Amazing New World - 24

Aug 10th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Amazing New World ~ Thanks to Markues &

Characters in this chapter:

Hoseung (Mc) Chief Single
[N/A] (Fmc) Team Leader Single Parent
Sook Young (Sook) Employee Fiancee
Nasori (Blonde) Employee Sugar's Girlfriend
Juwan (Sugar) Assistant Manager Blonde's Boyfriend
[N/A] (Glasses) Fmc's Secretary Fiancee

Chapter - 24

Fmc's apartment

Fmc is looking at a video recorded from Blonde and Sugar trough Blonde's mobile, Sugar is asking her if she's crazy, she tells him to stop nagging because it's already done, he tells how it's something big and it might be dangerous. She says how he doesn't have to worry about this because she'll not be caught.

Fmc frowns looking at the video asking what Blonde didn't take.

Mc's and Sook's Residence Mc x Sook

Mc and Sook have a little chat after reaching their home, Mc leaves her wishing her to pass a good night, Sook stops him saying 'Ajeossi' ('아저씨' middle-aged man, elder male, uncle, mister, gentleman) she asks him if they can have a chat later because she feels safe with him, he tells how she can see whenever she wants it, she looks at him then smile knowing there is someone willing to listen to her.

Title Drop

Mc's apartment Mc x Sook

Mc is lying down on his bed and can't sleep, he stands up and takes a beer in his fridge when he suddenly hears someone knocking on his door, he asks who it is then open the door to see Sook in her 'pajama' making a cute / shy face. She gives him back his mantle, he's surprised and tells her how he wasn't in hurry to retrieve it and to slow down a bit, she notices the beer can he has in his hand and asks him if he was drinking, he tells how he can't sleep then he took a beer. She tells him how she can't sleep too and asks him if he can listen to her story right now, Mc's taken a back and asks her if it's must be right now, he looks at her expression then accept and invites her in.

She looks around at Mc's place while he's putting away his coat, she tells him how she didn't think his apartment will be this clean, Mc rubs his head happy after hearing her 'praise' then think about something and quickly hide his 'used tissues' and tells to sit down near his bed.

She's sitting on the floor laying her back against his bed, Mc narrates how she told him about her situation which he had only vaguely known.. She told him about her boyfriend wanting to marry her quite early, but the guy was poor as fuck and can't affort to pay for a weeding so she rejects until they got a nice and stable job.

Mc continues saying how after Sook finally got a job her boyfriend had an accident and was hospitalized so the funds she painfully stock away for paying her weeding were used to pay the hospital expanse, but now she needs more money because she can't afford to pay it anymore.

Few can beers later, Suuk tells him how she applied for social assistance from the company and how she's waiting for it because it'll help her, Mc thinks about the paper he found in Blonde trashcan and narrates how because she isn't married with her boyfriend her demand will not be granted so he didn't tell her the truth because he didn't want to destroy her only hope..

She has a flushed face because she's a bit drunk and moves closer to Mc saying how everything will be fine because he'll take care of it, she leans her body against him asking him again if it'll be really okay and Mc tells how of course everything will be fine. She's happy saying how he's a good person and fells asleep on him.

Mc looks at her sleeping face and opens another beer saying how he's a 'fucking' good person (sarcastic way).. He narrates how this night the beast stayed asleep..

Sook's waking up on Mc's couch, she looks around and doesn't see Mc anywhere, she notices a can of honey water for her stomach (good guy) and a note on the can saying how he went to work and asks her to take care because she doesn't have to go to work.
(TLN: A bit weird here, earlier and now there was some talk about her being fired.. Dunno if it's true or not..)

Workplace MC x Glasses

Mc's walking in the office and notice Blonde, he looks at her thinking how there is something fishy here because no matter how the rank of Sook Young is low, it's normal to send the demand for application of medical expanse to the leader of the personnel team. he finally thinks how it looks more like a personal grudge..

Secretary shows up and tells him how Fmc want to see him, he's a bit startled by Sec sudden appearance but he tells her how he'll go see her right away..

Fmc's Office Fmc x Mc

Fmc is sitting on her her seat and looks at MC who is lightly bowing his head, she asks how was the night with his enemy and if he enjoyed it, Mc asks her if she really asked him to come to her office just for that he tells her to go to the point because they're both busy person. She tells him how she'll be blunt and says she asked him to come her to show him something, she shows him blonde sex tape with Sugar, Mc is surprised seeing the video and want to snatch the phone from Fmc's hand but she retracts her hand before he can grab it.. Sec suddenly enters in the office without no reason and close the door right away.. Fmc tells him how they can't discuss about it here because there is a lot of malicious eyes and ears here and MC asks her if they need to go to a quieter place looking at her ass..

To be continued..
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