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  1. Thank you and good evening.
  3. I have a few announcements to make, so sit tight, grab some popcorn, and rev up those fingers to reply!
  5. [newstext]Swoobles is proud to announce that ALL servers will be moving to Chicago, Illinois! You will need to update your community server favorites with the new IP's. This change will benefit Swoobles as a whole, by allowing more visibility to our servers across the states, thus giving more opportunities for new community members![/newstext]
  7. Along with this digital move, we are also proud to announce a physical move! From today onward, I will be the new owner of Surf and Jailbreak! I am very excited for this change of scenery and I can't wait to put some work in to JB.
  9. As you probably gathered from the previous announcement, we are also losing two of the owners who have been with us for quite some time. Russian Lightning and Armyjackz will be stepping down from their owner positions effective immediately. Russian and Army have both been very special to the entire community, and have put in plenty of time and effort to try to push Swoobles in to the future. We can all agree that they've been an integral part to Swoobles history, and they are appreciated for all of their contributions!
  11. Also effective immediately, we will be restricting any use of the N-word with the hard R! In the past, it's been an incredibly gray area on when the word may or may not have been allowed. With this new clarification to the rule, you will have to worry no more! Racists don't stand a chance here on Swoobles with this new weapon in our arsenal. I implore you all to use this at your discretion.
  12. ***Please note: As with pretty much all rules, please issue warnings/talk to people before jumping to a punishment***
  14. Here's something you're all going to like, at least in the beginning. In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out an entirely new report section for the forums. A couple exciting things to mention about this... The plan right now is to give Level 2's access to viewing reports, and allowing Level 3's access to contributing towards reports. All reports, and replies will be completely anonymous to everyone except the Leads and Owners. We're hoping this gives the majority of you who frequent the forums more transparency and visibility in to how reports work, and how we work with people/each other. I'm excited to see how this unfolds, and how we tweak it going forward. Please, as always, leave your suggestions/recommendations below.
  16. I'll also be looking to add 2 NEW Leads for Jailbreak! This is incredibly exciting because, for the first time ever, Swoobles will be allowing Level 3's to apply for lead! This is going to be a very difficult process for myself because I'll still have to hand pick them after all is said and done. I am really looking forward to the feedback of our current admin base, and any casuals that make their way to the forums to share their opinions too. As far as repping goes, this will not solely be based off of +Reps but reps will be weighed. I say that, because we will also be allowing Level 2 and Level 1 admins to +1 and casual players to +.5. This does not mean to go out and recruit all your friends to rep you, because it's noticeable when it happens. Good luck everyone! Currently, I'm thinking of keeping the apps open for 2 weeks. If anything changes, I will @admins in the Discord.
  18. And I think that about wraps it up! Keep doing what you're doing, and I'll keep working to make this place the best it can be! I'm almost always available for a chat. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please let me know below.
  20. -Yota
  21. [newsimg][/newsimg]
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