Cooling spray antiseptic

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  1. Mary's custom mosquito repellant/cooling spray/antiseptic (natural and mostly organic)
  3. 7 oz cheap *(horrible)* vodka (zalco brand or similar)
  4. 4 oz 91% isopropyl alcohol
  5. 4 oz witch hazel
  6. 4 oz lemon verbena *OR* peppermint hydrosol (flower water) -
  7. 2.5 oz vegetable glycerin -
  8. 1 tiny pinch of boric acid powder (like a "pinch of salt" amount, 1/10 of a gram or so) -
  9. 1 fresh, cleaned lemongrass stalk (slit) or 1/8 teaspoon organic dried lemongrass powder
  10. 1/2 teaspoon menthol crystals -
  12. 15 drops of EACH of the following essential oils (NOW Foods brand) - :
  13. Peppermint
  14. Spearmint
  15. Eucalyptus
  16. Camphor
  17. Lemon (the organic version)
  19. 30 drops of LEMONGRASS essential oil
  21. 5 drops EACH of these essential oils:
  22. Clove
  23. Tea Tree
  25. hearty 28 - 32 oz spray bottle with trigger-style spray and decent-sized uptake tube
  27. Mix the VODKA and ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL in the bottle, shake 30 seconds.  Add the MENTHOL CRYSTALS and shake well for 3 minutes.  Add ALL the ESSENTIAL OILS, shake well for one minute.  Add the WITCH HAZEL, then add HYDROSOL, and shake again for a minute.  Add the BORIC ACID, shake 30 seconds.  Add GLYCERIN, shake 1 minute.  Add LEMONGRASS stalk or powder, shake 2 minutes.  Store out of direct sunlight/high heat, should last for up to 5 - 6 months at room temperature. Store in fridge for extra cooling.
  29. Shake bottle well for 1 minute before spraying, and use on clean, dry skin.  Can also be used on minor cuts/scratches/burns as the solution has antimicrobial properties.
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