Fizzling Magma 8 (AiE; Fizzle, nsfw)

Aug 10th, 2013
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  1. >When Fizzle can finally stand, you and him begin packing up his stuff
  2. >He doesn't have much, the main thing is his gems and other trinkets in his small hoard
  3. >You pile them onto the featherbed and fold it up
  4. >You and him chat the entire time about living together
  5. >Stuff like what kind of food to have, where's he going to keep his hoard, and the rest
  6. >Even get a little playful about sleeping arrangements
  7. >Fizzle is still blushy and shy but he can manage to agree he wants to share your bed
  8. >Once you get all his stuff squared away, you realize this might be the last time in the cave
  9. >Practically drag him back to the magma pool
  10. >You smile at the orange glow ahead
  11. >Double checking you brought your magic armlet, you strip down
  12. >As your clothes come off you hear Fizzle's breath quickening
  13. >Along with his awkward fidgeting, his feet scrape the ground every time he sways back and forth
  14. >You peek behind you and his eyes are glued to your ass
  15. >Till he sees you looking, then he looks aways and coughs
  16. >You toss your shirt at him and invite him to come into the pool with you
  17. >Give him some bedroom eyes and a smirk
  18. >He nearly faints
  19. >OK, easy with that stuff, Anon
  20. >You're not a chick, don't torture the poor dragon
  21. >You return your attention to the magma and begin to sink into the molten rock
  22. >Fizzle follows, as close as he can to you
  23. >Expected a little friskiness but the second you're up to your shoulders the desire to do anything but sit there is gone
  24. >Just wanna close your eyes and relax
  25. >Fizzle is content to do the same
  26. >But he snuggles against you as much as he can
  27. >In the lava, his body is smooth and cool, and softer than a pillow
  28. >His scales are even silkier when they're submerged
  29. >You sigh and nuzzle his chest
  30. >He fidgets a little, not used to being the one doing the holding, but he makes due
  31. >"S-so I... really moving in with you?"
  32. >You nod against his chest
  33. >He nervously giggles and squeezes you tighter to him
  34. >So fucking adorable
  35. >He starts chatting at you but you're falling asleep
  36. >The warmth around you and the cool against you is too much comfy
  37. >He starts petting your hair as he mentions moving his gems and other stuff
  38. >You sleepily mumble something about u-haul
  39. >He doesn't quite know what that is but, typical Fizzle, tells you that its a great idea
  40. >You don't care, you're in bliss land now
  41. >Always wanted a dragon for a friend or a pet when you were a little kid
  42. >Heck you read that book about like a billion times
  43. >Though you doubt lil' Anon considered his dragon would be a fuck buddy
  44. >Or a lot more than that
  45. >You squeeze Fizzle unexpectedly and he inhales sharply and sighs
  46. >You feel his claws dig slightly into your skin as he returns the hug
  47. >"H-hey Anon?"
  48. >You mumble a little to let him know you're still awake
  49. >"I-I...I mean...I think...I...maybe...I...luh...luh----"
  50. >Something from outside the cave crashes and Fizzle yelps in surprise
  51. >You open your eyes and sigh
  52. >The Swift Wind is back
  53. >Along with Rarity
  54. >Before you can say it's her, you hear her voice echoing from the cave mouth
  55. >Along with Spike's
  56. >At least they came back for you
  57. >You were sure after the dress incident she was going to leave you here
  58. >You tell Fizzle you should get your clothes back on and meet them
  59. >"Y-yea...good thinking, Anon..."
  60. >He looks a little hurt
  61. >You give him a kiss on the cheek
  62. >Instant happy dragon
  63. >You crawl out of the pool and offer him your hand
  64. >He looks you in the eyes and smiles even wider, letting you help him out
  65. >"Thanks, Anon."
  66. >You go to put your clothes on
  67. >As you're pulling your pants up, Fizzle hugs you from behind
  68. >"Thanks for...coming to get me, Anon. I missed you so much..."
  69. >You chuckle and nod
  70. >Anything for your best dragon
  71. >He squeezes you tighter
  72. >This is really out of character for him
  73. >He's so...happy and touchy-feely
  74. >Maybe cause you finally snapped him out of the 'no-homo' stuff?
  75. >"Is everything...OK? Anon? Fizzle?"
  76. >Spike's here
  77. >Odd, No Rarity
  78. >Doesn't matter because...
  79. >"SPIKE!!"
  80. >Fizzle lets go of you and immediately straightens up, blushing brighter than the magma
  81. >He looks all over the place and his tail starts swishing around like a startled cat
  82. >It would be adorable if he hadn't nearly shoved you into the wall when he panicked
  83. >"H-hey little bro! Umm...Anon's pants were ...b-broken and he needed me to h-h-hold them still but they're fine now! N-nothing was happening, no-homo! You look taller!"
  84. >So much for him being comfortable...
  85. >You pull your shirt on then give Spike a quick brofist
  86. >He motions for you to lean down to his height and he whispers to you
  87. >"Anon, why's Fizzle freaking out?"
  88. >You shrug and say he was in the magma too long
  89. >Fizzle is clicking his claws together and looking around the cave for either a hidden exit or a barrel to hide in
  90. >Spike seems to accept what you said
  91. >"Yea...I've seen that happen, he needs some water or a gem or something..."
  92. >Fizzle suddenly shouts that Rarity might find his hidden stash of heterosexual porn and that the three of you should stop her immediately
  93. >Your keener Fizzle-speak ears pick up a 'please?' in that rapid fire dialog
  94. >You tell Spike to take the two of you to Rarity
  95. >He's confused now so he does so without argument
  96. >Fizzle is panting heavily
  97. >Half of you wants to hug him, the other wants to go upside his head
  98. >You settle on slapping his back and suggesting you follow the other dragon
  99. >He nods a little slower and the two of you head to the beginning of the cave
  100. >You get to Fizzle's hoard where Rarity is helping herself to the discarded rubies.
  101. >Spike is trying to stop her but she brushes him off, saying if Fizzle wanted them they would be in his gem pile and not in the corner
  102. >Fizzle scratches his head sheepishly
  103. >You quietly ask him why he threw the rubies away
  104. >"They....well...reminded me of...that pony..."
  105. >You facepalm
  106. >"Oh there you two are! Someone left this pile of rubies here and I felt I must save them from those ruffian dragons down by the volcano! They would never appreciate their beauty"
  107. >Rarity is looking at her reflection in one of the bigger ones
  108. >You tell Fizzle he better stop her if he wants them back
  109. >"N-no it's ok, I just....Rarity can you...m-make me something to wear?"
  110. >She beams and agrees
  111. >Its like she hadn't dressed him like a woman not 2 hours ago
  112. >Before the tape measure comes out, you stop them both and say you're gonna move Fizzle's stuff onto the airship
  113. >He's coming back with you to live in Ponyville
  114. >Spike smiles and is happy they'll be another dragon close by
  115. >Rarity is pleased because he's someone new to make clothes for and Fizzle...
  116. >Fizzle awkwardly crosses his legs and smiles, looking at you with a tiniest blush on his cheeks
  117. >Guess you just made it official, despite telling him over and over you meant it
  118. >Cuteness aside, you have some stuff you need to load up
  119. >Spike helps best he can
  120. >Rarity...collects the rubies then scolds you about potentially harming Fancy Pants' airship
  121. >You ask Fizzle if he's sure if he's ready to live with ponies
  122. >He looks to the top of the volcano
  123. >Two larger dragons are roaring and screaming at each other
  124. >"I've been ready for awhile, Anon.."
  125. >You both smile and when the others aren't looking
  126. >You sneak a quick kiss
  127. >His eyes go wide and he stutters so much you dunno what he's saying
  128. >But you get the point, he's not...quite ready for any kind of PDA
  129. >Even if his reaction is so fucking adorable you wanna kiss him again
  130. >Don't be a jerk, Anon, his heart looks like its ready to jump from his chest
  131. >Pat him on the shoulder and lug the rest of his stuff aboard
  132. >Didn't take too long but the sun is a lot lower than when you arrived
  133. >You won't make it back before dark
  134. >Rarity doesn't seem concerned and says you're leaving in a few minutes
  135. >Fizzle says he has everything
  136. >You tell her to go whenever she's ready
  137. >That translates to immediately because the airship lurches suddenly as it climbs far too quickly than it was
  138. made for
  139. >You grab the railing
  140. >Fizzle grabs you and yelps in fright
  141. >Rarity shoots you both an annoyed look and tells Fizzle if he doesn't like it he can fly home
  142. >Fizzle remembers he can fly and relaxes a little
  143. >Takes his sweet time letting go though
  144. >You tell him to go below deck with you
  145. >More alcohol and less crazy pilot
  146. >Rarity sees you two leaving and asks you to be a dear and bring her a gin and tonic
  147. >While she's flying
  148. >
  149. >You tell her sure and hope she forgets about it
  150. >You head downstairs with Fizzle in tow
  151. >Spike is passed out on a recliner
  152. >You start making yourself a drink
  153. >Fizzle is about to ask you for one but the ship lurches and he grabs a pillar
  154. >He's terrified
  155. >You chuckle and sip whatever you concockted then give him a hug
  156. >He hugs back, his eyes on Spike the whole time
  157. >You tell him he's out cold and not waking up
  158. >"I...I know it's just...I...ya's tough for me...Garble woulda made fun and his friends--"
  159. >You stop him and tell him Spike and you aren't Garble
  160. >He smiles and noses you
  161. >You pull his muzzle in for a long kiss
  162. >He surrenders instantly, his lips going slack and letting your tongue in
  163. >Its always a surprise how warm and silky his tongue is
  164. >You feel hot dragon fire whisp down your neck
  165. >His wings wraps you up and pull you tight to him
  166. >Your fingers dig into his back, a small moan leaving his mouth and tickling your throat
  167. >His breath is quickening, sharp inhales through his nose as you kiss for longer than you ever have before
  168. >You make no sign you want it to end either, relaxing your jaw and letting him explore your mouth
  169. >His tongue snakes in, caressing and feeling along the insides of your cheeks
  170. >You feel a rush of warmth fill your lungs
  171. >He's breathing his blue flame down your throat
  172. >Just warm enough to take your breath away and make your head spin
  173. >He breaks the kiss this time
  174. >More wisps of flame dance along your cheeks and neck
  175. >Your knees wobble and you stumble forward a little
  176. >Right into his arms
  177. >"Wha-was that too m-much, Anon? I'm s-s-sorry, I just--"
  178. >You tell him it was incredible, weakly squeezing his middle
  179. >Feel his erection against your chest
  180. >Giggle a little, the high of dragon fire mixed with the altitude making you quite giddy
  181. >Reach for it but Fizzle stops you
  182. >"N-not with Spike....he could..wake up"
  183. >Oh yea, Spike is literally a few feet away
  184. >You nod and straighten yourself out
  185. >Take his hand and lead him a little ways back
  186. >There's another room with a bed
  187. >It's not huge but the door locks so you have privacy
  188. >You take your shirt and pants off and toss them on a couch
  189. >Fizzle is standing by the bed, clicking his claws again
  190. >You pull the door shut
  191. >Second it closes, you're all over each other again
  192. >You go for Fizzle's cock but he keeps pulling you back for kisses
  193. >And every time you kiss long enough, he leaves you in a euphoric state
  194. >Your thoughts are cloudy and your muscles keep betraying you
  195. >Eventually, you can't stand anymore and flop on the bed
  196. >You roll on your back, looking up at him
  197. >He looks at the night stand and sees a picture of Fancy Pants and Fleur
  198. >He turns it away
  199. >Right before he's on top of you
  200. >He's heavier than you remember
  201. >You grab his ass and squeeze
  202. >Holy god it's so soft
  203. >He groans and pins you back down
  204. >Pulling your hands away from their prize
  205. >He's being really aggressive
  206. >But somehow gentle at the same time
  207. >Just denying you any control without doing anything back
  208. >It's really turning you on but he keeps keeping it from getting too sexual
  209. >Which, of course, makes you want it more
  210. >But he's persistent
  211. >Every grab for his cock, he moves slightly out of reach
  212. >Every time you reach for his ass, he shifts or pins your arms down
  213. >But all the while he's kissing and suckling your neck and chest
  214. >You're own erection is painfully hard as it brushes his smooth scales
  215. >Which makes you all too aware of your need to do SOMETHING with it
  216. >You can't take it anymore and reach for it, content on stroking yourself while he does whatever he's doing
  217. >A clawed hand stops you
  218. >He looks into your eyes, slightly pleading
  219. >"Anon...please let me just...take care of you? You've been so nice to me just...relax and enjoy it?"
  220. >You blink a few times, and say he doesn't have to
  221. >The ride is smooth now, the occasional bump in the air, but its nice
  222. >The sun is setting through the porthole window
  223. >It shines against his curvy body, and you see something glimmer near his eye
  224. >"P-please...Anon...I...nobody has ever been...and...and I...just...please let me...It's what..."
  225. >He swallows hard, the words caught in his throat
  226. >You watch a tear slide down his cheek
  227. >He's holding your hand
  228. >His lips are quivering
  229. >How could you say no?
  230. >You nod and lay back down
  231. >He shakily sighs and whispers 'thank you'
  232. >Fizzle crawls on top of you and resumes kissing and licking your body
  233. >His motions are slow and deliberate, and you close your eyes
  234. >Every time he hits a nerve or tickles you a little too much, he breaths a very light breath of dragon flame on the spot
  235. >Fizzle nudges you over on your stomach and goes to work on your back
  236. >All the tension leaves your body as you discover just how good Fizzle is with his hands
  237. >Ponies have tried to give you rub downs but hooves or even magic is no substitute for a good set of fingers
  238. >He finds a tender knot a little south of your shoulder blade and you groan loudly
  239. >He stops, thinking he did something wrong, but you practically order he to keep rubbing
  240. >You can almost imagine his smile as he resumes
  241. >The room has a certain odor about it
  242. >Cedar mixed with cologne and perfume
  243. >You can only imagine what has happened in here before
  244. >Between Fancy Pants and who knows how many lovers
  245. >Or maybe just one?
  246. >Odd thing to think about but when you're getting a massage this good, you're thoughts have a mind of their own
  247. >You feel the entire years worth of stress melting into nothing as he works your muscles
  248. >Home? Family? What are those?
  249. >Annoying ponies? Vegetarian diet? Pfft, who cares?
  250. >All that matters is your dragon's hands and your back
  251. >And the occasional kiss he gives your neck
  252. >Fingers digging into the bed, you begin to guide him
  253. >A lower here, a higher there
  254. >And every time you relax, you feel his fire caress your bare flesh
  255. >Its hard not to fall asleep when he does that
  256. >Even your hard on is taking the hint and calming down
  257. >But just when you feel yourself drifting off, his claws are back at a different area
  258. >They're past your lower back
  259. >On your rear
  260. >You shiver as his nimble fingers dig into the tender flesh
  261. >You grab a pillow and begin to moan into it
  262. >Fizzle seems pleased and his fingers get a little closer to your hole
  263. >Then recede to your hips and squeeze and play with you there
  264. >Only to find themselves in your inner thighs and brushing slightly into your sack
  265. >You squirm and buck your legs a little
  266. >He climbs up on you and sits on your back legs, keeping you pinned
  267. >His cushioned rear is on the underside of your knees
  268. >Even there it manages to feel great
  269. >"If...this is...t-too much...just say so, Anon"
  270. >You nod into the pillow and whimper for him to keep going
  271. >You don't see him nod
  272. >Or move
  273. >But you feel him part your ass cheeks
  274. >And something warm and silky push between them
  275. >You gasp suddenly and nearly rip the pillow wide open
  276. >Fizzle's tongue snakes around the edges of your hole and prods its way in
  277. >Your eyes go wide and you consider stopping him
  278. >It feels so weird and yet
  279. >Yet
  280. >As he pushes past your opening, warmth and pleasure ignite in your neithers
  281. >Your back arches for a moment before you fall to the bed, gasping and pleading for him not to stop
  282. >He doesn't disappoint
  283. >Not one bit
  284. >When his fiery breath slithers in and around your rump you nearly lose it
  285. >You cry out his name
  286. >Along with a few choice words you can't remember
  287. >Whatever they were, it fuels his fire and you feel his silky tongue push deeper into you
  288. >He grabs your hips with his hands
  289. >Claws dig deep into your flesh
  290. >His muzzle pushes between your cheeks to let his tongue go deeper
  291. >Blue flame escapes his nostrils with every breath
  292. >You reflexively clench your ass around his muzzle and he pulls it back with his claws
  293. >Where did he learn to do this!?
  294. >Soon enough, his tongue finds exactly what it was looking for
  295. >You swear you go blind for a moment
  296. >The pleasure shoots up your spine like lightning
  297. >Your cock hardens and pushes into the bed
  298. >Your legs fight back against his weight, your entire body spasms from the overwhelming sensations
  299. >it's like nothing you've ever felt before
  300. >His tongue snaps out of you for a second
  301. >"T-tell me...wh-when? OK?"
  302. >You're panting too hard and too dizzy for words
  303. >But you manage a nod
  304. >And he's right back where he left off
  305. >The room is beginning to spin
  306. >You're seeing stars
  307. >You feel something inside you pulsing and throbbing against the warm texture of Fizzle's eager tongue
  308. >Something inside you screams 'I'm having an orgasm' but its like nothing you ever experienced before
  309. >They never begin from...back there
  310. >You try to come back to earth
  311. >You swear you can actually see yourself on the bed with Fizzle's muzzle deep in your ass
  312. >You blink a few times
  313. >You only need a second
  314. >Just to...let him know...that you're really close
  315. >Comem on, Anon
  316. >You bite your lip
  317. >Somehow, someway, you manage to gasp out you're about to finish
  318. >Roughly, by Fizzle standards anyhow, he withdraws from your rear and flips you over
  319. >He plunges your length down his throat and suckles you like you've never been sucked before
  320. >Even the first time he went down on you, he didn't deep throat you this perfectly
  321. >Your eyes roll back into your head as the rest of your sex is immersed by him
  322. >With one near feral cry, your seed fills his muzzle
  323. >You've never came this hard before in your life
  324. >Spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum is expelled into Fizzle's maw
  325. >He gulps every bit of it eagerly
  326. >He even squeezes your balls after the first few spurts, ensuring every single drop makes it to his waiting lips
  327. >You swear for a minute your heart stopped beating
  328. >That with one thunderous orgasm your time in Equestria is over
  329. >But, with a sharp intake of air, you feel your chest pounding like a jackhammer
  330. >Senses are coming back one at a time
  331. >Like you're entire body shut down and is restarting each vital one at a time
  332. >You can feel smooth scales against your skin
  333. >And hear the raspy breaths of a tired dragon
  334. >When you can finally see again
  335. >Fizzle's face is above yours
  336. >He's beaming with pride
  337. >"I...I'm glad you liked it...Anon...I've...really wanted that..."
  338. >You pull him on top of you for the tightest hug you can manage
  339. >He giggles and hugs back
  340. >You thank him over and over
  341. >Your whole body is trembling against his
  342. >You....really can't stay like this so you pull the both of you onto the bed
  343. >Fizzle nestles his head on your shoulder
  344. >"Was it really.....that good?"
  345. >You nod and pet his puffy pink scales
  346. >He pulls himself tighter to you
  347. >"I....Anon...I....really...really think I...I chest feels really funny..."
  348. >He closes his eyes and looks away
  349. >Your head is swimming but you manage to give him a reasurring squeeze
  350. >"I'll....tell you later...I'm sorry..."
  351. >You kiss his forehead
  352. >He sniffles a little and wipes his eyes
  353. >What's with all the almost-crying lately?
  354. >Especially after...all that
  355. >You wish you could think a little better but you're barely able to breathe without effort
  356. >The room is getting darker, both from the night taking over the sky and your exhaustion hitting you like a
  357. brick
  358. >Just as sleep finally begins to take you from this world
  359. >You feel your stomach 5 feet above the rest of your body
  360. >Then everything not nailed down rattles agaisnt the floor
  361. >Fizzle yelps and tightens his arms around you
  362. >You're both wide fucking awake now
  363. >You tell him you think you're almost home
  364. >"'s home now, right?"
  365. >You chuckle and say yes
  366. >"S-sorry I keep asking...Anon, I'ts just...doesn't feel real yet"
  367. >You understand and give him another squeeze
  368. >You tell him it'll be real enough when you make waffles
  369. >"Waffles...? Oh oh yea! Waffles! Those are great, bros love waffles right? So course we want those! Bro....fuls of waffles!"
  370. >You laugh really hard
  371. >Fizzle has no idea what a waffle is you know it
  372. >He seems to realize this and he pouts
  373. >You give him a noogie and say you'll take him to the waffle and ice cream place when you land
  374. >His tail wags and he smiles...before he asks what ice cream is
  375. >The room lurches forward again, and the both of you are launched from the bed to the floor
  376. >Assuming Rarity doesn't kill everyone when she lands...looks like you have a date
  377. >Or whatever you wanna call it when a guy takes his best dragon out for waffles for the first time
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