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  1. Alternative Europe
  3. They do not lack healthy nationalism, their idea of democracy is not too liberal, and their population is unanimously against continuing influx of refugees. Every year they become more influential, and it is possible that they are destined to determine the future of their countries soon.
  5. In November 1335, the Hungarian city of Visegrad was boiling.
  6. In the ancient castle built on a hill near the Danube gathered the kings of Bohemia, Hungary and Poland. Their Majesties wanted to negotiate an alliance against the mighty Habsburg dynasty and establish more profitable trade routes bypassing Vienna. Negotiations were grand - the participants of the meeting drank 180 barrels of wine and ate 2,500 loaves of bread. Political results were as impressive: a long term alliance has been negotiated, influencing european politics even today.
  8. Seven centuries later representatives of the same countries formed the so-called Visegrad triangle: President of Poland Lech Walesa, President of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel and Hungarian Prime Minister Jozsef Antall. They all weathered the collapse of USSR as members of the Warsaw Pact.
  10. However, this was not the only reason for their unity: the group's goal was early integration into european societ. Czechoslovakia broke up into Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the Visegrad triangle became Visegrad Group. In 2004, all four countries joined the European Union.
  12. From the very beginning, these countries did not develop in line with the expert's prediction. The German philosopher and sociologist Jurgen Habermas argued that globalization finally unchained citizenship from national identity.
  14. The former Central European SSR, however, went against his theory and set a distinct course for nation states.
  17. "I do not want to see the Muslim community in Slovakia. I do not want there to be several tens of thousands of Muslims who are gradually promoting their ideology. We do not want to change the traditions of our country, built on a Christian identity. So it has been for centuries. Sovereignty and national pride are important for our ruling coalition. We must begin to tell the truth about migrants, " said Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, faced with a massive influx of refugees.
  19. More than 2.5 million migrants from Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries have crossed the EU border in 2015-2016. Another 700 thousands in 2017. Having reached europe, the uninvited "guests" demanded quarter and aid. Many got what they wanted. But the Visegrad Grop took a completely intolerant position from the very beginning: the governments of these countries simply refused to let migrants, distributed by Brussel-imposed quotas, into their territories.
  21. Hungary has built a barbed wire wall on it's southern border after more than 400 thousand refugees have snuck into it through Germany. Other countries followed suit and tightened border control, demolishing the whole concept of "Europe Without Border", lovingly cultivated by the European Union.
  23. The Visegrad Four, looking at the skyrocketing levels of crime, ghettos and terrorist attacks have called the standing EU migration policy "suicidal". For several years, each country accepted no more than a few hundred migrants and the Czech authorities even said that they prefer Christian refugees.
  25. These actions could not help but invoke wrath of the "progressive European community". The typical opinion of a modern Western intellectual is indicated perfectly by the words of Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Brussels Free University, Jean-Michel de Val.
  27. " ... is just oozing with fascist xenophobia, rejection of diffrent cultures and lack of understanding of the world and nationalistic rejection of all things foreign" he says, commenting on the position of the Visegrad Four
  29. EU officials are more reserved in their rhetoric, but have sitll threatened harsh economic sanctions of the Visegrad Group refuses to accept their quota of migrants.
  31. At a meeting held in 2017, the leaders of the Four have agreed that they would not yield to blackmail and allow Brussels to dictate their will in governing their countries. "The Trojan horse of terrorism", as Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban called mass immigration, has been met wiht a closed gate. The group has also declared it will defend it's intrests with all legal means and proposed an alternative solution to the problem: to start working with refugees before they reach EU.with refugees outside the EU.
  33. But the unwillingness of the Visegrad Four countries to accept refugees isnt due to their inherent racism or some mythical issues. The nations of  the Visegrad Four, like any European country, have a rich history going back hundreds and hundreds of years back to the Middle Ages, without any basis for what the Western hemisphere calls "White guilt"
  35. The opinion that even the most developed countries are unable to integrate their muslim refugees is easily confirmed by looking at a few studies: A little over a quarter of british muslims support the deadly terrorist attack on "Charlie hebdo", and every third muslim in Frace thinks that Sharia law is more important than the state law.
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