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  3. Fellow South Indians,
  5. Many centuries ago, peninsular India consisted of numerous prosperous Kingdoms.
  6. We were rich not only in Agriculture/Spices, but also Literature, Spirituality, Trade & Commerce, Education, Employment and even Healthcare!
  7. The Indian Subcontinent belonged to us, until the ARYANS arrived.
  8. They and their bunch of worthless descendants ravaged South Indians and grabbed everything we owned.
  9. In the end, all we had were Spices, Fish and a few Crops & Herbs, but we managed to survive.
  11. These ARYANS became our MASTERS and continue to dictate to us even to this day!
  12. These ARYANS came yesterday and took away our lands, our professions, our possessions, our wealth and our dignity.
  13. They have looted us more than the British!
  14. All the secret misdeeds of these ARYANS have never been mentioned in our History Textbooks.
  15. The seeds of Segregation were originally sown by the Aryans.
  16. They have cleverly portrayed the British as "invaders" while they have projected themselves as Saviours of "Mother India".
  17. They even got the nerve to say that they were the only ones who fought for freedom, while the rest of us were labeled as "freeloaders".
  18. Ask them to name any one South Indian freedom fighter, and they will blink like an owl !
  19. The ARYANS were being portrayed as "good-natured" human beings.
  20. Ha! What a Big Joke!
  21. It is these ARYANS who have been destroying this land ever since they arrived here.
  22. It was the British who first brought technology to India, viz.: electricity, automobiles, railways, textile industries, machinery etc.
  23. Much has been said about British rule, predominantly derogative, never panegyric - a propaganda instituted by the Aryan forces.
  24. After the British left, these ARYANS took over British companies that were established in India.
  25. They looked after their own people quite well, while the rest of us were neglected.
  26. (Even the people in the North-East were neglected for many decades.)
  28. Many centuries ago, an Aryan version of Brahminism was imposed on the Dravidians.
  29. Even today, many South Indians are not aware of this fact.
  30. They have been brainwashed extensively by Aryanism over the years, so much so that they have forgotten that they are truly Dravidians.
  31. The Aryan Propaganda has been successfully implemented across India over the centuries.
  32. The ARYANS invented the Caste System for purposes of their own, so that they could retain their superiority and exhibit authority throughout all the land.
  33. The native people of this land were 'converted' to Vaishyas and Sudras.  This is the ugliest CONVERSION that has taken place in this part of the world.
  34. The temerity of these ARYANS has now grown to unprecedented levels.
  35. The ARYAN forces are now cooking up wicked plans.
  37. They keep harping on about "Vasudeva Kutumbhakam" and all the while giving importance to themselves!
  38. 'Hypocrisy' is their Religion.
  39. Their pretences have now been exposed.
  40. They even have the nerve to tell you "Whatever privileges you have received in this land is because of us".
  41. What a magnificent lie!
  42. They are all BLOODY LIARS like their ancestors.
  44. Time and again our patriotism has been questioned.
  45. We have been labeled as "anti-nationals".
  46. Some of us have even been labeled as "terrorists".
  48. We are forced to learn THEIR mother-tongue.
  49. We are forced to speak THEIR language.
  50. We are forced to follow THEIR culture.
  51. OUR true heritage has been forgotten.
  52. We have become "foreigners" in our own land.
  53. One of the biggest mistakes we made was to allow the domination of Hindi and the Hindi-speaking population.
  54. South Indian personnel (both in the Private and Public sector) were intentionally transferred to North Indian States and forced to learn Hindi.
  55. We made the greatest mistake of "putting India first" thereby giving the Aryans greater authority over us.
  56. Aryan Supremacy played a dominant role over the last few centuries.
  58. We have been treated like slaves for more than 3000 years.
  59. Aren't you all ashamed to serve the ARYANS all your life?
  60. India was supposed to have remained a DRAVIDIAN Land.  Today, it has become an ARYAN Land.  How did this come to be?
  61. Because, they have ERASED more than half the Dravidian population through the Ages.
  62. Therefore, it is time now for us to re-ascertain our superiority.
  64. South Indian actors, producers, directors and other technicians must stop working for Bollywood.
  65. Bollywood has unnecessarily been given too much importance at the cost of other South Indian Film Industries.
  67. Atomic nuclear plants are intentionally being built in South India, so that if there is any accident it would pulverise South India alone. North India would be mighty safe and cosy. The life of Dravidians has become very cheap in their sight.
  69. It is a known fact that some of our Politicians prefer to lick the boots of the ARYAN MASTERS.
  70. Such Politicians are TRAITORS to South India.
  71. Their secret associations with the RSS is quite well known.
  72. Nirmala Sitharaman and Venkaiah Naidu are traitors.
  73. Tamilisai Soundararajan and H Raja are traitors.
  74. Aravindan Neelakandan and Subramanian Swamy are traitors.
  75. Swamy is the biggest traitor in India.  He loves to tap away at his keyboard just because he's got a Twitter account!  #BuddhuSwamy is under the impression that he is the only 'intelligent' guy in the whole of India.  He is the only chap in the World who calls himself a "doctor" even though he never completed his PhD thesis ! He thinks nobody knows his secrets !  He thinks nobody knows that he was the one who murdered Rajiv Gandhi and Balachandran (Prabhakaran's youngest son).  He is obviously a child murderer.  This treacherous CIA Informant has been playing the fool with the Indian Govt ever since he arrived from America in the 1960's.
  76. These lunatics make money by creating controversies. This is their true profession.
  77. They revel in misleading innocent people. Such traitors are in fact Anti-Dravidians ;)
  78. The misdeeds of these hypocrites are going to be exposed very soon.
  79. All such traitors in India are going to be taught a befitting lesson in the coming days.
  81. It is a known fact that many north indian labourers migrate to South India in search of work.
  82. However, we cannot accommodate too many of them.
  83. What will become of our own south indian labourers?
  84. North Indian States must look after their own.
  85. We cannot feed the entire nation all the time and every time!
  86. A few centuries ago Aryan Brahmins from Saurashtra migrated to South India and settled in Madurai/Tirunelveli region. They were given Government jobs and still continue to exhibit their authority in society today.
  88. Many North Indian spies have entered South India.
  89. They are trying to infiltrate the whole of the South and establish THEIR culture !
  90. They establish small shops and operate very covertly.
  91. They also supply contaminated food products.
  92. They pretend to make friends with everybody including local political leaders.
  93. Aryan spies have been planted in every Govt office and every Post Office all over South India now.
  94. All these spies have been given free Reliance JiO phones to communicate with the top brass!
  95. The Aryan forces have once again begun recruiting spies all over India.
  97. A few decades ago, there was at least some decorum observed by the Central Govt towards South Indian States.
  98. Now there is not even an ounce of respect towards other States.
  99. The culture and heritage of all other respective States is gradually being erased.
  100. Apart from that, the Central Govt has been selling all personal data of Indian Citizens to private entities in the West. They are making money out of OUR data!
  102. These so-called "leaders" promise you a great future!
  103. And we know what kind of future it is.
  104. Do not get fooled by their gaudy promises.
  105. They are better known for making false promises and nothing else!
  107. Over the last few decades, RSS leaders sent many north indian families to South India, so that they could increase the RSS base.
  108. These north indian families have been paving the way for radical groups to gain a foothold in South India.
  109. Such empowerment must not be allowed and South Indians must be cautioned.
  110. It is a known fact that all RSS members are traitors. This fact must be published in our History textbooks.
  112. Someone claimed that "illegal immigrants are harmful for the nation".
  113. If we go by that logic then all ARYANS will have to leave India with immediate effect, since every single one of them is an illegal immigrant!
  114. They desperately try to prove that they are not immigrants. They have even written books, with their half-baked knowledge, to disprove the Aryan Migration Theory thereby misleading people of their own kind.
  115. Now, isn't that hilarious?
  116. They have been engaging in a systematic pattern of imparting misinformation against Dravidians over the last seven decades.
  117. Their desperation is evident from the utter lies they have propagated over the years.
  118. The Aryans were always Cheeky Chums pretending to be ever so friendly, all the while exerting an upper hand.
  119. They call us "colonial slaves".  What they don't realise, is that they are themselves Slaves of an Archaic Mindset!  They do not know how better to conceal the fact that they are themselves worthless and therefore they resort to defaming everybody else.
  120. They even tried to impose Hindi (which is in fact a Mughal language) on all Indians.
  121. They taught us to respect Aryans, while they made us disrespect ourselves.
  122. They have a natural tendency to impart a propaganda that favours them alone. They clearly do not know the meaning of the word "Democracy". Their version of Democracy is different from the Democracy followed by the rest of the world.
  123. The ARYAN forces have been running a parallel NATIONALIST GOVT over the last five years. They merely pretend to be "democratic".
  124. They are a serious threat to the very idea of Democracy.
  125. In the 2019 elections when everyone else voted for Fascism, the Dravidians alone voted for Democracy. This shows how sensibly we have conducted ourselves through the Ages.
  127. Our motive is not to create enmity, but to establish an identity - an exclusive identity for South Indians everywhere.
  128. This can only be achieved when South Indians come together and take active participation in the progress of peninsular India.
  129. There are some who are trying to destroy our unity.  We must not allow such sinister elements in our midst.
  130. South Indians must not be ashamed to call themselves "Dravidians" anymore.  HISTORY cannot change one's IDENTITY.  Hold your head high if someone 'accuses' you of being a "Dravidian".  They will persecute you, because that is what their ancestors did to your ancestors.  HATRED and DESPOLIATION run in their veins.  They revel in destroying other civilisations.  They specialise in distorting History!
  132. South Indian Kingdoms were once wealthy and prosperous and filled with greenery.
  133. Today, most of it lies barren. Our farmers are suffering and nobody cares about them.
  134. Small traders and small businesses are suffering and they are still forced to pay taxes.
  135. The Govt of India is destroying South-Indian businessmen by harrassing them with the help of the Income Tax Dept.
  136. None of our Politicians genuinely care about us.
  137. Our Politicians have become slaves to the ARYANS.  They dance to THEIR tunes.
  138. Do not become COWARDS like these politicians.
  140. There are some among us who have shamelessly supported the ARYANS for many decades now.
  141. They desperately try to claim that Aryans and Dravidians belong to the same family.
  142. It is a known fact that Dravidians belong to a different DNA Haplogroup from that of the Aryans.
  143. The Aryans are in no way related to Dravidians.
  144. We must first test the DNA of all members of the Parliament House. Let us see how many of them are truly Indians!
  145. Some South Indians have been misled and brainwashed by these Aryans for many decades now.
  146. They have very conveniently classified us as "Ancestral South Indians".
  147. Such persons must be taught the real value of our own heritage.
  148. The Aryans have even filled Wikipedia and the Internet with fake stories about South Indians.
  149. The South Indian heritage has been gradually decimated over the centuries.
  150. Some South Indians shamelessly embraced Hindi. Aren't you ashamed to speak in Hindi?
  151. These Aryan Puppets have started advocating Hindi on twitter now.
  152. The gracious advice of these FOOLS will bring their own downfall.
  153. Such #AryanPuppets are traitors to South India.
  154. They do not know where their allegiance lies.
  156. Someone sitting in one small corner of North India wanted to make his own mother-tongue, the national language of India, albeit at everyone else's expense! It is just a matter of pride - shameless pride.  This is nothing but linguistic fanaticism.  Back then, Hindi wasn't even the mother-tongue of 10% of the population.  English was spoken widely until the 1960's.  Even parliamentary procedure was regularly conducted in English.
  157. Over the last five decades exorbitant sums of money were spent by the Indian Government on propagating Hindi alone, while all other Indian languages were neglected.  And where did this money come from? - It came from taxes paid by both Hindi speakers and non-Hindi speakers! (It must be noted that non-Hindi speakers contribute to more than 67% of India's GDP.)
  158. They have very conveniently chosen to propagate their own mother-tongue at OUR expense !
  159. And their explanation for it - "English is the master's language... it is the language of our invaders... so we must stop learning it."
  160. Their love for Hindi, in fact stems from a hatred for English!
  161. Ironically, these very same hypocrites never hesitate to speak in English whenever they travel abroad or when they move to Western nations.
  162. They force everyone else to learn Hindi, while they send their own children to prestigious english-medium schools.
  163. Hypocrisy is probably a pathological inheritance for this particular group of ARYANS.
  164. They have given a new definition for the term "Indian".
  165. You are considered an "Indian" only if you know Hindi !
  166. If English is considered the language of the "British invaders", then Hindi must be considered as the language of the "Aryan invaders"!
  167. It appears that the Hindi language desperately requires saving, since it is going to become extinct! And what better way than to impose this language on everyone else! They want everybody else to learn Hindi so that they can travel to any part of India and very conveniently continue to speak their own mothertongue. As for the rest of us, we must stop speaking our mothertongues and learn THEIR language so that we can reply to them in their own mother-tongue!
  168. The Aryan Government must stop engaging in a battle of languages and focus on putting food and water on the table.
  169. Billions and billions of rupees belonging to tax payers have been wasted on upholding ideologies, cultures and religious traditions in this land over the last 75 years, while only a miniscule amount of money has been spent in enhancing the livelihood of the hard-working people of this nation.
  170. Such an ignominious display of arrogance by these Aryan Politicians must not go unpunished.
  171. The constant meddling in the democratic framework of a Nation is a good example of how a Government manipulates its own Citizens over the course of History.  The innocent people have no other choice but to take life as it comes.  Their voice is never heard, rather, it is drowned in the din of communalism.
  172. The Aryan forces have always tried to exert their ideologies on the rest of India.
  173. India is not Nazi-Germany!
  174. Today it is "One Nation, One Election".
  175. Tomorrow it will be "One Nation, One Language (sanskrit)", "One Nation, One Food (vegetarianism)", "One Nation, One Clothing (saffron robe)", "One Nation, One Religion (hypocrisy)", "One Nation, One Profession (bootlickers)" and finally "One Nation, One Identity (hindustani)".  The beauty of Diversity will finally be destroyed.
  176. They go by the philosophy that "my idea of civilisation is better than yours".
  177. We have never interfered with their civilisation, yet why have they been interfering with ours?
  178. Therefore, we must teach the Aryans a befitting lesson.
  179. For a start, we must start printing our own Dravidian Currency and stop using the Indian Rupee.
  180. We won't have to be dependent on the Government of India anymore.
  182. The younger generation of Indians have never heard the word "Dravidian" before.
  183. This shows how well they have been brainwashed by the Aryan-modified History textbooks printed by the Government of India.
  184. The youth of this nation have been misled gradually over the years by Aryan philosophies propagated through various mediums.
  185. Policy makers in the Govt have naturally been taught to peddle the rubbish imparted to them by their RSS mentors.
  186. They are not aware of the fact that the very idea of "India" is made up of more than one ethnic race, language and culture.
  187. At one point in History, the Indian subcontinent had more than 260 languages! More than half of them have become extinct within a span of 200 years!
  188. Dravidians have been forced to forget the true History of South India.  This is because they have been taught the History of "Aryan India".  They are unaware of how the Aryans massacred Dravidians 5000 years ago!
  189. A few overly-patriotic immature Aryans have been asking "ugly black Dravidians" to "get out of India if you don't want to learn Hindi".
  190. Why should we "ugly black Dravidians" secede from the Indian Union? Didn't "India" originally belong to us?
  191. India was originally the 'Land of the Dravidas'!
  192. It is these Aryans who have been dwelling in OUR land for many centuries now.
  193. They seem to think that India truly belongs to the Aryans alone.
  194. How small minded they are !
  195. Therefore, it is time now for us to take back the "India" we lost a great many thousand years ago.
  196. It is time now for us to expose the misdeeds of these ARYANS.
  198. We were once rich in Agriculture.
  199. Now crops, seeds, fruits, vegetables and other agro-food products have become costly in South India.
  200. All agricultural produce is being exported out of South Indian States, leaving nothing for our children and our families.
  201. All the taxes that South Indians pay is not being utilised for Southern India.
  202. The ARYANS are eating out of our hands.
  204. As of now, India has been ranked worse than China in terms of corruption.
  205. This is what the ARYANS have brought upon us.
  206. Every tax defaulter and absconder has "Patel", "Ambani" or "Modi" as his last name! What a coincidence!
  207. The ARYANS have been looting India for more than 3000 years.
  209. Aryan forces claim that "Muslims are not Indians".
  210. Aryan forces claim that "Christians & Anglo-Indians are not Indians".
  211. Aryan forces claim that "Dalits and lower-caste people are not Indians".
  212. From this we can deduce the fact that only those who lick the boots of the RSS are truly "Indians".
  213. Do we need any further evidence to prove the temerity of the Aryans?
  214. Do we need any further evidence to re-examine the mentality of these ugly Nationalists?
  215. Nationalism is nothing but covert Extremism!
  217. The Aryans are very very angry with Dravidians now. They are angry because they are scared of us. They are scared because they think we are going to drive them out of India.  It is just a fear psychosis.  Dravidians are very different from Aryans.  However, our humility must not be misconstrued for credulousness.  If Dravidians (and other lower-caste Indians) continue to be treated like scum, then the non-violent nature of Dravidians is likely to fade away.
  219. Who is a TRUE DRAVIDIAN?
  220. A true dravidian is one who denounces the ideology of HATE and the ideology of DISCRIMINATION, and we all know who specialises in propagating these ridiculous ideologies.  A true dravidian is patriotic towards Humanity and strives towards equality of all men and women across the globe.
  222. Our intention is not to defame other ethnic races, but to inculcate in ourselves the humble yet superior heritage we once had.
  223. The ARYANS shall continue to remain our Chums ;)
  227. (Please disclose these facts to your children and your grandchildren since the Dravidian legacy is gradually being erased through the Aryan-modified syllabus in our schools and educational institutions.  One must not be ashamed to propagate the Truth!  Just as how White Americans refuse to discuss the decimation of the Native American race, likewise the Aryans too are feeling very shy to discuss the gradual decimation of the Dravidian race.)
  229. **************************************************
  232. The original "Indians" were Adivasis (Indicidentally, "Adivasi" is a Tamil word which means "First Inhabitant") who migrated to India from Africa, even before the continental drift.  Therefore, they are also related to the Australian Aborigines (Australoids) and Negritos (both descended from Homo Sapiens). This is why more than 90% of Dravidians today are dark skinned.  Many centuries later, around 1300 BC, the Aryan people (who were descended from Homo Erectus) began to migrate to India from Europe and Persia. The Dravidians were overpowered by the Aryans. The Aryans were ruthless since they were skilled in warfare.  They were also referred to as Barbarians (Barb+Aryan=Barbarian).  (The "barb" here refers to the long spears invented by the Aryans.)  The inherently non-violent Dravidians who were mostly Agriculturists, withdrew to the South. The ones who stayed back in northern India were absorbed into the Indo-Aryan culture. But due to the inherent racism of that culture, they mostly became the lower castes. Adi Shankara is considered the Father of Modern Hinduism.  He was, in fact, a Dravidian. Many aspects of the Hindu religion, particularly Shaivism, were donated directly by the Dravidians to the whole of Indian culture. Other parts of Hinduism, including the Vedic veneration of Soma (haoma), come from Indo-Aryans and their borrowings from the Altaic Margianese culture of northern Afghanistan.  Due to the spread of Buddhism, some Dravidians began to absorb the Aryan vocabulary into their languages. The Tamil Kingdoms could not be brainwashed with Buddhism. Until the 18th century, the Indo-Aryans spoke mostly Urdu and Pashto.  Only the Brahmanas (priests/sages) in Kashi (Banares/Varanasi) spoke Sanskrit (the language of aliens). The British eyed India for its rich natural resources and overpowered the Mughals. Mohandas K. Gandhi - a British-educated Aryan, instead of striking a clever deal with the British, drove them out using non-violence. A non-violent Aryan is certainly an irony! (Interestingly, today, most Indians prefer to immigrate to the United Kingdom.) After the formation of the Indian Republic, the Aryans ascertained their superiority and became the Masters of the Indian subcontinent. They rewrote the History of India through their History Textbooks, portraying themselves as natives, and misled the innocent people of India. They desperately try to prove their relevance and have continually subdued other ethnic races in India. Today, the Dravidians are still the predominant people of South India, their languages being of a completely separate origin from the Indo-Aryans of the North. South Indians must take pride in the fact that few CEOs like Ms. Padmasree Warrior, Ms. Indra Nooyi, Mr. Sundar Pichai, Mr. Shantanu Narayen, Mr. Thomas Kurian and Mr. Satya Nadella are in fact Dravidians, as against the vast number of North Indian CEOs who are in fact, Aryan. The South Indians became a convenient catalyst for Aryan Supremacy over the years. They were promptly subdued by the inherently cunning Aryans. It must also be emphasized that the much misused and discredited term "Aryan" is accurately applied only to the North Indians, who historically were the only people who ever called themselves that. Unfortunately, European racists like Adolf Hitler tried to extend the term to the entire white race, a completely false premise.  The world is made up of numerous ethnic races and all these races are equally respectable and therefore, deserve recognition. However, there is only one race on earth - the Human Race.
  234. **************************************************
  236. Update 1:  Some of you have expressed doubts about the origin of the Aryans. We have done immense research in this field, consulting linguists, anthropologists and geneticists too. Many decades ago, European scientists cleverly concealed the fact that all white people were in fact descended from Homo Erectus. They feared that if the world came to know that white people were descended from Homo Erectus, then that would lead to more racism. So, they promptly launched a misinformation campaign stating that all human beings were descended from Homo Sapiens alone. Ironically, racism continued to flourish. The truth is that all white people are descended from Homo Erectus and all non-white people are descended from Homo Sapiens. Over the course of time, it also gave rise to mixed races. These truths were promptly kept hidden from the world.
  238. Update 2:  Recently, DNA samples were collected from numerous "fair-skinned" Dravidians in South India. This was done, in order to prove that there is no difference between Aryans and Dravidians. The Aryan forces truly go to great lengths to disprove the Aryan Migration Theory! However, the truth is the truth - the world is made up of numerous ethnic races and India is no exception.  Meanwhile, innocent Dravidians continue to be brainwashed with Aryanism.  The Aryans prefer to talk about the History of India since 1947 alone.  They have cleverly chosen to hide their ugly past.  They have cleverly chosen not to discuss the invasion of the Land of the Dravidas. They think we have forgotten the History of Peninsular India since 75,000 years ago.  Therefore, it is time now for us to wake up.  The rise of Aryanism must be thwarted with such great force that it must never crop up again.  Note down the names, addresses, twitter accounts and facebook accounts of all those who work hand-in-hand with the Aryan forces and publish them on social media.  Their secret misdeeds must be exposed.  The Third World War has already begun - on Twitter!
  240. Update 3:  It has now come to our notice that certain former RSS members had been covertly paying terrorists across the border to target South India and Sri Lanka.  You won't find these transactions in any Bank since all these payments are done through cash - person to person.  Even the perennial LIAR Subramanian Swamy knows about it!  But don't bother asking him, he will naturally feign ignorance.  The Prime Minister himself is unaware of what has been going on right under his nose!
  242. Update 4:  It has been brought to our notice that Aryan 'parrots' are now being paid exorbitant sums of money to tweet about the Glory of Modi !  All these 'parrots' keep re-tweeting what each of them spout on Twitter.  They have successfully diverted the attention of the Common Man away from real issues - tax terrorism, agricultural crisis, economic crisis, etc.
  244. Update 5:  The ARYAN forces think we cannot post this article if they shut down our internet connection. We have Homo Sapiens in other parts of the world too, who will share this article throughout the world. The more you try to suppress us, the more active we will become.
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