Under the Sea Kain't Be Playing In Your Head... Or Kain It?

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  1. [12:37:10] <Kain> The sun rises on a new day! It's a bit before noon, and you've all met up once more to discuss your next move and get underway.
  2. [12:37:18] <Kain> T-89 seems to be present as well.
  3. [12:37:33] <Thetina> (Doesn't bit before noon mean no longer thetina? :P)
  4. [12:38:27] * Natbuncle is in catform! How she managed to drag Ammy is an adventure that would take too long to tell, but it probably involved firing some laser beams through windows and sother terrible shit.
  5. [12:40:42] * Amaryllis probably made a breakfast on the airship with smoked salmon benedict or other stuff with fish if it's this late when we're meeting up.
  6. [12:41:06] <Kain> This is the START of day three!
  7. [12:41:22] <Kain> I came off badly when I mentioned this before.
  8. [12:45:38] * Amaryllis knocks at the inn door to announce her presence, then opuses the door opening, her hands full with a tray full of breakfast for everyone, well, everyone who hasn't already eaten by almost-noon. "Good morning all." She walks in and sets it on a table.
  9. [12:45:46] <Amaryllis> *open
  10. [12:46:04] * Lenore waves, along with her new staff~
  11. [12:46:35] <Thetina> "Mornin'," she calls out, doodling in the sketchbook.
  12. [12:46:36] * Natbuncle probably enters at this point on Ammy's shoulder or something, since it's silly to think she of all people would wait at the inn much less be able to FIND it by herself.
  13. [12:46:37] * Amaryllis is wearing an outfit much like this btw.
  14. [12:47:52] * Lenore is wearing a...what do you even call this zoof you crafted it
  15. [12:48:09] <Natbuncle> INCOMING BIKINI ARMOR
  16. [12:48:39] <Kain> T-89: "Good morning, I'm T-89 as most of you probably remember. I'll be accompanying the four of you for the forseeable future."
  17. [12:49:00] <Natbuncle> "3Hi!"
  18. [12:49:00] <Thetina> LOINCLOTH OF THE PIRATE HOOKER - no just kidding.  Resilliant Mage's Robes.
  19. [12:49:33] * Lenore nods, sporting her NEW RESILIENT MAGE'S ROBES. "Nice to see you again, Addy~! I look forward to working with you~!"
  20. [12:50:10] <Kain> She nods, her expression rather neutral.
  21. [12:50:19] * Thetina seems a bit confused by the white and black robes but shrugs it off.  "Which begs the question, where the heck we off to first anyway?"
  22. [12:50:42] <Natbuncle> "3Add- ooh, that's different than what I wrote down.  Oops, guess I messed up~"  The cat springs up and rolls lazily onto a bed.
  23. [12:51:17] <Kain> Prickles :<'s at 'the four of you'.
  24. [12:51:39] <Amaryllis> "Accomanying us?" Ammy begins passing around plates of breakfast. "Well, if Theta has explained to you all the dangers thereof, then I suppose that is a choice for the two of you to make."
  25. [12:52:02] * Natbuncle pads over and uses Mr. Prickles likc a pillow.
  26. [12:52:09] * Amaryllis has a bit more spring in her step than you're used to seeing her, even when dealing with food, and she hums to herself as she pours out tea for everyone.
  27. [12:52:21] <Kain> Squibble squibble squibble!
  28. [12:52:29] <Kain> He holds extremely still.
  29. [12:53:13] <Natbuncle> Nat probsbly stole a bit of food earlier but still can't resist, morphing back into girlform to get some.  In doing so she tries to focus just a LITTLE bit on the technique Shiva taught her, but it probably looks really silly since she's doing it while pricklepillowing.
  30. [12:53:25] <Thetina> "She knows; I asked her because I knew she could handle it."  If there's a plate short like there probs was last night she just sits it between the two of them to share.
  31. [12:53:26] <Amaryllis> "Do not forget Mr. Prickles. Or Valerian. We've grown to quite a company here."
  32. [12:53:50] <Kain> T-89: "Yes, yes. All of you. So, as Theta asked, where ARE we going?"
  33. [12:54:03] <Kain> T-89: "First, I mean."
  34. [12:54:11] <Lenore> "Daguerro!"
  35. [12:54:14] <Natbuncle> "More help's better than less help~"  Chomp munch.  "... Nn, good point though."
  36. [12:54:17] <Natbuncle> "Ammy, where ARE we going?"
  37. [12:54:20] <Amaryllis> "I've made arrangements with Leviathan for us to receive his blessing." She nods at Lenore.
  38. [12:54:57] <Thetina> "Oh. Right. Drowning."  Sort of thing that just slips the mind you know?
  39. [12:55:52] <Kain> T-89: "Prudent enough."
  40. [12:56:23] <Amaryllis> "We will need either to take an airship or find someone else who is capable of teleporting there, however." Ammy turns to Nat. "You still have not recalled enough memories of the place to go there yourself, have you?"
  41. [12:56:33] * Lenore eats the dish Ammy brought as WELL as some Beef Pierogis for a +4 Pwr
  42. [12:57:24] * Thetina also has tofu and sashimi to well as hot dogs.
  43. [12:57:29] * Amaryllis probably got woken up early by a dumb cat and her lasers, so she's drinking both her voice-enhancing herbal tea and her stormwatchers' coffee to wake up.
  44. [12:58:02] <Natbuncle> "Um..."  Nat eats rainbow rolls because she's confusing them for whatever Ammy actually made.  Or maybe is just really hungry.  "Actually, I dunno!  I could try anyway?"
  45. [12:58:26] <Amaryllis> "Might be too risky."
  46. [12:58:38] <Thetina> So 89 gets the fishy food. And eh why not Thetina scarfs down a hot dog.
  47. [12:59:02] <Thetina> "We'll end up in the middle of the ocean with our luck."
  48. [12:59:05] <Natbuncle> "Well Teleport's easy!  If it doesn't work it just... doesn't work."
  49. [12:59:19] <Natbuncle> "I don't think it sends us to the wrong place or blows us up or anything... then again I've never had it not work."
  50. [12:59:23] <Natbuncle> "So that's just a guess, teehee~"
  51. [12:59:37] <Lenore> "Couldn't we just ask Noah for a ride?"
  52. [12:59:42] <Amaryllis> "While we are there though..." Ammy sits down and fishes out her journal, flipping through some notes. "I might note that Ayane is staying in Daguerreo. Alone, as far as I know. I have the workings of a plan to take her prisoner, but it may be prudent to do some scouting first."
  53. [12:59:46] <Amaryllis> "We could, yes."
  54. [12:59:55] <Amaryllis> "Teleporting is of course faster."
  55. [13:00:01] * Natbuncle perks up at 'scouting.' Kyaaa.
  56. [13:01:15] <Kain> T-89: "If you plan on taking her prisoner you'll likely need a longer period than what it sounds like we're staying."
  57. [13:01:39] <Kain> T-89: "How are you keeping track of her?"
  58. [13:01:44] * Natbuncle munch munch chomp, pulling out the diary with a free hand, flipping through it while pseudo-listening.
  59. [13:01:49] * Amaryllis shakes her head. "Once we begin acting, we will have only a few minutes to take her."
  60. [13:02:04] <Thetina> "Alone.  Just.  Hanging out there.  Is she even trying anymore?  I don't get it."
  61. [13:02:20] <Thetina> (Pssst Kain what the heck do hot dogs actually DO)
  62. [13:02:25] <Kain> Oh right
  63. [13:02:30] <Natbuncle> (Auto-Zell)
  64. [13:03:34] <Lenore> "Ammy put a Mark on her, I think, right?"
  65. [13:03:35] <Amaryllis> "She is conducting research." Ammy sighs. "And making plans for new year's." She turns to Adenine. "I have marked her with magic and can see through her eyes and compel her to act against her will, though it is tiring, and I cannot sustain it for long periods of time."
  66. [13:03:51] <Amaryllis> "It is called a Mark of Domination, yes." Ammy sips at her coffee.
  67. [13:04:11] <Kain> Tier 7, Party Effect, Res+2, Overdrive.
  68. [13:04:14] <Natbuncle> "So this is... where we met Levvie, right?  If I just think about what he looks like I MIGHT be able to take us there," Nat interrupts, "'Cause I remember THAT much.  I mean, as long as you know he'll be there..."
  69. [13:04:23] <Kain> There's enough for three uses.
  70. [13:04:31] <Thetina> (hahahaha holy shit)
  71. [13:04:37] <Lenore> (^^^)
  72. [13:04:38] <Natbuncle> (god damn)
  73. [13:04:40] <Amaryllis> "That is why I wish to do scouting first, because we must all have a plan in mind and act swiftly if we are to pull this off."
  74. [13:04:49] <Thetina> (Guys do we eat hot dogs or save these)
  75. [13:05:05] <Amaryllis> (I'm keeping my element-proofs for today thank you very much~)
  76. [13:05:06] <Natbuncle> (probs best saved for BIGASS BOSSES)
  77. [13:05:07] <Lenore> (Well I mean, they override all our other food slots right?)
  78. [13:05:16] <Lenore> (If not, then I would, though)
  79. [13:05:22] <Natbuncle> (I don't think they do, do they?)
  80. [13:05:22] <Kain> (It'd only use one character's food slot)
  81. [13:05:25] <Kain> (Because party effect)
  82. [13:05:28] <Natbuncle> (^)
  83. [13:05:40] <Lenore> (Oh.  Shit.)
  84. [13:05:48] <Lenore> (And we have three of them)
  85. [13:05:48] <Natbuncle> (I'd flip a table or two because it'd bean I'd have to recalc everyone's HP baaaaawwwww)
  86. [13:05:50] <Lenore> (Uh.)
  87. [13:05:53] <Natbuncle> (still good though)
  88. [13:05:53] <Lenore> (Why not?)
  89. [13:06:05] <Thetina> (Cause we -could- save them for later.)
  90. [13:06:06] <Lenore> (It's just +20 you silly)
  91. [13:06:11] <Kain> T-89: "And you're planning to do all of this today?"
  92. [13:06:21] <Kain> T-89: "While also worrying about this other errand?"
  93. [13:06:24] <Amaryllis> (I am sooo gonna make 4 sets of double-element proof with party effect or something and we can romp around being immune to everything)
  94. [13:06:30] <Natbuncle> "Why not?"  Chomp~ ♥
  95. [13:06:45] <Thetina> (Eh we'll save them.)
  96. [13:06:55] * Thetina eats tofu along with the breakfast meal they are splitting
  97. [13:07:12] <Amaryllis> "The kidnapping? No. Merely scouting. If I can acquaint myself with Daguerreo's layout, it will allow me to better refine my planning for a future date."
  98. [13:07:20] <Kain> Adenine nods then.
  99. [13:07:36] <Natbuncle> "Ohh, I get it."  Nat flips the diary closed.  "So should I try it?"
  100. [13:07:40] <Kain> T-89: "When are we leaving?"
  101. [13:08:30] <Thetina> "Forget the snagging her, where the heck do you even plan on keeping her? She's surely gotta know how to escape herself being what she taught Adenine and the rest on her own. yeah I guess later for that."
  102. [13:09:00] <Amaryllis> "As soon as everyone finishes eating and we can agree on how to leave. I could ask Noah, or we can return to the Black Mage Village and ask a favor of someone who knows teleport there." Ammy turns to Nat. "Sorry Nat, it's simply a matter of safety."
  103. [13:09:08] <Natbuncle> "Okaaaaaaaay."  :<
  104. [13:09:35] <Amaryllis> "I was going to send a letter to Regent Cid requesting use of his anti-magic prisons. As long as no one crashes silver dragons into them, they should hold her just fine." Ammy takes out and waves an envelope.
  105. [13:10:59] <Amaryllis> "And besides." Ammy looks down at her notes and sighs, shaking her head. "My plan involves relieving her of her..." She sighs again. "magical undergarments. We know not whether she can performmagic without those."
  106. [13:11:07] <Thetina> "That's a pretty big if considering who she shacks up with and how well that turned out last time, buuuuut alright?"
  107. [13:11:23] <Thetina> "Pretty much would have to be Noah or Elizabeth then," she shrugs as she finishes up the food.
  108. [13:11:30] <Kain> T-89: "She can't, but she mime it. Magic isn't her only forte. She's also a tinkerer. Take care when constructing her prison. You may need to think this out more."
  109. [13:12:14] <Amaryllis> (how long is it from here to BMV anyway?)
  110. [13:12:23] <Natbuncle> (100 of my MP)
  111. [13:12:29] <Kain> Roughly forty-five minutes to an hour on chocobo.
  112. [13:12:35] <Amaryllis> "We'll speak more on the matter later."
  113. [13:12:59] <Natbuncle> "This sure is a lot of planning for one thing," Nat rubs her forehead.  "But... okay.  Any things we should be doing now, Ammy?"
  114. [13:13:08] <Thetina> (or 100 MP.)
  115. [13:13:19] <Amaryllis> "For now...Shall I ask Noah? He only just arrived in town, but he is used to living on the move after all."
  116. [13:13:35] <Thetina> "I guess it's a question of what's gonna get us there quicker."
  117. [13:13:46] * Amaryllis also wouldn't mind getting to spend more time with him on the trip there, but she doesn't bring that up~
  118. [13:14:15] * Natbuncle is thinking the same thing Ammy is, but unlike Ammy it's much more obvious with how she's grinning.
  119. [13:14:27] * Amaryllis shoots Nat a look.
  120. [13:14:27] <Natbuncle> Well, a SIMILAR thing.
  121. [13:14:29] <Natbuncle> Whatevs.
  122. [13:14:35] * Natbuncle grins bigger.
  123. [13:15:04] <Kain> Nat certainly isn't able to teleport to Daguerreo at present.
  124. [13:15:13] <Amaryllis> "Do we even know if Elizabeth is free now? I've not spoken with her since we arrived in Madain Sari."
  125. [13:15:25] <Natbuncle> "Well, c'mon!"  Bunky finishes scarfing the food down.  "Let's go ask then!"
  126. [13:15:30] <Lenore> "We could  just ask!"
  127. [13:16:05] <Amaryllis> (how long would it take by airship to get to Daguerreo anyway?)
  128. [13:16:05] <Thetina> "...She didn't seem that occupied last I saw her.  But I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Nat has to teleport back to the the love ship?"
  129. [13:16:32] <Natbuncle> "The what sh- ... ohhhhhh."
  130. [13:16:54] * Amaryllis sighs and crosses her arms, frowning.
  131. [13:17:00] * Natbuncle just teehees.
  132. [13:18:08] <Amaryllis> "Shall we get going then?" Ammy downs the rest of her coffee and tea.
  133. [13:18:16] * Lenore nodnods! "Ready to go!"
  134. [13:18:16] <Kain> Adenine seems content to let Nat use her MP.
  135. [13:18:17] <Natbuncle> "Well, let's go ask someone-" Nat rolls forward and lands in catform, climbing onto the cactuar's back.  "3But hey Prickly, gimme a ride, 'kay?  Thanks~"
  136. [13:18:30] <Kain> Prickles: "O-okay."
  137. [13:18:45] <Kain> Prickles :<'s and stands up, trying to do his best. Oh god, wobble wobble.
  138. [13:18:52] <Natbuncle> That's assuming we're just walking instead of teleporting, if we're actually doing the latter it's port circle and THEN that.
  139. [13:18:53] <Kain> NAT'S PROBABLY BIGGER THAN HE IS AAH
  140. [13:19:02] <Kain> So, where to?
  141. [13:19:04] <Natbuncle> NO THEY'RE LIKE THE SAME SIZE DUDE
  142. [13:19:05] <Natbuncle> ...
  143. [13:19:10] <Natbuncle> actually she is a few inches bigger yeah
  144. [13:20:20] <Amaryllis> I think we're going to BMV it sounds like?
  145. [13:20:21] <Natbuncle> 1d2 1 noahship 2 elesbabeth
  146. [13:20:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, 1 noahship 2 elesbabeth: 2 [1d2=2]
  147. [13:20:25] <Thetina> (I think the idea is check BMV for a teleport jump, if that fails then noah)
  148. [13:20:26] <Kain> NOAH OR BLACK MAGE VILLAGE
  149. [13:20:30] <Kain> Okay then
  150. [13:20:30] <Natbuncle> ok before transforming, nat teleport circles
  151. [13:20:35] <Kain> VOOP
  152. [13:20:37] <Natbuncle> and THEN rides prix
  153. [13:20:48] <Kain> You all end up in Black Mage Village.
  154. [13:21:15] * Natbuncle doesn't even give a fuck like she would have given in a bigger city, leaving her fur green and exposing her Ruby for everyone to see~
  155. [13:21:23] <Amaryllis> If there's a Moogle on the way to Elizabeth's, then Ammy's gonna drop that letter to Cid off with them.
  156. [13:21:24] * Lenore skips on over to Bebe's house, since presumably that's where Lizzy is staying~
  157. [13:21:27] <Natbuncle> Well it's still in a tiara.
  158. [13:21:27] <Kain> Things are quiet this time of day, only a few people are out and about. Mr. 529 waves at the party while sitting on a rocking chair.
  159. [13:21:40] <Kain> Ammy leaves a letter with the moogles.
  160. [13:21:41] <Natbuncle> And 'cat in a tiara' probably looks weird as fuck to anyone.
  161. [13:21:42] * Thetina waves back at him! :D
  162. [13:21:55] <Thetina> And then yes to Bebe's place
  163. [13:21:59] * Natbuncle waves a paw too despite having no clue who the fuck he is.
  164. [13:22:26] <Kain> T-89: "I've noticed him before when I was here earlier, is he actually a surviving black mage?"
  165. [13:22:33] <Kain> She says as you hurry on.
  166. [13:22:57] * Lenore waves to him as well~. "I think he is, but he's the only one! He's weird like that."
  167. [13:23:05] <Thetina> "He's one of the last.  They all tended to have quirks.  A few were lucky that theirs were...long life."
  168. [13:23:19] <Kain> You get over to Bebe's house/workshop.
  169. [13:23:23] <Thetina> "Walt is one of them too, but he's...a bit different.  I think he accidently achieved what I want to for all of you."
  170. [13:23:34] <Kain> ... Hm. The front door's locked.
  171. [13:23:43] <Kain> No signs of life... oh, wait a minute.
  172. [13:23:44] * Lenore knocks!
  173. [13:23:45] <Kain> There's a note.
  174. [13:23:52] * Natbuncle extends a claw.
  175. [13:23:54] <Lenore> ...after reading th enote.
  176. [13:23:59] <Amaryllis> OPUS THE DOOR OP- oh okay let's read the note instead
  177. [13:24:10] <Kain> "Traveling abroad with my siblings. Will be back soon. - Bebe"
  178. [13:24:40] <Kain> Seems like he actually did leave to go find the other three.
  179. [13:24:46] <Kain> Wonder where the girls ended up, then?
  180. [13:24:55] <Kain> ...Well, no one seems to be here.
  181. [13:24:56] * Natbuncle stands up ont op of Prickles. "3Huh, weren't the others staying here?"
  182. [13:25:11] <Thetina> "...Hahaha oh dear.  She's gonna be pissed at me if she ended up having to take all them with her."
  183. [13:25:33] <Amaryllis> "All them?"
  184. [13:25:47] <Lenore> "...maybe we should ask Mikoto...?"
  185. [13:25:51] <Natbuncle> "3Uh... maybe they're still inside anyway?"
  186. [13:26:09] * Natbuncle doesn't really get this whole humanoid process of not-being-home.
  187. [13:26:14] <Thetina> "Yeah...a few days ago I found more of the girls with Ayane and convinced them to come here.  It's a long story."
  188. [13:26:18] <Thetina> "Oh. Right. Ambrosia."
  189. [13:26:24] <Thetina> "She was with Mikoto last we left her."
  190. [13:26:35] <Natbuncle> In fact she's SO HOME right now that while paying no attention she's likely in the middle of building a giant cannon in her castle or some other crazy shit!
  191. [13:26:44] <Kain> T-89 crosses her arms. "It seems likely they would have dumped them on Mikoto, honestly."
  192. [13:27:07] * Natbuncle retracts the claw and lazes back down on Prix' back.
  193. [13:27:21] <Amaryllis> "More importantly for the task at hand, does this mean Elizabeth and the others have continued their travels, or have they found lodging elsewhere in the village?"
  194. [13:27:22] <Kain> Prickles tries not to fall over. He is the best cactuar.
  195. [13:27:28] <Natbuncle> He is.
  196. [13:27:30] <Thetina> "I guess." She scratches her head, hurrying over to the mayor's house.
  197. [13:28:00] <Natbuncle> "3If this doesn't work we can go back to the love ship anyway!"  She smiles while saying it, ain't even a deal.
  198. [13:28:20] <Kain> You swivel back around, and start to pass the graveyard on the way over to Mikoto's place. ...Out front, Mikoto is sitting with a bunch of generic mage girls, some oddly dressed ones (one in a wheelchair), and Ambrosia, while she reads from a book.
  199. [13:28:55] <Amaryllis> "That would be them?"
  200. [13:29:26] <Kain> The one in the wheelchair seems to be asking Mikoto a question. "So why did Blank betray his friends...?"
  201. [13:30:19] <Kain> Mikoto: "Blank believed a greater peace could be achieved through the union of Princess Cornelia and Prince Schneider, than by killing King Leo, a notion Zidane didn't agree with."
  202. [13:30:27] <Thetina> "Yup.  Oh.  And. Uh." She points at herself and whispers. "I'm T0." Before approaching, not really trying to interrupt...
  203. [13:31:11] <Kain> Tina: "This story blows shit."
  204. [13:31:16] * Natbuncle climbs up on Prix again and nods, ears twitching. While they approach she's too dumb to detransform and waves a paw at Ambrosia, being probably the only one she recognizes.
  205. [13:31:37] <Kain> Ambrosia turns and gives a thumbs up as you all approach.
  206. [13:31:52] <Natbuncle> No opposable thumbs to do it back.  Oop aaw.
  207. [13:32:20] <Kain> Mikoto: "Oh...?" she notices you all approaching. "It looks like we have company."
  208. [13:32:49] * Lenore waves to everyone. "Hi!"
  209. [13:33:10] <Kain> The girls all look at you in unison.
  210. [13:33:41] * Natbuncle pats Prickles and hops up to Ammy's shoulder instead.
  211. [13:33:48] <Amaryllis> "Greetings."
  212. [13:34:02] <Kain> Prickles :<'s. He was doing a good job.
  213. [13:34:08] <Natbuncle> He was!
  214. [13:34:25] <Thetina>  "Hi again!  We.  Uh.  Well this is sorta a weird request.  We need some help getting to Daguerreo."
  215. [13:34:39] <Thetina> "Sorry to interrupt."
  216. [13:35:06] <Kain> Mikoto has to chuckle a little to herself at a joke only she really gets.
  217. [13:35:29] <Kain> Mikoto: "It's no trouble, I can do that for you."
  218. [13:35:36] <Natbuncle> (so I think I know where Elizabeth is now)
  219. [13:35:52] <Lenore> (off being Tiamat?)
  220. [13:36:02] <Natbuncle> (no you doofus)
  221. [13:36:31] * Thetina gets the joke but doesn't find it all that funny!
  222. [13:36:35] <Thetina> (At our destination obv)
  223. [13:36:38] <Natbuncle> (^)
  224. [13:36:52] <Lenore> (That was my second guess, actually)
  225. [13:37:02] <Kain> Adenine crosses her arms, listening.
  226. [13:37:07] <Natbuncle> (WELL YOUR FIRST GUESS WAS ASS)
  227. [13:37:16] <Amaryllis> (robot summoner etc)
  228. [13:37:16] <Kain> Mikoto: "Excuse me girls, I need to attend to these ladies a moment."
  229. [13:37:45] <Kain> She stands up and leads you a bit away. "I didn't think I'd be doing this again so soon..."
  230. [13:40:34] * Thetina shrugs.  "I could toss out some terrible ideas to make it funnier or something?  Thanks for helping though.  Fastest way we could get there after all."
  231. [13:40:42] <Kain> Mikoto: "You don't have to bother telling me about what your business is, I'm sure it's urgent! Good luck." she smiles at Theta and begins to chant.
  232. [13:41:40] <Kain> Mikoto: "You don't have to worry about the girls, either, I'll look after them for now. See you again, soon~ Teleport!"
  233. [13:41:57] * Natbuncle perks both tails uVWOOP
  234. [13:42:05] <Kain> The circle forms around your feet, excluding Mikoto, and suddenly you find yourselves launched into the air. VWOOP!
  235. [13:42:25] <Kain> The world passes by underneath you at alarming speeds. Why doesn't everyone learn teleport? OP plz nerf, etc.
  236. [13:42:34] <Natbuncle> WHAT DO YOU MEAN DOESN'T
  237. [13:42:38] <Natbuncle> EVERYONE -DOES- LEARN TELEPORT
  238. [13:42:51] <Kain> In the distance, Daguerreo approaches. You pass through the rock, and...
  239. [13:43:17] <Kain> You're dumped unceremoniously over a reading chair where a red-headed woman sits, reading a book.
  240. [13:43:31] <Kain> Elizabeth: "OH GOD DAMMIT"
  241. [13:43:33] <Natbuncle> (I want to kiss you ON THE MOUTH)
  242. [13:43:53] <Natbuncle> "3Hi!"
  243. [13:43:57] * Amaryllis quickly climbs off and brushes herself off.
  244. [13:44:49] <Thetina> "Oh.  There you are.  Uh. Hi!"  She scampers off.  
  245. [13:44:52] <Kain> You're pretty much in a pile on top of Liz and her chair for the moment.
  246. [13:44:58] <Thetina> "I guess we shoulda saw this coming."
  247. [13:45:16] <Kain> When you get free of her, her hair is rumpled and her glasses askew. She just looks mildly annoyed.
  248. [13:45:27] * Natbuncle helps Prickles off and sits up, yawning. "3What, you didn't?"
  249. [13:45:42] <Kain> Prickles is carried like a teddy bear.
  250. [13:46:55] <Kain> Elizabeth looks between you all and sighs. "It really is some sort of cruel joke, isn't it. Years from now you'll still be teleporting right on top of me and at that point we won't be phased anymore. "Hi Liz." "Hi Lenore. Nice weather." "Uh-huh."
  251. [13:47:35] <Kain> "And it isn't even just Theta anymore..."
  252. [13:47:38] <Amaryllis> (one would think this is what she got favored spell: teleport to avoid)
  253. [13:48:00] <Thetina> "...Sorry about that I home?"
  254. [13:48:02] * Lenore gets off, dusting herself off, and then helps Elizabeth up and straightens her glasses. "Sorry Liz! I hope we didn't screw up your train of thought too badly or make you lose your place!"
  255. [13:48:42] <Kain> Elizabeth takes Lenore's hand and stands, sighing a bit. "I'll get back to it. Leviathan? Have you tried the shrine at the ground floor?"
  256. [13:48:46] <Amaryllis> "Apologies, Elizabeth. Leviathan should be in his usual place. We made arrangements, after all."
  257. [13:48:59] <Natbuncle> "3It wasn't even me this time!"  Carbuncle innocently scratches herself like a typical feline, sticking a tongue out.
  258. [13:49:10] * Amaryllis starts to shuffle off after straightening Liz's books a bit with an apologetic look.
  259. [13:49:10] <Kain> (What's his 'usual place')
  260. [13:49:23] * Natbuncle hops up on top of Ammy again.
  261. [13:49:25] <Amaryllis> (the place where he got summoned by Glutton?)
  262. [13:49:42] <Kain> (Yeah that's where Liz mentioned, the shrine. It's in the smack dab middle of town)
  263. [13:49:48] <Amaryllis> (we know the ritual needs a site of power associated with the Eidolon, so that's not really much of a jump to make)
  264. [13:50:23] <Kain> Liz sighs and just waves you off. "Nice seeing you, at least."
  265. [13:50:53] <Natbuncle> "3Yeah, tell the others I said hi!"  She probably doesn't even realize she hasn't shown the lesbos THAT form yet, but her voice sounds the same so whatevs.
  266. [13:51:02] <Amaryllis> As she shuffles off, Ammy studies the layout of Daguerreo, acquainting herself with the library for the sake of her planning later.
  267. [13:51:09] * Lenore blinkblinks and turns around to face the group. "Um, I'm going to have a word with Liz real quick, I'll catch up!"
  268. [13:51:50] <Thetina> "Mhm!  Sorry about the whole Teleporting thing.  Sorta in a hurry though so we'll catch up next time someone casts it!" she laughs a bit and follows Ammy.
  269. [13:51:57] * Natbuncle does what Ammy does, only more just remembering teleport locations since she's fucking around in her æther realm the entire time. Which means... not focusing that much on the teleport locations.
  270. [13:52:43] * Lenore waits for everyone to leave before gushing at poor Liz. "Um...well...ItalkeditoverwithThetaandweendedupbreakingupandImadehimcryandthenIcriedanditwasawful but now we're on hold for a bit."
  271. [13:52:44] <Kain> Daguerreo is a multi-tiered rounded complex with library shelves on pretty much every wall. The middle of town is a gigantic open space from floor to ceiling, visible from just about any point. You can see the shrine where Glutton had forced Leviathan to appear before.
  272. [13:53:00] <Kain> Liz: "Whaaat."
  273. [13:53:05] <Kain> Liz: "Slow down."
  274. [13:53:12] * Lenore takes a deeeep breath.
  275. [13:53:39] <Lenore> "I think I was a bit too hard on him with the talk and now we're broke up for now and I really upset him and I hope things end up okay."
  276. [13:54:29] <Amaryllis> "I just need to take a look around before we head to the shrine." Ammy says to the others as she shuffles around, making notes. Specifically, Ammy tries to figure out the ways into and out of where Ayane's staying as far as structure goes, nearby facilities like baths, etc.
  277. [13:54:31] <Lenore> "..."
  278. [13:54:33] <Lenore> "
  279. [13:54:39] <Lenore> "That was too fast too, wasn't it?"
  280. [13:55:05] <Kain> Elizabeth crosses her arms. "I didn't mean for you to just break up with him, y'know..."
  281. [13:55:17] <Thetina> "She's just gonna be camped out in a chair isn't she?  Sorta hard or any of us not to get noticed without a disguise isn't it?"
  282. [13:55:26] <Natbuncle> Nat just lazes around and doesn't seem to be doing much of anything.  That's so Carbuncle.
  283. [13:55:27] <Natbuncle> ...
  284. [13:55:37] <Thetina> "How's this work anyway, with the shrine, Nat does a funky dance and he pops out?"
  285. [13:55:38] * Natbuncle intuits her fur white upon hearing that though. "3There~"
  286. [13:56:16] <Kain> The facilities do go deeper at points, the inns and bath facilities and some reading rooms don't have a view on the center of town.
  287. [13:56:26] * Amaryllis mutters a chant under her breath, and she and the others take on the appearance of completely normal scholars. Advanced Illusion!
  288. [13:56:35] <Kain> Scholarcat
  289. [13:56:41] <Amaryllis> And a normal cat.
  290. [13:56:42] <Natbuncle> ^
  291. [13:56:42] <Lenore> "I didn't either, I just talked about it and he had a bit of a meltdown of guilt and was like 'you're right I'm not good enough I don't deserve you' and I told him that wasn't true but he kind of insisted and I think I came off the wrong way at first I'm really bad at this aren't I?"
  292. [13:56:50] <Amaryllis> With a college cap.
  293. [13:56:54] * Thetina looks around.  "You know.  I think I got a bit better than this..."
  294. [13:56:54] <Natbuncle> hng
  295. [13:57:19] * Thetina walks up to a wall and seems to...blend into it.  Elemental Body! Invisibility!
  296. [13:57:32] <Natbuncle> "3Ooh, that works.  But um..."  She quiets down a little because *talking cat*.
  297. [13:57:55] <Kain> Theta becomes Daguerreo.
  298. [13:57:59] <Natbuncle> "3Nnn, I dunno.  Did we even plan out how we'd actually meet him?"
  299. [13:58:00] <Kain> And the Daguerreo is Theta.
  300. [13:58:05] * Amaryllis nods and proceeds with the scouting.
  301. [13:58:18] <Thetina> Adenine probably just casts Invisibility on herself as well with a shrug, both following Ammy.
  302. [13:58:27] <Kain> Indeed she does.
  303. [13:58:53] <Kain> You're scouting for Ayane first, then?
  304. [13:59:34] <Kain> Make an awareness check, everyone.
  305. [13:59:34] <Amaryllis> Nah, not her directly. Ammy can peak in on her at any time. The area AROUND her, how long it takes to walk from the area where she's made her hidey hole to other places.
  306. [13:59:42] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  307. [13:59:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=4,1]
  308. [13:59:45] <Natbuncle> 2d6 lol
  309. [13:59:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, lol: 6 [2d6=5,1]
  310. [13:59:48] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 chocoroll
  311. [13:59:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, chocoroll: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  312. [14:01:39] * Lenore takes another big breath and tries to slooow down. "I dunno' if I can fix things with him later, and that bugs me a bunch! It's partially because I knew I was bad at this dating thing and told him I might go date some other people before we got back together again in the interim to be less dumb and stuff and he took it the wrong way and I aplogized but I still think he's all messed
  313. [14:01:39] * Lenore up about it!" D:
  314. [14:02:56] <Kain> Theta too
  315. [14:03:02] <Thetina> oh oops
  316. [14:03:03] <Thetina> 2d6+8
  317. [14:03:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, 2d6+8: 13 [2d6=1,4]
  318. [14:03:20] <Thetina> 2d6+6 for 89.
  319. [14:03:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, for 89.: 10 [2d6=3,1]
  320. [14:04:23] <Kain> Alright, let's see. Theta and Ammy get a good idea of the area Ammy knows Ayane is hanging in. Right now, Ayane is in the reading room of an inn that's a bit wedged in a nice, dim back portion of the town. There's a small food court nearby, the bathing facilities are a communal shower.
  321. [14:05:16] <Kain> Elizabeth: "That wasn't a smart thing to say to someone you were breaking up with, no." she crosses her arms, thinking.
  322. [14:05:32] * Natbuncle pays no attention and suffers a million distractions, clearly. Livin' the Genshuku life.
  323. [14:05:32] * Thetina tries to get close enough to actually see what she's reading, keeping close to the walls even while invisible.
  324. [14:05:40] <Kain> Stealth check, Theta.
  325. [14:05:54] <Thetina> 2d6+12 bam sucka
  326. [14:05:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, bam sucka: 17 [2d6=1,4]
  327. [14:06:14] <Amaryllis> Theta could just ask Ammy to peek at her book with the Mark :<
  328. [14:07:21] <Kain> You get close enough to see that Ayane is laying on a couch in civillian clothing, her tail flicking around. She's reading a book entitled "The Founding of Daguerreo". There's a hookah nearby and currently the mouthpiece is hanging out of Ayane's mouth as she reads, occasionally blowing smoke out through her nostrils.
  329. [14:07:42] <Kain> There's a rather large pile of books nearby that seem to be about Daguerreo or festival plans.
  330. [14:08:20] <Kain> She doesn't pick up on Theta's presence at all.
  331. [14:08:33] <Thetina> "..." He retreats back quietly. "Literally planning a friggen party."
  332. [14:08:51] * Natbuncle stretches in place.
  333. [14:09:23] <Amaryllis> "As I said, new year's plans." Ammy whispers.
  334. [14:09:40] * Lenore nods. "Well, I wasn't going to say it initially, but T89 showed up and started boosting Theta's confidence when he was all upset and mentioned that I wasn't going off to 'fuck someone else' or something like that, and was just waiting for him to be less busy, which is true, but I did want to be more experienced and less dumb by th etime we got back together and so I mentioned that I
  335. [14:09:40] * Lenore probably was going to do a few things in the meantime so that he didn't get the wrong idea and...." She coughs, then takes in another breath. "I'm bad at talking about this."
  336. [14:10:12] <Natbuncle> "3So what were we looking for again...?" Tha talking cat whispers back.
  337. [14:10:28] <Thetina> "What the heck is she even plotting at here? Just gave up? I don't get it..."
  338. [14:10:39] <Thetina> "She seems pretty content here though.  So yeah, the Leviathan thing?"
  339. [14:11:02] <Amaryllis> "She is also attempting to open a Gate to the Underworld here. I plan to ask her exactly why." Ammy whispers curtly.
  340. [14:11:30] * Amaryllis pats Nat. "Do not worry about it. Just familiarize yourself with this place so you may teleport here in the future."
  341. [14:11:48] <Kain> Elizabeth just shakes her head.
  342. [14:12:10] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Well, I can't claim you're the worst at dating I've ever heard of, considering I know Cirra and Gale."
  343. [14:12:22] <Lenore> ""
  344. [14:12:45] <Kain> Elizabeth: "But... yeah, not really sure what you could do there. Time heals most wounds."
  345. [14:12:48] <Natbuncle> "3Gotcha!"  Bunky thumps Ammy's back with her tails.  The illusion(s) probably make them look like just one.
  346. [14:13:40] <Kain> Elizabeth: "But what, you were thinking about me in specific when you said that?"
  347. [14:13:46] <Thetina> "I probably -could- steal her junk real quick with the portal chalk but it'd sorta get her wise to something."
  348. [14:14:35] <Amaryllis> "I was planning on your doing that once I've led her away, so yes, we should wait on that."
  349. [14:15:34] <Kain> T-89: "You really should go about going over this with people before planning their roles."
  350. [14:15:56] <Lenore> "Huh?  Um...kind of!"
  351. [14:15:57] <Amaryllis> "I was going to present the idea once I had an outline."
  352. [14:16:06] <Lenore> "I'm not sure what I'm thinking at the moment really!"
  353. [14:16:32] <Natbuncle> "3Well, whatever!  I could help with that part once you get started- if you think you're okay 'leading her away' I mean."
  354. [14:16:35] <Amaryllis> "It is not as if I would not listen to feedback, but having no plan whatsoever when presenting the idea seems foolish."
  355. [14:16:42] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Eh, you'll figure it out, I guess..."
  356. [14:17:01] <Kain> Elizabeth: "I'm not sure what to tell you right now, but if you come back later I might have some advice for you when I've thought on it."
  357. [14:17:11] <Lenore> "Okay!  Thanks, Liz~!"
  358. [14:17:20] <Lenore> "Sorry to dump all of this on you at once..."
  359. [14:17:36] <Kain> She shakes her head. "I'm partially responsible for this, so..."
  360. [14:17:56] <Amaryllis> "Any proposal for a plan needs a strong sense of direction lest it devolve into design by committee..."
  361. [14:18:49] <Lenore> "A-ah, I guess you are...but don't feel bad about"
  362. [14:19:14] <Kain> T-89: "And presuming too much can lead to resentment which decreases efficiency. But this isn't important right now, I suppose."
  363. [14:19:22] <Natbuncle> "3Speaking of direction, um, did Lenny get lost?"
  364. [14:19:31] <Kain> T-89: "Are we going to find Leviathan?"
  365. [14:19:42] <Thetina> "Honestly I'm more frustrated I've put so much effort into her not knowing I'm around to mess with her, and she's so careless we could bag her right now if we wanted.  What was the point?  But...yeah uh don't see the need to be so hushhush on planning stuff?"
  366. [14:19:46] <Natbuncle> "3Oh yeah.  That's important too."
  367. [14:20:16] <Lenore> "Anyway, I'd better go and head to meet Leviathan and meet up with the others!  I'll talk to you later, okay Liz?"
  368. [14:20:51] <Kain> T-89: "I'd guess you've done such a good job that she doesn't realize anyone is currently after her, actually."
  369. [14:20:56] <Amaryllis> "Hushhush? I announced I had a plan I was working on. I saw no reason to share my ideas until they were at a presentable state. It would have been a waste of time otherwise."
  370. [14:21:04] <Amaryllis> "In any case, let us find Lenore."
  371. [14:21:32] <Natbuncle> "3Well, Ammy, it WOULD have been nice to have an idea what we were doing..."  The cat paws at her forehead, then gives some kind of a weird feline shrug.
  372. [14:21:32] * Amaryllis shuffles off to where they had arrived.
  373. [14:21:52] <Thetina> "Blowing up an airship and being stopped in Lindblum weren't enough for that?  Bleh.  Fine, fine, Leviathan. Yes'
  374. [14:21:53] <Kain> Elizabeth: "See you, Lena."
  375. [14:22:16] <Kain> T-89: "Didn't she end up blaming that on the Glutton?"
  376. [14:22:23] * Lenore nods and walks off toward Leviathan's Shrine~
  377. [14:22:34] <Amaryllis> "You say that as if I know right now, Nat. I needed to take a look around while we were here before I can begin to decide anything for certain."
  378. [14:22:54] <Kain> Once you've backtracked a bit, you see Lenore heading down to the shrine area.
  379. [14:23:09] <Thetina> "Even if she did, The Glutton isn't exactly half assed enough not to follow through.  Guy sic'd goons on Lenore and I in broad daylight."
  380. [14:23:28] <Natbuncle> "3I guess.  But you definitely do think too much.  I mean, I get that we're here to meet Levvie, but the rest... oh, there she is!"
  381. [14:24:14] <Kain> T-89: "Hm, decent point."
  382. [14:24:25] <Lenore> "Mm?"  She flips around at the "3there she is!" and smiles.  "Sorry about that, you guys find anything out?"
  383. [14:24:45] * Natbuncle catshrugs.
  384. [14:25:20] <Amaryllis> "Enough to begin more concrete planning, but that shall have to wait."
  385. [14:25:40] <Amaryllis> "To Leviathan's?" Ammy dismisses the illusion before running into Lenore probably if she actually recognizes them :V
  386. [14:26:05] <Natbuncle> There probably aren't any other cats that can talk here!
  387. [14:26:11] * Thetina and Adenine let the invisbility fade away.
  388. [14:26:36] * Natbuncle pops both her tails out and thumps Ammy in the back with them.
  389. [14:28:07] <Kain> You head down to the shrine. It's really just an altar in front of an enormous carving of Leviathan in the wall.
  390. [14:28:07] <Kain> Glutton had his minions shovel Ore into the altar and he got Aquamarines for his trouble.
  391. [14:28:08] <Kain> Maybe that won't be necessary here, though.
  392. [14:27:55] <Amaryllis> "Leviathan, master of the seas," Ammy calls up at the altar. "We have come here seeking your blessing."
  393. [14:28:29] <Thetina> "I got one for good measure?" He holds up an ore. "No?  What's the deal with these anyway they like cookies to you guys?"
  394. [14:28:42] <Kain> Insert Ore?
  395. [14:28:50] <Catalie> "3Levvie~!  It's me, too!"  The bunc waves a paw.
  396. [14:29:00] <Thetina> If there'sno response, sure.
  397. [14:29:40] <Kain> The response does happen after a moment, without need for the Ore. A blue light appears over the altar, and the image of Leviathan's face appears in it.
  398. [14:29:42] * Amaryllis doesn't know what Leviathan would have told her to do upon arriving here, so sure maybe she suggests the ore?
  399. [14:29:43] * Kain is now known as Leviathan
  400. [14:29:47] <Amaryllis> Or not.
  401. [14:29:57] <Leviathan> "It has been a while, friends."
  402. [14:30:25] <Amaryllis> "You are well, I hope. No one has coming seeking a seafood feast?"
  403. [14:30:44] <Catalie> "3H-Hi."
  404. [14:30:45] <Leviathan> The serpent huffs. "The last one that tried bit off more than he could chew."
  405. [14:30:58] <Leviathan> He nods. "Hello, Carbuncle."
  406. [14:31:34] <Thetina> "I hope you mean an actual seafood eating contest this time." He shudders.  
  407. [14:32:02] <Leviathan> "For the record." he says to Theta. "That ore, the base magicite, becomes gemstone when infused with an eidolon's power."
  408. [14:32:17] <Catalie> "3Been a while... well um, from what I actually remember, anyway.  Guess we met not-that-long-ago but it's all gone, sorry."  :<  "3Still!  We came to... uh, Ammy, what did we come for again?"
  409. [14:32:18] <Leviathan> "If you offer it forth I could show you."
  410. [14:32:35] <Leviathan> Leviathan nods at Nat, understanding.
  411. [14:33:02] <Thetina> "Oooooh." He stares at it.  "Eh I'll let the green cat thing have her way with it later or something.  She seems to like polishing them."
  412. [14:33:43] <Catalie> "3I do~"
  413. [14:33:52] <Catalie> "3But those things're everywhere, aren't they?"
  414. [14:33:58] <Amaryllis> "We came to seek your blessing. We are striking at Kraken in his undersea palace today, and...well, to put it simply, drowning is not part of our plan."
  415. [14:34:13] <Leviathan> "I see. Very well."
  416. [14:34:20] <Leviathan> 1d100 shenanigans check.
  417. [14:34:21] * Lenore nodnods. "That's what screwed up my brother, he almost drowned!"
  418. [14:34:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Leviathan, shenanigans check.: 97 [1d100=97]
  419. [14:34:25] <Catalie> OH BOY
  420. [14:34:31] <Lenore> OH BOY OH BOY
  421. [14:34:45] <Leviathan> There's a flash of blue light.
  422. [14:34:46] <Leviathan> ...
  423. [14:34:51] <Leviathan> You don't really feel that much different.
  424. [14:35:00] <Thetina> "Up to you then, 'Bunky,' yours or his for a shiny new one."
  425. [14:35:06] <Leviathan> "The power to breathe underwater is now yours."
  426. [14:35:21] <Leviathan> "Simple, wasn't it?"
  427. [14:35:47] <Catalie> "3Nnnn, thanks!"  Bunky just gives Theta an 'up to you' shrug and... this is just some kind of hologram of Levvie, right?
  428. [14:35:47] <Leviathan> "I owe you all my life, so a trifle such of this is no bother to repay."
  429. [14:36:07] <Leviathan> It's magical in some way, rather than technological, but yes.
  430. [14:36:38] <Amaryllis> "You have our thanks, Leviathan."
  431. [14:36:42] <Leviathan> "You'll be able to blend in this way, as well."
  432. [14:36:55] <Catalie> "3I'd give you mine in return if I could from here... eheh, I'm not even sure what my blessing does myself anymore!"
  433. [14:37:03] * Thetina "..." He drops the ore in then, why not?
  434. [14:37:07] <Leviathan> Plunk.
  435. [14:37:21] * Catalie actually watches with interest.
  436. [14:37:30] <Catalie> Mostly to see how differently he does it and steal his technique.
  437. [14:38:01] <Leviathan> There's a bit of a humming sound, and another flash of blue light, and the ore is re-deposited from the altar as a sparkling blue gemstone.
  438. [14:38:15] <Thetina> "Ooooooh."
  439. [14:38:28] <Thetina> "It's like one of those machines that crushes a gil coin when you crank it, but shinier." :O
  440. [14:38:42] <Leviathan> Tier 7 Gemstone, HP Restore, Unique Property: HP+10%.
  441. [14:38:46] <Catalie> "3Hnn.  Looks a lot like how I do it, yeah."
  442. [14:38:47] <Lenore> "Wow, that's really neat!"
  443. [14:38:49] <Catalie> JESUS CHRIST
  444. [14:38:52] <Thetina> (ppppfffft.)
  445. [14:38:56] <Lenore> HOLY SHIT
  446. [14:39:44] * Thetina pockets the gemstone. " the submarine then? For this kraken jerk and the water shrine?
  447. [14:39:47] <Leviathan> "That's all you get for now." he says, a bit amused. "These contain quite a bit of power."
  448. [14:40:02] <Catalie> "3Anyway um, I had memories from, er... that time."  Carlie lovers her tails, not flailing them around for once.  "3So... sorry.  I'm glad we don't have to do stuff like that anymore."
  449. [14:40:10] <Catalie> ... lowers.
  450. [14:40:22] <Thetina> (woah.)
  451. [14:40:25] <Leviathan> LEWD
  452. [14:40:26] <Thetina> (l00d)
  453. [14:40:29] <Lenore> LEWD
  454. [14:40:35] <Catalie> what
  455. [14:41:03] <Amaryllis> "The submarine, yes." Ammy nods.
  456. [14:41:04] <Leviathan> Leviathan looks down at Catalie. "I hope you can be restored to your true former self soon. It seems you've made quite a bit of progress, and I'm glad for you."
  457. [14:41:12] <Leviathan> "Before you go, one question."
  458. [14:41:20] <Lenore> "Sure!"
  459. [14:41:23] <Leviathan> "Where is the Cleyran that was with you? Celina."
  460. [14:41:28] <Amaryllis> "...I still am not comfortable with the idea of invading without know what we will face, but I suppose we shall have to improvise."
  461. [14:41:47] <Lenore> "She split off for a bit, to do her own thing.  I've heard she's doing pretty well right now!"
  462. [14:41:59] <Catalie> "3Oh... I didn't even remember until just last night..."
  463. [14:42:15] <Leviathan> "I see."
  464. [14:42:23] * Catalie leans forward and falls off of Ammy's shoulder, spinning in midair and landing on her ass in humanform. The ribbon's wrapped around, as usual.
  465. [14:42:35] <Amaryllis> "Her story is taking her elsewhere. She is seeking the Eidolon Odin, I believe, to prevent others from making a pact with it."
  466. [14:42:36] <Lenore> "Tell her we said hi if she stops around here!"
  467. [14:42:42] <Amaryllis> (is that right?)
  468. [14:42:44] <Catalie> "I guess we were really good friends, 'cause she gave me this."
  469. [14:42:49] <Leviathan> (Mhm)
  470. [14:43:07] <Leviathan> Leviathan nods twice. "I will. Good luck, and godspeed."
  471. [14:43:14] <Catalie> "Um actually... I was gonna write her one of those 'letter' things but I didn't finish it yet.  Want me to give her any messages?"  :D
  472. [14:43:40] <Leviathan> "Not in particular. I was just wondering how she was faring."
  473. [14:43:47] <Catalie> "Got it!"
  474. [14:44:17] <Catalie> "I am too.  It's super weird worrying about people you don't even remember, but..."
  475. [14:45:05] * Catalie re-cats and hangs back on Ammy's shoulder. "3Well, I'm glad you're okay too, Levvie! ... I think I already forgot what I was worried about."
  476. [14:45:55] <Leviathan> T-89 is rather quiet.
  477. [14:46:13] <Leviathan> "Likely the Glutton having previously injured me."
  478. [14:46:22] <Leviathan> "Farewell, all of you."
  479. [14:46:39] <Leviathan> Any last questions or comments to Leviathan?
  480. [14:46:42] * Catalie pawwaves~
  481. [14:47:24] * Thetina waves him off as they prepare to leave.  "Back to the submarine then?"
  482. [14:47:43] * Lenore wavewaves~
  483. [14:47:49] <Lenore> (Oh shit I just remembered)
  484. [14:47:55] <Lenore> 2d6 Truth
  485. [14:47:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Truth: 7 [2d6=5,2]
  486. [14:48:15] <Leviathan> The image fades away.
  487. [14:48:20] * Amaryllis nods.
  488. [14:48:28] <Lenore> (...intermediate Time Magic?)
  489. [14:48:57] <Leviathan> Yep.
  490. [14:49:16] <Catalie> (time slip time slip time slip)
  491. [14:49:26] <Thetina> (We already -got- time slip)
  492. [14:49:32] <Catalie> (OH YEAH)
  493. [14:49:50] <Thetina> (not that krakalakin's gonna be affected by it most likely)
  494. [14:50:04] <Amaryllis> (Gravity)
  495. [14:50:11] <Catalie> (yeah it's really just ghetto temper)
  496. [14:50:39] <Lenore> (Yeah lemme' pop open the PDF and look stuff over~)
  497. [14:50:46] <Amaryllis> (Gravity is gud with Imperil)
  498. [14:51:02] <Leviathan> (Clearly hyperdrive is the most useful spell)
  499. [14:51:20] <Leviathan> Teleport to submarine?
  500. [14:51:24] <Catalie> (this is like aorifriends-tier paranthesesfest)
  501. [14:51:30] <Catalie> (MAYBE I SHOULD CHECK NAT'S MP)
  502. [14:51:57] * Catalie starts the circle unless somebody speaks up, anyway
  503. [14:52:31] * Lenore is cool with this!
  504. [14:52:57] * Amaryllis scoots in for the teleport.
  508. [14:54:09] <Lenore> (Jesus fuck Time Magic is good.  I'm going with Gravity)
  509. [14:54:09] <Leviathan> Poof
  510. [14:54:30] <Leviathan> You appear in the submarine, which is safe and sound in the cove near Mognet Central.
  511. [14:54:41] <Leviathan> Adenine immediately begins to look around.
  512. [14:55:05] <Lenore> (Hey Nat, need an Ether or Hi-Ether?)
  513. [14:55:07] <Thetina> "...So now we just plug the crystal back in and go right?"
  514. [14:55:23] <Amaryllis> "Is it so simple?"
  515. [14:55:24] <Thetina> she sits up front.  "It's like a boat that travels underwater, Adenine."
  516. [14:55:26] <Catalie> (I have 2 his on me, at 60/260 assuming all the faiths were the previous day so I could just chug one now)
  517. [14:55:42] <Leviathan> T-89: "Fascinating. This is likely worth millions of gil to the right buyer."
  518. [14:55:44] <Amaryllis> "We have no idea what defenses lie in wait for us near Kraken's palace, nor what traps are within."
  519. [14:56:07] <Lenore> "Anyone want to scout ahead, then?"
  520. [14:56:15] <Catalie> "3Think so!"  The cat detransforms and stretches out, paying a little attention to Shiva's lessons but mostly getting the crystal out since she had probably been storing it.
  521. [14:56:59] <Catalie> "I... guess that's probably a thing I should be doing, huh."
  522. [14:57:59] <Thetina> (I -do- have the ability to just keep you at full MP always out of combat but i think I'd get lynch'd)
  523. [14:58:04] <Lenore> "If you think you're up to it!"
  524. [14:58:29] <Leviathan> (EH)
  525. [14:58:33] <Catalie> (Well hmmm, might ask for that if I end up NEEDING it)
  526. [14:58:55] <Catalie> (... Which actually might be now if that gets allowed yeah)
  527. [14:59:14] <Catalie> "Nnn.  When am I ever not up to stuff like this?"
  528. [14:59:17] <Leviathan> (Go for it, at this point it's fine)
  529. [14:59:21] <Catalie> "Besides... when I'm napping."
  530. [14:59:33] <Lenore> "You nap a lot, though!"
  531. [14:59:33] <Catalie> "Which I think is like, most of the time."
  532. [14:59:40] <Catalie> "OKAY FINE"
  533. [14:59:48] <Amaryllis> "Let us get a bit closer to our destination first." Ammy takes the crystal and plugs it in if Nat hasn't already.
  534. [14:59:58] * Catalie handhips. And yeah she did. "Let's go, I'll do it!"
  535. [15:00:03] * Thetina focuses as water spirits swirl around the submarine, replenishing your manas!
  536. [15:00:11] <Catalie> <3 <3 <3
  537. [15:00:23] <Thetina> Then starts this thing up and choochoo to the bottom we go
  538. [15:00:30] <Amaryllis> "Crystal, can you show us a route to the Kraken's shard?"
  539. [15:04:10] <Leviathan> The world map display fires up on the main screen.
  540. [15:05:02] <Leviathan> A line is traced from your current location to a spot all the way around the Outer Continent, a spot north of Alexandria and south of Black Mage Village.
  541. [15:05:37] <Leviathan> Theta gets the sub underway shortly.
  542. [15:05:39] <Catalie> "Woohoo!  Okay, let's goooooooo~!"
  543. [15:08:33] <Leviathan> It takes numerous hours. They tick by slowly as you make your way through the oceans of the world. Vast marine life passes by you, whales, sharks, manta rays with twenty foot wingspans...
  544. [15:09:28] <Leviathan> Adenine amuses herself along the journey by attempting to teach Natalie how to play poker.
  545. [15:09:39] <Leviathan> Prickles is eager to join in.
  546. [15:09:51] <castfromphone> (Brb)
  547. [15:09:54] * Catalie is happy to try to learn. She's awful at remembering the rules.
  548. [15:10:34] * Lenore is also happy to join in~
  549. [15:11:00] <Leviathan> Along the way, you notice an odd trend of ruined structures jutting out of odd locations on the ocean floor. Ruins of different kinds. Some bear resemblance to terran architecture, others aren't recognizable at all.
  550. [15:11:15] <Catalie> Does the compass spin out of control when we get close to them?
  551. [15:11:39] <Leviathan> Vyse got to all the discoveries first
  552. [15:11:43] <Catalie> Fuck.
  553. [15:12:09] * Thetina continues along, watching the sealife swim by.  Any zombie whales?
  554. [15:12:22] <Catalie> Any Bismarcks?
  555. [15:12:42] <Lenore> (Don't you DARE waste our Crystal Cannon before we get to Kraken's lair)
  556. [15:12:57] <Leviathan> You pass through an area that looks like some sort of city made of rectangular buildings of steel, concrete, and glass, that reach impossibly high. Oh, and there's a zombie whale hrrrrrrrroooooobrainsing by far below.
  557. [15:13:54] <Leviathan> You notice, however, that a white whale passes from behind a building and tears the creature in half with a bright flash of light.
  558. [15:14:07] <Lenore> (yes)
  559. [15:14:22] <Leviathan> The white whale swims on, giving no fucks.
  560. [15:14:44] <Catalie> (split your etc with etc and etc)
  561. [15:14:53] <Leviathan> Eventually, you see a different sort of structure in the distance.
  562. [15:15:07] * Thetina shudders and breaks out into cold sweats when that happens.
  563. [15:15:54] <Leviathan> A tall castle, made of multicolored coral, intertwined with black tentackles that sprout thorns.
  564. [15:16:18] * Catalie pulls away from losing like a bitch to glance at the screen. "Oh, looks evil."
  565. [15:16:22] <Catalie> "That's gotta be it!"
  566. [15:16:46] <Leviathan> It doesn't look very inviting at all, though there don't seem to be any monsters patroling the area. A gate at the bottom of the ocean floor is open, providing entry to the structure.
  567. [15:16:48] * Lenore nods. "It looks like we're here!"
  568. [15:16:58] * Thetina whistles.  "Corrupted to high hell.  He's been busy."
  569. [15:17:47] <Catalie> "I don't remember anything about this guy..."  Nat gulps a little, looking it over, and rubbing her Ruby.  "He has eyes, right?  So he won't see me if I turn my 15Diamond Light on?"
  570. [15:18:35] <Lenore> "Yeah, he does, and his human form is this blue wizardy looking guy who looks kind of shy and normal but is actually him so he's a huge jerk in disguise!"
  571. [15:18:57] <Catalie> "Blue, wizardy.  'Kay."
  572. [15:19:29] <Thetina> "So...what's the plan here? Park and exit or just...keep going?"
  573. [15:19:31] <Leviathan> T-89: "I hope your eidolon friend remembered immunity to water pressure in his blessing."
  574. [15:20:00] <Catalie> "Whatter pressure?"
  575. [15:20:03] <Catalie> *amnesia*
  576. [15:20:15] <Lenore> "Eh?  Oh...right...because we have all this water on top of us...."
  577. [15:20:25] * Catalie waves it off. "Levvie knows what he's doing, it'll be fiiiine~"
  578. [15:20:36] <Catalie> "But um, if I'm scouting ahead I guess that's 1,1up to you."
  579. [15:20:46] <Amaryllis> (sorry, back)
  580. [15:21:10] <Leviathan> T-89: "This submarine is not likely to be a very subtle entrance. If we can get in unnoticed, the better, I think."
  581. [15:21:27] * Lenore nods. "Oh...Nat, I have an idea!"
  582. [15:21:34] <Lenore> "Would you mind...uh..."
  583. [15:21:35] <Thetina> "So exiting the vessel.  Got it..."
  584. [15:21:39] <Lenore> "Being turned into a Frog?"
  585. [15:21:48] <Catalie> "I SAW a memory about something like this... but I dunno if I can do it in normal watwhat"
  586. [15:22:00] <Amaryllis> "The blessing should be similar to that he granted a people he turned into merfolk, so we should be fine. Are you suggesting we swim in, however?
  587. [15:22:43] <Lenore> "I'm suggesting that if Nat wants to scout ahead, she could take on a form that's not as unusual within the castle!"
  588. [15:22:54] <Lenore> "Although...I guess frogs don't live this they?"
  589. [15:23:09] <Amaryllis> "What kinds of creatures do Kraken's minions tend to be?" (Did Blade describe them any?)
  590. [15:23:24] * Catalie folds her arms and nods a couple times. "Oh... I get what you mean, Lenny. Changing forms isn't THAT weird."
  591. [15:23:26] <Leviathan> He didn't.
  592. [15:23:45] <Catalie> "But.... nnng.  If I'm gonna be invisible anyway..."
  593. [15:24:05] <Catalie> "I am SO GOOD at being sneaky, you don't even know."
  594. [15:24:06] <Catalie> Hi Mary!
  595. [15:24:23] <Leviathan> ~Laugh track~
  596. [15:24:41] <Lenore> "I guess so!  It was just a consideration!"
  597. [15:25:02] <Catalie> "Hehe.  Thanks for trying- but don't worry, I'm not gonna get caught."
  598. [15:25:26] <Thetina> "Why not just all go? I mean it's not like we don't have lots of means of concealing ourselves."
  599. [15:25:38] <Catalie> "..."
  600. [15:25:40] <Catalie> "Oh yeah!"
  601. [15:25:50] <Lenore> "I don't really...besides turning myself into a frog or an eel...and also Nat's REALLY GOOD at sneaking around!"
  602. [15:25:59] <Lenore> "And she can teleport out if things get bad!"
  603. [15:26:13] <Catalie> "Well um, actually, my Light is something I can just use on everyone at once...."
  604. [15:26:21] <Catalie> "As long as you don't, y'know, get lost or anything."
  605. [15:26:39] <Leviathan> T-89: "Sounds like a plan, then."
  606. [15:27:01] * Catalie nods, satisfied to finally agree on something. "Lemme know when we're goin' in."
  607. [15:27:03] <Thetina> "Well...g'luck then," she kicks back since this seems largely settled on.
  608. [15:27:46] <Lenore> (>finally agree on something)
  609. [15:27:52] <Leviathan> T-89: "You're not coming?"
  610. [15:27:55] <Lenore> (>Zoof seems to think Nat's still going solo)
  611. [15:28:02] <Catalie> (what a zoof)
  612. [15:28:05] <Thetina> (It seems I misunderstood, yes.)
  613. [15:28:46] <Catalie> "Someone should stay here and watch the Crystal, right?"  She's already glancing toward Mr. Prickles.
  614. [15:28:52] <Thetina> "Course not." She plops off the hat as they prepare the heck do we get off this thing anyway?
  615. [15:28:57] <Amaryllis> "Should we take the Crystal with us? It would be unfortunate if the submarine were to be discovered in our absence."
  616. [15:29:07] <Leviathan> Prickles: "I'll stay."
  617. [15:29:22] <Leviathan> Prickles: "I'll guard this boat and the crystal with my life." :<
  618. [15:30:04] <Lenore> "Oh, thank you Prickly! you want any enchantments or anything to help with it?  Hmmm..."
  619. [15:30:27] <Catalie> "Not really, Ammy.  I mean, that WOULD be bad, but if someone steals it I can just port us inside!  ... I think!"
  620. [15:30:33] <Catalie> "Ooh, I know~"
  621. [15:30:50] * Catalie leans down and gives Mr. Prickles a smooch on top of the head.
  622. [15:31:03] <Leviathan> Prickles turns a tomato color.
  623. [15:31:05] <Catalie> "There, he has my blessing now.  That'll work!"
  624. [15:31:13] <Leviathan> Prickles: "Good luck, everyone!"
  625. [15:31:30] <Leviathan> As for leaving the sub...
  626. [15:31:51] <Leviathan> There's a ladder that leads up to a hatch, which is on top of an airlock.
  627. [15:31:56] * Catalie has an idea that's probably super dumb if there doesn't seem to be an obvious way.
  628. [15:31:59] <Catalie> ... Ohh.
  629. [15:32:11] * Amaryllis was going to suggest using geomancy to hold back the water if there wasn't an airlock.
  630. [15:32:48] <Leviathan> Proceed?
  631. [15:32:57] <Catalie> Sure, let's go for broke.
  632. [15:33:14] * Shawyun_Sariri is now known as Theta_The_Beta
  633. [15:33:21] <Leviathan> Alright, you climb up into the airlock, and begin to fill it.
  634. [15:33:31] <Leviathan> As you become completely submerged, a change happens over the lot of you.
  635. [15:33:44] <Catalie> (under the sea is now playing in your head)
  636. [15:33:44] <Theta_The_Beta> (Oh god we're mermaids)
  637. [15:34:52] <Leviathan> Gills open in your neck, and your legs change into the bodies of various sea creatures. Your clothes partially vanish - you generally keep the top to whatever you were wearing. T-89 ends up only in a bra, however, because her precious suit is too expensive to get water all over.
  638. [15:35:23] <Lenore> (pfff)
  639. [15:35:31] <Leviathan> Natalie in catform just gets gills and fins though
  640. [15:35:43] <Leviathan> Lenore's lower half seems to be a dolphin
  641. [15:35:49] <Leviathan> Adenine's is a shark
  642. [15:35:53] * Catalie probably does catform in order to Light them as soon as they get near, yeah.
  643. [15:36:02] <Leviathan> Ammy has grown a dark green lower half with a forked tail
  644. [15:36:34] <Catalie> Which means her fur gets wet U:G<H
  645. [15:36:36] <Amaryllis> (can we speak in the water or does it come out all garbled even with the gills?)
  646. [15:36:39] <Leviathan> And Theta has more of a serpent tail.
  647. [15:36:45] <Leviathan> You can speak fine.
  648. [15:36:52] <Leviathan> It's odd, breathing water. Thicker than you're used to.
  649. [15:37:09] <Amaryllis> "Convenient, I suppose."
  650. [15:37:13] <Catalie> "3Okay!"  Nat tries it out anyway.  "3See, told you~"
  651. [15:37:32] <Lenore> "Huh!  This is pretty weird!"
  652. [15:37:51] <Catalie> "3Stay close, everyone.  If I Lighted us this early and someone got lost it'd be pretty bad... so I'll do it as soon as we find a way in, 'kay?"
  653. [15:37:55] <Theta_The_Beta> DOUBLE TAIL POWER? Or just gorgon-like for the genome and doll?  Either way she's a bit weirded out by it all.  "Uuuuuh...well this is different."
  654. [15:38:09] <Amaryllis> "Remember, we are not here for a fight - if we can find the shards and leave without attracting Kraken's notice, then all the better."
  655. [15:38:35] <Lenore> "...well, all right Ammy..."  She frowns.
  656. [15:38:39] <Amaryllis> "And your brother's equipment, of course."
  657. [15:38:53] <Leviathan> T-89: "Do you think it's wise to leave this creature in activity?"
  658. [15:39:13] <Theta_The_Beta> "Uh..."
  659. [15:39:14] <Catalie> "3Right.  We CAN fight, but... well, the crystal shards are the important thing right now, y'know?"
  660. [15:39:17] <Lenore> "I don't, he's a huge jerk!"
  661. [15:39:22] <Leviathan> You don't keep your genome tail, it's a bit odd.
  662. [15:39:30] <Theta_The_Beta> "I know you can't really notice this or feel it I guess, well, maybe YOU can, Amaryllis, but..."
  663. [15:39:46] * Catalie doggypaddles. As a cat. Imagine that.
  664. [15:39:53] <Theta_The_Beta> "He's sorta corrupting the shit out of this place for some reason.  Same thing Lich was doing." He points at the black thorns
  665. [15:40:00] <Leviathan> (catfish)
  666. [15:40:07] <Catalie> (hnnng)
  667. [15:41:07] * Amaryllis nods. "If we can draw him away from here - and he shall have to leave if we take the crystal shards and he requires them for his work - then we will gain the advantage of fighting away from his home turf."
  668. [15:41:08] <Theta_The_Beta> "I can bar him from doing it but it's probably gonna have to be during or after a fight.  If I had to guess he might be funneling it into that sword he snagged."
  669. [15:41:47] <Catalie> "3Nnn, okay.  So if we fight him... we'll sneak up on him first, right?"
  670. [15:41:49] <Amaryllis> "I suppose it rarely is so simple in the old tales though."
  671. [15:42:05] <Catalie> "3C'mon, let's find a way in."
  672. [15:42:11] <Lenore> "Yeah, let's go!"
  673. [15:42:41] * Theta_The_Beta slithers down to the ocean floor and seems to fade from sight as she blends into the place, but follows along.  89 follows and does the same with a spell.
  674. [15:42:47] * Catalie still does weirdass shit like dash mechanics by abusing reflect walls, but, *underwater levels*.
  675. [15:43:29] <Leviathan> You head out into the ocean proper! The entranceway to the coral palace seems like the only entrance at the moment... you don't see any windows or whatnot.
  676. [15:44:23] <Leviathan> The place is quiet, the silence broken only by a rhythmic thumping that sounds like a heartbeat.
  677. [15:44:27] <Amaryllis> "Theta, can you use your geomancy to create an opening in the coral elsewhere?" Ammy looks over the architecture, trying to look for a spot that she'd guess from the outside isn't going to be occupied.
  678. [15:45:07] <Theta_The_Beta> "Possibly but that's gonna be tricky with his influence everywhere to go undetected."
  679. [15:45:13] <Catalie> "3I guess this is the sneakiest we'll get... or that, yeah.  Uh, okay, let me try this a way times."
  680. [15:45:21] <Catalie> -3way +3few
  681. [15:45:39] <Amaryllis> "Would it be preferable to the front door?"
  682. [15:46:09] * Theta_The_Beta examines the walls a bit to try to find a spot free of the tendrils...
  683. [15:46:31] * Catalie flails around under the water, trying to get the Light pose just right. Eventually she finally manages to pause in mid-... water, sending translucent wisps into everybody nearby. "3Glub glub glub... 15DIAMOND LIGHT!!"
  684. [15:46:47] <Leviathan> An area name floats down from the top of the screen, shining with a dark light and pulsing with thorned tentacles.
  685. [15:46:52] <Leviathan> The Corrupted Palace of Champions
  686. [15:46:55] <Leviathan>
  687. [15:47:30] <Catalie> "3Staaaaay close, everyone."
  688. [15:47:55] <Lenore> "Okay..."
  689. [15:48:14] * Amaryllis tries to keep her swimming near the sound of everyone else's voices.
  690. [15:48:30] <Leviathan> Okay, so what's the plan?
  691. [15:48:34] <Leviathan> Oh right
  692. [15:48:37] <Leviathan> Theta's looking for a good spot.
  693. [15:48:43] * Catalie probably uses some eidolon bullshit to make a faint light for everyone to follow if at all possible.
  694. [15:48:44] <Leviathan> Roll Awareness, Theta!
  695. [15:50:28] <Theta_The_Beta> 2d6+8
  696. [15:50:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, 2d6+8: 16 [2d6=2,6]
  697. [15:51:33] <Leviathan> You look, and you look, until you discover a spot a bit above and to the left of the gateway that has a good, clear patch of coral.
  698. [15:52:26] <Leviathan> You don't think it leads in to the same area.
  699. [15:52:36] * Theta_The_Beta attempt to part it aside to make an opening for her and the others to slip in! "C'monnnnn please don't notice."
  700. [15:52:54] <Leviathan> Fwoooosh, as you open the passage, water starts to flood in. Better hurry!
  701. [15:53:10] * Lenore swims in as quickly as she can, of course!
  702. [15:53:12] * Catalie darts in like a fastcat.
  703. [15:54:00] * Amaryllis quickly slips in as well.
  704. [15:54:01] * Theta_The_Beta waits for everyone to dart in before following after!  
  705. [15:54:17] <Leviathan> You all hurry inside, and Theta seals the wall behind you. You feel your bodies reverting to normal as you enter a pocket of air with about an inch of water on the floor. You seem to be in some sort of hallway, with a seat of stairs leading down nearby, and further down a set of four statues, and a hallway going further in.
  706. [15:55:24] <Leviathan> *set of stairs.
  707. [15:55:25] <Catalie> "Nnnkay!  Everyone make it?"  Sounds like feet and not paws where Nat lands.
  709. [15:55:43] * Lenore whispers. "Yeah, I'm good."
  710. [15:55:45] <Leviathan> T-89: "I'm here."
  711. [15:56:09] <Amaryllis> "Made it."
  712. [15:56:16] * Theta_The_Beta fades out of sight again.  "Think we're in and now where to?"
  713. [15:56:53] <Amaryllis> "We explore. If we are lucky, we shall find a map along the way."
  714. [15:57:13] <Leviathan> Which way?
  715. [15:57:49] <Catalie> "Okay.  Using my powers like that is only tough when we're in the middle of a fight, so if anyone needs it turned off for a while lemme know."
  716. [15:59:00] <Theta_The_Beta> "Those statues are sorta weird.  What's up with this place anyway?"
  717. [15:59:08] <Leviathan> Go and have a look?
  718. [15:59:24] <Amaryllis> "We can only hope that Kraken is keeping some of the equipment or the shards away from his person. If we -must- fight him, stealing those beforehand would give us a much needed advantage."
  719. [15:59:24] <Catalie> "Y'sure they're not monsters?"
  720. [15:59:39] <Catalie> "Maybe we should go down this way first..."
  721. [15:59:47] <Lenore> Sure thing!  Tiptoeing over to the stairs.  "Let's check out the stairs, okay?"
  722. [15:59:55] <Leviathan> The statues are weathered, but completely intact despite their apparent ancient age. They depict four figures, standing together and posing.
  723. [16:00:03] <Leviathan>
  724. [16:00:06] <Lenore> And the statues
  725. [16:00:07] * Catalie follows. "Yeah. Don't worry, Ammy, I'll go straight for those if I see 'em!"
  726. [16:00:29] <Leviathan> There is a plaque for each statue, reading...
  727. [16:00:32] <Leviathan> "RED MAGE"
  728. [16:00:35] <Leviathan> "FIGHTER"
  729. [16:00:36] <Leviathan> "BLACK MAGE"
  730. [16:00:39] <Leviathan> "WHITE MAGE"
  731. [16:00:57] <Theta_The_Beta> "Poor dudes.  Didn't even get their names."
  732. [16:01:02] <Theta_The_Beta> "...Or maybe those are their names."
  733. [16:01:10] <Lenore> "I'd hope not!"
  734. [16:01:29] * Catalie heads down the first set of stairs already. Gooves.
  735. [16:01:42] <Amaryllis> "What was this place before Kraken claimed it?"
  736. [16:01:45] <Lenore> Stairs time!
  737. [16:02:15] <Leviathan> The stairs lead down to a submerged area, a grand entrancehall that seems connected to where you would have come in at normally. Two large sharks with scars patrol around.
  738. [16:02:40] * Catalie backs up into Lenny nope nope nope.
  739. [16:02:41] * Lenore STOPS once she sees the sharks. Ooooo...
  740. [16:02:50] <Catalie> Those are like DRAGON- I mean FOEs
  741. [16:02:55] <Leviathan> You hear a voice speak inside your minds, gentle and feminine. "The warriors of light that battled the first incarnation of Chaos... Their names were forgotten, but their legacy has carried on for aeons."
  742. [16:03:07] <Catalie> (>not 4 white mages)
  743. [16:03:14] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps the other way first?" Ammy whispers as she glances over.
  744. [16:03:17] <Amaryllis> (>not 3 fighters and a red mage)
  745. [16:03:23] * Lenore catches Catty to make sure she doesn't fall over!
  746. [16:03:29] <Catalie> "Good idea," Nat whispers back and walky backwards.
  747. [16:03:31] <Catalie> ... Walks.
  748. [16:03:34] <Catalie> Walkily.
  749. [16:03:38] <Catalie> Walkily walky walking.
  750. [16:03:47] * Lenore also heads on back after Nat!
  751. [16:03:52] <Theta_The_Beta> (>not a marachi band)
  752. [16:04:25] * Catalie whispers back upon getting a look at the statues. "Nnn... I sure now how forgetting names feels."
  753. [16:04:28] * Theta_The_Beta makes a note of the sharks for later, but lets the others do their thing with the directions
  754. [16:04:30] <Catalie> +k
  755. [16:04:40] <Leviathan> None of you concerned with a voice suddenly speaking in your mind?
  756. [16:04:44] * Lenore also wonders about that voice
  757. [16:05:02] * Catalie was talking to it sillain!
  758. [16:05:16] * Amaryllis is thinking back at the voice. <Are you the Crystal? Or some other presence?>
  759. [16:05:25] * Lenore gives a little talk. "Uh, who are you speaking in our heads?" She tries to be VERY QUIET
  760. [16:05:57] * Theta_The_Beta thinks to herself. <Was that YOU, or something else, Eden?>
  761. [16:06:07] <Leviathan> Voice: "Part of one... I lived in a different world, long, long ago."
  762. [16:06:24] <Leviathan> Eden replies to Theta. <That was not I, no...>
  763. [16:06:35] <Amaryllis> <Are you here? Can you guide us to you?>
  764. [16:06:52] <Leviathan> Voice: "I am... so tired...."
  765. [16:06:58] <Leviathan> The voice fades away, for now.
  766. [16:07:09] <Lenore> "Eh?"
  767. [16:07:16] * Theta_The_Beta is a bit less surprised at the voice in the head bits, but hrrrms.
  768. [16:07:31] <Theta_The_Beta> "Maybe that's not the crystal? I dunno, guess we'll find out."
  769. [16:07:39] <Catalie> "I guess there's someone here then..."
  770. [16:07:50] <Catalie> "Yeah, c'mon, let's go."
  771. [16:07:54] <Amaryllis> "Could have made mention of the bloody important information first." Ammy mutters to herself.
  772. [16:08:09] <Amaryllis> "Yes, let's." Ammy cautiously begins shuffling down the hall.
  773. [16:08:11] <Leviathan> Heading down the other hallway?
  774. [16:08:14] * Catalie gives the statues one more lookover while the player presses X at each one to see if there's some wacky puzzle with turning them to open a switch or something.
  775. [16:08:16] <Lenore> Hyup.
  776. [16:08:29] <Leviathan> Nah, you just have another look at the plaques, Nat.
  777. [16:08:35] <Catalie> Awwh.
  778. [16:09:14] <Leviathan> Alright, you proceed on a bit. The hallway opens up into a large room with a series of pillars. There are eight statues in this room, arranged in a circle and facing inward. Three large doors exist beyond.
  779. [16:09:15] * Catalie isn't thinking ahead enough to memorize the order, so just continues ahead!
  780. [16:09:32] <Theta_The_Beta> (You coulda least made it the 8 bit theater team though, sword chucks and all)
  782. [16:09:45] <Catalie> I HATE YOU
  783. [16:10:24] * Lenore of course moves in to examine the statues!
  784. [16:10:28] <Catalie> "If those were all heroes, then these..."
  785. [16:10:59] <Leviathan> These have plaques as well, reading... "FIRION" "MARIA" "GUS" "LEON" "MINWU" "GORDON" "JOSEF" "RICARD"
  786. [16:11:03] * Theta_The_Beta looks among the statues as well.
  787. [16:11:11] * Amaryllis keeps an eye on the doors as she circles the statues.
  788. [16:11:14] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hmm..."
  789. [16:11:19] <Theta_The_Beta> ""
  790. [16:11:24] <Catalie> (FF2 WAS A SHITTY GAME)
  791. [16:11:28] <Lenore> "Pretty weird!"
  792. [16:11:33] <Leviathan>
  793. [16:11:38] <Theta_The_Beta> "You know how things from Terra are popping up here?"
  794. [16:11:46] <Catalie> "Nn?"
  795. [16:11:49] <Theta_The_Beta> "Maybe this building just...persisted among all the worlds, and people kept adding to it."
  796. [16:11:49] <Amaryllis> "More heroes? At least their names have been remembered this time."
  797. [16:11:53] <Amaryllis> "Not just Terra."
  798. [16:12:00] <Amaryllis> "Other worlds as well, as I understand."
  799. [16:12:06] <Theta_The_Beta> "Nono I mean like."
  800. [16:12:23] <Catalie> "Like this place is from a whole bunch of different worlds?"
  801. [16:12:24] <Theta_The_Beta> "Terra absorbed a planet, this place was THERE, and people added to it, on and on."
  802. [16:12:55] <Amaryllis> "That's quite possible." Ammy shuffles near the doors, listening at each for activity beyond.
  803. [16:12:58] <Catalie> "Nnn, I dunno, that's definitely weird."
  804. [16:13:03] <Leviathan> Voice: "The crystal you're seeking is at the end of these halls. Any direction will take you to where you seek..."
  805. [16:13:12] * Catalie follows Ammy, doing the same thing.
  806. [16:13:17] <Leviathan> Voice: "...Terra..."
  807. [16:13:26] <Lenore> "Oh, hello again!"
  808. [16:13:30] <Catalie> "Okay, thanks," to the voice.  Not even doubting it for a second.
  809. [16:13:45] * Amaryllis looks to the others, an eyebrow raised at the voice's reappearance.
  810. [16:13:46] <Leviathan> Awareness, Ammy.
  811. [16:13:52] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  812. [16:13:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 5 [2d6=1,1]
  813. [16:13:56] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 choco
  814. [16:13:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, choco: 15 [2d6=5,5]
  815. [16:14:01] * Lenore checks out a different door~
  816. [16:14:06] <Leviathan> The chocobo seems hesitant to go near door three.
  817. [16:14:25] <Leviathan> Roll awareness, Lenore~
  818. [16:14:33] <Theta_The_Beta> "One way to find out I guess is to keep going.  Don't think this is a trap or puzzle or anything..."
  819. [16:14:37] <Lenore> 2d6+5 ~
  820. [16:14:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, ~: 12 [2d6=2,5]
  821. [16:14:40] <Amaryllis> "Therein lies danger, likely." Ammy nods to that door.
  822. [16:14:52] <Leviathan> You get the same vibe Ammy does.
  823. [16:14:57] <Catalie> (1,1we're still invisible you know)
  824. [16:15:02] <Leviathan> There sounds like faint shuffling beyond door 3.
  825. [16:15:16] <Leviathan> Which way?
  826. [16:15:20] * Lenore stays the fuck away from door three and nudges everyone to 1 or 2!
  827. [16:15:50] * Catalie feels the nudging and ponders for a second...
  828. [16:15:56] <Catalie> 1d2 decide our fate
  829. [16:15:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, decide our fate: 1 [1d2=1]
  830. [16:16:04] * Catalie barges straight over to #1.
  831. [16:16:25] <Leviathan> Rrrrrrrrcreaaaaak.
  832. [16:16:51] <Catalie> "C'mon, this one."
  833. [16:17:21] <Leviathan> It leads to another hallway, and through a room containing a number of ancient weapons and armor, most long-ruined, but still on display.
  834. [16:18:25] <Leviathan> One suit of armor doesn't seem as tarnished, but it looks sort of goofy.
  835. [16:18:26] <Leviathan>
  836. [16:18:59] <Theta_The_Beta> "An Armory?  The stuff these heroes had before they were laid to rest or something?"
  837. [16:19:10] * Catalie pauses to look at a few of them... hmmm, how well-protected do these all seem?
  838. [16:19:22] <Leviathan> Voice: "Replicas, for the most part..."
  839. [16:19:30] <Leviathan> Not protected at all!
  840. [16:19:39] <Catalie> "Ohh... so they wouldn't help us?"
  841. [16:20:21] * Amaryllis looks on at the more intact suit of armor with a sense of nostalgia. She shakes herself out of it after a moment and continues perusing the room, eventually making her way past the armory to the next hallway.
  842. [16:20:36] <Leviathan> Voice: "There are weapons of legend buried within this place, but the right to wield them must be earned..."
  843. [16:20:42] * Theta_The_Beta looks around at what seems the most alien of these weapons or armor.
  844. [16:21:03] * Lenore peruses the armory, looking for anything especially magical. Lore: Magic?
  845. [16:21:05] * Catalie keeps trodding through, probably only likely to be interested if one is really jewel-y.
  846. [16:21:24] <Leviathan> The most alien thing you can find is a replica sword that seems to lack a blade, instead having a blue column of light flowing from the hilt.
  847. [16:21:29] <Leviathan> Roll it, Lenny!
  848. [16:21:43] <Catalie> "Earned, huh..."
  849. [16:21:47] * Theta_The_Beta squints.  "Nifty."
  850. [16:21:54] <Lenore> 2d6+5
  851. [16:21:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  852. [16:22:26] <Leviathan> Hm... nnnnooo... you don't think anything in here is especially magical. The thing Theta's looking at is enchanted with a weak light spell to give off the illusion of a more powerful blade.
  853. [16:23:00] <Leviathan> Voice: "I once wielded the weapon of Atma, myself... it feels like so long ago..."
  854. [16:23:04] <Leviathan> The voice fades once more.
  855. [16:24:04] <Leviathan> There's another door leading out.
  856. [16:25:23] * Catalie barges through that door too.
  857. [16:25:25] <Leviathan> Continue to try to salvage, or continue on?
  858. [16:25:43] * Amaryllis is already heading to that door and listening at it.
  859. [16:26:05] * Catalie bumps into Ammy then.
  860. [16:26:20] <Amaryllis> "Oof, sorry Nat." Ammy shifts to the side.
  861. [16:26:21] <Leviathan> ...nope, you don't think you hear anything.
  862. [16:26:26] * Lenore decides to move on~
  863. [16:26:29] * Amaryllis slowly opens the door.
  864. [16:26:46] <Catalie> "Eheh... it's a thing you get used to.  I'll go first."
  865. [16:26:48] * Catalie darts inside~
  866. [16:27:30] <Theta_The_Beta> No reason we can't swing by later, so onward!
  867. [16:27:50] <Catalie> >implying this dungeon won't blow up as soon as we finish this disk
  868. [16:28:50] <Leviathan> Nat goes on through, and this time you enter a rather huge room with a high ceiling. There are grates on the floor and ceiling at places, and only one door across from where you've entered, though two leading back the other ways you came. Several statues dot this room as well. A paladin, a woman with a bow, a man in ninja garb, a woman in robes, standing next to a large woman with three faces,
  869. [16:28:50] <Leviathan> and a man in thick, dragon-themed armor, as well as several others.
  870. [16:29:05] <Leviathan> Voice: "Beware... he..."
  871. [16:29:10] <Leviathan> The voice fades prematurely.
  872. [16:29:16] <Lenore> "Uh oh."
  873. [16:29:30] <Catalie> (>no Palom/Porom)
  874. [16:29:41] <Leviathan> They're among the other statues.
  875. [16:29:42] <Leviathan> silly
  876. [16:29:47] <Catalie> (LAAAAAAAAME)
  877. [16:30:06] <Catalie> (it's funny because- ... I hope I don't actually have to explain why that's funny)
  878. [16:30:17] <Amaryllis> (inb4 it's actually them)
  879. [16:30:21] <Leviathan> (No they're not petrified)
  880. [16:30:23] <Leviathan> (GOOF)
  881. [16:30:28] <Catalie> (I am maximum goof)
  882. [16:30:45] <Catalie> "Um, I didn't hear you.  Beware what not?"
  883. [16:30:47] <Catalie> -t +w
  884. [16:31:07] * Amaryllis very carefully examines the grates here and then moves to the door that leads back, listening at it and peering through any crack or hole she can find, if any.
  885. [16:31:15] <Amaryllis> *the OTHER door that leads back
  886. [16:31:30] <Leviathan> You look closely through the crack...
  887. [16:32:11] <Leviathan> and see a few creatures shuffling around in dark grey robes, dragging forked green tails behind themselves, and carrying glowing stones in metal cages, suspended by chain, as well as tridents with knife-like points.
  888. [16:32:45] <Leviathan> ...well, shit.
  889. [16:32:53] * Amaryllis pulls back in surprise and takes a deep breath, raising a hand to her chin in a ponderous position.
  890. [16:33:33] <Theta_The_Beta> (fucking mind flayers?)
  891. [16:33:40] <Leviathan> (Sea tonberries)
  892. [16:33:51] * Catalie would notice if everyone weren't invisible, but they are~ So Nat instead just heads across the entire room like a moron to the door across from them.
  893. [16:34:16] <Leviathan> Natalie?
  894. [16:34:19] <Leviathan> 1,1Awareness.
  895. [16:34:25] * Lenore heads to the door across the room carefully, expecting a trap.
  896. [16:34:27] <Catalie> 2d6 1,1ok
  897. [16:34:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, 1,1ok: 3 [2d6=1,2]
  898. [16:34:34] <Catalie> ~
  899. [16:34:44] <Leviathan> A pressure plate sinks into the ground as Natalie steps on it.
  900. [16:34:48] * Amaryllis is still standing at this door that leads back.
  901. [16:34:55] <Leviathan> SLAM. You hear the sound of several locks engaging at all the doors in the room.
  902. [16:34:58] <Amaryllis> She doesn't notice a thing due to invisibility and all.
  903. [16:34:58] <Lenore> "Uh-oh."
  904. [16:35:03] <Leviathan> And water suddenly begins gushing in from the ceiling.
  905. [16:35:12] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell, did someone set off a trap?"
  906. [16:35:18] <Catalie> "Did someone do a what?"
  907. [16:35:34] <Amaryllis> "This must have been the one Blade warned of."
  908. [16:35:34] <Lenore> "Oh, this is what got my brother, isn't it?"
  909. [16:35:40] * Theta_The_Beta shrugs. "Drowning. How quaint."
  910. [16:35:59] <Lenore> "I guess we're not in real danger from this trap, but there might be other factors as well
  911. [16:36:00] <Lenore> "
  912. [16:36:09] <Lenore> "...and Kraken probably knows we're here, now."
  913. [16:36:12] * Theta_The_Beta looks to the cieling for where this water is gushing in from, and attempts to slam it shut.
  914. [16:36:29] <Leviathan> Roll nature!
  915. [16:36:49] <Leviathan> The water is gushing through closed grates.
  916. [16:36:52] <Theta_The_Beta> 2d6+8
  917. [16:36:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, 2d6+8: 11 [2d6=2,1]
  918. [16:36:55] * Catalie does the same, probably considering firing a hugeass laser beam to forcefully seal it up! Which is an infinitely more dangerous thing than what θ is probably attempting.
  919. [16:37:02] * Amaryllis peers through the crack again. Are the Tonberry progenitors doing anything?
  920. [16:37:02] <Theta_The_Beta> (DICEMAIIIIDOOOO)
  921. [16:37:12] <Leviathan> You reach out with your powers and feel the entire castle resist your attempt violently.
  922. [16:37:39] <Catalie> "... Hnnn."
  923. [16:37:44] <Leviathan> They're looking up, as if listening to something, then shuffling off towards the other door.
  924. [16:37:50] <Amaryllis> "Nat, drop my invisibility." Ammy calls out.
  925. [16:37:52] * Catalie continues heading across the room, not having learned her lesson~
  926. [16:37:59] <Amaryllis> "And come here."
  927. [16:38:05] <Catalie> But, of course, does that on request.  Is it possible to just drop one?
  928. [16:38:06] <Lenore> "Nat, drop ALL our invisibility, actually."
  929. [16:38:09] <Catalie> ... Nevermind.
  930. [16:38:14] * Catalie does that. "'Kay!"
  931. [16:38:32] <Leviathan> The water continues gushing into the room, filling it up rather quickly. You've already begun changing into your sea-forms again.
  932. [16:39:28] <Theta_The_Beta> "This one tail and no legs thing is weird.  How do you guys function?"
  933. [16:39:40] * Amaryllis steps (or swims!) quickly toward Nat with a gesture in the air. She grasps her right hand, and it glows.
  934. [16:40:11] <Amaryllis> When Ammy pulls her hand away, there's a black glove on Nat's hand, and a glowing red emblem of a heart crossed by swords. Opus! +4 Thievery
  935. [16:40:37] <Leviathan> T-89 seems to be searching around for a different exit.
  936. [16:40:39] <Amaryllis> "See if you can't pick the lock of that door." Ammy points. "We should make ourselves scarce."
  937. [16:40:41] <Catalie> "Ahnnn... what's this- ohhhh."
  938. [16:41:07] * Catalie feels around for where those Brigand's Brews Lenny made forever ago are. She has a crapton after all!
  939. [16:42:40] <Leviathan>
  940. [16:43:08] <Catalie> If there's any time before the room totally floods, she takes a bit of it and, instead of doing anything sensible, just shrugs and smears a little bit on her Ruby.  GROSS.
  941. [16:43:09] <Amaryllis> (>choosing the worst "hurry" theme)
  942. [16:43:24] <Lenore> (Okay, brb, my comp is being dumb still and it's aggravating me, I'll lastlines)
  943. [16:43:39] * Catalie airdashes over to the door Ammy needed help opening. Permission to pick the fuck out of this motherfucker?
  944. [16:43:50] <Leviathan> T-89: "It seems simple enough for me." she shrugs at Theta.
  945. [16:43:58] <Leviathan> Roll!
  946. [16:44:10] <Catalie> 2d6+15 you have no idea how picked this fucker is
  947. [16:44:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, you have no idea how picked this fucker is: 20 [2d6=4,1]
  948. [16:44:14] <Theta_The_Beta> "If you saaaay so."
  949. [16:44:24] <Theta_The_Beta> (piced like a nose)
  950. [16:44:44] * Catalie holds the glove up and a big red light erupts from it! Not much unlike the Atma Weapon replica, really. "Here I go!"
  951. [16:45:03] * AoriPhone is now known as NoreNore
  952. [16:45:34] <Leviathan> You precision-cut the door lock, and the door bursts open, water flooding the once dry hall and sweeping you into it.
  953. [16:45:35] <Theta_The_Beta> (Shoulda made a keyblade)
  954. [16:45:43] <Catalie> (oh god damnit I should've)
  955. [16:46:02] <Theta_The_Beta> (was my first thought w/ the heart part)
  956. [16:46:19] <Leviathan> In fact, the door in this hall is already open too, so the water keeps carrying you back into the room with the FF2 heroes.
  957. [16:46:19] <Catalie> "Gwaaah!"
  958. [16:46:40] <Leviathan> You're dumped on the floor without ceremony, as water continues to pour in from the previous room.
  959. [16:46:50] * Theta_The_Beta slowly gets up after being slip n' slided. "...So door #2 then?"
  960. [16:46:58] <Leviathan> Voice: "Kraken... almost..."
  961. [16:47:02] <Amaryllis> "Let's move quickly."
  962. [16:47:06] * NoreNore is splashed onto the ground, shaking water off. "This is getting annoying! Let's be more careful!"
  963. [16:47:32] <Leviathan> Door #2 leads back the way you just came, just presumably through a different room.
  964. [16:47:34] <NoreNore> "But Theta, all three go to the same room!"
  965. [16:47:53] <Leviathan> 1d100
  966. [16:47:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Leviathan, 1d100: 61 [1d100=61]
  967. [16:47:56] <Catalie> "Ooh... at least it was in this form.  I HATE getting my fur wet."
  968. [16:47:58] <Leviathan> 1d100 more decidey
  969. [16:47:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Leviathan, more decidey: 95 [1d100=95]
  970. [16:48:16] <Amaryllis> (oh whoops I meant the door that Nat was headed toward when I meant unlocking, but okay it's probably easy to get confused in that mess)
  971. [16:48:23] <Theta_The_Beta> "So what then? Sharks or the third?"
  972. [16:48:35] <Catalie> (Oh, even I didn't know that was the one you meant)
  973. [16:48:48] <Amaryllis> (Yeah, sorry, that was unclear)
  974. [16:49:10] <Leviathan> The door from the first hallway you entered begins to creak open, a blue tentacle slithering around the edge.
  975. [16:49:14] <NoreNore> (I thought it was the one forward!"
  976. [16:49:16] <NoreNore> )
  977. [16:49:30] <NoreNore> "...oh."
  978. [16:49:52] <Catalie> "... Should I... should I use my Light again?"
  979. [16:49:55] <Leviathan> The water stops rushing in at about waist level.
  980. [16:49:56] <NoreNore> "Company!"
  981. [16:50:21] <Leviathan> The door then flies open, Kraken standing there in all of his primness.
  982. [16:50:33] <Theta_The_Beta> "..."
  983. [16:50:35] <Catalie> "..."
  984. [16:50:40] * Catalie waves. "Hi!"
  985. [16:50:40] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hi?"
  986. [16:50:44] <NoreNore> "Too late!"
  987. [16:50:49] <Leviathan> Kraken: "..."
  988. [16:51:40] <Leviathan> Kraken: "12Curious, you escaped the flooding trap. I didn't expect -you- to show up here. I suppose I'll just have to take care of you again."
  989. [16:51:43] * Amaryllis reaches up and makes sure her crab claw amulet is secured in place.
  990. [16:52:17] <Amaryllis> So what does Kraken look like now? Does he seem to be wearing what might be dark knight armor or carrying Catastrophe?
  991. [16:52:20] <Catalie> "Well uh... actually we were just leaving!"
  992. [16:52:34] <Leviathan> He has the shield wrapped in one of his tentacles, but you don't see the sword.
  993. [16:52:52] <Leviathan> Kraken: "12No you're not." he whistles, and from the ceiling behind you, drops Maliris!
  994. [16:53:02] <Theta_The_Beta> "If I recall you were the one who ran off with your tentacles between your legs."
  995. [16:53:05] <Catalie> "Wwwwwwelp it was worth a try!"
  996. [16:53:17] <Theta_The_Beta> "Aw crap."
  997. [16:53:35] * Catalie checks if she even has enough legs TO get into stance with.
  998. [16:53:53] <Leviathan> Maliris: "4Well well, who do we have here? A chance for a comeback...?" she grins and draws several blades, one of them being smaller than the rest and completely black, with a pulsing surface.
  999. [16:53:54] <Amaryllis> If the water's only waist high I imagine we can take our normal forms?
  1000. [16:53:58] <Leviathan> Yep.
  1001. [16:54:10] <Catalie> Impatient it is then!
  1002. [16:54:32] <NoreNore> "Theta, do me a favor!"
  1003. [16:54:48] <Theta_The_Beta> "Eeeeeh?"
  1004. [16:55:00] <Leviathan> Combat! Pincer attack! Maliris and Kraken are not considered to be in the same Group!
  1005. [16:55:05] <Leviathan>
  1006. [16:55:29] <NoreNore> "Drain or purify the water! Otherwise I'll shock us when I use Lightning!"
  1007. [16:55:47] <Catalie> "Oh crap!  Is THAT how Lightning works?"
  1008. [16:55:49] <Leviathan> Maliris ambushes the party!
  1009. [16:55:59] <Leviathan> 2d6+8 Sword Rain
  1010. [16:56:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Leviathan, Sword Rain: 16 [2d6=6,2]
  1011. [16:56:03] <Theta_The_Beta> "Please don't this jacket conducts it!"
  1012. [16:56:06] <Leviathan> Grim Reaper! Critical Hit!
  1013. [16:56:35] <Theta_The_Beta> (Well this was a quick fight.)
  1014. [16:56:40] <Leviathan> She unleashes a torrent of blades on the party, recovering them faster than the eye can see for...
  1015. [16:56:54] <Leviathan> 240 shadow arm damage!
  1016. [16:57:16] <Leviathan> Player turns!
  1017. [16:57:44] <Theta_The_Beta> Theta's not half bad, but Adenine's worse for the wear!
  1018. [16:57:52] <Catalie> (Does th- ... yep, it does)
  1019. [16:58:21] <Lenore> Oh.  'nore's down then.
  1020. [16:58:25] * Amaryllis calls her lantern up to her hand hand, an inky black frame in an Asian design hiding a golden glow. As the shadowy blades cut into her, she doesn't even flinch - and the lantern and her eyes both glow golden.
  1021. [16:58:39] <Amaryllis> "Lenore!"
  1022. [16:58:40] * Catalie leaps in the air and kicks the lightning mage over, knocking her into a reflect wall! The wall forms into an entire barrier, surrounding her while the blades strike. Astra!
  1023. [16:58:45] <Catalie> "Lenny, get down!"
  1024. [16:58:53] <Lenore> (or that)
  1025. [16:59:00] <Catalie> (WHAT DO YOU THINK I TOOK IT FOR)
  1026. [16:59:12] * Lenore ducks, the blades knocking off the barrier and leaving her safe! "Thanks!"
  1027. [16:59:21] * Lenore begins getting a spell ready!
  1028. [16:59:23] <Leviathan> T-89: "Agh!"
  1029. [16:59:45] * Theta_The_Beta considers her options.  Adenine triggers Momentum and sets up a Mana Shield!
  1030. [16:59:50] * Catalie holds her Ruby, doubling over a bit. She's holding it with the gloved hand, though.
  1031. [16:59:53] <Amaryllis> Her knife comes to her other hand, just the handle of a switchblade at first but quickly becoming a flurry of different blades as she opens it until it settles into the form of a dagger.
  1032. [17:00:22] <Theta_The_Beta> "You guys dealt with her before right? So..." She eyes kracken curiously, Advice!
  1033. [17:00:24] <Catalie> "Ohh... I guess it's now or never, huh..."
  1034. [17:00:42] <Leviathan> I'll give you info on both of them~
  1035. [17:01:34] <Lenore> "Nat!  Don't let Kraken do what he did before!"  She snatches one of the Brigand Brews, using a point of destiny to use them as an instant action, and uses it on Nat.   I guess it'd be her Phantom Destiny!  Then she begins casting, this is basically a respecification
  1036. [17:02:21] <Lenore> (You regain 85 HP and MP in addition!)
  1037. [17:02:22] <Amaryllis> "Maliris, that blade belongs not to you!" Ammy calls out as she steps toward the serpent. "Its tale and legend are those of another, and it shall play no role in this chapter of your story!" Her voice grows commanding, as if empowered with a magical force.
  1038. [17:02:34] <Amaryllis> 2d6+17 power chord
  1039. [17:02:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, power chord: 28 [2d6=5,6]
  1040. [17:03:11] <Lenore> "You two have my brother's things, you think you can just use them like you own them?  You've got another think coming!"
  1041. [17:03:23] <Amaryllis> 280 non-elemental M.ARM and uh...probably scatters alll her shit :D
  1042. [17:03:39] <Leviathan> Kraken is an Aquan Fiend, Weak to Fire and Electricity! Absorbs Water! He can't use his Call Minions feature if the room isn't flooded! He seems like he's Skitterish and his tentacles are capable of Swift Strikes. He seems like a capable magician.
  1043. [17:03:40] * Catalie nods and holds the glove in front of her, giving Craxor a good stare.
  1044. [17:04:12] <Catalie> "Okay..."
  1045. [17:04:15] <Lenore> (BTW Zoof, you do know why Lenore gave "purify" as an alternative for the water, right?)
  1046. [17:04:15] <Catalie> "HERE I GO!"
  1047. [17:04:34] <Leviathan> Maliris is a Beast Fiend, Weak to Water and Earth. Absorbs Fire! She possesses a lot of powerful job abilities!
  1048. [17:04:50] <Theta_The_Beta> (Cause it'd be holy water? I think that part went over my head)
  1049. [17:04:56] <Lenore> (Water doesn't actually conduct electricity.)
  1050. [17:05:07] <Lenore> (It's stuff dissolved in water that conducts electricity)
  1051. [17:05:19] <Leviathan> She seems to be able to draw from Ranger, Ninja, Fighter, and Dark Knight.
  1052. [17:05:27] <Lenore> (Pure H20 won't conduct electricity)
  1053. [17:05:41] <Leviathan> Maliris is knocked back and loses her weaponry, Catastrophe included!
  1054. [17:06:07] * Catalie leaps out of the water and toward the tentacle monster, glove extended. She pauses in the air as per Ruby Light and as she stalls the glove itself glows with a red light, which gets brighter and brighter by the second. "This hand of mine is BURNING RED!"
  1055. [17:06:13] * Amaryllis waves a hand, and the emblem on Nat's glove begins to glow with an awesome power. It's an Opus item fuckyea I am declaring a temporary BGM SHIFT:
  1056. [17:06:35] <Catalie> Ruby wings erupt from her back, propelling her forward.  "ITS LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO GRASP VICTORY!"
  1057. [17:06:37] <Theta_The_Beta> "Water and Earth for her, Fire or Electricty for Mr. Kraken...not much else you guys probably don't know I think, both are formidable!"
  1058. [17:06:56] <Theta_The_Beta> "Wait - erm." Well a bit late for that last bit.
  1059. [17:07:15] <Lenore> (You could just do it on next turn!)
  1060. [17:07:16] <Catalie> Nat slame forward, touching the Fiend with a hand, and begins to glow even brighter!  "ERUPTING!"
  1061. [17:07:21] <Catalie> "BURNING!!"
  1062. [17:07:24] <Catalie> "..."
  1063. [17:07:29] <Catalie> "Oops, I forgot the last part~"
  1064. [17:07:42] * Catalie suddenly dissolves into a shitton of lasers and passes through him!
  1065. [17:07:46] <Lenore> (<3)
  1066. [17:07:55] <Catalie> 2d6+15 MASTER THIEF: GIVE ME... his flawless spell if he has it, thanks~
  1067. [17:07:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, MASTER THIEF: GIVE ME... his flawless spell if he has it, thanks~: 23 [2d6=3,5]
  1068. [17:08:08] <Lenore> (Might wanna' put some destiny down)
  1069. [17:08:15] <Catalie> 1d6 oh yeah I WAS spending my phantom
  1070. [17:08:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, oh yeah I WAS spending my phantom: 2 [1d6=2]
  1071. [17:08:21] <Lenore> (Although a 20+ is PRETTY GOOD)
  1072. [17:08:43] <Leviathan> You steal Flawless Spell: Thunderstorm!
  1073. [17:08:52] <Lenore> (Yes.)
  1074. [17:08:58] <Amaryllis> (sugoi~)
  1075. [17:09:15] * Catalie reappears on the other side. "... I feel it!"
  1076. [17:09:28] <Leviathan> Sure is expensive, though.
  1077. [17:09:34] <Leviathan> I mean damn, 150 MP?
  1078. [17:09:37] <Catalie> "So these are the kinds of powers you had, huh, ugly?"
  1079. [17:09:47] <Amaryllis> Ammy quick-swaps to the water/lighting-proof food after the power chord.
  1080. [17:09:48] <Leviathan> Kraken: "12How dare you!"
  1081. [17:09:59] <Catalie> (eh if it's still instant that's not even a big deal~)
  1082. [17:10:11] <Lenore> (^)
  1083. [17:10:49] <Leviathan> Players all done?
  1084. [17:10:57] <Theta_The_Beta> (think so)
  1085. [17:10:58] <Amaryllis> Is Catastrophe within reach?
  1086. [17:11:00] <Catalie> Done over here~
  1087. [17:11:03] * Amaryllis still has a standard action!
  1088. [17:11:04] <Leviathan> 1d100
  1089. [17:11:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Leviathan, 1d100: 15 [1d100=15]
  1090. [17:11:07] <Leviathan> Yep!
  1092. [17:11:26] * Amaryllis scoots over and grabs up Blade's weapon!
  1093. [17:11:36] <Leviathan> You feel incredible power coursing through you!
  1094. [17:11:37] <Leviathan> Tier 8 Blade; Inherent: BDL, Indestructible. Precision, Piercing, Imperil, Lucky, Follow-Through, Triple Critical, Spellburst (Scathe), Shadow Enhancer
  1095. [17:12:45] <Amaryllis> (and I think that takes up a standard, so I'm done~)
  1096. [17:12:51] <Leviathan> Enemy turns
  1097. [17:13:09] <Leviathan> Maliris sweeps across the room in the blink of an eye, picking up the rest of her weaponry with a scowl.
  1098. [17:13:28] <Leviathan> Kraken simply frowns and attempts to punch Natalie with his tentacles.
  1099. [17:13:34] <Leviathan> 2d6+6
  1100. [17:13:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Leviathan, 2d6+6: 15 [2d6=3,6]
  1101. [17:13:52] <Catalie> That might hit~ ... Well, it does right now, yes.
  1102. [17:14:15] <Leviathan> The swift strike deals 189 arm damage to you!
  1103. [17:14:30] <Catalie> okay yeah NOPE NONE OF THAT BLINK
  1104. [17:14:35] * Leviathan is now known as The_Fiends
  1105. [17:15:15] <The_Fiends> Player turns
  1106. [17:15:32] <Lenore> "Theta, you're working on not getting everyone zapped, right?"
  1107. [17:15:32] <Catalie> "Nuh-uh!"  The Bunc blows a useful ability and slides back, swapping stances to the 'not die' one and preparing a slow action with the extra turn!
  1108. [17:15:39] <Lenore> "Please tell me you are!"
  1109. [17:16:00] <Theta_The_Beta> "One thing at a time alright?"
  1110. [17:16:09] <Catalie> "I'm ready, Lenny!  Hurry up!"
  1111. [17:16:27] <Lenore> "I have to wait on Theta...!"
  1112. [17:16:52] <Theta_The_Beta> She kneels down into the water and concentrates, trying to remove any impurities, salt, what have you from the water of this temple.  
  1113. [17:16:58] <The_Fiends> Nature roll!
  1114. [17:17:14] <Theta_The_Beta> 3d6+8 this probably demands that destiny point we get free
  1115. [17:17:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, this probably demands that destiny point we get free: 20 [3d6=5,2,5]
  1116. [17:17:37] <Theta_The_Beta> Adenine conjures up her spirit mace sprayer and sprays Maliris!
  1117. [17:17:41] * Amaryllis takes a calming breath and concentrates on pooling her shadow energy thorugh her body into the floor below her. She stabs down with Catastrophe at the pool of shadow, concentrating on severing Kraken's intellectual thought and passion behind his spells.
  1118. [17:17:46] <Theta_The_Beta> 2d6+5
  1119. [17:17:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, 2d6+5: 14 [2d6=6,3]
  1120. [17:17:55] <The_Fiends> The water is cleared of impurities, both natural and supernatural!
  1121. [17:17:59] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 acc darkside ninjutsu
  1122. [17:18:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, acc darkside ninjutsu: 15 [2d6=1,2]
  1123. [17:18:07] <Amaryllis> 1d6 dual wield reroll
  1124. [17:18:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, dual wield reroll: 3 [1d6=3]
  1125. [17:18:14] <Amaryllis> 17
  1126. [17:18:14] <The_Fiends> Hit!
  1127. [17:18:17] <Lenore> "All right, here we go!"
  1128. [17:18:49] <Theta_The_Beta> 1d0+9+110 damage to Maliris!
  1129. [17:18:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, damage to Maliris!: 119 [1d0=0]
  1130. [17:19:05] * Catalie nods. "Let's get ready first... 4Ruby Heal II!"
  1131. [17:19:08] <Amaryllis> Um...thaaaaat's 812 shadow ARM to Kraken counting the aquan killer
  1132. [17:19:21] <Catalie> 2d6+120 HP for everybody, perhaps I am a wasteful person
  1133. [17:19:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, HP for everybody, perhaps I am a wasteful person: 123 [2d6=2,1]
  1134. [17:19:29] <Amaryllis> And next time he successfully casts a spell, he'll take 40 M. ARM and be sealed for a turn
  1135. [17:19:29] <The_Fiends> The serpent is sprayed in the face by a rather potent spiritual weapon!
  1136. [17:19:52] <Amaryllis> Oh and both of those pierce.
  1137. [17:20:17] <The_Fiends> Kraken: 12AUGH!!"
  1138. [17:20:27] * Amaryllis turns and does the same to Maliris, focusing on her energy and movement.
  1139. [17:20:37] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 darkside ninjutsu
  1140. [17:20:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside ninjutsu: 20 [2d6=4,4]
  1141. [17:20:43] <The_Fiends> Kraken is not only injured by the attack, but the purifying of the water seems to boil his skin, too.
  1142. [17:20:52] <The_Fiends> Yep!
  1143. [17:21:26] <Amaryllis> 412 Shadow ARM to Maliris, piercing! And 40 piercing Earth M.ARM + one turn slow next time she moves.
  1144. [17:21:45] <The_Fiends> Damn, that's pretty nasty.
  1145. [17:22:15] <Theta_The_Beta> (oh right. another 40 damage from Adenine from Ravager stance)
  1146. [17:22:27] <Amaryllis> "Your brother has good taste in weapons, Lenore." Ammy pulls the blade out of the pool of shadow in surprise.
  1147. [17:22:43] <Catalie> "I'm ready!"  Nat takes position and points to her forehead with both hands, as it starts shining again!  The rubywings emerge from her back and seem to plant into the ground, like she's treating herself as a loli lightning rod or something.  "Let's go, Lenny!"
  1148. [17:22:55] <The_Fiends> Got it, Theta.
  1149. [17:22:58] <Catalie> "I call upon the power that thrives within the deepest reaches of the heavens,"
  1150. [17:23:42] * Amaryllis 's lantern fully rejuvenates her with the help of the cuaraga after she's done~
  1151. [17:24:35] <Lenore> "The power of the great judges above who receive the souls of the dead,"
  1152. [17:25:01] <The_Fiends> T-89: "Could they be any flashier with their attacks?" she whispers to Theta.
  1153. [17:25:08] <Catalie> "Grant me - nay, us - thine eternal blessing, the power to create and destroy,"
  1154. [17:25:52] * Theta_The_Beta whispers back "(Yeah I just try to stand around and look pretty most the time.)"
  1155. [17:26:04] <Lenore> "to destroy those who would hamper the natural order of creation!"
  1156. [17:26:10] * Catalie nods.
  1157. [17:26:17] <Catalie> "VIOLENT STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM!!"
  1159. [17:26:42] <Lenore> BGM shift
  1160. [17:26:44] <The_Fiends> HYDRO STOOOOOORM
  1161. [17:26:56] * Catalie CLAPS her hands together - yes kain that's the joke - and fires off the stolen spell!
  1162. [17:27:04] <Catalie> 2d6+168 EAT THIS LIGHTNING KRAKEN
  1163. [17:27:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, EAT THIS LIGHTNING KRAKEN: 178 [2d6=5,5]
  1164. [17:27:53] <Catalie> The air around her crackles with electricity and seems to resonate, when suddenly her forehead erupts like a giant red angled trampoline!  "NOW!"
  1165. [17:28:30] * Lenore clasps her staff with both hands, eyes closed, before opening her eyes with a "TAKE THIS!" and firing a barrage of lightningbolts at...Nat...?
  1166. [17:29:32] <Lenore> Slow action Resolving, standard action to cast lightning spells in a lightning field, favored spell instant, I'd trance if i could but HAHAHA NOT ENOUGH DESTINY
  1167. [17:29:37] <Catalie> As the barrage hits, each bolt shifts in color and turns blood red!  DIVERT SPELL!
  1168. [17:30:28] <Lenore> 7 base + 3 specialization + 1 focus + 1 enhancer + 2 elemental field = 14 steps
  1169. [17:30:56] <Catalie> (and +2 divert)
  1170. [17:31:13] <Lenore> (Oh I thought it was +50%, okay, that's less broke, thank goodness)
  1171. [17:31:23] <Lenore> (So 16 steps then)
  1172. [17:31:31] <Catalie> (Nah we only did that for teamwork, still GO FOR BROKE MAN)
  1173. [17:31:49] <Lenore> 3#2d6+416 Piercing Lightning M.ARM on Kraken
  1174. [17:31:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Piercing Lightning M.ARM on Kraken: 424 [2d6=4,4], 423 [2d6=6,1], 420 [2d6=2,2]
  1175. [17:31:57] <The_Fiends> POW, POW, POW!
  1176. [17:32:05] <The_Fiends> The squid is scorched!
  1177. [17:32:22] <Lenore> "THAT'S PAYBACK FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY BROTHER!"
  1178. [17:32:35] <The_Fiends> He's momentarily floored by the assault.
  1179. [17:32:41] <Lenore> And of course there's weakness factored in~
  1180. [17:32:55] <The_Fiends> Everyone done?
  1181. [17:33:01] <Catalie> NOPE
  1182. [17:33:08] * Theta_The_Beta whistles.
  1183. [17:33:09] * Catalie STILL HAS A GODDAMNED STANDARD ACTION
  1184. [17:33:09] <Lenore> Hastecats
  1185. [17:33:18] <Catalie> 1,1more like those were all instants
  1186. [17:33:31] <Catalie> ... And instead of anything cool, spends it swapping back into impatient stance.
  1187. [17:34:38] <The_Fiends> NOW everyone done?
  1188. [17:34:46] <Lenore> Quite.
  1189. [17:34:50] <Amaryllis> Yup~
  1190. [17:34:51] <The_Fiends> Enemy Turns
  1191. [17:35:04] <The_Fiends> Kraken seems charred by the assault, but slowly climbs back to his feet.
  1192. [17:35:33] <The_Fiends> "12Powers of chaos, grant me the might of a primal maelstrom..."
  1193. [17:35:44] <The_Fiends> Kraken is charging!
  1194. [17:36:00] <The_Fiends> Maliris takes the opportunity to dive at Lenore from behind!
  1195. [17:36:01] <The_Fiends> 2d6+8
  1196. [17:36:02] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, 2d6+8: 16 [2d6=2,6]
  1197. [17:36:23] <Lenore> (here comes pain)
  1198. [17:36:47] <The_Fiends> 188 arm damage, Lenore!
  1199. [17:36:50] <The_Fiends> And Maliris becomes Slowed!
  1200. [17:37:11] <Catalie> (17 left?  goddamn ow)
  1201. [17:37:23] <The_Fiends> Her blades begin to whirl, cutting at the mage, but they become slower and slower as something eats at her ability to move.
  1202. [17:37:34] * Lenore winces. "Oh, you think you're clever? You're next!" She pants, now.
  1203. [17:37:48] <The_Fiends> Player turns!
  1204. [17:38:00] <Amaryllis> "Nat." Ammy nods to the girl.
  1205. [17:38:12] <Catalie> "Ammy!"  Nat breathes heavily and gets back in stance again.
  1206. [17:38:13] <Lenore> "I-I'm sure Nat and Ammy can handle Kraken for now, so!"
  1207. [17:38:32] * Theta_The_Beta starts to hum to herself as she readies some Earthen Arrows in her Wind Crossbow!  Adenine starts casting a spell!
  1208. [17:38:42] * Amaryllis turns to face Kraken, pointing the blade down at the pool of shadow at her feet. She sends another surge of shadow energy down into the floor and strikes downward.
  1209. [17:39:45] * Catalie mimics Ammy's motion, only with energy made of red light. Shockuweibu~
  1210. [17:39:52] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 teamwork darkside ninjutsu on kraken
  1211. [17:39:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, teamwork darkside ninjutsu on kraken: 23 [2d6=6,5]
  1212. [17:39:58] <Amaryllis> (awww yisss crit)
  1213. [17:40:03] <Catalie> 2d6+5 and over here, much more boring
  1214. [17:40:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, and over here, much more boring: 14 [2d6=6,3]
  1215. [17:40:11] <Amaryllis> (CRIT FISH. DO IT)
  1216. [17:40:12] * Lenore makes use of her Quick Cast since she didn't have to use it due to Lightning field to send a colossal wave of the water everyone's standing in straight for Maliris! "Saintly spirits of the deep, purify these terrifying fiends! 2Wateraga!"
  1217. [17:40:13] <Catalie> 1d6 dw reroll on 3
  1218. [17:40:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, dw reroll on 3: 2 [1d6=2]
  1219. [17:40:18] <Catalie> 1d6 teamwork reroll on 3
  1220. [17:40:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, teamwork reroll on 3: 3 [1d6=3]
  1221. [17:40:25] <Amaryllis> (DAMMIT YOU ARE SO BORING DICEMAID)
  1222. [17:40:27] <Catalie> EH WHATEVER SYNCHRO
  1223. [17:40:45] <Lenore> 2d6+182 Piercing Water M.ARM
  1224. [17:40:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Piercing Water M.ARM: 186 [2d6=2,2]
  1225. [17:40:49] <Amaryllis> (hey Kain, do I need to KNOW Scathe to Spellburst it?)
  1226. [17:40:56] <The_Fiends> Nope
  1227. [17:41:22] <The_Fiends> Maliris screams as she's soaked!
  1228. [17:41:25] <Lenore> Doubled for weakness, of course.
  1229. [17:41:31] <Lenore> "I beat you down once, I can do it again!"
  1230. [17:41:32] <Catalie> "Hope it helps, Ammy... Special Art!"  The wave explodes as it hits the tentamon!  "Cutting Edge of Notion!!"
  1231. [17:41:55] <Amaryllis> Dear god this weapon. 2376 piercing shadow ARM to Kraken and 40 nonelemental + blind for a turn next time he attacks.
  1232. [17:41:55] <Catalie> Just 99 ARM Earth damage but who cares, it's a teamwork~
  1233. [17:42:04] <Amaryllis> Follow-through!
  1234. [17:42:17] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 darkside ninjutsu
  1235. [17:42:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside ninjutsu: 17 [2d6=1,4]
  1236. [17:42:24] <Amaryllis> 1d6 DW reroll on 1
  1237. [17:42:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, DW reroll on 1: 5 [1d6=5]
  1238. [17:42:58] <Amaryllis> 828 shadow ARM and 40 non-elemental + curse next time he spends destiny
  1239. [17:42:58] <The_Fiends> There's an explosion of shadow energy as the void itself rips open, unleashing tendrils of darkness against Kraken!
  1240. [17:43:18] <The_Fiends> T-89 just stares.
  1241. [17:43:24] <Amaryllis> Finally, shadow energy rises up, surrounding Ammy with incorporeal faces in a column of black mist that rushes at Kraken.
  1242. [17:43:27] <The_Fiends> T-89: "Good taste in weapons my ass, what IS that thing?"
  1243. [17:43:54] <Amaryllis> 1100 shadow m.arm from SCATHE
  1244. [17:44:03] <Lenore> "My brother's weapon, the Catastrophe..." Pant...pant... "My brother had to journey to The Void to get it, I think!"
  1245. [17:44:06] <Theta_The_Beta> "It's made with corrupted energies.  Would be neat but, well, you'll see when you meet the guy."
  1246. [17:44:13] * Theta_The_Beta shrugs.
  1247. [17:44:39] * Amaryllis then tosses a hi-potion to Lenore, panting as she finishes her assault.
  1248. [17:44:42] <The_Fiends> Kraken's El Nino is interrupted!
  1249. [17:44:49] * Lenore gladly takes the Hi-pot~
  1250. [17:45:02] <The_Fiends> Kraken: "12Maliris... We need to use..."
  1251. [17:45:13] <Amaryllis> (inb4 "that")
  1252. [17:45:13] <The_Fiends> Maliris: "4What, already? Fine..."
  1253. [17:45:29] <The_Fiends> Enemy Turns
  1254. [17:45:36] <Catalie> "I dunno, it seems like you already lost~"
  1255. [17:45:48] <The_Fiends> Kraken concentrates, and rings of blue energy erupt from her tendrils, engulfing Maliris.
  1256. [17:45:59] <Catalie> (>her)
  1257. [17:45:59] <Lenore> (>Kraken is a herm)
  1258. [17:45:59] <Theta_The_Beta> (>her)
  1259. [17:46:00] <Amaryllis> (>her)
  1260. [17:46:02] <Catalie> (...)
  1261. [17:46:02] <Theta_The_Beta> (TOLD YOU)
  1262. [17:46:04] <Catalie> (HUH.)
  1263. [17:46:05] <Theta_The_Beta> (GAIA IS ALL WOMENS)
  1264. [17:46:06] <The_Fiends> *his
  1265. [17:46:12] <Kraken> (Can confirm)
  1266. [17:46:24] <Catalie> (I love how we all jumped on that simultaneously, great work team)
  1267. [17:46:28] <Lenore> (^)
  1268. [17:46:30] <The_Fiends> A dark blue plate armor begins to form around Maliris's body, resembling the shell of some ancient sea creature.
  1269. [17:46:48] <The_Fiends> Kraken: "12SHELL OF CAGNAZZO!"
  1270. [17:46:58] <Lenore> (mother of fuck.)
  1271. [17:47:12] <The_Fiends> Maliris's defenses were improved! Gained an absorbancy to water! Auto-Haste!
  1272. [17:47:12] <Theta_The_Beta> "Dammit."
  1273. [17:47:26] <Theta_The_Beta> "Well there went my plan  Sorta."
  1274. [17:47:29] <The_Fiends> Maliris concentrates and red rings pulse from her swords and into Kraken.
  1275. [17:47:31] <Catalie> "Hnnn..."
  1276. [17:47:35] * Catalie looks down at her glove.
  1277. [17:47:46] <The_Fiends> Maliris: "4CLOAK OF RUBICANTE!"
  1278. [17:47:54] <Lenore> (notbad)
  1279. [17:48:09] <The_Fiends> An enormous red cloak forms around Kraken's body, and he draws it around himself in defense.
  1280. [17:48:22] <The_Fiends> Evasion boosted! Gained a fire absorbancy! Auto-Haste!
  1281. [17:48:25] <The_Fiends> Player turns
  1282. [17:48:49] <Amaryllis> "You two are the cutest couple." Ammy quips snarkily, recalling the photograph and hoping to fluster them.
  1283. [17:49:05] <The_Fiends> Maliris: "4SILENCE!"
  1284. [17:49:35] * Theta_The_Beta finally takes aim at Maliris annnnd...
  1285. [17:50:02] <Catalie> "Lennnnnny, you okay?  Need my Light?"
  1286. [17:50:04] <The_Fiends>
  1287. [17:50:25] <Lenore> "I might!"
  1288. [17:50:28] <Theta_The_Beta> 2d6+7 Grim Reaper Head Shot if this misses I shall murder your firstborn, Dicemaid.
  1289. [17:50:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, Grim Reaper Head Shot if this misses I shall murder your firstborn, Dicemaid.: 13 [2d6=4,2]
  1290. [17:50:36] <Lenore> (actually wait that's haste right?)
  1291. [17:50:38] <Theta_The_Beta> (Oh hey it worked!)
  1292. [17:50:44] <Amaryllis> (use your dw reroll~)
  1293. [17:50:45] <The_Fiends> Hit!
  1294. [17:50:52] <Catalie> (Nah this particularly is Protect)
  1295. [17:51:00] <The_Fiends> Oh yeah
  1296. [17:51:03] <The_Fiends> Theta is dual wielding now
  1297. [17:51:03] <Theta_The_Beta> (>implying I have one. But my crit range was like, 6-12 there)
  1298. [17:51:12] <The_Fiends> ...oh
  1299. [17:51:14] <The_Fiends> he's not?
  1300. [17:51:18] <Catalie> CUTIES
  1301. [17:51:20] <Theta_The_Beta> (Oh, I thought you meant blade. he IS)
  1302. [17:51:28] <Theta_The_Beta> (But Head Shot improze crit range by 2, and then grim reaper)
  1303. [17:51:31] <Theta_The_Beta> (SO anyway)
  1304. [17:51:37] <The_Fiends> WELL, CRITICAL HIT
  1305. [17:51:44] * Theta_The_Beta actually fires at the cieling above Maliris!
  1306. [17:51:50] <Lenore> (Aw, Lenny acutally COULD use Haste since, y'know, Thundaga is a standard in Lightning Field.)
  1307. [17:51:53] <Theta_The_Beta> It begins to crumble!! Maelstorm! Cave In!
  1308. [17:52:01] <Theta_The_Beta> 1d6 boulders
  1309. [17:52:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, boulders: 2 [1d6=2]
  1310. [17:52:06] <Theta_The_Beta> (boo)
  1311. [17:52:09] <Lenore> (boo)
  1312. [17:52:11] <Catalie> (Well, I could Haste you... if I transformed (as a slow action) and waited 3 entire turns!)
  1313. [17:52:25] <Lenore> (yeah bad idea let's just BLOW UP THINGS)
  1314. [17:52:43] <Theta_The_Beta> Two boulders fall upon her! The elemental Field is now EARTH
  1315. [17:52:44] <The_Fiends> 1d6 DM kindness?
  1316. [17:52:45] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, DM kindness?: 4 [1d6=4]
  1317. [17:52:51] * Lenore twirls her staff. "I could use some light, yeah! But for now...Defiler of the seas below, reap your judgment from on high! 8Thundaga!" Standard action to cast in elemental Field '_'
  1318. [17:52:51] <The_Fiends> Four boulders! I feel nice.
  1319. [17:52:53] <Lenore> (...Uh)
  1320. [17:53:00] <Lenore> (Can I say I did that BEFORE Theta did his thing?)
  1321. [17:53:07] <The_Fiends> Sure
  1322. [17:53:13] <Amaryllis> (there can be up to two elemental fields active at once IIRC)
  1323. [17:53:18] <Theta_The_Beta> 4#1d0+6+280 Earth Damage each!
  1324. [17:53:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, Earth Damage each!: 286 [1d0=0], 286 [1d0=0], 286 [1d0=0], 286 [1d0=0]
  1325. [17:53:20] <The_Fiends> oh right I did say that
  1326. [17:53:23] <Lenore> (Oh.)
  1327. [17:53:26] <Lenore> (WELL THEN)
  1328. [17:53:33] <Lenore> (bitchin)
  1329. [17:53:39] <Catalie> (donkeys)
  1330. [17:53:49] <The_Fiends> The boulders crash down onto Maliris, doing massive damage! She shrieks!
  1331. [17:53:53] <Theta_The_Beta> Adenine's Spell goes off! Flight! Theta is now floating too.  Weee evasion
  1332. [17:54:01] * Amaryllis concentrates this time on Kraken's energy flows and movements, as she continues to surge energy into the shadows along the ground.
  1333. [17:54:08] <Lenore> 2d6+338 13 steps still, goddamn elemental fields are nice.  ON Kraken, of course!
  1334. [17:54:08] <Theta_The_Beta> 2d6+5 she also gets maced!
  1335. [17:54:09] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 darkside ninjutsu
  1336. [17:54:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 13 steps still, goddamn elemental fields are nice.  ON Kraken, of course!: 346 [2d6=5,3]
  1337. [17:54:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, she also gets maced!: 11 [2d6=4,2]
  1338. [17:54:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside ninjutsu: 16 [2d6=2,2]
  1339. [17:54:20] <Amaryllis> 1d6 dw reroll on one of those
  1340. [17:54:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, dw reroll on one of those: 3 [1d6=3]
  1341. [17:54:24] <Amaryllis> 17 hit?
  1342. [17:54:32] <The_Fiends> Miss!
  1343. [17:54:40] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 blade reroll
  1344. [17:54:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, blade reroll: 24 [2d6=6,6]
  1346. [17:54:47] <The_Fiends> Poor Kraken
  1347. [17:54:51] <Theta_The_Beta> 1d0+6+150 damage to Maliris from the spirit weapon.
  1348. [17:54:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, damage to Maliris from the spirit weapon.: 156 [1d0=0]
  1349. [17:54:56] <Theta_The_Beta> (Man you coulda I wasn't done :[)
  1350. [17:54:57] <Catalie> "Okay... Just a little bit, then."  Light erupts from Nat's ruby and floods into Lenore!  No reflecting, though, so it's not even cool enough to shout.  Just Protect!  Also Quick Cast.
  1351. [17:55:21] <Lenore> (40 MP left, heehee~)
  1352. [17:55:33] <Catalie> (I have 30, let's be friends)
  1353. [17:55:35] <Amaryllis> 2520 piercing shadow arm on kraken, 40 earth + one turn slow on movement
  1354. [17:55:39] <Amaryllis> FOLLOW THROUGH
  1355. [17:55:43] <The_Fiends> Maliris is further sprayed for more hilarious humiliation.
  1356. [17:55:56] <Theta_The_Beta> ...and Adenine starts casting another spell as the two popcorn at this completely goofy fight from above.
  1357. [17:56:09] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 darkside ninjutsu
  1358. [17:56:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside ninjutsu: 24 [2d6=6,6]
  1359. [17:56:15] <The_Fiends> stop that
  1360. [17:56:20] <Catalie> (jesus)
  1361. [17:56:22] <Lenore> 2d6+6 Unnecessary force knockback on Kraken for humiliation and maybe breaking his HOLY SHIT
  1362. [17:56:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Unnecessary force knockback on Kraken for humiliation and maybe breaking his HOLY SHIT: 9 [2d6=1,2]
  1363. [17:56:24] <Amaryllis> uh 2520 again and 40 earth
  1364. [17:56:45] <The_Fiends> Catastrophe is starting to tear the fucking palace apart.
  1365. [17:56:56] * Amaryllis is just a fucking storm of shadow energy and sending blades of shadow and infernos of black flame skittering around the room at Kraken
  1366. [17:57:02] <Lenore> Also I don't think I knockbacked him oh well~
  1367. [17:57:04] <The_Fiends> Pillars crumble in the wake of the scathe.
  1368. [17:57:09] <The_Fiends> 2d6+4
  1369. [17:57:09] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=4,2]
  1370. [17:57:12] <Amaryllis> (ohshit that's two scathes)
  1371. [17:57:13] * Catalie stares, sparkly-eyed. "Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow."
  1372. [17:57:14] <The_Fiends> Yeah, you didn't
  1373. [17:57:21] <Amaryllis> 1100 each to Kraken
  1374. [17:57:23] <Lenore> (>mfw almost made it)
  1375. [17:57:47] * Amaryllis chugs down a hi-potion after all this, exhausted from the shadow energy demands of this weapon.
  1376. [17:57:50] <The_Fiends> Kraken is having trouble standing at this point, and Maliris is pissed.
  1377. [17:58:02] <Lenore> (Anyone have any more actions?)
  1378. [17:58:02] <Theta_The_Beta> (man you guys got a ton of actions jeez)
  1379. [17:58:15] <Lenore> (I only have 1 8D)
  1380. [17:58:17] <Catalie> (^)
  1381. [17:58:33] <The_Fiends> (Catastrophe has follow through, which is what ammy has been using and auto-haste)
  1382. [17:58:38] <The_Fiends> (she is being silly)
  1383. [17:59:12] <Catalie> (I think these guys might be dwarfing Issy in HP total already...)
  1384. [17:59:25] <Amaryllis> (>implying Kain hasn't just tossed their HP bars out the window)
  1385. [17:59:41] <The_Fiends> (^)
  1386. [17:59:55] <Lenore> (lost it)
  1387. [18:00:05] <Catalie> (amazing)
  1388. [18:00:20] <The_Fiends> Okay... Enemy turns
  1389. [18:00:28] <The_Fiends> Maliris I still consider slowed, so she'll...
  1390. [18:00:47] <Lenore> (Slowed then hasted?  Weeeird)
  1391. [18:01:05] <The_Fiends> (Yeah, she gets one normal action as a trade off)
  1392. [18:01:21] <The_Fiends> She concentrates her energy into her shadow, and lashes out at everyone!
  1393. [18:01:25] <The_Fiends> 2d6+8 Shadeblade
  1394. [18:01:25] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, Shadeblade: 15 [2d6=4,3]
  1395. [18:01:37] <Catalie> Yup!
  1396. [18:01:44] <Amaryllis> what am avd
  1397. [18:01:52] <Catalie> AW SHIT I FORGOT TO DECLARE BOOST
  1398. [18:01:53] <Catalie> ASS BANANAS
  1399. [18:01:55] * Lenore quick-uses an Ether with her only point of Destiny ;_;
  1400. [18:01:56] <The_Fiends> 147 arm non-ele damage!
  1401. [18:02:09] <Catalie> (nono lenny don't do that)
  1402. [18:02:19] <Lenore> (I won't survi- wait Protect)
  1403. [18:02:21] <Catalie> Does it count as physical?
  1404. [18:02:25] <Catalie> (Yeah also protect)
  1405. [18:02:27] <The_Fiends> Yep
  1406. [18:02:37] <Catalie> Okay then~
  1407. [18:02:40] <Lenore> (Is protect before or after ARM?  This has been asked before :/)
  1408. [18:02:47] * Catalie catches the Shadeblade.
  1409. [18:02:54] <Catalie> (pokémon style)
  1410. [18:02:59] <Lenore> (thought so)
  1411. [18:03:05] <Catalie> 2d6+5 COUNTERATTACK, LANCET
  1412. [18:03:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, COUNTERATTACK, LANCET: 12 [2d6=1,6]
  1413. [18:03:10] <Catalie> 1d6 REROLL 1
  1414. [18:03:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, REROLL 1: 1 [1d6=1]
  1415. [18:03:15] <Catalie> I HATE YOU
  1416. [18:03:26] <Lenore> (Destiny?)
  1417. [18:03:30] * Amaryllis doesn't seem too phased by the attack and is still going strong.
  1418. [18:03:34] <The_Fiends> Hit!
  1419. [18:03:38] <Theta_The_Beta> The Genome and Doll don't seem that injured due to Mana Shield and natural toughness!
  1420. [18:03:42] <Catalie> ~
  1421. [18:03:43] <Lenore> (Oh not necessary)
  1422. [18:03:57] * Lenore is still up, although looking PRETTY HURT
  1423. [18:04:12] <Catalie> 137 ARM damage!  ALL ALLIES heal 130 HP AND MP!
  1424. [18:04:44] <Lenore> (notbad)
  1425. [18:05:18] <Lenore> (1,1Just 4 away from putting me to full)
  1426. [18:05:25] <Catalie> "We're not just gonna sit there and take that!  This is only making us stronger~"  Nat dissipates into ruby light and swerves up the length of the blade, reappearing next to Maliris' face(?) and diving down on her with a divekick!  The result causes a little blast of red light, which spreads out and washes over the party.
  1427. [18:05:34] <Catalie> ... Mr. Prickles included probably, where the fuck did he even go?
  1428. [18:05:42] <Amaryllis> (he's in the sub)
  1429. [18:05:43] <Amaryllis> (silly)
  1430. [18:05:48] <Theta_The_Beta> (^)
  1431. [18:05:49] <Catalie> (oh that's right)
  1432. [18:05:52] <Catalie> (WELL IT JUST GOES THAT FAR)
  1433. [18:05:53] <Lenore> (Making sure nobody hijacks it)
  1434. [18:06:01] <Amaryllis> (d-does Valerian get the red light?)
  1435. [18:06:03] <Catalie> (YES)
  1436. [18:06:28] <The_Fiends> Oh right
  1437. [18:06:32] <The_Fiends> Still enemy turns.
  1438. [18:06:37] <Catalie> yeah still crax
  1439. [18:06:46] <The_Fiends> Kraken grits his teeth and tries to use the last of his strength to strangle Ammy.
  1440. [18:06:47] <Catalie> That was just our MP refilling~
  1441. [18:06:52] <The_Fiends> 2#2d6+6
  1442. [18:06:52] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, 2#2d6+6: 13 [2d6=6,1], 15 [2d6=4,5]
  1443. [18:07:05] <Amaryllis> both hit
  1444. [18:07:27] <The_Fiends> 187 and 189 arm damage!
  1445. [18:07:36] <The_Fiends> His tentacles wrap around her neck and squeeze.
  1446. [18:08:00] <Lenore> (she down?  This is important)
  1447. [18:08:07] <Amaryllis> "Erghhhh..." Ammy still seems to be pretty okay!
  1448. [18:08:22] <Lenore> (Oh, okay, I was gonna' Auto-item Union Plume)
  1449. [18:08:23] <Catalie> "Ammy!"
  1450. [18:08:23] <The_Fiends> (What, really)
  1451. [18:08:37] <Amaryllis> (I was at full before due to hi-potion, regen, and lancet)
  1452. [18:08:40] <Catalie> (She has auto-regen and all kinds of bullshit)
  1453. [18:08:46] <Catalie> (... and those things too yeah)
  1454. [18:08:48] <Amaryllis> (so now I'm at 124/360 with my 70 ARM)
  1455. [18:08:53] * Theta_The_Beta yawns.  "I don't get what the big deal with these guys is myself."
  1456. [18:09:27] <The_Fiends> He's spending destiny.
  1457. [18:09:34] <Lenore> Which damages him.
  1458. [18:09:35] <The_Fiends> 2d6+6
  1459. [18:09:35] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=3,5]
  1460. [18:09:45] <The_Fiends> Another 188.
  1461. [18:09:53] <The_Fiends> And then he's affected by the Ninjutsu!
  1462. [18:09:56] * Amaryllis is barely up!
  1463. [18:09:57] <The_Fiends> Was it Curse?
  1464. [18:10:14] <Amaryllis> (...huh, it's actually confuse)
  1465. [18:10:20] <Lenore> (pffffffffffff)
  1466. [18:10:23] <Catalie> (oh my god)
  1467. [18:10:25] <Amaryllis> (I thought it'd be curse since that's the one that prevents destiny expenditure, but...huhhhh)
  1468. [18:10:42] <Lenore> (*dust*)
  1469. [18:11:02] <Amaryllis> 6/360 HP! Ammy looks about to fall over from the strangling.
  1470. [18:11:02] <The_Fiends> Maliris growls at Theta!
  1471. [18:11:20] <Lenore> (1,1I dare Ammy to trance, since Lenore couldn't)
  1472. [18:11:57] <The_Fiends> Player turns
  1473. [18:12:14] <Lenore> "All right you overblown Squid, I'm nailing your coffin!"
  1474. [18:12:16] <Amaryllis> (oh kain you forgot, Kraken should've been blind after the firsthit)
  1475. [18:12:20] <The_Fiends> T-89: "I suppose that they don't seem that fearsome in the face of something like that."
  1476. [18:12:21] * Catalie takes a deep breath. "Ammy, hang in there..."
  1477. [18:12:22] <Theta_The_Beta> "Oh shush you it's the same thing every time 'oh no the fieeends' and then this happens." He fires off an Earthen Bolt at her feet! Local Quake!
  1478. [18:12:23] <The_Fiends> (whoops)
  1479. [18:12:29] <Theta_The_Beta> 2d6+7
  1480. [18:12:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, 2d6+7: 13 [2d6=3,3]
  1481. [18:12:38] <Theta_The_Beta> 286 Earth Damage!
  1482. [18:12:49] <Theta_The_Beta> Adenine's spell goes off at Marilis too! Comet!
  1483. [18:12:49] <The_Fiends> Kraken waves...
  1484. [18:12:52] <The_Fiends> and falls over.
  1485. [18:12:55] <Theta_The_Beta> 2d6
  1486. [18:12:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, 2d6: 8 [2d6=5,3]
  1487. [18:13:01] <Catalie> Slowcasting~
  1488. [18:13:08] <The_Fiends> His form begins to evaporate and a blue ball of energy rises out of his body, floating away.
  1489. [18:13:10] <Lenore> "Spirits of the heaven, unleash y- Oh."
  1490. [18:13:14] <Theta_The_Beta> 8#2d6+106 and casting another spell.
  1491. [18:13:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, and casting another spell.: 114 [2d6=3,5], 111 [2d6=1,4], 112 [2d6=5,1], 111 [2d6=4,1], 112 [2d6=5,1], 115 [2d6=5,4], 111 [2d6=2,3], 114 [2d6=4,4]
  1492. [18:13:22] * Lenore swivels around to Maliris.
  1493. [18:13:34] * Anise is now known as Lianhua
  1494. [18:13:36] <The_Fiends> Maliris: "4Ow! Ow! OW! STOP THAT!"
  1495. [18:13:42] <Catalie> "It's not over yet!"
  1496. [18:13:44] <Catalie> "Give up?"
  1497. [18:13:46] * Amaryllis turns to Maliris and plunges Catastrophe down into her shadow with all her remaining strength.
  1498. [18:13:47] <The_Fiends> A few things clatter to the floor as Kraken evaporates.
  1499. [18:14:00] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 darkside ninjutsu nightsword
  1500. [18:14:01] <Lenore> "Spirits of the heaven, unleash your judgment upon this tainted soul!  Take this!  8Thundaga!"
  1501. [18:14:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside ninjutsu nightsword: 16 [2d6=3,1]
  1502. [18:14:02] <The_Fiends> The Void Shard shield, the Raven Bastion armor, and that red cloak, which shrinks to human size.
  1503. [18:14:06] <Amaryllis> 1d6 reroll 1
  1504. [18:14:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, reroll 1: 2 [1d6=2]
  1505. [18:14:10] <The_Fiends> Hit
  1506. [18:14:47] <Lenore> 2d6+338 eat it Maliris, Piercing from Imperil, and next up is; 2d6+6 Unnecessary Force knockback
  1507. [18:14:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, eat it Maliris, Piercing from Imperil, and next up is: 344 [2d6=2,4]; Unnecessary Force knockback: 9 [2d6=1,2]
  1508. [18:14:48] <Amaryllis> 406 piercing Shadow ARM! HP drains for half
  1509. [18:15:07] <The_Fiends> You drain for 170.
  1510. [18:15:12] <Lenore> (Man why am I so bad at this.)
  1511. [18:15:21] <The_Fiends> 2d6+8
  1512. [18:15:21] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, 2d6+8: 16 [2d6=4,4]
  1513. [18:16:02] <Lenore> Yeah no knockback.
  1514. [18:16:04] <The_Fiends> That it?
  1515. [18:16:11] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 pre-1.3 nightsword is silly btw and just lasts til the end of the round so here's another darkside-empowered night sword ninjutsu
  1516. [18:16:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, pre-1.3 nightsword is silly btw and just lasts til the end of the round so here's another darkside-empowered night sword ninjutsu: 21 [2d6=6,3]
  1517. [18:16:16] <Amaryllis> 1d6 on the 3
  1518. [18:16:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, on the 3: 2 [1d6=2]
  1519. [18:16:30] <The_Fiends> mhm
  1520. [18:16:48] <Amaryllis> 412 piercing shadow arm, hp drain
  1521. [18:16:58] <Lenore> So, anyone want a Magic sword?
  1522. [18:17:02] <Amaryllis> Oh and let's say blind on attack and slow on move for the ninjutsus
  1523. [18:17:04] <Lenore> Next turn, anyway.
  1524. [18:17:17] <The_Fiends> Enemy Turn
  1525. [18:17:23] <Amaryllis> (how much do I drain?)
  1526. [18:17:28] <The_Fiends> She shakes off the attack and roars, her swords catching aflame. A ring glows brightly on one of her fingers.
  1527. [18:17:41] <The_Fiends> 176
  1528. [18:18:04] <The_Fiends> 2d6+8 Darkside on Theta
  1529. [18:18:05] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, Darkside on Theta: 11 [2d6=1,2]
  1530. [18:18:13] <The_Fiends> 2d6+8 Blade Reroll
  1531. [18:18:14] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, Blade Reroll: 14 [2d6=4,2]
  1532. [18:18:23] <Theta_The_Beta> Hits!
  1533. [18:18:45] <The_Fiends> 246 shadow damage! As the attack hits, her swords erupt into flame!
  1534. [18:19:17] <The_Fiends> 2d6+240 M.arm Fire damage from Firaga!
  1535. [18:19:18] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, M.arm Fire damage from Firaga!: 249 [2d6=5,4]
  1536. [18:19:27] <Amaryllis> (does Theta have any elemental immunities?)
  1537. [18:19:37] <Theta_The_Beta> He's still up but barely
  1538. [18:19:49] <The_Fiends> Player turns
  1539. [18:19:51] <Amaryllis> (or, wait, does Firaga hit everyone?)
  1540. [18:19:52] <Theta_The_Beta> "Ow ow ow ow Hey jerk! I'm not the one with the fancy sword of fiend slaying!"
  1541. [18:19:58] <The_Fiends> No, just Theta.
  1542. [18:20:02] <The_Fiends> And it's actually Flare, not Firaga.
  1543. [18:20:03] <The_Fiends> Whoops~
  1544. [18:20:11] <Lenore> (wooo~)
  1545. [18:20:19] <Lenore> (Flare is non-elemental last I checked)
  1546. [18:20:23] <Lenore> (Or was that Nuke)
  1547. [18:20:24] <The_Fiends> Maliris seems to be on her last legs, of a sort, but she's coiled up and ready to strike!
  1548. [18:20:37] <The_Fiends> ...oh whoops
  1549. [18:20:45] <Lenore> (Yeah, Flare is non-elemental, Nuke is Fire)
  1550. [18:20:48] <The_Fiends> Well it hurt whatever the fuck it was
  1551. [18:20:52] * Theta_The_Beta shoots another Local Quake at her for good measure >:T
  1552. [18:20:54] <Catalie> "Hold still, I can get everyone!"  Nat sighs and a big glob of light falls out of her forehead, WHOMPing on the ground.  It spins around a bit before launching into everybody instead of just Ammy!
  1553. [18:20:55] <Theta_The_Beta> 2d6+7
  1554. [18:20:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, 2d6+7: 10 [2d6=2,1]
  1555. [18:20:56] <Amaryllis> 2d6+12 Ammy lashes out at her with another ninjutsu darkside, sending a sharp mass of shadow her way.
  1556. [18:20:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, Ammy lashes out at her with another ninjutsu darkside, sending a sharp mass of shadow her way.: 17 [2d6=2,3]
  1557. [18:21:01] <Theta_The_Beta> 1d6 reroll the 1
  1558. [18:21:01] <Catalie> 2d6+130 HP for everyone
  1559. [18:21:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, reroll the 1: 6 [1d6=6]
  1560. [18:21:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, HP for everyone: 141 [2d6=6,5]
  1561. [18:21:05] <The_Fiends> 2d6+8 Undying Rage at Theta
  1562. [18:21:05] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, Undying Rage at Theta: 15 [2d6=1,6]
  1563. [18:21:06] <Amaryllis> 1d6 reroll 2
  1564. [18:21:06] <Catalie> hi I am healbot
  1565. [18:21:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, reroll 2: 6 [1d6=6]
  1566. [18:21:18] <Lenore> I'd healbot too but is it really necessary?
  1567. [18:21:24] <Catalie> NO!
  1568. [18:21:27] <Catalie> :D
  1569. [18:21:30] <Lenore> :D
  1570. [18:21:36] <The_Fiends> If that hits 247 shadow arm damage Theta before your attack resolves.
  1571. [18:21:39] <Catalie> "We're just about done here!  4Ruby Light II!"
  1572. [18:21:41] <Amaryllis> (don't forget blind for that Kain)
  1573. [18:21:50] <The_Fiends> 1d2 1 misses
  1574. [18:21:50] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Fiends, 1 misses: 2 [1d2=2]
  1575. [18:21:52] <Theta_The_Beta> Can that be Third Eye'd? If not Theta is down.
  1576. [18:21:56] <The_Fiends> It can be
  1577. [18:22:01] <The_Fiends> In which case...
  1578. [18:22:07] <The_Fiends> Theta's attack finishes Maliris off! Describe it!
  1579. [18:22:10] <Amaryllis> 414 piercing shadow ARM if Ammy's attack hits
  1580. [18:22:31] <Catalie> (hooold on can my turn have gone off first?)
  1581. [18:22:32] * Lenore starts up a spell...then just stops. "Eh, I think we're good!"
  1582. [18:22:34] <Catalie> (alphabetical order~)
  1583. [18:22:52] <The_Fiends> (You can go ahead and heal)
  1584. [18:22:59] <Catalie> (Well the standard action too)
  1585. [18:23:03] <Lenore> (You know what's sad?  Magic Sword only works on unmodified attacks, nobody here uses unmodified attacks ;_;)
  1586. [18:23:23] <Lenore> (Except OCCASIONALLY ammy)
  1587. [18:23:44] * Theta_The_Beta sidesteps the blow, then fires off the bolt at her feet!  The ground below her caves in, causing her to fall into it and whatever water is beneath her!  "Just leave us the hell alone alright?  God I'm sick of you guys just showing up, making a fuss then just sneaking away to fail again later!  I'm actually trying to get shit done here!"
  1588. [18:23:48] <Catalie> 2d6+11 hellwidit I'm gonna roll Master Thief anyway, gotta see if she has any destiny before she gets finished
  1589. [18:23:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Catalie, hellwidit I'm gonna roll Master Thief anyway, gotta see if she has any destiny before she gets finished: 14 [2d6=2,1]
  1590. [18:23:53] <Catalie> ... EH NEVERMIND
  1591. [18:23:59] <The_Fiends> Nnnot enough to steal destiny, no
  1592. [18:24:01] <The_Fiends> Sorry~
  1593. [18:24:53] <The_Fiends> Maliris screams as she drops into the water, her body evaporating and a red ball of energy shooting out, passing through the ceiling.
  1594. [18:25:17] <Lenore> "Nnnngh what's with those balls?"
  1595. [18:25:18] <The_Fiends> A small, black ring clatters to the floor, along with the plate armor she was wearing, shrunken down.
  1596. [18:25:21] <Catalie> "Well."
  1597. [18:25:25] <Catalie> "That was fun!"
  1598. [18:25:28] <Lenore> (c-can I Lore: Magic them?)
  1599. [18:25:32] * Catalie does the Tifa pose, winks at the camera.
  1600. [18:25:38] <The_Fiends> The ring belongs to Blade for sure.
  1601. [18:25:47] <The_Fiends> Roll Lore: Magic for the cape and armor, sure
  1602. [18:25:52] * Theta_The_Beta sighs as she floats down again with Adenine, and tries to snag these two fields in place while she can.
  1603. [18:25:58] <Amaryllis> "That must be the Undying Rage." Ammy gestures to the ring, recalling what was written about it.
  1604. [18:26:01] <Lenore> (I meant the magic balls that came out of the fiends, but whatev', that works too)
  1605. [18:26:05] <The_Fiends> Oh
  1606. [18:26:10] <The_Fiends> Go ahead for that too
  1607. [18:26:12] * The_Fiends is now known as Kain
  1608. [18:26:20] <Theta_The_Beta> 2#2d6+7 for earth and...was it lightning?
  1609. [18:26:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_The_Beta, for earth and...was it lightning?: 12 [2d6=2,3], 11 [2d6=1,3]
  1610. [18:26:33] <Lenore> 2d6+5 Cape; 2d6+5 armor; 2d6+5 BALLS
  1611. [18:26:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Cape: 10 [2d6=1,4]; armor: 14 [2d6=4,5]; BALLS: 16 [2d6=5,6]
  1612. [18:26:43] <Kain> Both succeed, you gain two Storm Stones!
  1613. [18:27:13] <Kain> You're not quite sure what properties the cape has... the armor seems really protective though and probably good against water.
  1614. [18:27:31] <Amaryllis> (can I mercantile the cape?)
  1615. [18:27:32] <Kain> The balls that flew out of their bodies resemble the one that left Lich's body, it's probably their spirits
  1616. [18:27:37] <Kain> Ehhh, sure
  1617. [18:27:44] * Catalie waltzes over to Lenny, satisfied. "What're these all about, anyway?"
  1618. [18:27:48] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5
  1619. [18:27:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=2,2]
  1620. [18:27:54] <Amaryllis> (boo)
  1621. [18:27:56] <Catalie> >not asking for faith
  1622. [18:27:56] <Kain> There's a flash of light, as well.
  1623. [18:28:05] <Amaryllis> (>impling an 11 would've been enough)
  1624. [18:28:10] <Kain> And then two shards of crystal materialize and clatter to the floor as well.
  1625. [18:28:18] * Catalie divesforthem
  1626. [18:28:42] * Lenore starts gathering up the equipment stuff to DUMP IT ALL IN A PILE
  1627. [18:28:48] <Kain> Voice: "You did it... you freed us from their grasp."
  1628. [18:29:18] <Catalie> "So it really was you guys after all, huh?"  Nat shakes the crystal shards, holding them to an ear like a seashell.
  1629. [18:29:35] <Amaryllis> "Should we explore the rest of this place? Or return to the submarine now?"
  1630. [18:29:41] <Theta_The_Beta> "Not done yet.  Not with all that corruption around."
  1631. [18:29:44] <Amaryllis> "And Theta, does this mean you can undo the corruption here now?"
  1632. [18:29:54] <Kain> Voice: "It's up to you... this place is still firmly in the grip of those fiends..."
  1633. [18:30:09] <Theta_The_Beta> "Yes but we gotta find the epicenter of it."
  1634. [18:30:26] <Catalie> "I'm worried about Mr. Prickles and the rest of the Crystal... but if we still have to fix this place, yeah, let's go."
  1635. [18:30:30] <Kain> Voice: "It is a shrine dedicated to heroes of the past... my friends included..."
  1636. [18:30:59] * Lenore nods as the voice talks. "Got it, we'll get to making sure your friends are given proper respect, then!"
  1637. [18:31:00] <Catalie> "So do you have a name?"  The bunclegirl headtilts.  "Or... remember one."
  1638. [18:31:13] <Kain> Voice: "...My name... is the same as the planet that devoured our world..."
  1639. [18:31:17] <Kain> Voice: "Terra..."
  1640. [18:31:57] <Amaryllis> "A strange coincidence."
  1641. [18:32:08] * Catalie grins big. "Okay, Terra. Well, you can have a new home in our world!"
  1642. [18:32:14] * Amaryllis rests, letting the glow from her lantern rejuvenate her.
  1643. [18:32:22] <Theta_The_Beta> "...Well that's a pleasently awkward way to say it.  MY BAD or whatever.  Can you show us to the source? What about his fiends he had roaming around here?"
  1644. [18:32:54] <Lenore> "If we tell them that their bosses are kaput they'll probably run off like bunnies!"
  1645. [18:33:02] <Kain> Terra: "I think... the monsters under his control don't fight well outside of the water. And with him gone, they should be free to leave."
  1646. [18:33:44] <Catalie> "So they weren't working for him 'cause they wanted to be?  Phew... good thing we snuck around instead of fighting then."
  1647. [18:33:57] <Kain> Terra: "The source of the corruption is in the deepest sanctum of the palace..."
  1648. [18:34:22] <Amaryllis> "They can leave now...?" Ammy starts shuffling off in the direction of the room she peeked into through a crack in the door. "I shall be right back."
  1649. [18:34:26] <Lenore> "Got it, the deepest sanctum, let's get a move on!"
  1650. [18:34:34] <Lenore> "Eh?  Uh, okay Ammy!"
  1651. [18:34:45] * Theta_The_Beta nods, following downward any stairs they find then.
  1652. [18:34:55] <Amaryllis> Are there any aquaberries still around?
  1653. [18:35:03] <Catalie> "My mission's finished, but that doesn't mean I can't just help because I want to.  C'mon, let's go~"
  1654. [18:35:14] <Kain> Hm, I was going to go ahead and begin to call it, but...
  1655. [18:35:40] <Kain> How far are you guys wanting to push?
  1656. [18:35:54] <Lenore> GET THIS DUNGEON DONE
  1657. [18:35:59] <Catalie> Well as long as there's not like ANOTHER BOSS or something...
  1658. [18:36:08] <Thetina> Nigga it saturday what's work
  1659. [18:36:28] <Kain> Ammy - you don't see any offhand, no.
  1660. [18:36:33] <Kain> You're not sure where they went, exactly.
  1661. [18:36:48] <Catalie> (nobody ever uses those to cure poison anyway)
  1662. [18:36:53] <Catalie> (everyone learns antidote)
  1663. [18:37:00] * Amaryllis is supremely disappointed and sighs, making her way back to the others.
  1664. [18:37:07] <Kain> I mean
  1665. [18:37:10] <Kain> You could continue looking
  1666. [18:37:18] <Kain> But it'd take a while.
  1667. [18:37:22] <Lenore> (She said she was going to check the rooms they were at)
  1668. [18:37:50] <Kain> You actually washed through the room they were previously in when Nat cut that one lock.
  1669. [18:38:04] <Kain> This room you fought in was where they went, but you saw no sign of them.
  1670. [18:38:08] <Kain> Roll Awareness?
  1671. [18:38:12] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  1672. [18:38:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 7 [2d6=2,2]
  1673. [18:38:15] <Lenore> 2d6+5
  1674. [18:38:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=2,3]
  1675. [18:38:17] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 choco
  1676. [18:38:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, choco: 8 [2d6=1,2]
  1677. [18:38:24] <Amaryllis> (thanks dicemaid)
  1678. [18:38:27] <Kain> Hm, nnnope, no leads.
  1679. [18:38:34] <Kain> Maybe later, though.
  1680. [18:38:50] <Kain> You shuffle back to the others as they head deeper in.
  1681. [18:39:10] * Catalie yaaaaawns along.
  1682. [18:39:48] <Kain> The room you were heading to before the trap triggered contains another five statues, depicting two men and three women in casual-looking clothing, and carrying what look like shards of crystal (though in actuality stone)
  1683. [18:40:14] <Catalie> You sure one of them isn't DEAD?
  1684. [18:40:56] <Kain> The names carved here are "BARTZ" "FARIS" "LENNA" "GALUF" "KRILE".
  1685. [18:40:59] <Kain> Theta senses the source of the corruption rather near, the next room for certain.
  1686. [18:41:03] <Lianhua> (butts)
  1687. [18:41:49] * Thetina marches onward!  Assuming Nat doesn't kick the door in just because
  1688. [18:42:07] <Catalie> NAAAAAH HE CAN HAVE THIS ONE
  1689. [18:42:42] <Kain> Crrrrreaaaaak.
  1690. [18:42:46] <Kain> Oh god.
  1691. [18:43:18] * Catalie charges the death laser and peeks in.
  1692. [18:43:25] <Kain> The tendrils from outside? They're all extended from this room. There's a massive, pulsating heart in the center of the room hat was making the thump thump noises you heard earlier.
  1693. [18:43:33] * Lenore gets her staff ready for explosions.
  1694. [18:43:35] <Kain> It's black, covered in veins and spikes.
  1695. [18:43:45] <Thetina> "Dayum."
  1696. [18:43:50] <Catalie> "What is that thing?"
  1697. [18:43:55] <Catalie> "Should I... should I blow it up?"
  1698. [18:43:55] <Thetina> "Just what did he want with this place anyway? Yeah..."
  1699. [18:44:05] <Kain> Fourteen statues line the room, this time.
  1700. [18:44:20] <Amaryllis> "Well, isn't that pleasant?"
  1701. [18:44:28] <Kain> Terra: "He was seeking legendary powers sleeping here, without earning the right..."
  1702. [18:44:45] <Thetina> He marches down to it, and...places a hand on it, or at least near it if that becomes an obviously bad choice.
  1703. [18:44:46] <Catalie> "Oh, so he was a thief."
  1704. [18:45:04] <Kain> Thump, thump. It feels really warm to the touch.
  1705. [18:45:14] <Lenore> "Maybe more like a treasure hunter!"
  1706. [18:45:21] <Kain> Terra... laughs.
  1707. [18:45:24] <Thetina> And concentrates...entering a dreamstate to rip this infection out at the roots.
  1708. [18:45:26] * Catalie follows in, ready to blow shit up if it attacks.
  1709. [18:45:29] <Kain> Terra: "I knew a treasure hunter myself..."
  1710. [18:45:47] <Kain> Roll Nature.
  1711. [18:45:53] <Thetina> 2d6+8
  1712. [18:45:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, 2d6+8: 14 [2d6=1,5]
  1713. [18:46:01] <Thetina> (dickmaid)
  1714. [18:46:05] <Kain> You concentrate...
  1715. [18:46:26] <Catalie> "Really?  What's the difference?"
  1716. [18:46:27] <Kain> It's... really hard without a focus like the Earth Mirror.
  1717. [18:46:32] <Kain> But you keep concentrating...
  1718. [18:46:42] <Lenore> "Dunno'!"
  1719. [18:46:44] <Kain> Terra: "...principles."
  1720. [18:46:53] <Lenore> "Aaaaah~!"
  1721. [18:47:04] <Catalie> "Ohhhh."
  1722. [18:47:16] * Amaryllis takes a look at the statues around here.
  1723. [18:47:40] <Kain> And eventually, the tendrils begin to shrivel, retracting back into the heart.
  1724. [18:47:46] <Kain> It begins to beat faster, more irregular.
  1725. [18:48:17] <Kain> The fourteen statues depict men and women, a moogle, a beast...
  1726. [18:48:22] * Catalie starts to slide into stance.
  1727. [18:48:54] <Lenore> "So, which one of these is you, Terra?"
  1728. [18:48:57] <Kain> One statue seems split in half. One side is a young woman with a spirited look on her face. The other has alien features and long hair, wearing no clothes.
  1729. [18:49:25] * Lenore tilts her head at that one.
  1730. [18:49:43] <Kain> The heart grows smaller and smaller as Theta attempts to rip it away, and eventually it shrivels away completely, and blows away into dust.
  1731. [18:49:52] <Kain> A broken blade clatters to the floor where the heart was.
  1732. [18:49:55] <Catalie> "Waitwait, you mean it wasn't the shards talking?"
  1733. [18:49:59] <Kain> Terra: "...That one."
  1734. [18:50:16] * Catalie seems baffled at this realization and prances up where Lenny is.
  1735. [18:50:32] <Kain> Terra: "I was born of two worlds, being half human, and half Esper..."
  1736. [18:50:33] * Amaryllis swivels her head to look as well. "Two halves..." She shuffles closer for a better look.
  1737. [18:50:49] <Catalie> "Half... Whatsper?"
  1738. [18:50:53] <Kain> Terra: "I didn't literally look like that, but that's how they depicted me I suppose."
  1739. [18:51:04] <Kain> Terra: "Esper. Eidolon to you, I guess..."
  1740. [18:51:14] <Amaryllis> "Esper...similar to an Eidolon?"
  1741. [18:51:17] <Kain> Terra: "It's... a long story."
  1742. [18:51:18] <Catalie> "Oh, so like me!"  :D
  1743. [18:51:30] <Kain> Terra laughs again. "No... not quite like you."
  1744. [18:51:36] * Thetina continues to concentrate to bar the fiends from this location like with the Earth Shrine, if possible, before snapping out of it.
  1745. [18:51:50] <Lenore> "Innnnteresting~"
  1746. [18:51:59] <Kain> You feel you can, after you focus on the blade fragment. ...It DOES seem to be a powerful focus.
  1747. [18:52:18] <Amaryllis> "More like me then? Though I am caught between man and myth in a different way, I suspect."
  1748. [18:52:40] <Catalie> "Oh nonono, I don't mean I'm a half or anything.  But" poof "3having a bunch of forms" poof "is a lot like me..."
  1749. [18:52:45] <Kain> Terra: "In our world, espers were not guardians of the planet, but another type of people. One hunted and weaponized for their magical powers, that humans didn't possess."
  1750. [18:53:15] * Thetina picks up a shard of the blade and does so, then.
  1751. [18:53:37] <Kain> ???: < the nightmare... over?> a voice speaks to Theta.
  1752. [18:53:41] <Kain> It's somewhat male.
  1753. [18:54:13] * Thetina frowns, confused. <Yes, but it'll repeat if I don't stop here.>
  1754. [18:55:02] <Kain> ???: <Use my power if you must... I am Ragnarok, a blade broken...>
  1755. [18:56:05] <Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  1756. [18:56:34] <Lenore> "So I guess you'd be a little more like me, since my dad's different from everyone else~"
  1757. [18:56:55] <Catalie> "Huhnnnn... that definitely is different.  I guess we're lucky to be in a world like this one if you put it that way..."
  1758. [18:57:04] * Thetina nearly drops it in a sudden 'woah shit', but nods and focuses again.
  1759. [18:57:20] <Kain> Terra: "The rest of these statues are my friends... together we saved our world from the rule of a madman that threatened to destroy all of esperkind. Our victory came with a cost, however... magic was lost from our world for the rest of its days. But... we lived on. The world lived on. Thousands of years after we died... our struggle wasn't in vain."
  1760. [18:57:22] <Amaryllis> "I heard a story similar to that once, Terra."
  1761. [18:57:41] * Amaryllis nods.
  1762. [18:58:05] <Amaryllis> "Yes, that is exactly the same tale, I believe. It ended with the flight of magic from the world."
  1763. [18:58:42] <Kain> Theta reaches out, and through Ragnarok, forever bars the Fiends from corrupting this hall of heroes.
  1764. [18:58:44] * Catalie approaches and leans against Ammy for storytime. Still seems a bit focused on the sword action going on though, in case it turns into a monster and attacks or something.
  1765. [18:59:08] * Thetina finally relaxes with that done, looking to the others. "Uh. Guys."
  1766. [18:59:14] <Amaryllis> "You made a difficult choice, did you not? To defy your fate and face down a great malevolent force, even knowing it might rob the world of the magic that composed espers, that it might possible mean your death."
  1767. [18:59:17] * Thetina points at the sword. "Meet Ragnorak."
  1768. [18:59:22] <Amaryllis> *possibly
  1769. [18:59:24] <Kain> Terra: "...Yes..."
  1770. [18:59:33] <Kain> Terra goes quiet as Theta speaks.
  1771. [18:59:47] <Kain> T-89: "Ragnarok? I think I've heard of that somewhere."
  1772. [18:59:58] * Catalie headtilts a little.
  1773. [18:59:59] <Catalie> "Hi!"
  1774. [19:00:00] <Amaryllis> "...Was the broken blade Ragnarok not kept in Glutton's manor?"
  1775. [19:00:02] * Lenore flips around. "Wait, what?"
  1776. [19:00:15] <Thetina> "I...Guess not.  I'm really confused now myself."
  1777. [19:00:16] <Kain> This is a different piece than what you saw, Ammy.
  1778. [19:00:35] <Amaryllis> "Ah, it is a piece, one of many." Ammy approaches Theta, looking it over.
  1779. [19:00:47] * Thetina offers it to her.
  1780. [19:00:59] <Kain> It's the mostly intact blade of the weapon, about 40% of the sword in total, you'd think.
  1781. [19:01:08] <Amaryllis> "A great Eidolon. Steiner's blade in the war against Kuja." Ammy takes it.
  1782. [19:01:25] <Kain> Ragnarok: <I prefer being weapon over legend, myself.>
  1783. [19:02:01] <Amaryllis> "What were Kraken and Maliris attempting here? Was it a ritual to produce Dark Eidolons? Or were they seeking another power?"
  1784. [19:02:10] * Catalie jolts up.
  1785. [19:02:34] <Kain> Ragnarok: <Dark Eidolons? No. They were trying to use the power of one legendary blade to force the appearance of others.>
  1786. [19:02:45] * Lenore stiffens a bit. "Oh, so..."
  1787. [19:02:55] <Lenore> "...They were planning for my brother to get here?"
  1788. [19:03:11] <Amaryllis> "He said that Catastrophe drew him to this place, did he not?"
  1789. [19:03:28] <Lenore> "The corruption...hmmm...I see..."
  1790. [19:03:30] <Amaryllis> "It appears their attempts were successful in that regard."
  1791. [19:03:38] <Lenore> "But was Catastrophe really the blade they wanted?"
  1792. [19:04:34] <Amaryllis> "Did you see what that bloody thing did? If I were a fiend seeking the world's destruction, it would certainly be near the top of my birthday wish-list."
  1793. [19:04:53] <Kain> Terra: "There are others enshrined here. Yoichi's Bow, Gaia's Bell, the Atma Weapon, and others... As I said, this place holds these items, waiting for those willing to prove their worth."
  1794. [19:04:58] <Amaryllis> "I cannot claim to wield that much power on my own..."
  1795. [19:05:05] <Lenore> "Well, he said others, and there's also the fact that they might have wanted the other parts of Ragnarok..."
  1796. [19:05:37] <Kain> Sidequest: The Proving Grounds is now available.
  1797. [19:05:44] <Lenore> "Hmmm, I see..."
  1798. [19:06:04] <Amaryllis> "What distinguishes a legendary weapon?"
  1799. [19:06:04] <Lenore> (awwwww yeeeeaaaah)
  1800. [19:06:28] <Kain> T-89: "You really gotta ask that after seeing what that thing DID?"
  1801. [19:06:31] <Catalie> "Geez," Nat speaks up, foot-tapping.  "Weapon or whatever, that's still a cheaty way to be using our power.  They don't deserve anything in this place."  :<
  1802. [19:06:34] <Amaryllis> "How can a weapon be elevated to the status of such a cornerstone of legend?"
  1803. [19:07:08] <Thetina> "I imagine it has to do with how it was forged."
  1804. [19:07:32] <Thetina> "Those tendrils and that heart? Yeah.  Forged partially out of that sorta stuff."
  1805. [19:07:58] <Kain> Ragnarok: <As he says, the method of creation, how it is used, and where, and when... and the hopes and dreams that are poured into them, all are important factors.>
  1806. [19:08:16] * Amaryllis nods, considering that.
  1807. [19:09:05] * Thetina gets excited at the 'he' and looks down to be disapointed most likely.
  1808. [19:09:21] <Kain> Disappointed.
  1809. [19:09:40] <Kain> Funny though, that it could tell.
  1810. [19:10:18] <Kain> By the way.
  1811. [19:10:34] <Kain> Three experience, three destiny, 40,000 gil for all of you.
  1812. [19:10:48] <Catalie> kya
  1813. [19:10:54] <Amaryllis> (is that 10k gil each?)
  1814. [19:10:59] <Kain> No, 40k each.
  1815. [19:11:05] <Amaryllis> (jesus christ)
  1816. [19:11:17] <Amaryllis> (I guess we kinda need it for tier 7 later)
  1817. [19:11:34] <Amaryllis> (Aori take 2100 of mine; Tree take 173 of mine)
  1818. [19:11:43] <Lenore> (Oh, okay!)
  1819. [19:12:05] <Catalie> (I need to pay back the ~600 or so I owe Lenny, and then... actually you can all have whatever you want since I upgraded all my shit as much as I'd ever want it upgraded, treehee~)
  1820. [19:12:41] <Thetina> "Anyway...the fiends won't be bothering this place any longer.  So that's not a concern we should have."
  1821. [19:13:00] <Kain> Terra: "If you all want to try to earn your worth, sometime, just approach any of the statues and speak aloud a challenge. We will come. ...but it may be a bit before you have that strength..."
  1822. [19:13:08] <Kain> (earn your worth?)
  1823. [19:13:15] <Kain> *try your luck
  1824. [19:13:25] <Catalie> "And we got the shards, too~  Missions all done, let's go home!"
  1825. [19:13:25] * Lenore nods. "Got it!" She ponders...
  1826. [19:13:37] * Catalie handhips with a smile. "I can bring us back here, like, anytime."
  1827. [19:13:51] <Catalie> "So I guess we just might~"
  1828. [19:14:03] <Catalie> "But right NOW seems like a good time for a nap."
  1829. [19:14:04] * Thetina looks around and shrugs. "I guess this is something you can relate to but sorta got other pressing matters on all our plates at the moment anyway."
  1830. [19:14:11] <Amaryllis> "It should not hurt to try soon, even if only to see how much stronger we must grow."
  1831. [19:14:41] <Lenore> "Mmmm, I wanna' try soon...but first I want to get the things back to my brother and put the pieces of the crystal together more!"
  1832. [19:15:14] <Catalie> "I guess I should probably ask how much more the crystal needs while I'm at it, huh..."
  1833. [19:15:23] <Catalie> "N-Not that I'm in a hurry to get out of work or anything!"
  1834. [19:15:33] <Thetina> "Speaking of which I wonder if those sharks are still out front - anyway, uh..."
  1835. [19:16:10] * Thetina looks to Ragnorak. "Do you want us to, then?" Seems confused how the hell to address it.
  1836. [19:16:34] <Kain> Ragnarok: <I wasn't meant to be entombed here. I belong in the active world.>
  1837. [19:17:27] <Kain> Ragnarok: <I long to be whole again, and lead a noble warrior to victory once more.>
  1838. [19:18:10] <Lenore> "We'll see what we can do, then!"
  1839. [19:18:38] <Thetina> "Well, see, that's the problem.  Some jerk ass Qu wants to do the opposite with ya.  Granted stopping that is on the agenda anyway."
  1840. [19:18:55] <Kain> Ragnarok: <I would be most grateful.>
  1841. [19:19:03] * Catalie sliiiinks out of the room.
  1842. [19:19:24] <Kain> pink panther? More like the green goof.
  1843. [19:19:29] <Catalie> giggled
  1844. [19:20:02] <Kain> Aaaaand...
  1845. [19:20:12] <Lenore> TO THE CRYSTAL
  1846. [19:20:14] <Catalie> ^
  1847. [19:20:36] <Kain> You want to lego it before we stop, then?
  1848. [19:20:38] <Kain> WELL OKAY
  1849. [19:20:44] <Amaryllis> LEGO
  1850. [19:20:46] <Kain> brb a moment
  1851. [19:21:00] <Lenore> And make sure Mr. Prickles is okay!
  1852. [19:21:09] <Catalie> Lego is one of those things where you don't want to wait all week to find out what happens because it's RIGHT THERE ARGH
  1853. [19:21:25] * Catalie prances back to the sub like a giddy schoolgirl, though, yes.
  1854. [19:21:31] <Amaryllis> (and it'll leave us unable to do minis and stuff if we don't resolve it)
  1855. [19:21:40] <Catalie> (^, our favorite things to do)
  1856. [19:22:01] * Amaryllis shuffles back, still keeping eyes peeled for aquaberries as she goes.
  1857. [19:22:18] <Catalie> (Oh yeah hey Houry should I ask THE THING?)
  1858. [19:22:26] <Catalie> (actually fuck parentheses I'll ask when this is done)
  1859. [19:22:32] <Lenore> (HEEHEE)
  1860. [19:23:08] * Thetina nods, storing the shard of Ragnorak safely as she can and following back to the ship - only sidetrack to see if there are some sharks still there to curbstomp on the way out. for business.
  1861. [19:23:29] <Amaryllis> (gonna harvest the shark urine?)
  1862. [19:23:54] <Kain> At this point I'm not going to make you combat the sharks. It's a relatively easy fight after what you just got through.
  1863. [19:24:02] <Kain> Roll me some nature to scavenge their remains.
  1864. [19:24:26] <Thetina> 2d6+8 HUGE GUTS
  1865. [19:24:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, HUGE GUTS: 19 [2d6=6,5]
  1866. [19:24:32] <Thetina> VERY HUGE
  1867. [19:24:34] <Kain> Aw shit, son.
  1868. [19:24:40] <Lenore> WHOA HUGE
  1869. [19:27:28] <Kain> You get  two sets of SHARK TEETH, possessing the properties of Aquan Slayer, +2 Power and Triple Critical, two sets of Shark Skin for Jagged,  Water Proof, and a vial of Shark Blood with the power of Auto-Berserk.
  1870. [19:27:50] <Amaryllis> >no shark piss
  1871. [19:28:00] <Catalie> (better go farm)
  1872. [19:28:44] * Thetina shows up to the submarine a bit late, covered in blood from head to foot like there's nothing wrong. "Anyway."
  1873. [19:29:36] <Kain> No aquaberries just yet (I'll do a mini with you before next week) but as for the crystal...
  1874. [19:29:45] <Kain> You go to lego the two new shards to the chunk.
  1875. [19:29:47] * Catalie SMASHES THAT LEGO SHIT IN
  1876. [19:29:58] <Catalie> LEGO MY EGGO
  1877. [19:30:47] <Kain> There's two flashes of light, and a bright glowing from the crystal... there's another projection as you see new effects it's having across the world.
  1878. [19:31:23] <Kain> The camera pans out from the Lost Continent, to the chunks of ice islands where the Shimmering Island once was. A spot of the sea is glowing brightly.
  1879. [19:32:15] <Kain> It then sweeps across the seas towards the Central Ocean, where an enormous chunk of land is slowly starting to pierce out into the air.
  1880. [19:33:00] <Kain> Nothing quite as dramatic as last time, but...
  1881. [19:33:13] <Catalie> Hi final dungeon!
  1882. [19:33:37] * Amaryllis scribbles notes about these in her journal~
  1883. [19:34:58] <Kain> 4More and more pieces are joining the conglomerate crystal. The world is changing yet more... And two fiends are as of now out of comission for some time yet. You are performing exceptionally.
  1884. [19:35:42] <Kain> T-89: "Why does every inanimate object suddenly have a voice now?"
  1885. [19:35:48] <Amaryllis> "We have not seen Tiamat since the beginning of our journey. Do you know what they plan?"
  1886. [19:35:55] <Catalie> "You're doing pretty good too, by not getting stolen by bad guys or something!  Sure making my job easier!"
  1887. [19:36:08] <Lenore> "Yeah, I'm really worried about Tiamat!"
  1888. [19:36:11] * Catalie also gives Prickles a 'you did a good job' headpat. Can't neglect that.
  1889. [19:36:37] * Amaryllis opens up Valerian to chill with Prickles and/or enjoy Crystal time.
  1890. [19:37:09] <Thetina> ("You get used to it after a bit, Adenine.")
  1891. [19:38:22] <Kain> 4Tiamat has remained in the shadows since her appearance at Daguerreo. I'm afraid it's unknown where she currently is.
  1892. [19:38:34] <Kain> Prickles :>'s
  1893. [19:38:43] <Catalie> HOW DOES HIS FACE EVEN DO THAT
  1894. [19:39:07] <Thetina> (Or reverse those, either way)
  1895. [19:39:09] <Amaryllis> "No doubt more prudent than the other fiends. Have they simply become reckless since their failure 10 years ago? Ah, but nevermind that. What are we looking at? The glow from the ocean, and the new island."
  1896. [19:39:41] <Catalie> "Yeah, and... while you're at it, any idea where the next shards are?"
  1897. [19:40:05] <Kain> 4The gateway to Terra seems to have repaired itself. No doubt much of that world remains in disarray, but...
  1898. [19:40:10] <Amaryllis> "We still have not sought the shards kept by Terrato's spawn..."
  1899. [19:40:24] <Kain> 4There also seems to be a central continent forming.
  1900. [19:40:48] <Amaryllis> "To Terra? That could be quite the development for you." Ammy glances to Theta for a moment before returning attention to the Crystal.
  1901. [19:41:02] <Thetina> "I'm still confused on that."
  1902. [19:41:05] <Lenore> "Hmmm, that's...a bit strange..."
  1903. [19:41:14] <Kain> 4What confuses you?
  1904. [19:41:17] <Thetina> "Kuja destroyed it, didn't he?  Or just enough of it that it was no longer inhabitable."
  1905. [19:41:24] <Thetina> (er, habitable)
  1906. [19:42:28] <Kain> 4The latter is more correct. What was left of Terra was reduced to rubble by Kuja's might. But the space it resides in did not stop existing. It is doubtless a blasted landscape compared to what it once was.
  1907. [19:42:50] <Thetina> "Which is why things like this castle keep popping up?  They still stand, just...nothing else does. Hm."
  1908. [19:43:50] <Amaryllis> "What is on this new continent? Merely nature, or does it also hold relics of other civilizations? Histories of other worlds."
  1909. [19:44:17] <Kain> 4It has not quite finished forming yet. What will be there is not certain.
  1910. [19:44:54] <Thetina> "Hey Crystal, anything you can say on the piece of Ark we heard rumors about way way back when?  The group named The Returners wanted it."
  1911. [19:45:33] <Amaryllis> "Ark? I could tell you quite the story about Ark later."
  1912. [19:45:47] <Amaryllis> "There is a shrine to the Eidolon beneath Mt. Gulug, and my father wrote an entire book on it."
  1913. [19:46:09] <Kain> 4You speak of the Covenant of the Ark.
  1914. [19:46:14] * Thetina nods.
  1915. [19:46:22] <Lenore> "Wait what, there's different Arks?"
  1916. [19:46:32] <Thetina> "Naw it's the same one."
  1917. [19:46:53] <Kain> 4Very well. This story begins long ago...
  1918. [19:46:55] <Thetina> "Was it more than we learned from Olivert, Amaryllis?  I remember most of that..."
  1919. [19:47:22] <Amaryllis> "Eidolons change. The Ark that Queen Garnet commanded in the war against Kuja has likely changed from the Ark we saw in Mt. Gulug that was the saviour of the Tonberry people. Or if not yet changed, soon to be changed."
  1920. [19:48:04] <Kain> Aaaaand </session> for now, at least on my end. You can all keep chattering, it's going to take a bit for the crystal to get all of this out (and I need to read logs)
  1921. [19:48:32] <Catalie> (oh if that's the case I'll ask the VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION I've been holding off in the other place)
  1922. [19:48:34] <Lenore> ('kaay)
  1923. [19:48:39] <Amaryllis> "A boat, then an airship, then a transforming humanoid. Ark took many forms over the ages, evolving alongside the Tonberry Summoners."
  1924. [19:48:42] <Kain> Oh, and as for Nat's shard question
  1925. [19:49:20] <Amaryllis> (er, can we be assumed to get back to Madain Sari or something? Seeing as zoof's gonna be missing next week it'd be kinda awk to try to carry on directly from this point)
  1926. [19:49:24] <Kain> I'll have to get back to you on that too, but you do get an answer.
  1927. [19:49:40] <Amaryllis> (that and wanting to get stuff done mini-wise or with a bit of downtime)
  1928. [19:49:45] <Thetina> "It goes less back than you might think."
  1929. [19:50:15] <Kain> (Suuure)
  1930. [19:50:38] <Amaryllis> "Hm?"
  1931. [19:52:14] <Thetina> "The Ark the Tonberries fled Terra from, assuming that's what you mean based on what was said from Olivert, was derived from another...Eidolon I guess, from a prior world.  It's but a piece of something greater.  The point iiiiis it's probably a bad idea to let that fall into the wrong hands."
  1932. [19:53:13] <Amaryllis> "From another Eidolon? Do tell. Was it one in that strange Terran device at Oeilvert?"
  1933. [19:54:21] <Thetina> "Erm.  Sorta.  I think her name was either censored or something corrupted the information.  It pretty blatantly said it.  Ark is a piece of -something-."
  1934. [19:56:05] <Amaryllis> "It is not strange for Eidolons to change over time, have their stories merged, or emerge from the tales of other Eidolons. But how do you know Ark is born of another legend?"
  1935. [19:56:19] <Amaryllis> "I thought we went through all we could back then with the damage the device had suffered."
  1936. [19:57:43] <Thetina> "...Cause either I'm just going crazy or she's in my head at the moment.  Probably the latter cause I don't think I got this thing tattoo'd on my hand in Madian Sari.  Can't speak for the hot dogs."
  1937. [19:58:25] <Lenore> "Your hand?"  She tries to get ahold of Theta's hand to look~
  1938. [19:59:20] <Thetina> There's a tattoo with twelve circles with roman numerals and a triangle at the center.
  1939. [19:59:32] <Lenore> "Huuuuuh."
  1940. [19:59:56] <Amaryllis> "You made a pact with an Eidolon of another world, and she's talking to you in her head now and giving you weird food." Ammy says in a flat monotone."
  1941. [20:00:12] <Amaryllis> "Okay."
  1942. [20:00:15] <Thetina> "I don't think it's a pact in the manner you're thinking."
  1943. [20:00:18] <Lenore> "Woooow, that's pretty cool!"
  1944. [20:00:46] <Thetina> "But yes.  She actually had to clarify she wasn't Terra back there for me.  Her name's Eden."
  1945. [20:00:48] <Amaryllis> "You could be right. An Eidolon does not usually physically mark their Summoner in such a way, I believe."
  1946. [20:00:53] <Thetina> "And you shut up those hot dogs are amazing."
  1947. [20:00:55] <Amaryllis> "Eden."
  1948. [20:01:07] <Lenore> "Eden?"
  1949. [20:01:24] * Amaryllis writes that down. "What she?"
  1950. [20:01:28] <Amaryllis> "An airship?"
  1951. [20:01:34] <Amaryllis> "A seafaring ship?"
  1952. [20:01:45] <Lenore> "A battleship?"
  1953. [20:01:54] <Thetina> "A..."
  1954. [20:02:08] <Thetina> "...School."
  1955. [20:02:19] * Lenore blinks. "Really?"
  1956. [20:02:23] <Amaryllis> "...was it on an airship at least?"
  1957. [20:03:05] <Thetina> "Nope."
  1958. [20:03:10] <Thetina> "..."
  1959. [20:03:53] <Thetina> "You know what.  Maybe I -am- just crazy and I'm hallucinating."
  1960. [20:04:08] * Amaryllis wracks her mind. "What did she represent? A saviour figure perhaps? A safe haven for those running away? Both of those could be links to Ark's tale with the Tonberries."
  1961. [20:04:30] <Amaryllis> "The form may be less important than the broader role and theme in this tale."
  1962. [20:04:40] <Lenore> "OOooh, the latter sounds pretty good."
  1963. [20:05:01] <Thetina> "She was an artifical Guardian Force created as a safehaven and academy for those who had none of their own.  That basically means Eidolon here but the function sounded closer to what Terra called Espers."
  1964. [20:05:41] <Lenore> "'Guardian Force', huh?  That has a nice ring to it..."
  1965. [20:06:10] <Thetina> "Look, the point is, the voice in my head asked me to get the Ark piece back for her."
  1966. [20:06:20] <Amaryllis> "A bit too straightforward, in my opinion. Eidolon and Esper are more poetic."
  1967. [20:06:23] <Thetina> "And gave me hot dogs."
  1968. [20:06:28] <Amaryllis> "The same one sought by The Returners."
  1969. [20:06:37] <Thetina> "Yes."
  1970. [20:06:48] <Lenore> "Oh that..."
  1971. [20:06:52] <Lenore> "That might be difficult."
  1972. [20:07:25] <Thetina> "Let this be a lesson not to go 20 hours straight in a desert without a break or eating."
  1973. [20:07:36] <Thetina> "Or to. I dunno."
  1974. [20:08:05] <Amaryllis> "...I have had my own reasons for seeking Ark. Perhaps, perhaps..." Ammy thinks. "Well, the Returners will certainly be facing greater scrutiny now, and their ability to operate may be limited by their recent actions."
  1975. [20:08:30] <Lenore> "Hmmmm, what excuse are we going to have to make up to get the Ark from them, though?"
  1976. [20:08:33] <Amaryllis> "We may even learn more about them as the investigation continues, so this at least would give more time to plan an approach."
  1977. [20:08:40] <Amaryllis> "Who says they already have it?"
  1978. [20:09:13] <Lenore> "...well, I guess that's more IF they have it."
  1979. [20:09:33] <Lenore> "We should be prepared for every possibility~! ☆"  She snaps her fingers for that star~
  1980. [20:10:14] <Amaryllis> "Ark, the Eidolon, will fade away if not given a new tale. Whatever artifact they may or may not have...well, we do not know enough to say." Ammy shrugs.
  1981. [20:11:10] <Thetina> "Ark's just a part of Eden if what I witnessed was actually real.  Take that as you will but fading away is sorta a weird way to put it."
  1982. [20:13:02] <Amaryllis> "Ark may have grown out of Eden, but that does not mean it is totally beholden to Eden's tales once it acquires the power of its own stories. I imagine it may even be possible to manifest the two as separate Eidolons."
  1983. [20:13:12] <Amaryllis> "They are certainly sufficiently different now."
  1984. [20:14:02] <Amaryllis> "Though, if Ark is losing the power of its tales, I cannot imagine what state Eden may be in."
  1985. [20:15:30] <Kain> (Pomf time I think)
  1986. [20:15:35] * Thetina shrugs. "Can't say myself."
  1987. [20:15:45] <Kain> (Was fun guys, thanks for showing up on an off day)
  1988. [20:15:57] <Amaryllis> (thanks for running short notice like that~)
  1989. [20:16:05] <Thetina> "Anyway I'm gonna.  Do something with these bloodsoaked rags now.  Probably a good time to invest in a more permanent costume."
  1990. [20:16:07] <Thetina> (mhm)
  1991. [20:16:31] <Lenore> (~)
  1992. [20:17:08] <Amaryllis> "Do you recall the Catoblepas? It was once an Eidolon as well. Fading away does not always mean an Eidolon disappears entirely. After all, it is likely that the designs for airships were based upon Ark. So even if it disappears as an Eidolon, remnants of its legacy may yet remain."
  1993. [20:17:45] <Amaryllis> "But yes, you should probably get changed before we return to Madain Sari, lest the Peacekeepers launch another murder investigation."
  1994. [20:18:32] * Thetina does so then in private cause t-these lewd girls will m-molest her with their eyes!
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