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  5. 1.  There was no civilization that preceded the Mayas.
  6. 2.  The Lord was the political center of the Mayan civilization.
  7. 3.  They viewed the Kings like their gods.
  8. 4.   The Mayans were very centralized because they revolved around a main supreme ruler and had systems or hierarchy which kept order in the states.
  9. 5.  It was because they believed the gods created the world many times and could destroy it whenever they wanted to. They were very accurate about years (365 days a year)
  10. 6.   They use sacrificial methods to appease the gods for fertile land and keep the earth going.
  11. 7.  The Mayan empire declined because there might have been an ecological catastrophe where the resources ran out, also, there were some debates that there were invasions from other civilizations, or the people had revolted from harsh rule.
  12. 8.  The Aztecs first saw a significant “sign”. They saw an eagle on a cactus with a serpent in its mouth. They then founded the city of Tenochtitan. After the city was formed they dominated the city near by called Tlateloclo. Then they created an alliance with 2 other cities named Texcoco and Tlacopan and dominated the entire area. Thus leading to the Aztec Empire.
  13. 9.  The tributes the Aztecs demanded were crops and manufactured items like textiles, rabbit fur, blankets, embroidered clothes, jewelry, obsidian knives, and rubber balls.  
  14. 10. They view their leaders as a man with absolute power with multiple wives, and as good as the gods. So did the Mayans and Incas.
  15. 11. The Aztec government was a regional type. They had no elaborated bureaucracy or administration. They let local leaders run the new conquered areas and only demanded tribute.
  16. 12.  The Aztecs became more brutal because the lower class people kept rebelling so there were more sacrifices on the altars.
  17. 13. Theses Empires were pretty advanced in agricultural farming because they had irrigational systems from the rivers and built island like lands on lakes, called chinampas, to keep crops from going dry.
  18. 14. The Aztec empire began in 1345 when the city of Tenochtitlan was built by the Mexicas. In the 1500’s the Aztec empire fell because of the stresses caused by the rise of the pipltins. The terror that they caused also contributed to the fall of the empire.
  19. 15. The Aztecs practiced long distance commercial trade. They traded luxury items such as translucent jade, emeralds, tortoise shells, jaguar skins, parrot feathers, seashells, and game animals.
  20. 16. They Incas lived near a lake called Lake Titicaca near the Andes Mountains, and settled in a city named Cuzco, which was their capital. This aided in protection because it protected them from foreign invaders. But the mountains prevent interaction with other civilization.
  21. 17. The Incan civilization was very centralized because they a great bureaucratic system and administration all over the empire.
  22. 18. The Aztecs honored the dead and mummified them. They treated them as intermediaries with the gods, paraded in public during festivals, offered food and gifts, and consulted on important matters by special oracles.
  23. 19. Split inheritance is when all the political power and titles of the ruler went to his successor but all his palaces, wealth, land, and possessions remained in the hands of his male descendants, who used them to support the cult of the dead Inca’s mummy for eternity.  
  24. 20. Parallel descent is when Male lineage is passed down to males and female lineage is passed down to females.
  25. 21.
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