Giantree Dream Diary Collection: 2017

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  1. January 21
  2. [06:06:10] <Giantree> dream diary:
  3. [06:06:20] <Giantree> worth noting 2 days ago i had one where the cat was a dog
  4. [06:06:27] <Giantree> same black fur and tummyrubs and everything
  5. [06:06:35] <Giantree> mostly not significant though
  6. [06:06:40] <Giantree> today on january 21st
  7. [06:06:46] <Giantree> i had a dream where i was in school again
  8. [06:07:00] <Giantree> it seemed like high school
  9. [06:07:37] <Giantree> because i was in an english class and the assignment was to write a story
  10. [06:07:44] <Giantree> and valkyries was the theme
  11. [06:07:45] <Giantree> like
  12. [06:07:52] <Giantree> norse mythology serve-mead-to-gods valkyries
  13. [06:08:05] <Giantree> and the class itself didn't cover any of that shit so nobody knew what valkyries were
  14. [06:08:10] <Giantree> and did half-assed googlejobs
  15. [06:08:53] <Giantree> and it was also mandated to draw the characters for your short story
  16. [06:08:57] <Giantree> for the assignment
  17. [06:09:01] <Giantree> so all the other students like
  18. [06:09:23] <Giantree> had stick figures `or REALLY UGLY attempts
  19. [06:09:37] <Giantree> i can vividly remember what they looked like too
  20. [06:09:47] <Giantree> disgusting lips and teeth, circle faces, big circle boobs
  21. [06:09:58] <Giantree> well anyway my own
  22. [06:10:14] <Giantree> had DETAILED art with full anime moeblobs that i painstakingly spent days drawing
  23. [06:10:24] <Giantree> and the characters all had cutesy names
  24. [06:10:30] <Giantree> one of them was "pamela," already lost the rest
  25. [06:10:57] <Giantree> and they were all neotenous lolibait
  26. [06:11:09] <Giantree> the story itself was adventure as fuck and i remembe rbeing proud of how hype it was
  27. [06:11:30] <Giantree> but now that i'm awake, in hindsight a lot of it read like some kind of fanfiction because i wanted to play up the moe of the characters
  28. [06:11:38] <Giantree> so we had to read them all to the class
  29. [06:11:40] <Giantree> and i was confident
  30. [06:11:44] <Giantree> that mine was objectively the best
  31. [06:11:54] <Giantree> on the day we got them graded, i got mine back
  32. [06:12:01] <Giantree> and it was a REALLY shitty grade
  33. [06:12:07] <Giantree> liek 22 points out of 140 or something
  34. [06:12:09] <Giantree> no explanation why
  35. [06:12:21] <Giantree> instead of asking my teacher what the fuck, i cried and ran out of the classroom
  36. [06:12:23] <Giantree> and quit school
  37. [06:12:54] <Giantree> and then i ran into the parking lot and i think there was a segment with car adventures because i drove a vehicle that would move forward even in reverse or park
  38. [06:12:59] <Giantree> but i don't remember that very well
  39. [06:13:03] <Giantree> so i'll skip most of it
  40. [06:13:09] <Giantree> also noteworthy: i went to sleep without pants
  41. [06:13:17] <Giantree> so by this point i was in my underwear in the dream
  42. [06:13:20] <Giantree> and didn't really care
  43. [06:13:39] <Giantree> i was on the run from my dad who would be angry when he found out i got a bad grade without caring how much effort i put in
  44. [06:13:50] <Giantree> and somewhere along the way
  45. [06:13:58] <Giantree> i ended up at a bookstore and read a mango
  46. [06:14:11] <Giantree> and it turned` out the character designs were almost exactly the same as my moe valkyries
  47. [06:14:15] <Giantree> e`ven though i never rea dit before
  48. [06:14:20] <Giantree> and that was mild frea
  49. [06:14:22] <Giantree> k
  50. [06:14:52] <Giantree> but the plot of that mango was kind of cool, like people coming out of a book or someshit
  51. [06:14:56] <Giantree> so anynway i kept escaping
  52. [06:15:00] <Giantree> and ended up at someone's house
  53. [06:15:07] <Giantree> and it ended up being some chick
  54. [06:15:12] <Giantree> who didn't mind me hiding out there
  55. [06:15:19] <Giantree> and she revealed that she was an esper
  56. [06:15:37] <Giantree> and began taletelling about how she escaped from a book or something
  57. [06:15:41] <Giantree> and was searching for her mom
  58. [06:15:51] <Giantree> and i started giving her a shoulder massage
  59. [06:15:57] <Giantree> and she was like "yeah, like that manga you read"
  60. [06:16:06] <Giantree> because she could read thoughts through contact i guess
  61. [06:16:12] <Giantree> and then her dad came in and saw me
  62. [06:16:17] <Giantree> and iw as like "yeah i'm just hiding here"
  63. [06:16:24] <Giantree> to imply i wasn't raping his daughter or anything
  64. [06:16:37] <Giantree> and he was like "i'm sure you are, but i still don't want half-naked guys in my house"
  65. [06:16:45] <Giantree> and i was like yeah ok and went back to my half-working car
  66. [06:16:52] <Giantree> now knowing that i had a chuunibyou adventure to help with
  67. [06:17:01] <Giantree> oh and i put on clothes that were with me there in the house
  68. [06:17:05] <Giantree> i don't know why i wasn't wearing them
  69. [06:17:07] <Giantree> and then i woke up
  71. March 10
  72. [11:16:14] <Giantree> ok it's been like an hour since i woke up
  73. [11:16:29] <Giantree> and i had the most vidya dream in a long time, so overwhelmingly vidya that i don't want to vidya anymore
  74. [11:16:35] <Giantree> which is saying something because i already didn't
  75. [11:16:47] <Giantree> but i will now attempt to dream diary it with what i remember
  76. [11:16:49] <Giantree> :
  77. [11:17:06] <Giantree> it started as a VN with dating sim elements
  78. [11:17:29] <Giantree> where i was about to snog one of the pegasus sisters from the first fire emblem (the youngest one)
  79. [11:17:40] <Giantree> but then it turned out she was actually the vessel for some ancient deity
  80. [11:17:46] <Giantree> who happened to have blue hair instead of pink
  81. [11:18:03] <Giantree> the dream conveniently forgot that i was romancing her at this point and i think i took over her perspective or something
  82. [11:18:05] <Giantree> or maybe i didn't
  83. [11:18:07] <Giantree> i dunno
  84. [11:18:12] <Giantree> but suddenly it was at a school
  85. [11:18:22] <Giantree> and each class at the school
  86. [11:18:30] <Giantree> was an mmo class
  87. [11:18:49] <Giantree> but it was like closers/dfo where each class corresponded to a certain character
  88. [11:18:53] <Giantree> and they had FUCKING WEIRD names
  89. [11:18:58] <Giantree> i don't remember a single one
  90. [11:19:09] <Giantree> only that they made no sense and were just supposed to sound as pretentious as possible
  91. [11:19:18] <Giantree> and each time you went into one you had to do a battle arena
  92. [11:19:22] <Giantree> until the period was over
  93. [11:19:52] <Giantree> so i was in homeroom and my teacher was the teacher from trales of coldsteel the hedgeheg
  94. [11:20:29] <Giantree> and both she and some fat chick in the class asked for my help to go upload/download stuff from a computer to a flash drive
  95. [11:20:35] <Giantree> but the thing was
  96. [11:20:41] <Giantree> the school layout was MASSIVE and labyrinthine
  97. [11:20:45] <Giantree> and they knew i was a new student
  98. [11:20:59] <Giantree> so i wandered forever trying to find the library where the computer was
  99. [11:21:06] <Giantree> fortunately there were computers not in the library too
  100. [11:21:07] <Giantree> like
  101. [11:21:12] <Giantree> literally in the middle of the hallways
  102. [11:21:28] <Giantree> [more shit that makes no sense]
  103. [11:21:34] <Giantree> uhhhhhh something about a volcano
  104. [11:22:14] <Giantree> i happened to run into students in the hall when i was getting lost trying to find the next class
  105. [11:22:27] <Giantree> one was a black chick with an afro i think
  106. [11:22:37] <Giantree> and she muttered something about johnny appleseed
  107. [11:22:49] <Giantree> and i - i was a qt animu grill btw - yelled back "oh, i'm johnny appleseed"
  108. [11:22:52] <Giantree> and she walked backwards
  109. [11:23:02] <Giantree> and i followed up with something like "it's because of my hair color"
  110. [11:23:08] <Giantree> which was white all of a sudden
  111. [11:23:25] <Giantree> and then i asked this chick to tell [teacher] that i got lost
  112. [11:23:32] <Giantree> i think that was what it was
  113. [11:23:41] <Giantree> and i continued doing computer stuff in the middle of the hallway
  114. [11:23:47] <Giantree> and then tried to find my next class
  115. [11:23:59] <Giantree> [nondescript fast-forward]
  116. [11:24:03] <Giantree> i guess i learned
  117. [11:24:10] <Giantree> transformation magic or something
  118. [11:24:17] <Giantree> and also i was velvet from tales of bears suddenly
  119. [11:24:32] <Giantree> so i turned into the teacher from trales of coldsteel
  120. [11:24:38] <Giantree> as a prank bro or something
  121. [11:24:47] <Giantree> but then couldn't turn back
  122. [11:24:54] <Giantree> but i was next to a mirror and velvet was still in the mirror
  123. [11:25:06] <Giantree> and it turned out i was affected by a spoopy curse
  124. [11:25:12] <Giantree> so i got on a broom and flew through the roof
  125. [11:25:20] <Giantree> and had a badass shounen battle with a giant skeleton monster
  126. [11:25:25] <Giantree> that represented the curse i guess
  127. [11:26:19] <Giantree> and eventually did some animu/jrpg shit where i flew straight up in the air and then slammed the cursemonster down on the ground so hard that he shot through the earth and got roasted alive or someshit i don't even know that one was so animulike i have no idea what was happening there
  128. [11:26:34] <Giantree> and then when i was done i landed in a body of water nearby
  129. [11:26:42] <Giantree> because the school was surrounded by a lake or somethihng
  130. [11:26:48] <Giantree> btw it turned out that it was also in hell
  131. [11:26:52] <Giantree> and i was a devil all along
  132. [11:27:01] <Giantree> not like, a surprise reveal, but just a sudden retcon
  133. [11:27:07] <Giantree> and it was like yeah w/ev
  134. [11:27:17] <Giantree> so i had the ability to breathe underwater
  135. [11:27:21] <Giantree> and also talk to sea creatures
  136. [11:27:22] <Giantree> which i did
  137. [11:27:26] <Giantree> and they were pretty bro
  138. [11:27:35] <Giantree> and helped me get out of the water and onto dry land
  139. [11:27:38] <Giantree> where i met a fox
  140. [11:27:42] <Giantree> who was also pretty bro
  141. [11:27:52] <Giantree> and i chatted with the fox on the way back to the school (which, suddenly, was also a tower)
  142. [11:28:07] <Giantree> and through dialogue, apparently i killed the headmaster of the school
  143. [11:28:09] <Giantree> who was evil
  144. [11:28:24] <Giantree> and this happened sometime between getting lost for classes and finding out i was cursed
  145. [11:28:44] <Giantree> and the fox was like "oh, did he get replaced with someone who was less evil?"
  146. [11:28:51] <Giantree> and i was like "nah we did a background check, he was evil too"
  147. [11:29:34] <Giantree> and the dream ended on a note where i made some quote like "the best part about being a devil is no matter how much evil you do, most of it ends up being good anyway"
  148. [11:29:38] <Giantree> or something that made sense in the dream
  149. [11:29:41] <Giantree> but doesn't make sense now
  150. [11:29:46] <Giantree> and i guess that was an actual conclusion
  151. [11:29:49] <Giantree> and i woke up satisfied
  152. [11:29:56] <Giantree> only now an hour later do i realize it didn't make any sense
  153. [11:30:01] <Giantree> p. weird
  155. March 11
  156. [23:17:38] <Giantree> OH GOOOOOOOOD
  157. [23:17:43] <Giantree> I REPRESSED IT ON PURPOSE
  158. [23:17:47] <Flamy> what
  160. [23:17:54] <Giantree> I HAD A DREAM THIS MORNING ABOUT BEING A TRAP
  161. [23:18:00] <Flamy> DEAR GOD WHAT
  162. [23:18:04] <Giantree> NOT EVEN A GOOD ONE
  164. [23:18:31] <Giantree> but then i ended up in the middle of a cultist party game
  165. [23:18:35] <Flamy> holy shit
  166. [23:18:45] <Giantree> like i think i was at... i want to say it was a mall or something?
  167. [23:18:56] <Flamy> dear god
  168. [23:19:13] <Giantree> and i was just walking through this big, crowded room when suddenly all the doors got locked
  169. [23:19:23] <Giantree> and everybody was magically wearing these black veils
  170. [23:19:34] <Giantree> and uh........ fuck i forgot the important part
  171. [23:19:52] <Giantree> good for you
  172. [23:19:57] <Giantree> no i think it was like
  173. [23:20:20] <Giantree> so i guess demons were involved or something
  174. [23:21:40] <Giantree> i just remember that i took my veil off first, which triggered a curse that made everybody in the room go blind
  175. [23:21:43] <Giantree> and they were pissed off at me
  176. [23:21:51] <Giantree> and then something something something i ended up solving it
  177. [23:21:53] <Giantree> BUT
  178. [23:21:59] <Giantree> WHILE I WAS SOLVING THE PUZZLE OF THE PARTY
  180. [23:22:14] <Giantree> AND SOMEONE STOLE THEM
  181. [23:22:17] <Giantree> AND I WAS FUCKING PISSED
  182. [23:22:20] <Giantree> and then i woke up i think
  183. [23:22:28] <Giantree> but i never stopped speaking in falsetto and pretending to be a cute grill
  184. [23:22:41] <Giantree> oh also i think i put my veil back on and everybody got uncursed?
  185. [23:22:45] <Giantree> and i just wore it
  186. [23:22:47] <Giantree> like cosplay
  187. [23:22:58] <Giantree> and i suppose i was a convincing trap
  188. [23:23:02] <Giantree> or just nobody cared to point it out
  189. [23:23:04] <Giantree> man it was weird
  190. [23:23:11] <MobileWK> The heartwarming story of a trap assassin, the girl he loves, the people who want him dead, and what's really important in life
  191. [23:23:19] <Giantree> beautiful
  192. [23:23:20] <Giantree> i like it
  193. [23:25:25] <Giantree> ... also i'm pretty sure i only went into that mall or whatever to get trap experience and be inconspicuous in public, hoping nobody would notice me
  194. [23:25:32] <Giantree> but thanks to the fiasco everybody did
  196. August 8
  197. somehow ended up in a vidya group consisting of randoms (most of them fat) and some dudes from high school
  198. they were hardcore speedrunners and other autistic shit, and would just sit around watching as one guy does a really sick run of some game by himself, but they were all able to be that one guy and switched off often
  200. oh they were really good at rhythm games too
  201. maybe that was all it was actually
  202. not speedrunning, just rhythm games
  203. none of them were trannies so that could be it
  205. eventually managed to sneak a glance at some social media page one of them left open and it listed the group's schedule for the whole next week
  206. and it said they were all going to play Closers (called 'Closer' in dreamworld)
  207. they didn't invite me - like usual - but since i play that i asked a dude if he wanted me to show their group how to play it and he reluctantly said ok so i gave him my referral code (lol)
  209. turns out in this dreamversion of this game, when you refer somebody you get to see the end result of their character creation as soon as you log in, complete with their character's name and a button to immediately add them to your friends list
  210. stalkercore
  211. emailing this to every gook mmo dev now
  213. it was not just that group, but like, the little sisters of the members of that group who used that code too, and i apparently knew some of them i guess because one of them showed me a school project she did that was based on pripara and i was like "nice taste"
  214. her character also looked exactly like satoko from higurashi for some reason
  216. later i was checking their sick guitar hero controller which was like, one of those triple-neck guitars or whatever they're called
  217. and then i popped in a copy of ephemeral fantasia (gj dream-me) into their ps2 and was about to play shit on it when one of the fat guys from the group was like "let me try" so i did
  218. he then proceeded to play woods energy but unlike the actual song ingame it was trippy as fuck and sounded like some ayy lmao shit i'm not even capable of describing, where he would move his hand at inhuman speeds across all the necks of the guitar while playing it
  220. that's it
  222. midday update:
  223. 4chan updates in favor of making all posts voice instead of text
  224. images don't change, but you now have to record your shitpost audibly and viewers hear them as they scroll down
  226. attorney online (good lord why did i ever bother with that shit) does the same, in a sort of VR environment where you get to visually see yourself as your character too, as do others
  227. but because the community is so horrible, nobody speaks english and literally everybody who plays it speaks fluent japanese, meaning you're not even allowed to play if you don't, plus characters are referred to by their original japanese names (of course)
  229. and before each case, people literally stand in line auditioning for each character and there's a machine everybody else in the round uses to vote for who they want to actually play that character
  230. which sort of sounds like justice but it's no surprise that it ends up devolving into circlejerk, ie. "always vote for your friend" every round
  231. and because there's little order or moderation, nobody even really plays the game, and they just hang in lobbies as their favorite character and shitpost
  233. what the fuck
  235. October 23
  236. Akatsuki no Kiseki gets released in the west, renamed "Trails of the Way"
  237. may have actually been "Trales," like that one rean coldsteel image, so it may have been referring to Tales instead
  238. in the dream it was on a ps4(?) home screen with a bunch of other rectangles advertising hot new games
  240. however it turns out, hours later, that Akatsuki no Kiseki IS getting localized... in Chinese
  241. the coincidence is too great to deny the clairvoyant powers any longer
  243. October 30
  244. Some guy in modern(?) earth is traversing the wilderness looking for these abandoned towers, all of which have a "maiden" in them, presumably because he wants to fuck them all like Rance but in a less personalitiful way
  245. He finds one, fucks her for a while, moves on to search for the next one, etc.- no explanation as to how they survive alone in there
  247. Eventually while fucking one of the fine bitches his consciousness warps to some space where there's another dude who starts talking to him, and when the protag(?) expresses confusion the guy explains that they're in a place called "fuckspace," which can only be reached while two people are having sexual intercourse with two tower maidens at the same time
  248. He also reveals that the fuckspace was used by a military (no mention of which one) during the world wars in order to transmit confidential information from spies about the enemies' formations and such without there being any way for said enemies to intercept it, because all the towers were guarded and didn't seem to have anything inside them
  250. There may or may not have been a followup where another war starts and suddenly the fuckspace is relevant again, but nearly everyone in the world (including military higher-ups) had forgotten about its existence and/or never knew in the first place, so it's up to the protag to save the people of [country] by fucking fine bitches and doing military espionage at the same time
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