly smirk.
  79. [02:03] <Karpinsky> "That it was."
  80. [02:04] <Eprlide> Rea just watches from the doorway, giving a slow nod and a wave to the young woman. "Good luck, Bell." Is all she can say.
  81. [02:04] <DrEvilKitteh> "Now make sure to put a little extra wiggle in your hips when you walk back so I can get a nice show~."
  82. [02:11] * Karpinsky puts a lot of extra wiggle in her hips.
  83. [02:11] <DrEvilKitteh> After watching Karpinsky walk back to the stairwell with almost hungry eyes, Bell's gaze met Sam's. “...We've pretty much said all we have to one another, right?”
  84. [02:11] <DrEvilKitteh> “Yeah.” Sam slowly nodded.
  85. [02:11] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell nodded, herself, and looked at Rea next. “Keep on being a good, sweet girl, Rea. I hope I'll be around to see you get even smarter and wiser, but if not, then I have no doubts in my mind about it.” She looked at Marzipan. “Always be Best Bunny, almond brains.” Next, she focused on Natasha. “...Er. mind also hopping over here real fast? Just, uh...easier to say it like that.” She actually seemed a little embarrassed for once.
  86. [02:14] <Jar_Mimic> "Almond brains.  Yeah, good sendoff, there, chuckles," the bunny doll remarks, "See you in hell.  Of course, I really hope I'll see you standing next to me first."  As for the little girl, she shrugs her shoulders and scampers over to the prone woman, kneeling down at her side.  "Yes, Bell?"
  87. [02:15] <Eprlide> Rea slowly nods her head. "Okay. I'll keep getting smarter and smarter, and maybe one day smart enough to help out people like Natasha."
  88. [02:17] <DrEvilKitteh> {Bell beckoned to Natasha to come a little closer. “Thank you, so much, for being my friend,” she whispered to her in a voice so low that no one else could hear. “My best friend. It's meant so much to me.” Then, her eyes glinted mischievously. An instant later, she seized the front of the dollmaker's clothes and brought her down into a brief kiss. There...may have just been a /little/ bit of tongue. “But alas, my dear, it was never meant to be,” she crowed melodramatically after they parted. “Now off with ya~.” She winked sultrily at Natasha and waved her off, then settled back onto the pad with a wide, toothy grin stretching across her face.}
  89. [02:18] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell beckoned to Natasha to come a little closer. She whispered something to her, then seized the front of the dollmaker's clothes and brought her down into a brief kiss. “But alas, my dear, it was never meant to be,” she crowed melodramatically after they parted. “Now off with ya~.” She waved Natasha off and settled back onto the pad, a wide, toothy grin stretching across her face.
  90. [02:25] <Jar_Mimic> As Nat wobbles up to her feet, she also can help but become teary eyed.  "Thank you, Bell.  I hate to use a quote for this, but I couldn't think of anything better.  You have been, and always will be my friend.  If we don't make it through together...  I'll see you later."  Leaving her, then, with a simple bow, she resolutely turns and heads back to the stairwell.  "Alright!" she practically shouts, her brow lowering with determination,
  91. [02:25] <Jar_Mimic> "We're beginning the procedure!  Everyone, make absolutely certain you stay behind the black line."  After stepping safely across it herself, she sits down at her books along with Marzipan.
  92. [02:26] <Jar_Mimic> (And here comes the horror.)
  93. [02:27] <Eprlide> Rea double checks she is in a safe place, then backs herself further to be near Sam. "...Hi." She comments, a little more than tired. "Do you want a hug?"
  94. [02:32] <DrEvilKitteh> “Nice way to foreshadow my demise, Nat,” Bell murmured. “...Or would it be yours, since it was Spock who said that...” She frowned and thought it over.
  95. [02:32] <DrEvilKitteh> “Hey.” Sam held out his arms to the loli drider girl. "You know I'd never object to that, Rea."
  96. [02:35] <Eprlide> Rea nods and brings Sam into an embrace. "This... this is different." She talks with a shaky voice. "I've been in danger myself, when it threatened the life of my parents... but when I can only hope someone survives something, it's so, so different..."
  97. [02:39] <DrEvilKitteh> "I know. It sucks, majorly." He gently rubbed her back. "...Do be sure to give Ky plenty of hugs, too," Sam added, even though said Stone girl's player was inactive, because it's an IC thing for him to say. "It's the hardest for her."
  98. [02:41] <Eprlide> "M'kay. I will." Rea nods in the hug. "I didn't get to know Bell that well since I mostly spent time with Natasha, so I only hope that her friend that she's been working so hard to save comes out fine... and for being your twin as well."
  99. [02:46] <Jar_Libby> With the books and notebooks already open to their respective pages, the doll and girl look down at them and begin to recite the incantations of their dark ritual.  This time, it's two different incantations.  Natasha's rises from her deep and throaty, striking right to the heart of whoever might hear it.  Marzi's rises from her like the voice of an old woman, screeching against the ears of its listeners.  They chant like this for
  100. [02:46] <Jar_Libby> several minutes, and, as they go on, there seems to be no end to it.  Until, at a certain point, one might notice that their chants had become similar.  As though they were harmonizing.  Their words and tones were still wildly different, yet the meanings might seem to thread and melt into eachother.  And while they continue to chant, at a certain point their individual incantations seem to be utterly different and exactly alike at the
  101. [02:46] <Jar_Libby> very same time.  It is at this point when the flames of the candles start to react.  Their flames split in half, as though cut by an object.  Some into more than halves.  Then the tips of these smaller flames start to point in directions further and further away from the cieling.  When it looks as though each flame is pointing perpendicular to its candle, they begin to change again.  They grow longer.  And longer.  And longer still until
  102. [02:46] <Jar_Libby> they've stretched to form smouldering strings of flame.  These strings form the very geometrical shapes that the candles marked the points of.  It is from these strings that Bell is finally acted upon.  As they break free of the wicks holding them down, a black trail of mist rises from the prism and the rod, appearing much like the miasma that once filled the room.  These trails bend and arch in the air, as though they have a will of
  103. [02:46] <Jar_Libby> their own.  In fact, the will controlling them was still the chanting girl and her doll.  But those wisps of black crawl through the air until they tickle at the circle drawn on Bell's chest.  And as they do, the strings of flame find their own way to that spot, each of the more than dozen present pressing onto it in a different way.
  104. [02:46] <Jar_Libby> (More comin')
  105. [02:47] <Jar_Libby> Then, all at once, those things all slip inside.  The mist and strings are pulled into Bell's chest as though she were sucking them in.
  106. [02:48] <Jar_Libby> After that, the room is quiet.
  107. [02:48] <Jar_Libby> Until Natasha falls forward onto her books, her skin having become purple and webbed with veins.
  108. [02:49] <Jar_Libby> Marzipan falls as well, though her fate is less gross.  She explodes into a large ball of cotton.
  109. [02:58] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell kept remarkably still despite the pain, eyes squeezed shut and hands balled into fists at her side. Her entire body shook, and she arched her back as the mist and fire entered her body. Dimly, she was surprised at how her gritted teeth teeth weren't actually grinding loud enough to be fully audible to the others. Once it was done and silence fell, she slumped back to the mat, her entire body going limp as unconsciousness swallowed her.
  110. [02:58] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Does that usually happen?” Sam quietly asked of Rosemary. His eyes were wide and wary.
  111. [03:00] <Jar_Libby> And if Rose had eyes, they'd be wide.  "I have never seen mother do this on a person before."  Her hands shake.  Was this how she was created?
  112. [03:00] <Eprlide> Rea was just speechless, standing by Sam not knowing what she could do. A small test of mental knowledge reveals only the barebones of information. "Bell is unconcious. Natasha... I'm not too sure."
  113. [03:03] <DrEvilKitteh> "So, have no idea if anything went wrong, or if it's all just hunky dory and a normal walk in the park?" Sam swallowed and put a gentle hand on Rose's shoulder, which would hopefully help her calm down a bit.
  114. [03:04] <Jar_Libby> Natasha is not breathing.  Marzipan isn't really there anymore.
  115. [03:04] <Eprlide> Rea looks again into the state of mind of Natasha.
  116. [03:05] <Jar_Libby> No activity.  She definitely isn't asleep.  Or awake.
  117. [03:06] <Jar_Libby> "I do not watch them do these things!  But now I wish that I did!  Mother!  Other mother!"  The sheep doll kneels by the two.  "Someone do something!  Go get someone to heal them, please!"
  118. [03:08] <DrEvilKitteh> (Scene Paused for now.)
  122. [20:48] <DrEvilKitteh> (Seizing this room for more Ritual Procedure stuff.)
  123. [20:48] <DrEvilKitteh> (Karp, you wanna go first since you haven't had a chance to post after you left last time?)
  124. [20:51] * Karpinsky rushes to the unconscious Bell. "Yeah, a healer sounds useful right now.”
  125. [20:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell is unconscious, limp, barely breathing.
  126. [20:54] <DrEvilKitteh> "Uh, right...right..." Sam blinked as he looked over Natasha. "I'll try going up to grab someone who can heal. There should be someone in this building..." He turned and started to quickly ascend the stairs.
  127. [20:54] <Eprlide> "Oh, gosh!" Rea freezes in place and tries to think. "S-Sam, the only healers I know are the twin angels. I know you don't like them but will that be fine?" She yells at Sam as he leaves.
  128. [20:55] <Jar_Mimic> "The birdies can!  Bring them!  Or knight lady!" Rosemary shouts up after him, her voice squeaking with raw emotion.  She continues hugging the body of her mother close.
  129. [20:56] <DrEvilKitteh> "I don't have much of a ruddy choice in the matter, now do I?!" Sam called back over his shoulder before he hurried out of the stairwell.
  130. [21:00] <Eprlide> The drider nods, closing her eyes and looking for the minds of the twin angels, hoping that they are in the ladder.
  131. [21:01] <SkinnyNecro> She finds them, upstairs in their home on 5th floor. Past the entrance way with the coat racks and shoes, inside the living room is where the pair are.
  132. [21:03] <Eprlide> A quick message is sent to their minds. <Please come to the basement! Natasha needs healing!>
  133. [21:05] <SkinnyNecro> No response is sent but the little snoop will feel that the two are in motion.
  134. [21:06] <DrEvilKitteh> (The penthouse has a door, right?)
  135. [21:06] <Eprlide> A small nod from Rea as she runs over to Rosemary. "They're on their way!" She tells the doll.
  136. [21:08] <SkinnyNecro> [yes it does]
  137. [21:08] <DrEvilKitteh> "Motherfucker, where the...they have a fifth floor, now? Bloody hell. Must be where they are, now..." Sam raced up the stairs to the door and pounded his fist on it. "Oi, featherbrains! Basement, ASAP! Assuming you're in there..." he added in a mutter.
  138. [21:09] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, please, please, please, let them get down soon," the sheep doll replies, patting the ball of exploded fluff that used to be one of her mothers, "I once read that not breathing for long enough can cause irrepairable damage.  And I can not give CPR!"
  139. [21:11] <Eprlide> "I could, but I dunno how to..." Rea comments, before realizing something and sending a message to Sam. <Hey, how do I do CPR?>
  140. [21:13] <SkinnyNecro> Even as his hand strikes it the door Sam is pounding gives way. Someone's opening it and it's no surprise who. The pair are dressed in their revealing armor and step around him quickly. "Going." One tells him in a rush. It's true, they hustle down the stairs by jumping railings. It's dangerous for a normal person but probably fun.
  141. [21:14] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam just nodded and rushed after them, his descent down the stairs aided by his gravity magic. As for Rea, iInstead of giving a long-winded "verbal" explanation, Sam brought to mind a flash of instructions and memories on the matter, some of them from when he'd had to perform CPR in actual emergencies.
  142. [21:17] <Eprlide> Rea pauses as she sees the instructions going through her head. "Okay, stay back a bit, Rose." She softly pushes the doll away so she can lay Natasha on her back and open her mouth. Then with a big breath inwards she presses her mouth to Natasha's and pushes her air into her, then goes to pressing her chest to stimulate breathing.
  143. [21:21] <Jar_Mimic> Naturally, Rose backs right off, watching them intently.  She'd look worried if she could.  As it stands, all she does is shake nervously.
  144. [21:22] <Jar_Mimic> As for trying to revive Nat, when Rea leans in to listen to her breath, there's still none.  No success on the first try.
  145. [21:22] <SkinnyNecro> When their feet hit the basement floor, the angels already know where to go. The ritual room. The markings are no surprise, these they've seen before, but Rea performing CPR is a bit strange. Disregarding it for now, the pair race over and skid to a halt near their once most treasured love. Crouching, they practically shove Rea out of the way.
  146. [21:23] <Eprlide> "Oh, you're here!" Rea immediately backs off as the angels rush to her aid. "I'm gonna go check on Bell while you take care of her." She walks over to the young woman to see how she is doing.
  147. [21:26] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell is still the same. Presumably cradled in Karpinsky's arms, the female trickster is utterly limp and evidently comatose with minimal brain activity.
  148. [21:30] <Eprlide> "...I don't think I can do anything about this right now..." Rea murmurs softly as she looks over Bell's limp body.
  149. [21:30] <SkinnyNecro> The angels each lift one hand high into the air. Those raised palms shine with a justice that tells them to heal this tiny woman! Bringing them down quickly, the energy diffuses into the little female body. "Don't die." They pair order her in unison.
  150. [21:33] <Jar_Mimic> And she does obey that order.  After two pulses of healing from the twin angels, some of the discoloration and veins receed from her body.  Vital areas like the neck, around the mouth, the eyes.  These all seem to clear up.  And her hands clear up down to the finger tips.  Her breath returns.  But she remains out like a light.
  151. [21:35] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Well." Sam gently patted Rosemary on the shoulder. "That's one issue solved. Probably..."
  152. [21:35] <Eprlide> Rea took a listen into Natasha's mind as she was healed, seeing if she was unconcious or awake.
  153. [21:37] <Jar_Mimic> She's still on the dark side of consciousness.  Clearly, whatever Morgana and Aurora did, it wasn't enough.
  154. [21:38] <Eprlide> "She looks better, but is completely out cold." Rea tells the twin angels. "I'm not sure how much more you want to do."
  155. [21:39] <SkinnyNecro> Though their task is unfinished, the angels feel a flood of relief. They scoop her up into their arms and hold her tightly between them. Each set of four lustrous wings, each halo, shimmers and glows brighter and brighter as s second wave builds up. "Brave selfish fool." "You never think about others, or the risk to yourself, just do whatever you want." The chide her as the magic flows through her body like a cleansing wave from the top
  156. [21:39] <SkinnyNecro> of her skulls to the tips of her toes.
  157. [21:43] <Jar_Mimic> Well!  The miracles of healing magic do as they do, and the last of the discoloration fades from the little girl's body parts.  Though still drained of every measurable power she might conceivably have, she manages to stir into consciousness, her eyes opening up about half way.  Naturally, Rose sits besides, still shaking with fear and anticipation.
  158. [21:44] <Eprlide> And her brain activity, which Rea still look at?
  159. [21:45] <Jar_Mimic> It's as though she just woke up in the morning after a poor night's sleep.  With someone on top of her that she doesn't remember falling asleep with.
  160. [21:46] <Eprlide> "Natasha!" Rea immediately runs back to the twin angels, detransforming into her little girl form so she can be beside them and not take up space.
  161. [21:47] <SkinnyNecro> The angels give Natasha little cheeks kisses that contain the last of their mana. They nuzzle her neck fondly. Seeing Rea, the pair reach out and pull the second loli into the softness that is the angel twins' bosoms.
  162. [21:49] <Jar_Mimic> "Heeeey," she says weakly, looking over and then up and then whichever direction she thinks might give her a good look at Bell.  When all she sees is girl flesh, she's forced to ask a weary, tired question.  "How's Bell?"
  163. [21:49] <DrEvilKitteh> "Unconscious, not moving," Sam answered from a few meters away. "But not dead, so...that's something."
  164. [21:51] <Eprlide> "Hey... Um, she's not awake." Rea replies with a relieved voice, feeling a tear go down her face. "I think it's something that might take a while to show results?" She slowly wraps her love in a hug. “Thank you Morgana, Aurora..."
  165. [21:52] <Jar_Mimic> "Let me see," she groans out, struggling to free herself from whatever and whoever might be holding her.  Then, with a little more energy, she repeats the demand.  "Let me see!"
  166. [21:52] <SkinnyNecro> The mock angels let go and step away. In silence they go over to sit beside Rosemary.
  167. [21:53] <Eprlide> "I got you..." Rea in their steed picks up the small girl and carries her over to Bell, resting her down near the unconcious woman.
  168. [21:54] <Jar_Mimic> "Thank you, birdies," the sheep doll says, sighing without breath, "I was not worried once you got here.  Maybe I was a little worried, but not much."
  169. [21:57] <Jar_Mimic> As for Natasha, she doesn't even have to get all the way over to Bell before she realizes that something isn't right.  "No.  The ceremony isn't finished," she whispers, her eyes going wide.  Her next words are not whispered.  "Let me down.  Let me down!  I have to keep going!  There's still more to do!  Everyone, get out of the circles!  You'll interfere!  LET ME DOWN!"
  170. [21:57] <SkinnyNecro> "It's alright. We were worried too." The pair each put an armoaround the nice sheep doll girl thing.
  171. [21:59] <SkinnyNecro> Two sets of sapphire eyes widen in alarm. The pair of pairs scan the room.. "You can't do it without Marzipan, Natasha!" The angels rise to their feet again but stay back.
  172. [21:59] <DrEvilKitteh> (Scene paused 'til Karp gets back on later. Hopefully. Otherwise we will continue on Thursday.)
  173. [21:59] <Eprlide> (k)
  174. [21:59] <SkinnyNecro> k
  175. [22:01] <Jar_Mimic> (WILL Bell survive the operation?)
  176. [22:01] <Jar_Mimic> (WILL Natasha ever not almost kill herself?)
  177. [22:01] <SkinnyNecro> [no.]
  178. [22:01] <Kajiya> (Better question is if she will end up killing herself~)
  179. [22:01] <Jar_Mimic> (WILL Rose ever do anything useful?)
  180. [22:01] <Jar_Mimic> (FIND OUT on the next episode of...)
  181. [22:02] <Jar_Mimic> (Whatever the hell it is we're doing.)
  182. [22:02] <SkinnyNecro> [curious, why thursday and not tomorow?]
  183. [22:02] <DrEvilKitteh> (Because Epr's workdays.)
  184. [22:02] <Kajiya> (I dunno. Both why it'll take that long as well as what the show is called)
  185. [22:03] <Eprlide> (if it makes it easier for you then Nat can just yell at Rea to stay out of this)\
  186. [22:03] <DrEvilKitteh> (Epr's working Tues. and Wed., but has Thursday and Friday off. So...yeah.)
  187. [22:03] <Eprlide> (And go back to her room)\
  188. [22:05] <Jar_Mimic> (Nah.  I like it when everyone's around.)
  189. [22:05] <DrEvilKitteh> (>Nat)
  190. [22:05] <DrEvilKitteh> (>Yelling at Rea)
  191. [22:07] <SkinnyNecro> good point
  194. [00:33] <DrEvilKitteh> (Assuming Direct Control of this room for continuation 'n shiz. Logs are here: )
  195. [00:34] <DrEvilKitteh> (Aside from Nat, Rea and Karp are still in the circles, so they should respond next. And Karp should just respond in general since he missed a lot of stuff last time.)
  196. [00:36] * Karpinsky sets Bell back down with a kiss and rushes to leave the circle. "You can fix this, right?"
  197. [00:37] <Eprlide> "Ag-woah!" Rea almost drops the poor girl but manages to let her down softly. "Hey! You shouldn't try to push yourself! I don't know how much more healing we can give you!" She seems more worried for the safety of her love, of course.
  198. [00:41] <Jar_Mimic> "I...  I can.  I can!"  Straining her shaking muscles, Nat uncertainly rises to her feet and begins stumbling back to her work space.  "I'll be, hah, be fine.  I'll be fine!  Please, go back into the stairwell.  There's just one last thing I have to do."  Though she shuffles at all speed, there's plenty of time for everyone else to vacate before she arrives.
  199. [00:42] <DrEvilKitteh> "Rea, come on!" Sam beckoned to her, urging the loli drider to return to the stairwell. His gaze, focused on Natasha, was uncertain, however.
  200. [00:45] <Eprlide> The drider sighs. "Be safe, but I am not gonna let you hurt yourself more!" Rea finally leaves the circle, leaving the two alone in it.
  201. [00:50] <Jar_Mimic> No one but Natasha has much choice in that matter, unfortunately for the people who might care about her wellbeing.  Once she's shambled back to her spot by everyone else, she falls to her knees, putting forth effor to keep herself upright.  Her body then begins to glow with an aura as she silently recharges her mana.  All of it.  Because all of it is what she spent.  After the aura fades, she takes the time to breathe and rest
  202. [00:50] <Jar_Mimic> before continuing her work.  That short break is ended when she puts a hand on Marzipan's remains.  "We're not done."  With that, the materials reconstitute into the bunny doll.  "We're not done, are we?"  "No."
  203. [00:52] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam stepped a bit closer to Karpinsky and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder that gently squeezed a single time.
  204. [00:52] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell was, predictably, still very much unconscious. Not even so much as a twitch after being kissed by her lover.
  205. [00:57] <Angels> [oh shit, i forgot i was part of this. sorry. should i go?]
  206. [00:57] <DrEvilKitteh> (Doesn't really matter either way.)
  207. [00:59] <Eprlide> The drider stands by Karpinsky and Sam, patiently waiting for the conclusion.
  208. [01:00] <Angels> The angelic twins simply curl up to make themselves small and sit with knees drawn up to their chests.
  209. [01:05] <Jar_Mimic> Keeping with what they were doing before, Marzipan begins to chant and rub her mitten-hands together, though her energy is much lower than before.  While she gets the words out, they come out with effort.  This is a different chant.  It causes the arcane designs on the floor, walls, and cieling to begin glowing white from their edges.  As for Natasha, she retrieves something else from her backpack.  Three things, really.  One is a
  210. [01:05] <Jar_Mimic> shimmering, blue stone.  The others are a mortar and pestle.  Quickly as her shaking hands allow, she places the stone in the mortar and begins to grind it down with the pestle.  And the faster Marzi's chants go, Nat's stone begins to glow a little brighter.  When the stone is finally dust, it's begun to glow brightly.  Finally!  The bunny doll's incantations begin to grow louder.  They grow louder and louder until they're almost
  211. [01:05] <Jar_Mimic> deafening.  And the dust of the stone begins glowing brightly when the little girl pours the dust into her hand.  After letting out a couple little chants of her own, she blows into the dust, scattering it into the air, where it forms into a glowing cloud.  That cloud then blows toward Bell, the arcane circles of the room dissolving as it gets closer.  When it hovers above her, it begins to spiral down into the marking on her
  212. [01:05] <Jar_Mimic> chest, where it sucks into her body just as those other magical elements did.  As it filters inside, the circles get fainter and fainter until there's nothing of them left.  Not a trace.  At last.  When the whole of the cloud is inside of her body, the circle written upon her vanishes as well.
  213. [01:06] <Jar_Mimic> This time, Natasha doesn't fall over.  Her skin doesn't become totally discolored.  Not totally.  And she does remain composed enough to say one word.  "Rea..."
  214. [01:06] <Jar_Mimic> Marzipan is the one to fall onto her face this time.
  215. [01:10] <Eprlide> The drider in question is frozen in hesitation. <Can... Can I come in?> She asks the girl, mentally.
  216. [01:11] <DrEvilKitteh> "Is it done?" Sam tentatively muttered.
  217. [01:12] <Jar_Mimic> <help>
  218. [01:12] <Angels> Seeing the little girl's failure to act, the angels jump up. Eyes tight, they scoop up the little rabbit doll. One lays a pair of fingers on Nat's neck, checking her pulse and sending a small amount of healing energy into it.
  219. [01:13] <Eprlide> "I think we're good!" The drider states out loud as she goes over to the still conscious Natasha and caressing her head. "I'm here, Natasha. I'm here now."
  220. [01:17] <Jar_Mimic> Once the pulse of healing energy washes over Nat's body, both her and Marzi stir again into activity.  The little girl leans into the other little girl holding her, while the bunny doll leans back into her more mature companions.  "It's over."  "Haa.  It's done."  "Bell...  Should be waking up."  "We did the best we could."  The discoloration in the Magical Girl's skin is still slowly fading away.
  221. [01:17] <DrEvilKitteh> A soft, pained hybrid of a moan and sigh escaped Bell's mouth after a few moments, as if on cue. Her expression had become one of relief, which, via contrast, showed how it had previously been tense and twisted up just a little. She didn't consciously move, but her brain activity was returning to normal, and she was taking deeper breaths.
  222. [01:19] <Eprlide> Rea takes a note of Bell's current brainstate and nods. "Yes, she seems better now. She looks like she's sleeping." The drider smiles as she kisses the cheek of Natasha. "Good job!"
  223. [01:20] * Angels sit quietly with their soft rabbit.
  224. [01:21] * Karpinsky rushes in to hug Bell. "Thank you so much."
  225. [01:24] <Jar_Mimic> Natasha is forced to laugh.  "Haa.  Haha.  We won't know, ngha, until she wakes up.  But thank you, Rea.  Sorry if I scared you."  And Marzipan just relaxes with her soft angels.  "Aah.  The perfect thing after such hard work."
  226. [01:26] <Eprlide> Rea nods at Natasha and softly nuzzles her. "Think you could use some rest for now? Or do you think Bell might be waking up soon?"
  227. [01:26] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell mumbled in her sleep, eyes flicking beneath her eyelids. She didn't much move, otherwise, but that could change soon. Maybe.
  228. [01:26] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam sighed and gently patted his own chest to calm his heartrate.
  229. [01:28] <Jar_Mimic> "I need rest either way," she barely squeaks out, "I barely have the strength left to move."
  230. [01:30] <DrEvilKitteh> {To Natasha's Third Eye, as a whole, Bell looked /much/ better. The fractures and cracks in her soul, all jumbled together, grinding against one another, and threatening to shatter, had been smoothed over and filled. Unfortunately, they were still visible if she looked closely; not as proper fractures, but more like ditches that had been mostly filled in and still had slight indents left over that indicated where said ditches had been previously. It...seemed fairly good, all things considered. For now. Bell's mind and personality, on the other hand, had yet to be properly seen.}
  231. [01:30] <Eprlide> "Okay. Should I bring you up to our room?" Rea asks softly. "You can switch to telepathy if you don't want to talk."
  232. [01:32] <Jar_Mimic> <Just let me catch my breath,> her mind whispers, <I want to see if Bell at least wakes up.>
  233. [01:32] <DrEvilKitteh> {But...what was that? Near the center of Bell's being. Something It just...didn't sit /right/ with Nat, for some reason. What was it, and why...?}
  234. [01:32] <DrEvilKitteh> {Perhaps looking closer might yield more answers...}
  235. [01:34] <Eprlide> <Gotcha.> The drider nods again as she kisses the forehead of the small girl and holds her in her arms, cradling her softly.
  236. [01:34] <Jar_Mimic> "Wait," the little girl manages to mutter, "Carry me closer.  It's safe now."  The eye in her forehead flares.
  237. [01:35] <Jar_Mimic> {(I had things like stitches in mind rather than ditches.)}
  238. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> {(AH)}
  239. [01:35] <DrEvilKitteh> {(Well, sometimes my mind blanks.)}
  240. [01:37] <Jar_Mimic> {(Firey threads to tie down a firey, willful soul!  And then the soothing presence of a cold stone to cool that thread into melding into the soulstuff around it.)}
  241. [01:37] <DrEvilKitteh> {(Well, ya could've gone with that analogy earlier, y'know.)}
  242. [01:39] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell's eyelids fluttered. Her fingers twitched. She seemed to be coming back to consciousness.
  243. [01:40] <Eprlide> "Just don't squirm like last time." Rea comments as she carries her over to the awakening woman, swaying Natasha in her hold as she walks over as if coaxing a baby to sleep.
  244. [01:42] <Karpinsky> "Bell!" Karp squeezed the girl tight.
  245. [01:43] <Jar_Mimic> All three of her eyes seem to droop from Rea's gentle treatment, but the little girl's will keeps her alert.  Her Third Eye, at least, goes wide, trying to peer into Bell's new inner being.
  246. [01:53] <DrEvilKitteh> {It was a little difficult to see past Karpinsky's tight hold on Bell, but in a few moments, Natasha located the source of what was /wrong/. A niggling, vibrating, the center of the Trickster Twin's soul. was a weak point. A fracture, a place where the structural integrity of Bell's soul was compromised. And then, a few moments later, Natasha figured out what had happened. The ritual, while obviously imperfect, had...gone wrong after all. Just a little, just in that one tiny spot. It had spread out the components constituting Bell's soul, sewn them up, melded them back together. But something had gone wrong, a mistake or error had been made, or...perhaps it was just bad luck. While the rest of Bell's soul was, indeed, more or less instact and mostly stable, the very center had had been..."thinned". It was spread out too much, making it extremely fragile. And now, instead of the entirety of Bell's soul comfortably bearing the stress of its disparate parts, all of that strain was being focused right at the epicenter. And if--no, /when/--it failed and broke, degenerated, it would unravel the seams holding the rest of Bell together.}
  247. [01:53] <DrEvilKitteh> {In short, Bell is doomed 'cuz shit done got fucked up.}
  248. [01:54] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell stirred slightly, eyes barely cracking open as they fluttered rapidly. She moaned softly but hoarsely, like her throat was parched. After a time, she mumbled again. "...Is...that...?"
  249. [01:57] <Jar_Mimic> "N-noooo," Natasha moans out, all three of her eyes falling, "No.  Noooo.  I tried my best.  I tried.  I...  Tried..."  And as her words got weaker and weaker, eventually they stopped completely until the little girl had fallen again into unconsciousness.
  250. [01:58] <Angels> "Rabbit." Morgana begins softly. "What can you tell us?" Aurora finishes in the same quiet voice.
  251. [02:00] <Eprlide> "Shh...." The drider whispers to the sleeping girl. "It's time for you to rest, now. You've done all you can."
  252. [02:02] <Jar_Mimic> Tears fall from the little girl's eyes as she lays asleep in Rea's arms.
  253. [02:04] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam slowly walked into the basement proper and over to the mat Bell was on, with Karp and Rea and Natasha near. " go wrong, or...?" He paused a few meters away and watched Karpinsky and Bell with worry in his eyes.
  254. [02:05] <Karpinsky> "I don't know." Karp kissed Bell on the cheek.
  255. [02:07] <DrEvilKitteh> The ghost of a smile formed on Bell's face after the kiss was delivered, and she closed her eyes and weakly leaned into Karp's embrace.
  256. [02:07] <Jar_Mimic> "What can I tell you about the ritual?" she asks, perking up, "Well, ah, it's um, complicated, but, uh, here goes.  What we tried to do came in several parts.  First, we had to try and meld Sam's soul piece into the rest of the whole, as the entropy of her chaotic soul was letting it go.  That's what all that fire was for.  To make threads to stitch it back into place.  Of course, you can't have fire inside your soul.  That's what
  257. [02:07] <Jar_Mimic> the stone thing was for.  To put it out after everything was sewn up.  Then we added a second charge from the chaotic energy of the Trick Mirror, which we replicated in that prism, which we call the Trick Prism.  It has a similar kind of energy, but none of the malevolent will of the trick mirror.  The second charge dials back the effect to a certain point, reversing the entropy as well.  Then there was the Rod of Gender Changing.  
  258. [02:08] <Jar_Mimic> An extra charge from that lowers the energy usage of Bell's abilities, allowing her life force to flow more efficiently in her body as a whole.  Not too shabby of a ritual, if you ask me.  Of course, that's just the lay version.  It would take me days to explain the ceremony in depth."
  259. [02:11] <Angels> The angels pet the hard working bunny's ears with all due gentleness. "Just like a doll maker to stitch a person together." Aurora remarks sadly.
  260. [02:13] <Eprlide> Rea looks over to the doll. "Is it okay if I bring Natasha to our room? I think she really needs to rest."
  261. [02:16] <Jar_Mimic> "If mother needs rest," Rosemary says, stepping over to the disguised drider, "Then we should take her to rest."  Marzi, hearing her daughter speak up, just sort of shrugs.  "Yeah, pretty much what she said.  I can keep an eye on Bell.  Take her up."
  262. [02:18] <Eprlide> "Okay! Good luck!" She gives a small wave with a hand to the group before picking up Natasha and heading out of the basement.
  263. [02:18] <Karpinsky> "So did it work?"
  264. [02:19] <Jar_Mimic> "Wait, wait," Rose interrupts, putting a hand on Rea's shoulder, "I will carry her up.  You do not need to be taken away from here.  Please, give her to me.  I will make sure she gets into bed."
  265. [02:21] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell moaned again, and this time it sounded pained.
  266. [02:21] <DrEvilKitteh> {Bell finally opened her eyes slightly to look up at Karp.}
  267. [02:21] <DrEvilKitteh> {...Red. Bell's eyes were red, like the blood vessels in them had burst. Her veins rose to the surface of her skin and began to throb violently. She winced and moaned again, this time in pain.}
  268. [02:23] <Eprlide> "I can come back." Rea states. "I just want to see her being put in bed."
  269. [02:26] <Jar_Mimic> "Fine," the sheep doll says, going back to sit in the corner.
  270. [02:27] <Eprlide> With permission now Rea heads up on back out of the basement and up the stairs. It will take a few minutes for her to return
  271. [02:29] <Karpinsky> "Shit." Karp looks at Bell. "This is not good."
  272. [02:30] <Angels> Aurora, the angel without a rabbit leaning into her bust, scoots over to sit beside a certain kind hearted lamb. "Hey, come sit with the birdies and your kind hearted mom."
  273. [02:35] <Jar_Mimic> "Okay," Rosemary pouts, following that angel back over toward the other.  Once there, she sits beside Morgana, looking over toward Marzipan.  "Mother, did you hear that?  I do not think Bell is doing okay."  "What?" the bunny doll replies, looking up over her angel's shoulder, "Oh!  Uh, Rose, come with me.  Bring the notebook on the middle left, and a marker."  "Y-yes, mother!"
  274. [02:36] <DrEvilKitteh> "...What?" Sam stepped closer and knelt next to the mat. He was about to say something more, but upon seeing Bell properly up close, his jaw snapped shut. "...Dammit." He looked back over his shoulder at the angels and mutely beckoned them closer. "I think your magic is needed again."
  275. [02:43] * Angels are already standing, rising up to carry Marzipan where she wills. Morgana holds the bunny, her seated on the angels arm like a bench. Aurora stretches as she approaches Bell. Saying nothing, she crouches beside the mostly nude trickster. One hand descends palm down to rest on her forehead. A faint pulse of magic courses through her body and returns, carrying information of her troubles.
  276. [02:45] <DrEvilKitteh> Whenever someone else approached and looked upon Bell, they would see the same thing that Karpinsky and Sam did. Burst blood vessels in the eyes that resulted in the scleras turning mostly red, and veins that had risen to the surface of the skin and were throbbing violently, painfully. Bell's face was screwed up in pain, and slight shudders ran through her body. As for Aurora, she would sense that Bell's body was breaking down, faltering and failing.
  277. [02:45] <Eprlide> It's at this point that the drider makes her return, looking upon the scene with a frown. "Uh, is something not good here?" She asks as she enters, looking at everyone surrounding Bell.
  278. [02:48] <Jar_Mimic> Hopping off of her angel's shoulder and over to Bell's side, the bunny doll...  Really doesn't do anything.  "Noooo," she moans out in a mirror of her wielder, "No.  Noooo.  I tried my best.  Damn it, I tried.  Bell!  Bell, oh, god, I'm sorry, Bell!  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry!  I'm so sorry!"
  279. [02:51] <Eprlide> (Pause?)
  280. [02:51] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam looked over his shoulder at Rea and shook his head, then gestured at Marzipan and Bell's current state.
  281. [02:51] <DrEvilKitteh> (Soon, yeah. If Necro wants to get another post in, then that would be nice.)
  282. [02:55] <Angels> She knows it won't work but that doesn't mean the attempt shouldn't be made. Aurora places her other hand one Bell's throat with no pressure. Eyes closing, the angel does something she's done too many times before; attempt to bring back the nearly, the dying. Her form shimmers in dazzling light than soon hurts to look upon. All the tiny, bright motes about her gather around her hands. They shuffle and dance a moment. Only a moment for
  283. [02:55] <Angels> after that they end. Forced into the body of Bell, they disappear, burning themselves out to restore to whole, to undo damage done and right these pieces that make up this person who is falling apart.
  284. [02:59] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell gasped and choked as she took a deep breath. The damage had been mostly reversed, but it was of course still ongoing. Yet, the healing had slowed it--for now. The Trickster Twin yet had some time left to her before everything went completely south. Again, that is.
  285. [02:59] <Jar_Mimic> (Tune in next time on BEING MEGUCA IS SUFFERING to find out what happens next!)
  288. [00:07] <DrEvilKitteh> (Claiming this room for the continuation of Bell Stuff.)
  289. [00:08] <DrEvilKitteh> (Jar, how long do you think it would take for Nat to come about and properly remain awake and aware?)
  290. [00:10] <Jar_Mimic> (As long as it takes someone to wake her up again.)
  291. [00:11] <DrEvilKitteh> (Hmm. But that also begs the question of how long people might wait to do that.)
  292. [00:11] <SkinnyNecro> [a while, probably hours...]
  293. [00:12] <Jar_Mimic> (Well, we could open it up with someone rushing up to fetch her again, to get her to look at Bell.)
  294. [00:13] <DrEvilKitteh> (2-3 hours sound good to people?)
  295. [00:14] <Eprlide> (Sure)
  296. [00:14] <Karpinsky> (Sure)
  297. [00:14] <Jar_Mimic> (Sounds good.)
  298. [00:15] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alrighty then, I'll start on the opening.)
  299. [00:16] <SkinnyNecro> [i'd suggest that sam take Bell upstairs to the lounge or a proper bed.]
  300. [00:17] <DrEvilKitteh> (Lounge would be on the first floor, right?)
  301. [00:17] <SkinnyNecro> Yes
  302. [00:17] <SkinnyNecro> [it's even got a red Coke fridge.]
  303. [00:25] <DrEvilKitteh> Though the healing magic of the angels noticeably helped stem the degradation of Bell's body, it was only a stopgap measure. The Trickster Twin herself had become unresponsive, though she was obviously awake, conscious, and aware of things around herself; she merely curled up and looked off into space with glassy eyes. Not even Karpinsky had been able to draw her attention for more than a moment.
  304. [00:25] <DrEvilKitteh> As remaining in the basement wasn't something that particularly appealed to many, those that had been down in said basement had brought Bell upstairs to the lounge and one of the comfy couches there. (I'm assuming there are comfy couches in the lounge. I mean, it's a /lounge/.)  And, once a couple of hours had passed--during which Sam had made several short phone calls to “someone who might be able to help”, though he'd sworn viciously several times during a couple arguments with said someone--it was determined that Natasha had likely gotten the bare minimum amount of rest required. So, Rea was sent up to try waking and retrieving the dollmaker from her apartment.
  305. [00:26] <DrEvilKitteh> (Gah. There we go. That work out for all y'all?)
  306. [00:27] <Jar_Mimic> (Yep!)
  307. [00:28] <SkinnyNecro> [u are accurate about couches, yes]
  308. [00:29] <SkinnyNecro> The twins sit meekly off to the side in a little loveseat.
  309. [00:30] <Eprlide> The Oni goes back to the bed that she and her love sometimes share, softly patting her head. "Hey... are you awake?" She asks the little girl softly.
  310. [00:30] <DrEvilKitteh> (I think you mixed up Rea and Katsumi thar, Epr.)
  311. [00:32] <SkinnyNecro> [yep. just the wrong three letters.]
  312. [00:36] <Jar_Mimic> (Oh, snap, no correction, then?  Alright.)
  313. [00:36] <Eprlide> (whoops)
  314. [00:36] <Eprlide> (Yep, Rea instead)
  315. [00:37] <Jar_Mimic> Hearing that voice which has so often lulled her into sleep or stirred her into a fervor, Natasha wakes up to the sight of Rea at her side.  All three of her eyes open while a smile is on her face.  That smile quickly goes away, and her eyes shoot open.  "Bell!" she practically shouts, shooting up in bed, "Where is she?  I have to see her immediately!"
  316. [00:41] <Eprlide> "She's downstairs!" Rea comments as she steps out of the way, "Bell is concious but isn't really doing anything. It's kind of scary..."
  317. [00:42] <Eprlide> "In the lobby, too. We moved her after she wouldn't do anything for a while. It's been about three hours since you've passed out.."
  318. [00:43] <Jar_Mimic> "Rea, could you phase us down there right now?  Th-there may still be time."  She runs a hand through her own hair, grabbing a hank of it.  "I m-might still be able to save her."
  319. [00:44] <Eprlide> "I can't phase through things with living things, remember? I'd crush you!" Rea reminds her as her web tentacles sprout out. "But I can carry you there quickly."
  320. [00:47] <Jar_Mimic> "Yes, quickly, please.  It'll give me a chance to collect myself.  Thank you for being here, Rea.  I don't know what I'd do without you."
  321. [00:48] <Eprlide> "Think of it as a repayment for you helping me!" Rea comments with a smile before wrapping Natasha nice and tight up in silk and running out of the room and down the stairs as fast as she can. Once she gets to the lobby the drider is clearly out of breath. "I, ha, ha, have Natasha!"
  322. [00:48] <Eprlide> She presents the doll maker by setting her on her feet and undoing the silk around her.
  323. [00:49] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam, on the phone again and standing some distance away from the couch that Bell was on, looked over and nodded. He half-turned away and continued talking in unhappy mutters with the person on the other end.
  324. [00:49] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell is huddled on a couch, a simple shirt over her previously-bare torso, knees tucked up against her chest and arms held loosely around her legs; presumably, Karpinsky was sitting next to her and holding the Trickster Twin closely. Upon closer inspection, one could see that the most prominent veins were bulging from beneath her skin, and her eyes were bloodshot. A few streaks running from her eyes down her cheeks were colored a faint dark red, evidently blood mixed with tears that had slid across her skin. Her gaze and expression was vacant, though her eyebrows were lightly knitted.
  325. [00:55] <Jar_Mimic> Naturally, Rose is sitting in a corner, her head lowered with worry, though it couldn't be told from her face.  Being exactly as useful, Marzi stands near Bell's head, massaging her temples.  It's not much, but it's all she can think to do since her black magic has utterly failed her.  When Natasha arrives, she immediately falls to her knees at the trickster's side.  "Bell!  Oh, Bell, I'm so sorry!  I tried my best!  Please, forgive me!"
  326. [00:57] <DrEvilKitteh> {To Natasha's Third Eye, Bell looked basically the same as before. The degeneration of both her soul and body was slowed, but it was still ongoing. And tiny, hairline cracks were forming in that weak spot at the center of her being.}
  327. [01:01] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell's eyes twitched in the direction of Natasha. "...Hurts," she murmured so softly that it was almost incomprehensible, lips not even moving.
  328. [01:03] <Jar_Mimic> "I know.  I know, I know.  It must hurt terribly," the little girl replies, taking her by the hand, "Do you want me to take you to that other guy you talked about?  Maybe he can do something for you?  I'll do anything you ask me to.  Anything!"  The bunny doll pipes up as well.  "Anything, Bell.  You name it, and we'll take care of it."
  329. [01:08] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell clenched her jaw and screwed up her face in a wince. {Another hairline crack.}
  330. [01:08] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam stepped over and tapped Natasha on the shoulder. “He wants to know the situation before coming,” he said without preamble, holding his phone out to the little girl.
  331. [01:09] <Eprlide> Rea goes by to stand by Karpinsky as the other three talk. "I'm sorry I can't do anything about this." She says as a little murmur, taking a hold of one of her hands.
  332. [01:09] <Karpinsky> "It's not your fault." Karp is staring at Bell, concerned. "It's mine, for not letting him go."
  333. [01:11] <Jar_Mimic> "Her soul was successfully put back together, but is now collapsing from the inside.  Like, it's imploding," she says sternly to Sam, turning to him to give the best assessment she can of Bell's condition.
  334. [01:13] <Jar_Mimic> After stuttering out an apology for not taking the phone, claiming sleepiness as the cause of her confusion, she awkwardly takes it and repeats her observations into it, trying to sound serious despite her embarrassment.
  335. [01:15] <Eprlide> "You shouldn't let go of those you love." Rea comments as she squeezes her hand softly. "Be here for her, even if it's her last..."
  336. [01:22] <Karpinsky> "Right." Karp moves to hug Bell close.
  337. [01:30] <DrEvilKitteh> There was silence on the other end for a short time. Then, a gruff voice replied. "Right-o. Be there in a minute."
  338. [01:30] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam retrieved his phone and took a few steps away while talking to the other person. “Alright.” A pause to listen. “...Uh-huh. I see.” He furtively glanced around and stepped over to the place with the most spacious section of the immediate lounge. “Looks about good. Um...ready when you are.” He levitated the phone in the air and took several steps back.
  339. [01:30] <DrEvilKitteh> A sound like a bubble's creation, something stretching, and a thick liquid slowly oozing across a surface emanated from the phone. Something emerged through the speaker, and in a blur that lasted but a half-second, a new person was standing on the floor next to the phone.
  340. [01:30] <DrEvilKitteh> The man was tall and appeared rather rotund, and from his shock of white hair and beard, he could be described as “Santa as a Mad Scientist”. He had several utility pouches on a wide belt and bandolier, had an something that looked vaguely like a gas mask over his mouth and nose, goggles with various additional lenses of varying color and magnification attached, a big rucksack slung over a shoulder stuffed full to bursting with whatever the hell he'd put inside, big boots, and thick gloves over his massive bear paw-like hands.
  341. [01:30] <DrEvilKitteh> The newcomer clomped over to the couch--fortunately not tracking mud or dirt anywhere-- and dropped the rucksack on the floor next to it. His gas mask followed it, and he knelt beside Natasha and loomed over Bell as he examined her through his goggles. He made a single grunt and reached up to flip and change the lenses over his left eye. “Tricky. Very tricky.” As before, he sounded quite gruff, and also had a bit of a guttural tone to his voice.
  342. [01:31] <DrEvilKitteh> As for Bell, she didn't react much, if at all, to the sudden appearance of the man before her. Karp would, however, feel that she'd started leaning somewhat into her embrace. Almost like she was seeking reassurance or comfort or something.
  343. [01:35] <Karpinsky> "So what now?"
  344. [01:35] <Jar_Mimic> "How does she look?  I mean, beyond not good."  "Can you do anything for her?"
  345. [01:40] <Eprlide> The drider just stays silent, not sure what to say when the new person is now the center of attention.
  346. [01:40] <DrEvilKitteh> (Sorry, back now.)
  347. [01:45] <Karpinsky> (Gotta go soon)
  348. [01:45] <DrEvilKitteh> “I think I can,” he growled out. “Maybe. Probably.” Mad Scientist Santa wavered his hand noncommittally. “...I've been...workin' on somethin' that might help. In preparation for this exact thing goin' sideways; those two young ones told me 'bout ya and yer plan.” He indicated Bell and Sam with jerks of his chin. “With a lil' bit o' luck, it won' be too bad. Not too painful, neither.”
  349. [01:47] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, thank goodness."  "I'm glad someone around here actually has a brain in their head.  Unlike us."  Standing up only to step aside, the doll and girl bow and make room for science santa to make his examination.  "We leave her in your hands."  "Please, try and do what we failed to."
  350. [01:49] <Jar_Mimic> (Looks like we're on hold for a bit, then.)
  351. [01:50] <DrEvilKitteh> (Still continuing for now, because Karp probably wouldn't post anytime soon, anyway.)
  352. [01:53] <DrEvilKitteh> ( Damn. Actually, one last post from me before we pause.)
  353. [01:54] <Jar_Mimic> (Gotcha, man.)
  354. [01:54] <DrEvilKitteh> “Bah.” Mad Science Santa made a dismissive gesture. “Horn Girl, yer gonna have to let 'er go for now.” His eyes weren't unkind as they looked at Karpinsky, though the left appeared yellow and the right green because of the lenses over the goggles.
  355. [01:55] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright, done for the night. We shall continue and hopefully finish tomorrow.)
  356. [01:55] <Jar_Mimic> (Yay!)
  359. [21:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (Claiming for more continuation stuff.)
  360. [21:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (May pause at some point until Epr gets back, though.)
  361. [21:03] <Karpinsky> "I can't just let him go!"
  362. [21:03] <Karpinsky> "I can't just let him go!"
  363. [21:05] <DrEvilKitteh> "Er..." Mad Science Santa gestured to how Karp was embracing Bell tightly. "...'More meant that. Physically lettin' go. Otherwise you'll be affected too. And tha' wouldn't be too pretty."
  364. [21:08] <Karpinsky> "I'm not gonna let her go again." Karp kept her grip on Bell.
  365. [21:13] <DrEvilKitteh> The Santa-like sighed heavily and looked around at the others nearby, silently asking for backup on this.
  366. [21:16] <Jar_Mimic> "Karp, please," Natasha says, putting a hand on the woman in question's shoulder, "It's for the best."  "We've all said our goodbyes," Marzipan adds, hopping onto the other shoulder, "I'm sure Bell doesn't want to let you go, either."  "But now is the time.  Make your last goodbye count, Karp."  "Send Bell off with as much as you want, but then you have to let her go."
  367. [21:18] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam stepped closer, though not enough to crowd the people immediately on or around the couch. “Ky, you need to,” he said gently, after Natasha and Marzipan had spoken. “If he can't even try to help, Bell will literally die in your arms. There won't even be a chance that he could fix things, in that case.”
  368. [21:28] <Karpinsky> "Fine." Karp kissed Bell for one last time. "I'm sorry I couldn't fix this."
  369. [21:30] <DrEvilKitteh> (Continuing without Epr for the foreseeable future, btw.)
  370. [21:30] <Jar_Mimic> "I know the feeling, Karp," Nat says, patting that shoulder.  And Marzi continues, placing a mitten-hand on her head, "I know the feeling."
  371. [21:33] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell slowly shook her head. She didn't say anything, but that was from how tightly she was forcing her jaw shut so she wouldn't scream out loud. However, she did give Karpinsky a small, faint, but kind smile. Her glassy eyes took their time to look at Mad Scientist Santa and focus on him. She gave a single nod and swallowed dryly.
  372. [21:36] <DrEvilKitteh> "Awright, then." Mad Science Santa held a huge paw out, which Bell reached a shaking hand over to take. Well, not exactly take, but more she limply placed her hand on the man's fingers. Gently, delicately, he rose to his feet and hefted Bell up into the crook of a single arm, almost like she was an infant. “Sorry in advance if anythin' gets damaged by this,” he growled over his shoulder as he tromped over to the most open space he could find, which would be the same spot that he'd emerged from Sam's phone.
  373. [21:37] <Jar_Mimic> "See you later, Bell."  "It's been fun."
  374. [21:39] <Jar_Mimic> Then, suddenly, Rosemary stands up as well, "Goodbye, Bell!" she shouts, "I hope I can see you again some time!  I know we were not good friends, but I will still miss you!  You were very nice!  Goodbye!"
  375. [21:41] <Eprlide> The drider slowly stands up and nods. "I'm sorry." She quitely murmurs before following Natasha, Marzipan and Rosemary.
  376. [22:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Long post is long. Sorry. Still working, but...almost done.)
  377. [22:14] <Jar_Mimic> (Take your time!)
  378. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell managed to lift one last quivering hand in response to the others.
  379. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> "Wish us luck," he grumbled. Mad Science Santa set his rucksack on the floor and knelt beside it. He quickly rummaged through it and pulled out a small item that expanded into a fairly large ovoid capsule or pod of sorts. It was dull white with gold, silver, and green in highlighting places. He carelessly tossed it a few feet away, and it bobbed and floated vertically in the air about a meter off the floor. The part of the surface facing him opened up to reveal a hollow interior with a single white seat-like cushion inside, though it was completely flat. More like an operating table than anything else, in that sense.
  380. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> “Hey.” One of his giant fingers lightly poked Bell. “Can you stand for a bit?”
  381. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> The Trickster Twin hesitated before nodding reluctantly.
  382. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> “Awright.” Mad Science Santa looked over his shoulder and beckoned to Sam. “You, boy, over 'ere. Right there.” He pointed to a spot roughly fifteen feet away.
  383. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> “...Okay.” Sam walked over and positioned himself where Santa-like had indicated. “What for?”
  384. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> “You'll see.” The man's eyes twinkled behind his goggles. “Awright young one, I'm settin' you on your feet now. It'll only take a moment.”
  385. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell nodded again, hands clenched--for a given definition of “clenched”--into fists.
  386. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> Mad Science Santa gently repositioned Bell and held her beneath the armpits. In another situation, it might've looked comical, almost like Bell was a limp cat being held by her owner. He lowered Bell to the floor, and she winced when her feet made contact. Quickly, he pulled a little grabby device off his belt and extended it, then set it beneath Bell's hands as a makeshift cane; that helped her a bit, if her expression was anything to go by. He stepped back and quickly flipped through his lenses, changing the right to teal and the left to orange.
  387. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> And, with that, he began. His hand rose into the air and, with two fingers outstretched, began moving it around. Undulating, shimmering energy the color of the sky was left behind, almost like he was writing with living gel in mid-air. Deftly, Mad Science Santa wrote several glyphs, formulas, and the like using an unfamiliar and strange language. If it was even a language in the first place and not just magical gibberish, which was a fair possibility.
  388. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> The markings began to float around Bell, orbiting her and changing slightly because of unknown reasons. Meanwhile, Not!Santa composed several more lines that began swirling around his free hand, which was open palm-up. The display was positively mesmerizing, which made it hard to actually tell when he spoke up.
  389. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> “We'll begin now,” he announced gruffly. “I am sorry, young one. But...this is the best way. And it will not last long.” Mad Science Santa moved his hand out--the one he'd been writing in the air with--and lightly touched her on the chest.
  390. [22:28] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell stiffened, eyes going wide, the grabber stick falling to the floor with a slight clatter. Her mouth opened, gaping silently. Her veins lit up like LED strips, eyes glowing a brilliant white, and a similar light shone from her mouth and nostrils.
  391. [22:29] <DrEvilKitteh> Then, there was a rushing, tearing, roaring sound as Santa-like pulled his hand back. White fire poured from Bell's mouth, nose, eyes, and chest. It passed through several of the glowing glyphs that had been drawn earlier, going all the way around Bell's body in a spiral pattern. A small gout broke off, forming into a brilliant topaz-colored fractal about the size of Bell's fist. It first passed through the lines swirling above his free, left hand, which left a similar-looking...thing...composed of bright light and flame, albeit confined within the markings. The original topaz fractal came to a halt above Not!Santa's right hand, and he held it there firmly as he practically shoved his left hand into the rest of the spiraling fire. All of it surged and collapsed in on a single point of infinitesimal brightness--or so it seemed--which was accompanied by a spray or shockwave of sorts of...white sparks, sort of like a firework The point of light now floated before his hand.
  392. [22:29] <DrEvilKitteh> You know that anime effect where some big attack or explosion happens, and everything becomes white-washed with only black lines, and then it finally goes completely white? Yeah, that's basically how it seemed as Mad Science Santa turned to face the ovoid pod and slowly /pushed/ the point of light into it. He strained against it, and it just kept getting brighter--/how could it do that, how was that possible/?! But, finally, after pushing with all his might, he shoved the point of light inside the pod, which closed with a sibilant hisssss.
  393. [22:29] <DrEvilKitteh> The light faded, as the origin had been abruptly cut off. And, with that, Mad Science Santa whirled and /threw/ the topaz fractal right at Sam.
  394. [22:29] <DrEvilKitteh> The Gravity mage didn't even see it coming; eyes still adjusting after being shut as tightly as possible, he wasn't aware of it until he felt the weirdest sensation of /something/ hitting his chest. The runic mana lines running across his skin light up, shining white as well. His back arched, eyes rolled up into his skull, and he shook uncontrollable...for about five seconds. Then he collapsed into a heap on the floor, the mana lines now dull, though they sometimes flickered and changed color.
  395. [22:29] <DrEvilKitteh> ...Oh, yes, and Bell's now limp, lifeless body lay on the floor as well. Her knees had slowly buckled and gave way after the white fire had been pulled from within her body. But, where before her expression had been one of feeling an unexpected, indescribable pain, now it was one of peace. Her glazed eyes stared at nothing, and her last lungfull of air slowly drifted out through her slightly-open mouth and nose.
  396. [22:29] <DrEvilKitteh> As silence fell, Mad Science Santa lifted a bear paw-sized hand into the air and clenched it in a fist. In a voice as rumbling thunder in a stormy cloud, he spoke words that reverberated throughout the room. “I do solemnly declare that Samuel Roland Bellamy Benedict's soul is now whole and intact, and the young one who goes by the name of Bell now has her own soul, unique and free and untarnished.”
  397. [22:29] <DrEvilKitteh> The ovoid pod/capsule hummed softly as it floated in the air.
  398. [22:32] <DrEvilKitteh> {Rosemary might have felt some of the firework-like shockwave of sparks hit against herself. As they were concentrated soul stuff, in essence, she could...possibly...absorb them, were she so inclined. It would not quite be like having a full "meal"--probably--but the option is yet open to her if she so wishes...}
  399. [22:55] <Karpinsky> "Bell?" Karp approached the ovoid.
  400. [22:56] <Jar_Mimic> Whether it might be shocking or not, the necromantic little girl and her bunny doll follow along with the mad scientist's actions.  They nod when he pulls off a certain technique or another, and then nod to eachother when the see him straining himself.  Watching him, they carefully absorb what he's doing, them being  amateurs in the room watching a real professional at work.  Even when the room suffuses with light, they manage to keep
  401. [22:56] <Jar_Mimic> their eyes open, simply squinting at the intense brightness.  When at last not Santa's work is finished, they both put their hands on their chins and nod.  "Cool."  "Ballin'."  This, despite the fact that two bodies are lain out at their feet.
  402. [23:00] <Rally> (Holy shit that was one long post.)
  403. [23:00] <Rally> (Nice.)
  404. [23:00] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yerp.)
  405. [23:04] <DrEvilKitteh> The Mad Science Santa heaved a sigh and lowered himself onto the floor with a soft thud as he sat. "Ahhh..." He massaged his temples and eventually looked up at Karpinsky. "The young one is...reforming. In a manner o' speakin'." He snapped his fingers, which was considerably loud given the size of his hands. The capsule/pod's humming went lower as it turned onto its side, parallel to the ground. "There's ain't much to see in there righ' now." As if to demonstrate, a small window where someone's head might be appeared atop the ovoid, letting blinding white light shine out from within for but a few seconds. "Give it a while. Few hours at the least, but prob'ly more like the rest o' the night."
  406. [23:09] <Karpinsky> "Alright." Karp sat down next to it. "I'll wait."
  407. [23:09] <Jar_Mimic> As a few little white sparks slowly descend through the room from the soul removal, Rosemary looks up and examines them.  When one falls toward her, she reaches out her hand to touch it.  As soon as it touches her finger, she knows what it is.  So, naturally, she absorbs it.  It being a little bit of soulstuff.  After absorbing it, her head reorients on the rest of the little falling things.  They've almost hit the floor!  Like a cat
  408. [23:09] <Jar_Mimic> chasing a laser pointer, she then hops around, trying to catch each little one before it falls.
  409. [23:16] <DrEvilKitteh> "Thought ya would." The man nodded and pushed his goggles up to his forehead. "...The name's Ezerbe, by the way," he said after a minute to the others, though mostly in the direction of Natasha and Marzipan. He didn't seem to particularly care about Rosemary's playful chase of the pure soulstuff sparks.
  410. [23:16] <DrEvilKitteh> (Pronounced Ez-er-bee, btw.)
  411. [23:18] <Karpinsky> (>SRB)
  412. [23:18] <Karpinsky> (is he a rocket?)
  413. [23:18] <DrEvilKitteh> (...Er. No?)
  414. [23:22] <Jar_Mimic> This goes a long way to snapping them out of their stunned reverence for the sheer efficiency of his technique, though he obviously employed different methods than them.  "Oh, uh, yeah.  My name's Natasha."  "And my name's Marzipan.  A pleasure, I'm sure."  Is their response as they collect their collective wits.  "That was, ah..."  "Well, it's done.  And it looks like everything is under control."  "Yeah.  Um, I don't know how we could
  415. [23:22] <Jar_Mimic> ever thank you for coming to Bell's rescue on our behalf."  "We're eternally grateful."  Hopping away from Karpinsky, they both bow to him deeply.
  416. [23:26] <DrEvilKitteh> "Don't worry about it." Ezerbe's voice had dropped from a gruff grumble to a softer, subdued, tired tone. His eyes glittered like jewels. "I didn't get nothing outta this, either. So it evens out, s'far as I'm concerned."
  417. [23:30] <Jar_Mimic> "Well, alright, that's good."  "Because we don't really have anything to offer you."  "Especially since you easily one-upped the second strongest-"  "And easily our most complicated."  "Piece of work we've ever done."  "So, uh, yeah, even sounds good."
  418. [23:37] <DrEvilKitteh> Ezerbe took a whiff of the air through his schnoz. "...Yep. You smell like necromancy awright. Not really the same thing I did. Useful, but not as effective fer that." He paused and rubbed his mustache. "And I've had it prepared fer a while now, too."
  419. [23:40] <Jar_Mimic> "Well, ah.  Okay."  "Thanks again.  Sorry we had to bother you."  The two lower their eyes ashamedly.
  420. [23:43] <DrEvilKitteh> "Yous two are still young. Not as young as 'er," Ezarbe gestured to the ovoid, "but still a lot younger than me. You'll learn, eventually."
  421. [23:44] <Eprlide> The drider, who was keeping quiet until now with no knowledge of what was going on, decides to speak up and ask. "So, Natasha and Marzipan did necromancy... what did you do, then?"
  422. [23:46] <DrEvilKitteh> Ezerbe grinned. No, it was more like he was baring his teeth in a fascimile of a grin. Or at least that's the impression he gave off. "Tha', little spider, is my secret. Suffice it to say, I manipulated 'er soul 'n soulstuff more directly and in a much diff'rent way than the girly an' 'er doll."
  423. [23:47] <Jar_Mimic> "Ah, thank you, sir."  "That's more of a relief than you might know."  "And no small comfort, knowing at least part of Bell is still with us."  "And after seeing how skillfully you handled yourself."
  424. [23:53] <DrEvilKitteh> "Part? 'ell, I'd say most of 'er is still gonna be around. I did a damn good job if I say so, m'self," Ezerbe boasted.
  425. [23:55] <Eprlide> "Oh. Trade secrets, then." Rea nods slowly. A part of her really, -really- wanted to go into his mind to see for herself, but with the purification bracelet on her, the desire was repressed and she nodded. "I understand. Don't want Natasha trying to take you out of buisness?"
  426. [23:57] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, Rea.  C-can I lean on you again?" the little girl asks, going to lean on her, "I still feel weak."  Meanwhile, the bunny doll jumps on her wielder's head.  "Most of her?  Well, uh, great!  Great.  Good to know.  Looks like we didn't need all of those goodbyes after all."
  427. [00:01] <Eprlide> The drider giggles and wraps her arms around Natasha, picking her up and holding her close like a doll. She kisses the top of her love's head. "You're free to use me as a resting pillar any time, Natasha." Rea says with a smile/
  428. [00:03] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Well. Most likely," Ezerbe added in a mutter. In a louder voice, he continued speaking to reply to Rea. "Trade secrets is about right. But no, that is not my reason. One does not go spilling such secrets so lightly to just anyone. To fellow comrades, coworkers, apprentices, and such, perhaps, but certainly not to some people I have only just met."
  429. [00:07] <Eprlide> "Oh, okay then." Rea nods at the old man before going down to whisper to Natasha. "If you become better friends with him he might tell you."
  430. [00:08] <Jar_Mimic> "Uh, oh, yeah, Mr. Ezerbe, can we get your phone number?"  "In case we ever need help with something like this again," "After we try figuring things out on our own, first."  "We wouldn't want to bother you."
  431. [00:11] <DrEvilKitteh> "I'll one-up ya." Ezerbe reached over to his rucksack and pull out a sizeable brick of a phone that would give a Nokia a run for its money. It would make an effective head for Mjolnir, too. "Try not to break yer arm holdin' it." He held the phone over to Natasha.
  432. [00:12] <Eprlide> "Oh, woah." The drider comments as some of her web tentacles go out to grab the "phone". She kind of doubts it's just a phone. "What is that?" She decides to ask.
  433. [00:13] <DrEvilKitteh> "...It's a phone," Ezerbe replied in a deadpan. "What else would it be? A camera? Calculator? Hah!" He scoffed and slapped his leg as though he'd told a hilarious joke. As for the phone itself, it was hefty, but also not that heavy for its size.
  434. [00:14] <Jar_Mimic> "Thank you," Nat exclaims bowing to him once again before leaning back up against Rea, "I, uh, don't know what to say!  I'll put it somewhere I can get to it easily."  "Yes, thank you," Marzi continues, "We'll be sure not to bother you too much."
  435. [00:17] <DrEvilKitteh> "If ya /don't/ call often, then I'll have ta take it back. Otherwise it's useless in yer hands an' can be used elsewhere." Ezerbe arched a fuzzy eyebrow. "Ya hear?"
  436. [00:19] <Jar_Mimic> The two look between eachother, one from atop the other's head.  Only one of them has the ability to look confused, though.  "Uh, sure?"  "Sure!  We'll be sure to, ah, call you.  Every so often."
  437. [00:21] <Eprlide> Rea nods and looks down to the girl in her arms. "Where would you like me to put it? Keep it safe somewhere or leave it more open?" She asks Natasha as she puts the phone on her back, covered with her web.
  438. [00:23] <DrEvilKitteh> Ezerbe nodded in approval.
  439. [00:24] <DrEvilKitteh> ...And just then, Sam started and bounced up into a sitting position. "AaaAaaaaAaahh!" He froze and patted down his chest. "...W-...jus-...gah. Shit, man." He groaned and rested his face in his hands. "...Could've warned me..." he grumbled.
  440. [00:24] <Jar_Mimic> "Oh, don't worry."  "You know we like to decorate our own apartment."  "It can go next to my library corner."  "Someplace low to the ground."
  441. [00:26] <Eprlide> "Gotcha." Rea gives Natasha another small kiss on the head before looking back at the new man. "So, uh... is there anything else we need to do here?"
  442. [00:28] <DrEvilKitteh> "You?" Ezerbe shook his head. "Nah, nah. 'Less you wanna wait around to see 'er come outta that." He gestured at the pod. "Though it migh' be easier to jus' sleep 'til that 'appens."
  443. [00:29] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam shuffled over to sit beside Karpinsky. "...Hey." He lightly nudged her elbow with his own and offered a small smile. "...You doing okay, Ky?" he asked softly.
  444. [00:30] <Karpinsky> "No." Karp still stared at the pod with the new Bell.
  445. [00:30] <Jar_Mimic> "Ah, in which case, Rea, would you please take me up.  I still feel so weak."  Still, she's strong enough to nuzzle into her special person.  Even more comfy than bed, she is.
  446. [00:32] <DrEvilKitteh> "Yeah. Didn't think so." Sam put an arm around Karp's shoulders and gently squeezed. "...Let's hope for the best, yeah?"
  447. [00:32] <Eprlide> "Very well. Rosemary! It's time to go." Rea calls out to the sheep doll before looking over to Sam and Karpinsky. "I think me and Natasha are done for tonight. I hope everything ends well! Goodbye!" She waves with a single strand of web before taking the doll maker and her weapon out of the lobby and upstairs.
  448. [00:35] <Jar_Mimic> "Hm?" the sheep doll mumbles, looking up from the last of the little lights that had settled to the floor, "Oh, are we going?  Okay.  Thank you, Santa.  Please make sure Bell gets well."  Rising to her feet to walk like a normal person, she follows her mothers and house mate back upstairs.
  449. [00:36] <Karpinsky> "Yeah."
  450. [00:37] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam just gave them a nod. As there was no one else doing it, he wasn't about to leave the former succubutt alone without any form of hugs or the like.
  451. [00:37] <DrEvilKitteh> Ezerbe, meanwhile, chuckled and gave a deadpan, "Ho ho ho."
  452. [00:40] <SkinnyNecro> The angels watch the doll family leave, still seated not too close.
  453. [00:44] <DrEvilKitteh> (Hmmm. Do people wanna have a timeskip to the pod opening tonight, or do it tomorrow?)
  454. [00:44] <Eprlide> (Tomorrow?)
  455. [00:44] <SkinnyNecro> [timeskip]
  456. [00:45] <Eprlide> (Eh, I'll leave it to Nat and Karp then.)
  457. [00:46] <Karpinsky> (Tonight might be better, have to pack for the trip tomorrow)
  458. [00:46] <DrEvilKitteh> (Alright.)
  459. [00:47] <DrEvilKitteh> (I'm gonna take a quick break, pull up the reference sheet, and type up the next bit.)
  460. [00:57] <DrEvilKitteh> The gold, silver, and green lines along the ovoid pod started to pulse slowly.
  461. [00:57] <DrEvilKitteh> “Ah. Looks like the young one's wakin' up,” Ezerbe remarked from where he was sitting on the floor a few meters away.
  462. [00:57] <DrEvilKitteh> Closer to the pod, Sam and Karpinsky were sitting next to one another. The latter had dozed off a bit and was leaning her head on the former's shoulder, but he gently tapped prodded her to get her attention. “Hey, Ky. Bell's gonna come out soon. I'll go up and see if Nat's able to come down or not, okay?”
  463. [00:58] <Karpinsky> "Alright." Karp looked toward the pod.
  464. [01:00] <SkinnyNecro> "Is it really so quick and simple?" "Just a pod.." The angels wonder at the strange man's technology.
  465. [01:00] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam hugged Karp briefly before standing and jogging over to the stairs. He quickly ascended them and headed over to Natasha's apartment. He rapped his knuckles loudly against the door to get the loli dollmaker's attention. "Oi Nat, Bell's apparently coming to if you wanna be there for it."
  466. [01:01] <DrEvilKitteh> "I've been at this stuff for a while now," said Ezerbe nonchalantly.
  467. [01:05] <Jar_Mimic> It's not too long before that very dollmaker opens the door, looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.  The night's rest, as it turns out, has done her all the good.  "Ah, thank you for coming to get me, Sam.  Oh, Marzi!  Bell's coming back to us!"  "Coming!"  With that, the rabbit joins them.  "Alrighty, then."  "Let's head down."
  468. [01:08] <DrEvilKitteh> He turned and rapidly raced down the stairs. Sam didn't say anything, just concentrated on getting back to the lounge, Karp, and the pod.
  469. [01:08] <DrEvilKitteh> Speaking of which, said pod's coloring was pulsing quicker and quicker as time went on. Like a heartbeat, steadily growing in tempo and strength.
  470. [01:09] <Eprlide> The drider, on the other hand, is quite asleep. She would need to be awakened if they wanted her there...
  471. [01:17] * Karpinsky watched for the new Bell.
  472. [01:19] <Jar_Mimic> Naturally, the little girl and her bunny doll run right down with the man, totally forgetting the two other people that might want to see the new Bell because they're a couple of inconsiderate jerks.  All the same, they manage to race to the bottom quite quickly.  They may not be fast, but have gotten used to all the stairs.  At once!  They arrive before the glowing pod!
  473. [01:34] <DrEvilKitteh> “Let the young one get their bearings, first,” Ezerbe advised the others, though particularly to Karpinsky. “Let them adjust first before ya do anythin'. Tha' means no sudden...'glonps' or whatever they're called.”
  474. [01:34] <DrEvilKitteh> The pulsing eventually reached a crescendo, and the lights on the pod settled on glowing brightly with no pulsing. The hatch opened, allowing...what looked like fog or a cloud to billow out and cover the floor for a surprising distance all around. The ovoid turned so it was vertical again, and it lowered to settle on the floor. A small ramp-like protrusion extended from it to the floor, which helped the person within with their exit.
  475. [01:34] <DrEvilKitteh> As there was fog or mist still filling the air and coming from within the pod, the form of Bell's new body was not immediately clear. A foot was hesitantly placed on the ramp, then the other. Slow, tentative steps forward.
  476. [01:34] <DrEvilKitteh> The billowing, obscuring fog soon starts to fade and cease issuing forth from within the pod. A slender form meets the onlooker's eyes. Slim, almost evocative of a dancer, and fairly short. Pale, smooth skin. Gently-wavy pure white hair that reaches down to the middle of her back. Eyes the color of the sky are set in a heart-shaped face above a pert, upturned nose, with delicate, expressive lips below that. The girl's features are angular and somewhat narrow in some respects, and as a whole, she had a fey look about her--particularly the eyebrows. She's also completely naked, but that's to be expected in this kind of situation.
  477. [01:34] <DrEvilKitteh> Carefully, and dazedly, the girl raises a hand and examined it, looking over every inch. She doesn't seem to be aware of anyone else nearby.
  478. [01:35] <Kajiya> (please, it's Bell, she would at most pose while doing this)
  479. [01:36] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oi, Mango, can it. If you've ever been through a literally soul-shattering experience like Bell has, you'd react about the same at first, too.)
  480. [01:37] <Kajiya> (Just saying, while her reaction isn't uncalled for, it IS Bell.)
  481. [01:37] <DrEvilKitteh> (Yes.)
  482. [01:37] <DrEvilKitteh> (I am /very/ aware of that.)
  483. [01:42] <Jar_Mimic> "Bell!" the girl and doll exclaim as one.  Despite what they were told to do, they raise their arms to take the new woman up in a hug, but they manage to avoid actually doing it.  Still, they hop up and down excitedly.  "Welcome back!"  "Bell!  It's good to see you again!"  "How does your new body feel?"  "Your hair is so pretty!"  "Aw, man, we should have gotten Rose.  She loves girls with light colored hair."  "It's okay.  I think
  484. [01:42] <Jar_Mimic> she'd be a little jealous, anyway."  "Heck, I'm jealous.  Look at her!"  "Good point."
  485. [01:52] * Karpinsky looks at Bell, unsure what to do. "Bell?"
  486. [02:09] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell started and held her slender arms up to ward off something unexpected. "...U-um." She swallowed and nervously looked from Natasha to Marzipan, and then over at Sam and Karpinsky. “ I know you...?” There was a loud silence as her sky-blue eyes looked at the four uncomprehendingly...
  487. [02:10] <DrEvilKitteh> ...For about three seconds. Abruptly, she held up a finger and closed her eyes. “Wait. Wait...” The gears turning in her head were almost visible. “...No. You...are familiar. I think my” She tapped her forehead in frustration. “It is...on the tip of my tongue. Brain tongue. Such a silly thought...” Bell frowned and clasped and unclasped her hands over and over as she tried to work through it. “I wonder if this is how the Doctor feels when he regenerates...?,” she mused.
  488. [02:10] <DrEvilKitteh> Her eyes snapped open. “Oh! Right! I, uh...” She looked down at her body and /grinned/, revealing straight, pearly white teeth. “New body!” she exclaimed. “Oh, wow, this is certainly not something one experiences every day~!” Bell did a little pirouette, standing up on the balls of her feet. She squeed, and then sashayed a bit as she pranced about and around the ovoid capsule. “This is so /weird/ and /different/! But intriguing! I think I lost most of Sam's memories, too, but everything!” She tilted her head back and laughed, long and hard. “Hey, Ezerbe! Toss me a mirror, would you?”
  489. [02:10] <DrEvilKitteh> Already prepared for such a request, the Mad Science Santa Man stepped up next to the pod and set a tall mirror next to it.
  490. [02:10] <DrEvilKitteh> “Thank you~!” Bell stopped in front of it and looked herself up and down. “Perfect for seeing every inch of my new body~.” She posed a few times, and checked out her chest, which was noticeably smaller than in her previous body, but still quite good. “Mm~.” She ran her hands over them and briefly tested them. “Firm, perky, good shape~.” She then looked over her shoulder at her rear. “...Oh, wow.” She waggled and gyrated her hips a bit to see it in motion. “What a shape. /What/ a /shape/.” She slapped her ass. “Unf! Great feel to it!” ...Yes. Evidently, what she'd lost in bust size, she'd gained in hip and butt shape and appeal. “And this hair! So fluffy and soft and smooth!” She flipped it a few times and relished in the sensation. “I /like/ it~.”
  491. [02:10] <DrEvilKitteh> ...And then she froze upon noticing Karpinsky in the mirror. Bell turned, stared for a moment, and...rushed to embrace the Stone girl in a tight hug. She didn't say anything, and instead let her tight embrace do all the talking.
  492. [02:15] <Jar_Mimic> "He~ey, now!"  "Get a room, you two!"  "If you want to explore your new body, there's places you can do that in private."  "Heck, no one's using the pool.  You could go back in there if you wanted."  Giggling to eachother, the two consider rushing over to make it a group hug.  Nah.  Because naked.  "Welcome back, B!"  "Good to see you haven't changed!"
  493. [02:24] <Karpinsky> "Bell!" Karp hugged her back. "You look amazing."
  494. [02:30] <DrEvilKitteh> "...Thanks." Bell stood a full eight inches (ish) shorter than Karp (standing at 5' 4"), so her words were kinda muffled as her face was buried in the taller girl's chest. "Everyone." There was a sound suspiciously like a sniffle, and she took her head off of Karp's chest to look up at her. "...Sorry to say it, but I have changed. I can feel it. I longer quite the same." She lifted a hand to gently cup Karpinsky's cheek. "I...think...that I still do love you, however. So...if you are willing to bear with it, I would like to be with you for at least a little while longer."
  495. [02:31] <Karpinsky> "You think I would have you go?" Karp kissed her.
  496. [02:37] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell went up on her tip-toes as she gently kissed Karp back, almost molding herself against the front of the horny girl's body, arms lightly wrapping around her neck. "...Evidently not," she replied after they parted. "And I am grateful for it. For you." She looked over at Natasha and Marzipan. "And you two, of course. I still feel that you are like friends to me." Her eyes fixated on Sam, next. "...Our kinship is no longer tangible or exactly true, but...I am thankful, nonetheless, for your part in my story." Bell smirked. "I think you may be amusing to speak with in the future, Samuel."
  497. [02:38] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam sighed and rolled his eyes. "Different, and yet somehow the same..." he muttered to himself as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
  498. [02:41] <Jar_Libby> "Yep.  She hasn't changed a bit."  "But if you have, we'll be right here to accept you for what you are now instead of hanging onto a memory of what we had before.  You'll always be your own person, and if you change, we'll be here to help you along the way to discovering who you are now."  The two nod.
  499. [02:41] <SkinnyNecro> The angels still sitting on the sidelines, watch but keep their comments to themselves.
  500. [02:42] <Karpinsky> "Let's just go relax." Karp flops onto Bell. "I need some sleep."
  501. [02:48] <DrEvilKitteh> "I assure you that I have chang- Uwah!" Bell strained beneath Karpinsky's sudden weight, legs wobbling slightly. "...I, uh, am not the strongest when I am like this!"
  502. [02:48] <DrEvilKitteh> From the sidelines, Sam waved a hand and reduced Karp's personal gravity and weight.
  503. [02:48] <DrEvilKitteh> “A-ah...much better.” Bell straightened and put Karp's arms around her shoulders. “...I look forward to our future encounters, Natasha, Marzipan. I think that they prove to be be fun as well.” She hesitated and looked around. “...Where would be a good place for us to sleep?,” she inquired of the loli dollmaker. “I am weary as well.”
  504. [02:51] <Jar_Libby> "Oh, you can have the whole second floor if you want.  They cleared it out after Raka left, but I think there should still be a bed there."  "And if there isn't, we could bring down some camping equipment for you.  You could have an indoor campout."
  505. [02:52] <SkinnyNecro> "Actually, Lynne has half that space now!" Aurora calls out. "But we have whole apartments that are unclaimed. Plus you could just take the other half of 2nd for a while." Morg offers.
  506. [02:53] <Karpinsky> "Sounds good." Karp mutters, clutching Bell tight. "Lead the way."
  507. [02:54] <Jar_Libby> "Wait, Lynne the gunslinger has half that space now?"  "Yeah, duh, didn't you hear?  Honestly, Nat, keep up."  "No one around here talks to me anymore.  And your gossip never includes this stuff."  "Alright.  Lynne's living on the second floor.  Happy?"
  508. [02:56] <DrEvilKitteh> "My thanks." Bell glanced over her shoulder at the angel twins. "...I think we shall just borrow the other half for tonight. Tomorrow, I expect that we will return home." She looked at Natasha again."If you would retrieve the camping equipment, please." She slowly walked Karp over to the stairs, her white hair occasionally flowing in a rather beautiful manner as though in slow-motion while in a breeze.
  509. [02:56] <SkinnyNecro> The angels roll their eyes but smile, glad to see Marzi sassing again. Standing, they proclaim, "We'll get some fresh bedding and see you there." Then the pair wander upstairs.
  510. [02:57] <DrEvilKitteh> "...That works as well."
  511. [02:57] <Jar_Libby> "I have a sleeping bag shaped like a pizza if you want it~"
  512. [03:01] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell paused and contemplated said sleeping bag for a second. "...Hm. That may prove to be...interesting. I would like that, yes. If only for the novelty."
  513. [03:04] <Jar_Libby> "Troops!" the little girl shouts, forcing a multitude of little dolls to come out of various hiding places.  They all got to see a naked woman today.  "Please, fetch my pizza sleeping bag and have it brought to the room Bell will be staying in.  Make sure not to wake Rea or Rose while you do it."  To which, she gets a united shout of "Yes, ma'am!" from the bunch.  "There you go, Bell.  It'll be ready for you in a moment or two."
  514. [03:06] <DrEvilKitteh> Meanwhile, Ezerbe was silently packing up all his tools and items and such. "I'll be goin' too, then. Young one, I will need to see you for regular checkups to ensure the process went smoothly."
  515. [03:06] <DrEvilKitteh> Bell half-saluted in acknowledgment before looking back at Natasha and giving her an appreciative smile. “Come.” She gently patted Karpinsky on the back as she started up the stairs. “We shall reach a suitable sleeping spot shortly.”
  516. [03:08] <Jar_Libby> (Uh, is that a good ending point for everyone?)
  517. [03:10] <DrEvilKitteh> (Sure.)
  518. [03:12] <DrEvilKitteh> (Oh, wait, two more post ideas real fast.)
  519. [03:12] <DrEvilKitteh> "Formal?" Bell scoffed. "Nonsense." She grinned and vanished up the flight of stairs along with Karpinsky.
  520. [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> Sam gave Natasha and Marzipan a curt nod and turned to leave. "Call Ezerbe if anything goes wrong. Again." He exited the Ladder and strode off into the morning of the Overcity.
  521. [03:13] <DrEvilKitteh> Ezerbe, for his part, didn't say another word. He just grunted, nodded at the dollmaker, and vanished with a loud plunger-pop sound.
  522. [03:14] <Jar_Libby> "That went...  Okay."  "All's well that ends well, I suppose."
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