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  1. Part 1 Never use the first shower.
  3. Dave was walking trough school, peaking around every corner to see if those jocks were waiting for him in one of the halls. He and Nate were bullied all there lives and it didn't stopped when they moved to another city. They were just one of those guys who were being thrown around. Always and everywhere. It never seemed to stop and Dave had made a habit of peaking around if his bullies were in the next hall. He had got in a lot less trouble ever since he did that. He also managed to be a lot around Kelly. The hottest girl in the school. He knew it was pathetic but it was nice to just look at her.
  5. He saw there was no one in the next hallway and walked quickly to his next class, P.E. It was his least favorite class and he skipped it a lot of the times but he couldn't get away with it for ever. He also had to get some grades at least if he wanted to pass this year. He walked to his locker and got changed. He saw Nate was there too and he walked over too him.
  6. 'decided to come too?' Dave asked. It wasn't a real question because the answer was obvious. Dave started to get dressed and they both walked outside to the field.  
  8. It looked like they got lucky this day. They had to do a running exercise and over the years they both got quicker than an average person. They ran a few laps and after an hour the bell rung. They quickly walked back to the lockerrooms, trying to be gone before all the jocks came in. When they got there they walked to the showers but even tough they had rushed everything, they were still too late. Almost everyone was already there and was showering.
  10. Only the last shower wasn't in use, as always. In this school the showers showed which status you had. Only the athletic, popular people were allowed to use the first shower. The nerdy, smart kids had to use the last shower. It was weird but it was just the way it was. Dave tried to use one of the middle showers once but got beaten up for it and never tried it again.
  12. Nate got under the shower and Dave just tried to leave quietly but one of the jocks saw him leaving. He got to the door before Dave did and made sure it kept closed. Two other jocks walked toasted the two and one of them grabbed Dave's shoulder.
  13. 'Shouldn't you get a shower? You smell like sweat, we wouldn't want you to walk trough the school like this.'
  14. 'No we can't do that.' one of the other guys said. He was a really stupid jock, must have had to many fights and to many punches against his head because he looked like he has no single brain cell left.
  15. 'Maybe you should reconsider taking a shower anyway?' the first jock said. Peter was a lot smarter than the other one.  He had made Dave's life a hell for the last couple of years. Everything Dave did was being blocked by Peter. The third guy who was still in front of the door made a step toward Dave and grabbed his other shoulder.
  16. 'Just leave me alone.' Dave said.
  17. 'Lets see,' Peter said, looking around. 'There are no showers free so we will have to find another solution.' He grinned. 'Boys, you can throw him into the girls locker room.'
  18. The dumb guy laughed and the third guy just smiled. They lifted Dave in the air and walked to the door which gave access to the girls locker room. Normally it was shut but Peter had found a way in and opened the door. Dave struggled a little bit but knew it was of no use. He was not half as strong as one of the guys, let alone two.
  19. The guys threw him into the locker room and right before they shut the door Peter shouted: 'And don't you dare to use the first shower.'
  20. Dave heard laughter and they shut the door. Suddenly everything became quite. Dave knew the locker room would be left alone for over an hour and after he locked the door he got undressed and walked to the showers. The guys were true, he smelled like a horse.
  22. It felt only natural to walk to the last one but right before he turned the water on he thought of something. He knew it wouldn't change a thing but he just wanted to make a statement. He wanted himself to know that Peter and his friends didn't rule his life. He smiled and let out a laugh of excitement. Walking towards the first shower he felt himself growing. He felt himself getting more important by every step he made.
  24. He turned on the water of the first shower and waited for the water to turn hot. After it did he stepped under it and enjoyed the warm water, washing every piece of dirt and sweat away. He felt a lot better, showering on his own, not have to worry about those jocks. It felt great actually. He made a mental note to get in trouble more often.
  26. As he enjoyed the hot water he asked himself, why is the first shower only for the hot popular kids? It is a weird system. He played with some ideas why it was like that for a while, not noticing how fog was enveloping in the showers.
  27. 'Well, why should I worry about the screwed up system. For now I'm in the first shower.' Dave said to himself.
  28. He started to wash his curly hair which slowly turned from brown to golden and grew to his mid-back. Suddenly Dave felt thirsty and he turned around to drink a bit of water. The water splashed onto his face and into his mouth. He felt the water sliding into his mouth down to his troth. He coughed and drank some more. The water onto kept splashing onto his face and turned his eyes crystal blue and his nose little and dainty. His lips became kissable and turned a more red, seductive color.
  30. 'Oh god this feels great.' Dave said. Not noticing his high-pitched voice. It all sounded normal to him and as the fog got thicker, his mind got foggier too bit by bit. He rubbed the mascara out of his eyes, letting the water wash over his hands and arms. His hands turned smaller as his nails grew longer. A ruby color appeared on them but it only looked normal when he saw it. His muscles faded and his arms turned slender and more girlish. The water splashed onto his feet and it tickled a bit. Dave lifted his foot and looked at it, searching for what the tickling feeling had caused. His feet looked normal to him. Small feet, not build for something longer than 2 inch high heels and of course the same ruby red color on his toenails.
  32. He looked closer to his feet because something in the back of his mind told him it wasn't right. The water splashed on his shoulders and back. His back arched a little and Dave got up again but not before his frame had shrunk down to 5'2. His shoulders had narrowed themselves and were now placed a lot closer to his body.
  34. The fog kept getting thicker and Dave couldn't see the other side of the shower anymore. He didn't really mind, he was on his own anyway. He grabbed the soap he had brought along and poured some soap on his hands. He rubbed it all over his body and bent over to put it onto his legs to. He let out a squeak because the water splashed on his butt and made him feel weird. His butt grew plumper and the water walked passed his bigger butt and changed his legs making them grow to a 5'3. His hips grew wider and his thighs grew bigger but every other part shrunk a little giving Dave a very feminine figure.
  36. He got up again and let the water wash his back which arched a little further. He turned around to wash of the soap and as he did, his nipples grew wider and his waist pinched inwards as he did. Dave gasped a bit but everything felt to him like it was normal and natural.
  38. The water reached his member and it shrunk a little but not much because the water didn't splashed directly on it. His chest did tough. Slowly fat increased behind his chest, building pressure and increasing a little bit of pleasure. Dave smiled when he felt it and washed away the soap on his hips and legs, causing them to widen and grow more feminine. They were smooth, long and very appealing.
  40. A little bit water splashed onto his member and it shrunk a little bit again. Even tough the soap was gone for sure, Dave started cleaning his chest again. Little bumps formed onto it and he let out a moan. The fog had made him in a great mood and he turned the water a little hotter. He felt his member erect and he giggled. It felt weird but in a good way. He let the water wash over it and it shrunk quickly now.  He had not much left but Dave didn't mind. He kept playing with it and giggling. Suddenly it was gone. All of his member was sucked into himself and pleasure increased. His chest had grown a little too and he now had A cups. He shove a finger into the flat surface of his former manhood and it gave in. A slit started to appear and pleasure was growing. He kept digging into it and the pleasure kept growing. Dave moaned, she had never felt this way before and it felt great.
  42. Diana stopped playing with her pussy and blushed a little. She felt very aroused and didn't want to stop yet. She looked down and pouted. Why were her breasts so little? She was very sexy but all the boys wanted big boobs and she had only A cups. She sighed and after that she inhaled causing more fog getting into her head. She stepped into the hot stream again and started to play with her small breasts. The water caused them to grow just as her pleasure did. Diane moaned, louder this time and brought one hand down again. Her breasts grew to a firm B cup and had no intention to stop. She fell onto her knees and water kept splashing down on her. Her waist pinched in even further and she moaned again. Her breasts grew to a C-cup and the water stopped. She moaned again but right before she reached her climax the door opened and she heard voices.
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