Pastebin of Carthage

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  1. Pregame:
  2. - Manual subs so all the medals stay in the right spots and shit. Best conditioned players. Dido should always be the goalkeeper.
  3. - Footedness autism: Leftmost CB should be a left footed one (Cannae, Trebia, Oligarchical Republic) and the rightmost CB right footed (Lake Trasimene, Astarte, Carthaginian Navy). Ditto for the CMFs, left CMF should be left footed (Hasdrubal, Tanit) and right CMF should be right footed (>Carthage >black, Pygmalion).
  4. - Whichever bronze SS is starting should be the one taking both corner kicks. Ensure that Baal and whoever the central CB is are joining the attack from the start.
  5. - Roll a d20. If odd, start on preset 1. If even, start on preset 2. If 0, reroll.
  7. During match:
  8. - If trailing at halftime, switch to whichever of preset 1 or 2 wasn't started on and go +1.
  9. - Subs at 65'.
  10. - If leading or tied at sub time: sub out the bronze SS and the two most tired nonmedals.
  11. - If trailing at sub time: switch to preset 3, sub in a nonmedal DMF and AMF in their proper positions and sub Baal out for the bronze SS. Remain on +1.
  12. - If still trailing at 80', go +2.
  14. Whenever /punic/ win, the streamer MUST yell CARTHAGE RISES at the top of his voice. This is the most important part of the pastebin.
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