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[ENG]SCP-Facility Information

SCP-Facility Oct 5th, 2018 (edited) 2,922 Never
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  1. <size=50><color=#add8e6ff>[ENG]SCP-Facility</color></size><size=25>
  3. <color=#add8e6ff>What Our Server Offers:</color>
  4.  - Website: <color=#ffff00ff>'</color><link=""><color=#808080ff></color></link><color=#ffff00ff>'</color>
  5.  - Discord Server: <color=#ffff00ff>'</color><link=""><color=#808080ff></color></link><color=#ffff00ff>'</color>
  6.  - Friendly Community
  7.  - Fun Events!
  9. <color=#add8e6ff>Rules:</color>                                      
  10. <size=15>Please Read The Rules On the server's <link=""><color=#ffff00ff>Website</color></link></size>.|
  11. <size=15>Failing to do so will most likely result in a ban.</size>  |                    
  12. <size=15>Our rules are strict, but easy to follow.</size>           |
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