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  1. Friend:so i coming to visit you soon
  2. Me:Yes, your grandfather is coming too, isnt he?
  3. Friend:Yeah its right.
  4. Me:And Where you would like to stay?
  5. Me:Hmm let me think. Ohh I know! maybe hotel is a good idea? isnt it?
  6. Friend:Yeah its not bad, but we have only 1000$ and i think hotel is too expensive for us.
  7. Me:Ooh for sure, I just remembered that my parents leave tomorrow for a whole week and you could live with me for a while until they arrive.
  8. Friend:Oh it would be the best way for us thank you so much. but i have one more question. where will we sleep?
  9. Me:you have nothing to worry about, I will prepare comfortable clamshells for you.
  10. Friend:Great, thanks a lot.
  11. Friend:Do you have any suggestions on what we can do in our free time?
  12. Me:hmm let me think. Ohh we can go to the botanical garden? isnt it?
  13. Friend:yeah good idea, my grandfather just likes butterflies and wildlife.Everybody like wildlife, dont they?
  14. Me:Yes i guess.
  15. Friend:Ok and Where can we eat in case we get hungry?
  16. Me:mm how about mcdoland i think its tasty? isnt it?
  17. Friend:I would like to but unfortunately my grandfather doesn’t eat fast food so you have to find something else.
  18. Me:oh this is not a problem because I know not an expensive restaurant not far from my house they are preparing fresh and not expensive food.
  19. Friend:Anyway, this is better than mcdodends isnt it?
  20. Me:Probably yes.
  21. Me::Is there anything else we you to know about? transport?
  22. Friend::Yes transport. How are we going to get arround while we are there?
  23. Me:You could hire a car?couldnt you?
  24. Friend:Im not sure, my grandfather doesnt really like driving and its too expensive for us? isnt it?
  25. Me:ok then we can use public transport.will this be a good option for you?
  26. Friend:Yes i think its a pretty good idea.
  27. ok see you tomorrow.
  28. Me:Yes good luck
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