A Support is a Support, You Can't Say It's Only Half

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  1. [00:33:51] <Giantree> So you're in your room.
  2. [00:33:57] <Giantree> It is pitch dark.
  3. [00:34:01] <Giantree> You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  4. [00:34:14] <Giantree> A mysterious pair of eyes appears in the distance.
  5. [00:34:54] <Giantree> Command?
  6. [00:35:08] <Ellamae> Like he actually had to return to the prime universe to use the elevator because it didn't exist in the other universes. ...In any case, it's dark, but she's not sleeping because she's doing the thing she usually does and is thinking of some heavyass shit. But, OK, those are eyes. ...They're...not purple.
  7. [00:35:09] <Ellamae> Huh.
  8. [00:35:17] <Giantree> Yeah they're very buggy eyes.
  9. [00:35:32] <Giantree> ... And they're on the ceiling.
  10. [00:36:03] <Ellamae> Stare back for a moment. ...Ah, right. That one. "...How do you keep doing that? Is there a hole in this room I don't know about?" Confused, she looks about.
  11. [00:37:14] <Giantree> I'd like to say 'your eyes adjust' but you're a dragon and I already confirmed your species has nightvision, fuck.  So it's not actually pitch-dark and you see the weird spider creature - which is biologically a Bael, a team of scientists in the Underground even checked to be sure - clearly moving toward the window.  Because there's a window.  So it wouldn't be pitch dark anyway, huh.
  12. [00:37:32] <Giantree> It bonks the window a few times and manages to squeeze outside.
  13. [00:40:02] <Ellamae> "...Oh." Well, huh. HUH. Confused, and perhaps slightly adventurous in the DARKNESS OF NIGHT, she presses her face against the window. "...Is there something more to literally everyone in this place, I wonder? Bet Foney was the skeleton of some legendary hero but just gets kicks out of scaring people and doesn't care about the hero part."
  14. [00:40:20] <Giantree> shit stop guessing my plot in-universe
  15. [00:41:02] <Giantree> The scuttlebug walks in the air outside the window.  It looks back at you, like maybe it it were intelligent it would be trying to lead you somewhere?  Actually, maybe it is intelligent?  ... Wait a second, it's walking in the air.
  16. [00:41:20] <Giantree> It just... keeps going.  Doesn't give a fuck that it's 6 feet above ground or whatever.
  17. [00:43:28] <Ellamae> ...Well, it literally went through the window. It's not like the flying part even surprises her anymore. Honestly, at this point nothing does. ...Since she can't go directly through windows, she simply opens the window up and...since she has the float property, maybe she can follow slightly lower without too much hassle? It feels weird to move weird.
  18. [00:45:04] <Giantree> Well that's typically because 'when you're a dragon you have wings,' not because 'you're disguised as a mortal that can walk on air,' goof.  But to clarify it just sort of... squished itself into the crack of the closed window and the windowsill in order to get through, not literally Shy-style going through it.  You make your way out, though, and after supposedly closing the window behind you you think you might've just heard a muffled voice?  But it was YOUR room after all, so could've just been your imagination.
  19. [00:45:48] <Ellamae> ...Maybe Sluggo's a Branded. Maybe the dragon dad told him how to play before leaving for parts unknown to rock out. The music sure is surreal. And oh, huh, alright. Honestly, as she's already thinking, you can expect literally anything at this point.
  20. [00:45:50] <Giantree> It is, however, late at night, though.  The scuttlebug continues to walk almost like it's hovering although not TOO high up in the air.  It seems to be heading into the central part of town.
  21. [00:46:26] <Ellamae> ...Surely, someone else would think it's strange. But, well, at least it wouldn't be her that was strange. ...In comparison!
  22. [00:47:03] <Giantree> It continues to move.  As you follow it(?), you see that the direction it's heading is lit up unlike the rest of the area.  In fact, it's the central square.
  23. [00:47:37] <Giantree> You can already see somewhat of a crowd now, and like you just guessed that there was going to be a sarcophagus as part of the adventure or something, there is indeed music playing, yeah.
  24. [00:48:07] <Giantree> The leaves rustle behind you too.
  25. [00:48:13] <Giantree> Still following?
  26. [00:48:25] <Giantree> ... Leaves, grass, whatever.
  27. [00:49:01] <Ellamae> Well, the central square WOULD be in the center of town. And it's the hub of activity, so no matter the hour, it would be lit up--she looks behind her a moment. If someone's following her...well, if she can't see them, they get a pass. Still following.
  28. [00:49:41] <Giantree> They don't get a pass because the person tailing you doesn't even try to hide.  That unmistakable crazy hair gives it away on the spot: It's Steyr.
  29. [00:49:50] <Giantree> "Hi to you too.  Don't mind me, keep moving."
  30. [00:50:21] <Ellamae> "...OK." Well, when you think about it, this makes sense actually.
  31. [00:50:57] <Giantree> Her face is actually kind of puffed up like she's super excited, as though she made a breakthrough or something.  ~Scientists~.  But you continue following the Scuttlebug, and...
  32. [00:51:13] <Giantree> ... You see a stage in the middle of town.  The crowd isn't huge, but it looks like there are a few fans gathered.
  33. [00:53:12] <Giantree> As if it's any surprise at this point - you probably knew they did shows - you see Sluggo and Lilli together performing.  Lilli wearing shiny black leather clothes and shredding, making loud yet harmonic noise on an instrument that looks like a proper, actually playable version of the axe you'd seen Sluggo carrying around before.  Or a 'guitar' as the player would know.  And Sluggo wears a shiny uniform of his own with a headband to go with it, busting out dance moves next to her.
  34. [00:53:22] <Giantree> "OKAY EVERYONE!"  Shouts Sluggo.  "LISTEN TO MY SONG!"
  35. [00:53:43] <Giantree> He then begins singing while Lilli plays the entirety of the musical accompaniment.
  36. [00:54:19] <Giantree> ... Yeah she has an amp too and it's made of magic.
  37. [00:55:02] <Ellamae> ...Huh. Loud performance late at night. You'd think someone would complain, but at the same time, hey, music's music, she supposes. And it's hella good music! The idea of a spider floating over here to lead her to a concert is still pretty surreal, but she's definitely joining the crowd that's there!
  38. [00:55:14] <Kiuru> c-can i come too
  39. [00:55:18] <Giantree> no
  40. [00:55:22] <Kiuru> au
  41. [00:55:47] <Giantree> "That normal for them?"  Asks the researcher.
  42. [00:55:51] <Giantree> It isn't by the way.
  43. [00:56:25] <Giantree> Some... how, nobody notices the giant spider walking in the air.  It just kinda stands there.
  44. [00:56:58] <Ellamae> ...Man, though. This seems slightly backwards. She thought the guitar was Sluggo's thing, and singing Lilli's. ...Steyr saying that confirms these suspicions! "...Uh, no. It's...backwards. Sluggo normally does the guitar. Lilli usually sings."
  45. [00:57:26] <Ellamae> "...But then, why do they seem their roles perfectly???"
  46. [00:57:26] <Giantree> Steyr adjusts her glasses.  "... So I figured.  You might wanna look down now."
  47. [00:57:36] <Ellamae> She does this!
  48. [00:57:40] <Giantree> The grass is blue.
  49. [00:57:46] <Giantree> All grass is blue.
  50. [00:58:25] <Ellamae> "Oh."
  51. [00:58:36] <Giantree> "Air density seems normal.  Textures haven't changed, and the layout of the town's all the same.  But it's pretty unmistakable that some of this is a little different, eh?"
  52. [00:59:12] <Giantree> "... Pretty good song though.  Like the girl's outfit."
  53. [00:59:34] <Giantree> They do an encore.
  54. [01:00:00] <Ellamae> "Y-yeah. There's...subtle, yet distinct differences. ...But it makes sense, mostly."
  55. [01:00:23] <Ellamae> "...A-And I do too, actually. What's the word...punkish?"
  56. [01:01:14] <Giantree> "Yeah, remind me to copy it later.  But oh, you want something that doesn't make sense?"  Steyr flicks her hair.  "I was researching that little bug thing and it escaped."
  57. [01:02:11] <Giantree> "I thought Noa had a batshit insane power," she doesn't even care about the crowd because only you can hear her anyway, "but according to my readings - and she helped me out in figuring out this one anyway - it seems like it transported us into a  PU."
  58. [01:02:57] <Ellamae> "It...managed to slip through my window, actually. That didn't make sense either, though it sure as hell makes more sense than this."
  59. [01:03:48] <Giantree> "Oh, not even asking what that means and making me talk about parallel universes?  Cool, you must be smarter than you look."
  60. [01:04:26] <Ellamae> "Yeah I figured out the meaning by context. Wasn't sure what the actual phrase was, but I think I get the basics!"
  61. [01:04:34] <Giantree> "This little guy is too.  He's utilizing antigrav appendages and doing it so discreetly - if that's even the word - that the locals aren't batting an eye.  If you were to ask me, he must actually be an ancient creature with unimaginable power."
  62. [01:05:04] <Giantree> "Come on."  Steyr glares at the Scuttlebug and it reluctantly returns in your direction.  "Nice little trip, but I'd rather be home right now."
  63. [01:05:44] <Ellamae> "Well, we did find it in some ancient ruins, just...sitting in a treasure chest. It wouldn't be out of the question!"
  64. [01:06:04] <Giantree> "Better follow me, or you're gonna end up trapped here with no way out.  The big N would kill me if that happened."
  65. [01:06:28] <Giantree> Labcoat fluttering in the wind, Steyr grabs the Scuttlebug and carries it back to the inn.  It doesn't struggle.
  66. [01:07:00] <Ellamae> "...And neither would literally anything else at this point." She shrugs! "That said, yeah, definitely following. Place seems neat, but if I saw myself, something might break?"
  67. [01:07:23] <Giantree> "Yeah, you'd both erase yourselves from causality."
  68. [01:07:36] <Giantree> As you return to the inn, everything's exactly like it was.  As though nothing ever changed.
  69. [01:07:57] <Giantree> ... And if you ever tell Sluggo or Lilli about what you saw, I'll draw new outfits for them.
  70. [01:08:04] <Giantree> /???????????????
  71. [01:08:35] <Ellamae> "Y-yeah, won't tell a soul." THAT ALL HAPPENED.
  72. [01:08:39] <Ellamae> /????????????????????????
  74. [01:08:42] <Giantree> next time i hope you think twice before asking for memes
  75. [01:09:09] <Ellamae> yeah, I'll think twice and do it anyway
  76. [01:09:11] <Ellamae> I hope you're ready
  77. [01:09:19] <Giantree> if this was any indication,
  78. [01:09:21] <Giantree> i always will be
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