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Death of an Anon RIP

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Jun 16th, 2013
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  1. My friend and fellow Anon FSCKzine, aka CryptNode, was killed in a traffic accident this morning. He was DOA.
  3. FSCK, above all else, was a d0xer, who was perhaps best known for leaking CISPA and NSA, and his obsession with ascii pr0n. He was a proud supporter of OpSafeKids, OpLiberation, FreeAnons, and more, and his unique sense of humor will be missed by all that knew him.
  5. His family has asked that Anons not reveal their location or, once they are made, the viewing and funeral details, in the interest of anonymity and the safety of his friends. We are NOT asking for donations. Anyone wishing to leave his family/friends a message may tweet to @FSCKzine. I will forward them.
  7. He was LEGION. We do not forget.
  9. "When the angel of death comes looking for me, I hope I was everything I was supposed to be."
  12. I love you, bro. So sorry. =,(
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