#OpPedoChat - Disinformation Notice!

Jul 13th, 2012
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  1. Twitter @TheAnon0ne | E: | Voicemail: +1 (615)-Anon0ne
  3. #OpPedoChat --> Disinformation Notice, tl,dr at bottom
  5. // Great, now I have to write this instead of actually work thanks to a few trolls and pedos. //
  7. > Let's start by proving the "downfall of d0x round 1", to be factually inaccurate. User @HdVries, who has been interfering with the success of the operation since day 1 (for reasons unknown), posted up this:
  9. * The document links to the original DB dump by The Joker. If you notice, d0x R1 has
  10. ALWAYS said, right on the top, that the info was gathered prior to the start of the main op on the
  11. 7th. Credit was also given for that hack, to #AntiSecNL
  13. * Here is where that d0x is, published on the 2nd: | Notice the title:
  14. Anti PEDOFILIA By The Joker Hack | Notice the date.
  16. * HdVries next link claims to be the "matching DB from Ceasershop". HdVries, AnonChaCha, or one of
  17. their accomplices posted it here: | Notice the date this supposed
  18. "matching database" was put up: TODAY, when Joker's document is 11 days old.
  20. * Other notes: @HdVries tried yesterday to spread a rumor that I had a blog that was posting personal
  21. info of folks like @SKPAbuse. Not only does @SKPAbuse KNOW it's bullshit, they even told me they
  22. knew it was bullshit and neither HdVries nor AnonChaCha, who both tried to tell them I was writing
  23. about them, could provide a link (at all) when requested. I could continue, but let's move on.
  26. > User @TruthIzSexy, for reasons unknown (unlike @HdVries, we thought Truth was legit), started spreading rumors along with @HdVries, @AnonChaCha, and @BoyPedo that "most if not all of our targets were legit websites". She also started a rumor that I was "removing targets from the pastebin" and deleting tweets to cover myself. Not only is that patently absurd, especially since NUMEROUS websites repub'd the original target list(s) IN FULL, it is downright bullshit (and she knows it). Sad, really.
  28. I have DOZENS of related tweets that show the same things:
  30. 1) Since day one, the target list has said to let us know if a target was not legit. NOBODY stated
  31. any other target besides the ONE that was removed. And when it was removed, it was removed very
  32. publicly. Two examples would be: and
  35. 2) Ever since Truth/Hd/ChaCha started saying that targets weren't legit, I kept asking and waiting
  36. on them to provide A SINGLE URL to back their claims:
  43. 3) In regards to her other claim:
  47. > In regards to the "general claim" that we don't screen our targets well, this was posted up 4 days
  48. ago and we have yet to publicly name targets from it: | Notice the rules, like "if in doubt, leave it out", and the fact that AnonPastes ARE NOT EDITABLE after written. EDIT 7/14 @ 7pm GMT: New targets list released @
  50. > @AnonChaCha is a pedo like Miqlos, plain and simple. Been tied back to @Miqlos, who also goes by the name Chaos69. Expect a "special" d0x dump just for him (he's a 42 year old guy from Groningen). If you take a look at my wall and scroll back, you'll learn so much!
  52. * AnonChaCha is where the rumor started about dox r1 being fake. He claims that three d0x'd peeps
  53. contacted him and said they were legit people, it was from a porn shop. Common sense alone:
  54. Sure, they contacted A BRAND NEW TWITTER ACCT instead of me or AnonIRC or YourAnonNews or etc.
  56. * AnonChaCha is @Miqlos (a "proud pedofile"), and 100% also
  57. known as Chaos69, proof in comments of:
  59. > Other disinfo agents include @BoyPedo, who's name says it all. Also, Roderick Muit is not to be trusted. He's the admin of, here's his email dump:
  62. >> This doc is a work in progress, if you hear any rumors or disinfo let me know so it can be addressed. Thanks folks!
  64. TL,DR: @HdVries is a disinfo agent, troll, or fed. @AnonChaCha is a pedo. @TruthIzSexy is a liar, reasons unknown, but was helping us at first. Confused as to why, perhaps she just can't understand the concept of why pedofiles would feed false information. Shame she picked believing pedo's disinfo over family, but won't slow us down.
  67. *** UPDATE: Sitting on d0x of HdVries, release when we finish them. NOTE: he also "tried" (and failed horribly coming nowhere even close) to d0x me days ago. Put up a paste of more bullshit. EDIT: As was noted, > HdVries provided targets for the list, then a few days later started decrying them as legit sites. Go figure.
  68. > EDIT EDIT: Anons I respect pretty much begged me to not d0x "one of our own". So I won't, for now. EDIT EDIT EDIT: turns out he's not one of our own:
  70. *** FINAL UPDATE 7/15 @ 4am GMT: We are VERY tired of disinfo campaigns. FRESH OFF THE PRESS, TWEET ALL ABOUT IT! ***
  75. We are Anonymous.
  76. We are Legion.
  77. We do not Forgive.
  78. We do not Forget.
  79. Expect Us.
  81. Twitter @TheAnon0ne | E: | Voicemail: +1 (615)-Anon0ne
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