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  1. [2018-08-05 06:21] *[user]Poacher[/user] simply looms behind the fox and snarls quietly against her ear. That hand precariously gripping her left wrist, as those teeth grit -- a small tug for her to react. [s]Consider the cat, seduced.[/s]
  2. [2018-08-05 06:21] [user]Volpe[/user]: [url=]Some ahegao[/url]
  3. [2018-08-05 06:24] *[user]Volpe[/user]'s ears lowered, angling slightly behind her. The hackles on the back of her neck rose, electricity dancing down every nerve ending in her back while a hand gripped her wrist. Feeling quite dwarfed by the hand, and the strength that lay behind that grip. She tilted her head backwards some, teeth capturing her lower lip and slowly dragging until it popped free. [s]Whatever could the cat want with a simple fox?[/s]
  4. [2018-08-05 06:38] [user]Sivir[/user]: [sub]I assume you took it to PMs?[/sub]
  5. [2018-08-05 06:39] [user]Volpe[/user]: Nope I'm just lookin' at porn again
  6. [2018-08-05 06:39] *[user]Poacher[/user] tugged her again. Those tails and back ran against Rengar's frame. Such a lithe thing, almost made out of porcelain, versus such a beast that would shatter her, break her. That hand released hers, and simply pressed against her hips, the soft sounds of those claws slowly reeling against the fabric of the fox's clothing, as the soft sounds of tearing could be heard. Nothing too explicit, not yet at least. Those large beastial hands ran against the front of her torso, enjoying the contrast between the two as it finally culminated, with his large hands reaching Ahri's neck. At this moment it was almost zen-like. Therapeutic. The feline despite having an initial aggressive introduction was showing a bit of 'humanity'.
  8. [b]Until one of those hands wrapped itself around her neck. Slowly. Gingerly.[/b] Those five fingers, almost seem like a vice, clamped against her skin, as soon between those teeth, a coo was released. The other hand raked those claws, bit by bit shredding away at her clothing, as the other hand squeezed that neck tightly -- to the point where that blood and air trailed against his fingers. The sensation of struggle, drove him into further insanity, as the snarling turned into a roar of sorts with that snout reeling back, revealing the row of front teeth that would make this poor woman into a meal. But, not to worry. She's fine where she is. Soon in a moment of barbarity, a small token of humanity rolled into her brain in a form of a whisper.
  10. "[sub]To show you what happens to bad girls like you.[/sub]"
  12. With that, bit and pieces of that dress simply floated down on the floor as the tension of his left arm was felt throughout her body. Those fingers squeezed and rose her up from the floor, revealing how puny his weight was compared to that strength -- and Ahri's frame pressed itself against Rengar, that forearm bent to ensure the woman was well placed and not angled in a way where her neck could actually snap or even suffer injury, as well not to even give respite to the Fox.
  13. [2018-08-05 06:39] [user]Sivir[/user]: [sub]I spoke too soon.[/sub]
  14. [2018-08-05 06:39] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: [sub]Sivir gets fucked, part... what is this, 814?[/sub]
  15. [2018-08-05 06:39] [user]Volpe[/user]: [url=]wheres vay[/url]
  16. [2018-08-05 06:39] [user]Poacher[/user]: [sub]I wanted to make it a good thing gosh--[/sub]
  17. [2018-08-05 06:42] *[user]Fucking Ruined[/user] comforts the kitty.
  18. [2018-08-05 06:42] [user]Poacher[/user]: [sub]I am soothed. Thank you.[/sub]
  19. [2018-08-05 06:43] [user]Sivir[/user]: [sub]Look I was asking so I wouldn't disturb the flow if I started to chat..[/sub]
  20. [2018-08-05 06:44] [user]Poacher[/user]: [sub]Snrrrk, don't feel like that. I joked. You know it's hard for me to write sometimes especially in public. I start to get the jitters.[/sub]
  21. [2018-08-05 06:44] [user]Sivir[/user]: [sub]Oh please don't feel pressured to do so.[/sub]
  22. [2018-08-05 06:50] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: Bringing someone new in. They're a ton of fun, though they're just getting back in to playing League characters after a few month break.
  23. [2018-08-05 06:50] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: Oh, before I do, it's [icon]mirror trick[/icon]. That fine with everyone?
  24. [2018-08-05 06:53] [user]Volpe[/user]: [sub]Uhh. Not a fan personally[/sub]
  25. [2018-08-05 06:54] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: [sub]Oh? Alright, I won't then.[/sub]
  26. [2018-08-05 07:04] *[user]Volpe[/user] At first, couldn't begin to process all that was going on after he'd tugged her once more, and pressed against her hips. Claws sharper than any knife she knew pierced through the fabric of her garment with ease, the luxurious sound of it ripping ringing in her ears. It was nearly enough to make her purr, if not for the ample distraction that was his hand reaching her neck, her instinct to press [b]into[/b] that touch. The fox was more than aware of the danger that her brain was desperately trying to alert her to, every muscle tenses and begging her to bound away.
  28. As the hand clamped down, her chin had lifted as much as it could, taking a quick breath, two tails moving to hover near his wrist, one even draping over it. Her hands formed fists as cloth was sheared away slowly but surely, her blood singing in her ears. She could [b]smell[/b] it, so strong and the taste lingered under her tongue, the taste of fear and adrenaline. The desire to fight or flee, the fox fought heartily against, wishing only to sink more into the danger. Her eyes had widened with every sound that came from the bestial creatures maw, the barbaric teeth threatening and exciting. A thrill was all she felt underlying her fear and her shame over enjoying all that this was, as simple as it was.
  30. The fox's tails all dropped away at his words, as cold understanding pierced through warm hazy thoughts. His words practically coated her thoughts, and her heartbeat picked up significantly more than it already had been. Cloth floated it's way down, and she was intensely aware of everything, though her primary focus quickly became how he [b]lifted[/b] her from the floor, one heel dangling off her foot and dropping with a soft 'thunk'. The softest, most pathetic whimper tried to escape the commanding grip, and she wiggled against him. Held flush to him, only her tails still in contact to the floor, she adjusted to his hold, the edges of her vision dotting slowly. She lifted a hand half heartedly, tensing it and digging nails into his forearm. A true struggle? Not in the slightest, but she'd need a full breath sooner or later.
  31. [2018-08-05 07:28] *[user]Poacher[/user] felt those fingernails pathetically trying to rip the fur out of that arm. In such a disappointed sigh, the beast's fingers became lax. Finally, blood and oxygen could be delivered to her brain. For now. Isn't he merciful? The beast could, however, smell it -- fear, adrenaline. Hints of blood since those nails made sure to rip small rivets of skin, dealing with small wounds against her fair skin. Ambrosia to him really. The fact is that this powerful creature now runs amok and melted away in desperation. And the excitement could be shown on him. Vapid breathing gushed out against Ahri's face. That long and running tongue gushed out, showing off the smaller barbs against it, the monster clearly taking a liking to his new 'prey'. As those teeth clicked, the beast had more surprises for her.
  33. Tension arose from the midst of her legs, as Rengar adjusted her. Something solid betwixt her thighs, pulsating. Horridly filled with life as now at this moment, small dripping noises could be heard. Those eyes would scan downward. And see that thing.
  35. [b]Engorged. Red. Veiny. An obelisk of flesh and muscle that was riddled with barbs on the tip of that mushroomed cock -- with smaller barbs between the shaft.[/b] That looked like it could split her open. Which would do so? The poor fox wouldn't come out of here without some wounds. But good souvenirs are hard to find. Pushing her down against it, from that angle it looked like the woman had a dick of her own -- but that couldn't be farther from the truth. The horrid chittering of those teeth raked again as if the idea of waiting any longer would physically hurt him. He had to shove that thing inside of her, finally achieve release. She was going to be fucked by an animal -- fuck foreplay. As the other hand of the beast rolled against whatever remained from her clothing, that hand ran against the middle of her legs, almost groping it and roaring in delight. There it was. That fertile hole, the target of his lust. He was going to break it. Ravage that hole and make it full to the brim-- the mere thoughts drove that fat cock to tense up and gush out a small rope of pre-seed, a poor man's sample of whatever was inside of those fat churning balls.
  37. With a tug, and with that familiar sound, Ahri's classy yet useless underwear was soon falling against the remainder of the ripped clothing. That cunt was now unprotected. But knowing the fox, a simple bark of an order would have her exposed to him. But this idea of a beast taking over such a pure and classy lady to a trip of complete raunchy submission, just feels right, doesn't it?
  39. Soon that bulbous tip pressed itself against her folds, with the help of his large hand, trying it's hardest to make it fit, but that labia just seemed to give in as it struggled to deal with such colossal size. It wouldn't fit. Think about it -- she's tiny. He's large. She's small --
  41. [b]Fuck off with your logic.[/b]
  43. A shove, a roll of his hips -- and soon all that logic went down, with a few inches inside of her the Fox, with a loud roar of the beast that was now too busy enjoying himself. Soon that hot and torrid gooey pre-coitus splattered against her walls as gravity dictates that their fluids drip down on the remainder of that liberated cock, balls and of course -- the ground. [s]Whoever is cleaning this is going to have a field day.[/s] Soon the beast's hand moved to her legs, hiking them up as her flexibility was challenged, her feet pressed against her face by those hands, that soon found solace against her throat again as those legs dangled against his forearm. Now in a position where she can be the proud temporary trophy of Rengar's, the beast moved his hips, for him to shatter and break all resistance. The horrid sound of her throat struggling for air again. The wet dripping noises of his excess as well most likely her whimpers as that thing almost bulged out of her groin.
  45. [b]A cacophony for his ears.[/b]
  46. [2018-08-05 07:33] [user]The Night Hunter[/user]: Morning everyone
  47. [2018-08-05 07:34] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: Morning!
  48. [2018-08-05 07:34] [user]Poacher[/user]: Morningggg
  49. [2018-08-05 07:34] [user]The Night Hunter[/user]: How is everyone?
  50. [2018-08-05 07:35] [user]Poacher[/user]: [sub]Being bad.[/sub]
  51. [2018-08-05 07:35] [user]Volpe[/user]: [sub]^[/sub]
  52. [2018-08-05 07:39] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: [sub]The kitty and Fox are making a mess of things.[/sub]
  53. [2018-08-05 07:40] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: [sub]Fortunately, we have a vacuum cleaner now.[/sub]
  54. [2018-08-05 07:40] *[user]Fucking Ruined[/user] glances at Shauna.
  55. [2018-08-05 07:41] *[user]The Night Hunter[/user] glares at
  56. [2018-08-05 07:43] [user]The Night Hunter[/user]: [sub]Maybe in that I take out the trash.[/sub]
  57. [2018-08-05 08:01] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: Hey everyone, Shauna's a dumb slut.
  58. [2018-08-05 08:02] [user]The Night Hunter[/user]: I'm not dumb. I'm capable of speaking
  59. [2018-08-05 08:07] *[user]Prismatic Light[/user] pets the Night Hunter
  60. [2018-08-05 08:07] [user]Prismatic Light[/user]: same
  61. [2018-08-05 08:08] *[user]Volpe[/user] dwarfed was one of the many fitting words that rolled through her mind, slowly, lazily. The small fox, with her almost doll-like qualities in her beauty and form. She sucked in a sharp breath, her whole body shuddering as she exhaled, the pout that she wore quickly being replaced with relief as she could smell everything about him. His excitement, the scent of his breath with was hot and heavy on her skin, his musk. She was surrounded by sensations of him, and strangely, she sank into it with remarkable ease. Every click of his teeth excited her, and she was all too aware of the way her heart thudded in her chest.
  63. Between milky white plush thighs she felt it before she dared to look down, and she knew. She swallowed as best she could, her mouth remarkably dry as she lowered honey-coloured hues to that angry, wet, dangerous looking cock. A heated desire uncoiled and reared it's needy head, a gasp of surprise followed with a heated purr of anticipation. She was frightened and elated, her own vile love of being ruined, defiled and left a mess all the more obvious as she lightly squeezed those thighs around his member, so long and thick. She'd be left sore at best, but she hoped for the worst.
  64. With the same natural, calm ease as he'd lifted her, he re-positioned her with a clacking of teeth. Her hands gripped at his arm once more as he rid her of useless fabric, not that she had much dignity left, he merely ensured she'd have none. He exposed her glistening cunt, the sight of pre-cum making her wiggle her hips as soft sounds escaped ruby red lips. The beast had her captive and filled with desire, that begged for him, needed for him. Her body, while curvy and thick was still such a contrast that she could hardly believe how much she craved this feeling. The feeling of being entirely, and utterly at his whim. Submissiveness claimed her as her hand loosened, parting her lips to try and speak.
  66. Only a whimper and moan could come from her as he rolled his hips and shoved that barbed cockhead into her sopping wet pussy, her body quivering. With every whimper she panted faster, wiggling her hips downwards, pure lust and a desire to sate both their hungers driving her. She could feel incredibly hot, creamy fluid fill her, and slowly dribble down. Tears welled up in her eyes as she mourned the loss of it deeply-- She was a good cum-loving fox after all. He shifted hand again, forcing her legs up against her front as she gurgled for air once again. Only the briefest of sounds as he swiftly silenced her sounds. Her inner muscles tightened around that impressed, breaking length as she listened to the wet, squelching noise of his excess, able to feel how much he groin burgeoned with his size. Her whimpers increased in frequency, doing her best to grind down against him, her cunt massaging at him, an effort to keep him in there. A greedy, needy trophy, aroused by her own pain and blood, the sensation of pure helplessness.
  68. Her mouth opened and closed, as though the fox could form a word, wishful thinking on her part. Eventually, she mouthed slowly, 'Please'. Begging with her eyes and the way she attempted to bounce and grip at the barbed dick within her. The muscles in her legs burned and her thoughts were repeating over and over, a broken record to match the soon to be broken woman. Need, want, begging for every painful inch, and every drop of cum that lay within those generous balls of his.
  69. [2018-08-05 08:09] [user]Volpe[/user]: [sub]Also hiya Shauna nice to see you.)[/sub]
  70. [2018-08-05 08:21] *[user]Kiss My Axe[/user] slides a bookmark on that fox. Needs to practice strong paragraph roleplaying but hasn't found many who do
  71. [2018-08-05 08:22] *[user]Volpe[/user] [sub]please, literally anytime but this instant, as I love Draven.[/sub]
  72. [2018-08-05 08:25] [user]Kiss My Axe[/user]:  [sub]Thanks, toots.[/sub] [eicon]dravenwink[/eicon]
  73. [2018-08-05 08:28] [user]Sivir[/user]: [sub]This is lovely to get back to.[/sub]
  74. [2018-08-05 08:28] [user]Fucking Ruined[/user]: [sub]You're lovely to get back into[/sub]
  75. [2018-08-05 08:28] [user]Sivir[/user]: [sub]Shouldn't you be balls-deep in Lux by now?[/sub]
  76. [2018-08-05 08:31] [user]Kiss My Axe[/user]: [sub]not until she's taught to play the race traitor better[/sub]
  77. [2018-08-05 08:33] *[user]Poacher[/user] reeled those teeth against that ear that surely would twitch at that panting gritted haze of heat. "[sub]Pathetic.[/sub]" Those hands squeezed harder against her throat, horribly so, those trails of red between his fingers would surely turn purple by the end of this session, her skin that would be riddled with bruises and cuts and of course, not to forget the mental scarring of how a giant beast like him could simply overpower her in every sense of the word with a simple play of tugs and exploitation. As that nether squeezed the beast's girth the monster replied back the same way he has been doing so far. No mercy. Soon the monster shoved his entire monstrous phallus, until it was physically impossible or if his thighs jiggled away at that delightful ass. Those fat churning balls dangled with the motion as the beast began to rock her body almost to 'assist' her in getting more of him.
  79. Inside of her, those barbs slowly pricked and raked against her insides, them too vibrating horridly, as well with that pulsating rmeainder of his meaty cock. Everytime that wet pussy tried to stop the beast - it was met with a violent explosion as the horrid sounds of those thighs beating down against her frame could be heard. Each time, more dripping noises, each time a roar of sorts echoed against Ahri's brain. She wouldn't just smell like him. She would carry his seed, listen to those horrid beast-like noises in moments of silence and utter meditation. A constant reminder of a moment of weakness, followed by a painful yet delightful bliss. Those fingers squeezing her neck -- he wanted that brain to turn into mush as her entire body responded in utter defeat to such fornication. The slapping would be the sole thing she could listen to. The sole sensation she'd register would be that mass just slamming into her depths, as his bounitful pre-seed was now too busy slowly drenching her insides and dangerously trying to break through the cervix, which by now is a battered mess if anything.  Each succesful thrust, earned that bulge that was tiny and almost insignificant to a more outlandish push. The poor girl was getting mauled, but at this point she's far too stupid to understand the concept of pain. At this point that smartass of a brain is far too slow and not being able to compreehend the totality of the situation.
  81. As the brutality continued, the beast pushed onward stronger, faster and harder -- the idea of mercy was long gone, and at this point the fox was reduced to a mere cocksleeve with her legs high as possible with her neck gripped horribly and with all of her functions at mere minimum. But one last shove as the beast roared loudly, a sign that perhaps she could finally find some succor. Inside of that wet hole, a gushing and violent steam of heat splattered her insides, almost having no resistance as his seed pushed onward to fill out that womb to the brim, each rope easily finding solace inside of her -- and of course she'd find out that the beast was also virile in many fashions.  The amount of spunk those fat balls carried was being unloaded into her in such a way that all the excess simply dripped down in cascading and noisy fashion, almost as if dot the differences between her. Lithe frame versus a monster.
  83. As that reeling fat thing slowly removed itself from her not-so-need cunt, not anymore at least, a loud [b]pop![/b] Could be heard as following suit, her nethers giving way to the copious amounts of jizz that her meek womb couldn't take. The Fox's neck, was released -- as well with her legs for her to nosedive into that pool of white. Face first, tongue probably rolling out. That brain at this point damaged, if it wasn't for the lack of air, it was for the strain of this experience. Reeling down to finally be at her level -- [b]close to the dirt[/b], a faint whisper finally reels.
  85. "[sub]Now that's a good girl.[/sub]" With that said, Rengar has etched the final dot on this chapter. Face down on the bubbling mess of his cum, with her poor ass and cunt in display for everyone to see -- still leaking.
  86. [2018-08-05 08:33] [user]Poacher[/user]: [sub]Oof, that was something.[/sub]
  87. [2018-08-05 08:36] [user]Kiss My Axe[/user]: [sub]hey ahri can I steal your neat little custom kink sorting style for my profile[/sub]
  88. [2018-08-05 08:37] [user]Volpe[/user]: Sure thing! [icon]EMP[/icon] has the stuff and junk on it.
  89. [2018-08-05 08:38] [user]Kiss My Axe[/user]: Thank you!
  90. [2018-08-05 08:49] *[user]Volpe[/user] had long since devolved into a drooling mess, dimly aware of the rest of the world as her cunt was pounded, her cervix more than slightly bruised. Claws had punctured her neck, decorating the pretty bruises. His marks were everywhere, from the dragging of his claws. Her mind was fading out, along with her version as her lungs screamed for a proper breath.
  92. Certainly, she was used to this for long periods, but the cock that fucked her so mercilessly just kept dropping her farther and farther, cumming needlessly around him repeatedly, the walls of her cunt tightening and loosening with each, her body tensing and bucking here and there. She was deadweight in his arms, her tongue lolling out as her eyes rolled back with every climax.
  94. It seemed like an eternity before he filled her so entirely with his cum that she would more than likely, never quite feel free of, the sound of his teeth and the wet sound of his thrusts echoing just as much as the salty, musky stench was burned into her nostrils. She was his ragdoll fucksleeve, and she no longer cared how she dribbled over herself, barely stirring as he dropped her onto the ground.
  96. It was only instinct that guided her to lap up some of the cum off the ground, her vision still beyond hazy as her chest rose and fell rapidly, her nether region twitching. Slowly the well used and filled fox slid flat, her tails flopping into cum first, her legs still spread, not caring that her bloody, bruised form was entirely on display. The hazy delight at his words prompted a droopy smile. She swore she could still feel him rutting her, as cum dribbled out slowly with every small bonus climax.
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