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  1. Sorry Can't play the game at the moment so I made the deck on here!(I also dont have some of the cards anyways this is just a deck idea)
  3. Blooming Heart x4
  4. Berry Blast x4
  5. Hot date x3
  6. Fireweed x4
  7. Spikeweed Sector x4
  8. Poison Ivy x4
  9. Guacodile x4
  10. Body Gourd x3
  11. Pecanolith x2
  12. Gravitree x3
  13. Poison Oak x3
  14. Kernel Corn x2
  16. This deck was made originally around gravitree and the thought that not only could you pull into spikeweed sector but also open up opportunities for your anti-hero cards. Each card has a purpose for the deck.
  18. Blooming Heart
  19. An excellent 1 drop that can combo later allowing you to pull a combo with gravitree where zombie counters are pulled away.
  21. Berry Blast
  22. It's berry blast. 2 cost 3 damage is very versatile and helps in almost all situations. Nuf said.
  24. Hot Date
  25. An ability to pull from water early. Used to combat toxic waste imp and basically all amphibious cards. You can also pull it into Spikeweed Sector to do 5 damage to a creature like sub or even blob if they dont have 2 bonus attacks.
  27. Fireweed
  28. provides an incredible 2 cost 3/3 when on heights and on the ground over the turns 5 damage, along with possibly allowing for a gravitree combo since it has armor 1.
  30. Spikeweed Sector
  31. Your environment. Not only is it great on it's own it also combos with gravitree and hot date.
  33. Poison Ivy
  34. 3 cost 1/3 with anti hero 4 is extremely good not only in the early game where they over-commit on turn 3 but also after you put down you gravitree or have a hot date. This also synergizes with Pecanolith for 5 damage without antihero.
  36. Guacodile
  37. Your other amphibious removal but also just removal in general. With the death effect it does a whopping 8 damage but also acts as a minion if it survives. If in spikeweed it's a whole 10 damage! Overall good card.
  39. Body Gourd
  40. A very useful defensive card that also combines with pecanolith. It provides useful block meter manipulation, allowing you to manipulate against things like pirate synergy and frenzy.
  42. Pecanolith
  43. I never thought about this until I looked back on the deck when picking my last card and saw how many cards had a ton of health compared to damage. It combines with most cards in the deck and just overall helps in most situations
  45. Gravitree
  46. The big tree! What I wanted to build the deck around because it doesn't see much playtime. Putting this in a spikeweed sector creates a great combo along with giving your anti hero cards opportunities. It forces people to make a choice between say a poison ivy and blooming heart since one zombie will always be pulled away. Overall it provides many options and possible situations that end in a large benefit for you.
  48. Poison Oak
  49. A big anti hero card that of course combines with gravitree allowing more openings for that huge 9 damage. You can also combine it with pecanolith and get a 5 attack on play.
  51. Kernel Corn
  52. The last card in the deck. After all of your tree pull shenanigans not only should many of their cards be taken down, but they most certainly have taken out your other cards. Play this in the endgame to clear out all of the remaining zombies and set up your board once again. Most of the time when they've tried to defend against your pecanolith or antihero onslaught their zombies will all be taken out with 4 damage.
  55. This deck is still new so feedback is wanted! Sorry it's in pastebin, but I like building decks(even if I don't have all of the cards).
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