DX - Attack of the 50 Foot Gyaum, Part 2

Jan 8th, 2016
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  1. 17:49] * Tsukimiya_Mary attempts to explain her logic, "Well, if I can pretend to be you, you won't be any danger, right? I can probably guess at what you'll say."
  2. [17:50] <Pinko> "E-eh? But I'm there to try and get my scoop, and..." She gives a suspicious, doubtful glance at her Edo era dress. "Can you even run a recorder, anyway?"
  3. [17:51] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Recorder? The INstrument?"
  4. [17:52] <Pinko> World Hunter gives an awkward chuckle, her eye twitching slighty. "I already got my phone wrecked today, I'm going to keep my backup plan safe."
  5. [17:54] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Someone is copying you anyways." Jamie shows her a couple of blogs , recently updated that say they're going to get new info soon. "Maybe they're even stalking you to get it. What's important is that it's *you* getting the scoop. But no one says you have to be in the line of fire to get it. Trust me, as a big fan, I'd rather get my news from your blog and not some pretenders'."
  6. [17:54] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aw," Mary sulks a little, "I thought that was going to do it..."
  7. [17:56] <Pinko> She flushes red a bit, flustered, then hands a device to Mary, pouting, a bit incredule about Jamie's info until she showed her the blogs. "Fine, but don't. break. it."
  8. [17:57] * Tsukimiya_Mary takes the device with curiosity in her eyes, "This is... What is this?"
  9. [17:57] <@Jamie_Knapp> "I'll show you. It's real easy I promise."
  10. [18:09] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh... alright." Mary nods a little, "And now, World Hunter, your clothes." There's a dark glint in her eye as she grins.
  11. [18:12] <Pinko> After a misunderstanding and an attempt at humor from Mary, the group makes their way to the meeting spot, the group taking their positions. World Hunter watches with amazement as Mary practices marching with high heels in front of the building. Glad that she didn't -really- have to surrender her clothes on such short notice. The smell here is terrible. Fish.
  12. [18:14] * Tsukimiya_Mary is, meanwhile, a spitting image of World Hunter, adjusting her glasses carefully. Her hair's been carefully manipulated to match Hunter's, and her out fit is on point: skinny jeans and heels, tank top with a vest.
  13. [18:15] <@Jamie_Knapp> "She looks cute."
  14. [18:15] <Pinko> "That's creepy. Does she do that often?" World Hunter frowns at the sight of the copycat.
  15. [18:16] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Only when she needs to."
  16. [18:17] * Tsuboki_Junko is doing her best to look like a tough delinquent thug bodyguard rather than a tamed dog, sporting a jacket with kanji on the back and her hair styled back to look more menacing. She was public school terror once after all.
  17. [18:19] * Tsukimiya_Mary refrains from waving at the others, instead one hand on the recorder, the other occasionally playing with her hair.
  18. [18:20] <Pinko> "Gah, she's going to ruin the style! Not the ahoge! Stop pulling on it!"
  19. [18:24] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie clicks her tongue. "The fish processing center."
  20. [18:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "E-eto..." Mary rubs her cheek a little, "I could've sworn I saw... Junko-chan, I saw somebody coming in the fish plant. I think."
  21. [18:27] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You sure?"
  22. [18:27] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka lurks near Jamie, trying to keep low.
  23. [18:29] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "My eyes... ah, well, I don't let something slip away from me again," Mary mumbles stubbornly, "I'll just be a moment."
  24. [18:29] <Tsukimiya_Mary> With that, Mary's heading in the direction of the plant, walking surprisingly well in heels.
  25. [18:30] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Like I'm letting you go alone," the delinquent grumbles, fists pushed deep into her pockets as she follows Mary.
  26. [18:34] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "ara, thank you Junko-chan. Or, should I say, 'My thanks, Bodyguard?"
  27. [18:35] <Pinko> As Mary heads to the back of the processing center, away from the sight of those on the warehouse, but still within the line of view of Dragoon, she smells first, then notices someone that can only be described as a sad otaku that's seen the light of the sun for the first time in weeks. "Ah! World Hunter, we meet again" His tone is vindictive and that of a
  28. [18:35] <Pinko> crimefighter about to solve an injustice.
  29. [18:35] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko groans.
  30. [18:35] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Again, as time has demanded," Mary answers, "You're my contact?"
  31. [18:37] <Pinko> "Ah! As if! -You're- the one who put an injunction on me! But I won't let that hold me back now! First you steal my heart and crush it, then you steal my blog's fanbase, and now you're about to meet -my- contact?! Enough is enough!"
  32. [18:38] <Pinko> At about the same time, much to Jamie's surprise, who has had active ears all over the place, a figure steps out of the processing center's main door, looking around expectingly.
  33. [18:38] <Pinko> Mary and Junko, being at the back, do not see this development.
  34. [18:38] <Tsukimiya_Mary> " -YOUR- Contact?" Mary puffs up like a threatened cat, "I work hard on my blog, and I chased this lead to the ground! Besides, I clearly deserve to talk to them more!" Mary puts her hand on her chest, puffing it out.
  35. [18:39] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Lets go, this kid doesn't look like a threat."
  36. [18:40] <Pinko> "That's -it-! I've had enough! I'm taking you out of the circuit, or my name isn't Agent Orange!" Suddenly, you realize that his scent has something more than human to it as he angers up. An overed?
  37. [18:40] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Nothing you couldn't handle," Mary comments, "This is an important story, and we shouldn't be arguing over the right to-" Mary sniffs it, and frowns, "Hey..."
  38. [18:52] * Tsukimiya_Mary doesn't waste any time: her hand raises, and from her palm, a simple beam shoots out. When Agent Orange moves from that, a second one is unleashed from her other hand, catching him square in the chest with all the force of a sledgehammer.
  39. [18:54] <Pinko> Sledgehammer is putting it lightly. The bolt that misses crashes into the ground, leaving an impact crater than leaving Jamie dazed, while the other one sends him back flying onto his ass, a blow that would've killed any human.
  40. [18:54] * Tsukimiya_Mary jumps a little, clearly surprised, "I-I didn't think it would do that much!"
  41. [18:55] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Overkill, geez."
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  44. [18:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "I-I didn't mean to!" Mary quickly goes to check the NEET down.
  45. [18:57] <Pinko> He's alive, thanks to his renegade powers, but KO'd. The man at the front of the building is immediatly suspicious and deploys a warding.
  46. [18:57] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah..." Mary pales a bit.
  47. [18:58] <Tsuboki_Junko> "We'd better get back to the front."
  48. [18:58] * Tsukimiya_Mary nods, activating her glasses quickly to catch onto the new Warding.
  49. [18:59] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Hanuman-exile..." Mary mumbles, "Alright."
  50. [19:00] <Pinko> The nervous, long haired punk is holding up a knife. "W-what was that? T-that noise?"
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  54. [19:02] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Some guy came at us," Mary comments, rubbing her arm, "Something about 'stealing fans' and- That's not important!" She lights up, standing up straight, "Alright! Nice to meet you."
  55. [19:02] <Pinko> He lowers his knife but still seems a bit nervous. "Who's she?" He obviously means Junko, terrified by her appearance for some reason.
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  58. [19:04] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "As she says," Mary nods, "And important, clearly."
  59. [19:05] <Pinko> "If I've deployed a warding and you're still around, I know enough not to trust the lack of weapons." He then gives Mary an insulted look. "Right, listen, I couldn't quite get you that interview with the project director, but I got you the next best thing." He starts searching through his pockets, but keeps throwing glances at the warehouse. "I swear we're
  60. [19:05] <Pinko> not alone. Get ready."
  61. [19:07] * Tsukimiya_Mary frowns a little, but instead takes a deep breath, "They're underestimating us, if they think they can keep a reporter from the truth!"
  62. [19:11] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "You said next best thing- the sooner we can leave, the better." Mary frowns, "What could be the next best thing from talking to the Director?"
  63. [19:13] <Pinko> "No, I'm not risking losing this, I wouldn't be forgiven if it fell into wrong hands." Again, to Jamie's surprise, despite her intense monitoring of the building, she's taken completely off guard when -four- more long haired punks walk out of the processing center.
  64. [19:14] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Forgiven? By who?" Mary puts her hands on her hips, and blinks, "What the... what are you up to?!"
  65. [19:16] * Tsukimiya_Mary mumbles to Junko, "Maybe we should come clean."
  66. [19:17] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "They're-" Mary clears her throat, "With us. I am sorry, but we were worried somebody might try to harm me."
  67. [19:18] <Pinko> "Then they better come clean right now." He apparently doesn't suspect anyone to be up in the cell tower, though.
  68. [19:19] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Fair enough." Mary clears her throat, "I am sorry for this." She bows deeply, hair and body twinkling as she does, standing up and gaining a few inches, more chest, her older clothing, and her long, silver hair. She has a nervous smile on her face as well, "It is good to meet you."
  69. [19:20] <Pinko> "...Crap, I thought I recognized the girl, this is a UGN setup!"
  70. [19:20] * Tsuboki_Junko shifts her weight to one leg, lighting up a cigarette. "We're not here to bust anyone."
  71. [19:21] <Pinko> They obviously aren't going to back down now anymore. They have murderous intent in their eyes at the opportunity of taking out two partners of the UGN. "World Hunter's gonna pay next!"
  72. [19:23] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Sou da," Mary intones, "It is unfortunate, but this may be our parting."
  73. [19:29] <Tsukimiya_Mary> With that, she strikes a pose, making a rapid, swift circle with her hands, "May you find peace!" And above her, like a halo of brilliant light and rain, bolts of moonlight and silver blades cut through them.
  74. [19:29] <Pinko> Quite literally, too - they all drop down onto their asses, unconcious. Mary is on a roll today.
  75. [19:30] * Tsukimiya_Mary takes a deep breath, letting it out carefully, "Ah... I did it!"
  76. [19:32] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Just taking away all my fun today nee-chan."
  77. [19:32] <Pinko> Well, now the contact is unconcious, but he was looking through his pockets just moments ago before his suspicion was raised.
  78. [19:33] * Tsukimiya_Mary giggles a little, covering her mouth, "Well, you can put them down permanently." She draws her bow, nocking it, and approaching the leader.
  79. [19:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Could just search 'em and go."
  80. [19:35] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well, the UGN would appreciate them down, wouldn't they?" Mary kneels, going through the leader's pockets for, well, everything.
  81. [19:36] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I wonder," Junko puffs on her cigarette as she wanders over to join Mary.
  82. [19:37] <Pinko> She finds on him... a small vial with a tiny insect on it. The vial is shattered, but the insect seems intact. It's like a small caterpillar with dozens of legs, a shade of black with red stripes. Light comes out of the half-open processing center main door.
  83. [19:37] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah... a bug." Mary nods a little, "Respect the one-cm life." She gently pucks up the insect, examining it with all the curiosity of a child and a cicada.
  84. [19:38] <Pinko> World Hunter freaks out and jumps down the roof building. "H-hey, what the hack was that?! You could've killed my contact!"
  85. [19:39] <Pinko> The small insect seems to be dormant. It's not dead, but it's not wriggling or anything either.
  86. [19:39] <Tsuboki_Junko> "They're not dead yet."
  87. [19:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Yet is the key word, I suppose," Mary stands up, insect carefully cupped in her right hand, bow in her left. "We're not that brutal, yet."
  88. [19:41] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka jumps down after World Hunter and heads on into the building, her face the very picture of -.-
  89. [19:41] <Tsuboki_Junko> "They ever graduate to hurting normal people and I'll be far less forgiving."
  90. [19:42] <Pinko> Shizuka, walking into the building, comes face to face with something very peculiar. Something that looks like it could be straight out of Stargate. Something that looks like a portal on the far wall of the lobby. And it's beginning to shrink.
  91. [19:42] <Pinko> This explains why Jamie couldn't hear them until the very last moment.
  92. [19:42] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Do all of you see that?" She points out the portal.
  93. [19:43] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "What?" Mary looks that way finally, "Oh... Oh, my."
  94. [19:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Good find."
  95. [19:45] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I womder who set it up. Probably won't last much longer..."
  96. [19:45] <Pinko> Mary has secured the insect they were looking for, but this doesn't really answer much. The research team is still missing, after all.
  97. [19:46] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well..." Mary offers her hand to World Hunter, "I suppose I can always go through."
  98. [19:46] <Tsukimiya_Mary> In it, she's got the little bug held out carefully.
  99. [19:46] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko grumbles, already moving through it.
  100. [19:49] <Pinko> World Hunter collects the small bug. "Haha, there's my scoop!" She soon follows after Mary into the portal.
  101. [19:49] * Tsukimiya_Mary goes through it without hesitation, humming to herself.
  102. [19:50] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka, too, heads on through the portal. "I smell violence."
  103. [19:53] <The_Espada_> Dragoon goes through the portal "This should be interesting."
  104. [19:55] <Pinko> As Dragoon steps into the portal last, it closes down right behind him, trapping them... wherever this is. Everything is sparkly white, a low hum rumbling through the facility. If anyone with a cell tries to check for a signal, they find none.
  105. [19:56] <Pinko> They're in a long hallway with the word "DEPLOYMENT ROOM" writen on the door at the end of the corridor.
  106. [19:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... I won't be the first to ask where we are," Mary comments with determination.
  107. [19:57] <Tsuboki_Junko> "No place good I bet."
  108. [19:58] * Tsukimiya_Mary laughs a little bit and starts walking, "Hm... We haven't died, I don't think."
  109. [19:59] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "This would be a lame afterlife."
  110. [19:59] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Be careful we just entered hostile territory." Jamie dials her hacker to triangulate where they are.
  111. [20:00] <The_Espada_> "Well this could be worse. We could be surrounded by fire and lave for instance."
  112. [20:00] <Tsuboki_Junko> "How hostile?"
  113. [20:01] * Tsukimiya_Mary blanches a little, "To descend to Naraka..." She shudders.
  114. [20:01] <Pinko> The signal is all trash and garbage, and it takes him a moment to even understand what you're saying through the static. "...How the fuck did you get to Hokkaido so fast? You're... somewhere underground in Hokkaido. That can't be right?"
  115. [20:01] <Pinko> The signal then dies.
  116. [20:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Probably a False Hearts branch or something. Great."
  117. [20:02] <@Jamie_Knapp> "well if the people who attacked you came from here, and there's more of them? Plenty enough." Jaime says aside. "Wait Hokkaido? What?" She looks at the phone. "Shit."
  118. [20:05] <Pinko> Well, obviously you're in a dead end, and the only way is the way ahead.
  119. [20:06] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Be ready for a fight."
  120. [20:06] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Hokkaido..." Mary rubs her cheek, "This would be the farthest I've ever been from home." She smiles a bit, walking forward.
  121. [20:06] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Hokkaido... damn it."
  122. [20:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Good food and onsen in the snow. Maybe we can stay a day or two?"
  123. [20:08] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aah, I won't complain. I've always wanted to visit here! And, I need to find something for Misaki-chan too~" Mary is too bubbly to be worried, passing through the far door.
  124. [20:09] <Pinko> "Hokkaido?" World Hunter brings her palms to her face with worry. "But I have a whole bunch of appointments tomorrow!"
  125. [20:09] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Maybe Sachi will forgive me if I bring presents..."
  126. [20:09] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aah, we can go shopping together then, Knapp-san!"
  127. [20:10] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Good idea."
  128. [20:10] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I'm dreading doing the paperwork to explain this one."
  129. [20:11] <The_Espada_> "Hmmm a present huh...."
  130. [20:11] <Pinko> The door at the end of the hallway easily opens. Nothing seems to be locked down here, so far. Shizuka wonders if she can justify a trip back to mainland to accounting.
  131. [20:16] <Pinko> She sees another lobby, this one just as immaculate as the last. There are shutters covering the walls of this room, and the lightning is so bright it's almost nauseating. You see a control panel, with two indicators. One states 'Specimen' and the other states 'Shutter'.
  132. [20:17] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Looks like another lab."
  133. [20:17] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah... Well then." Mary frowns, approaching the specimen.
  134. [20:18] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka follows along, starting to look nervous.
  135. [20:19] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah... and shutter..." Mary frowns, "I want to... touch it."
  136. [20:19] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko follows along, lighting up a new cigarette. "It's too quiet around here."
  137. [20:20] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Maybe don't touch anything."
  138. [20:22] <Pinko> World Hunter also approaches the control panel. "What does it mean, Specimen?" She slams down the button and they can hear the sound of a mechanical claw uperating from inside the wall. Then, it the claw appears next of Mary, dropping a small insect identical to the one she gave World Hunter into a bowl.
  139. [20:22] * Tsukimiya_Mary ' s eyes get a dangerous light as her finger approaches the button, but World Eater hits it first.
  140. [20:22] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Oh." Mary frowns a little, and then presses the other button.
  141. [20:22] <@Jamie_Knapp> " Oh c'mon."
  142. [20:24] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "This is very disturbing."
  143. [20:25] <Pinko> The mechanical wiring of the shutter is heard, and as it slowly rises from the ground, a waterfall of tiny caterpillars identical to the ones they've found begin to pour out. These ones squirm and are -plenty active- crawling everywhere and rapidly beginning to fill the room!
  144. [20:25] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Dammit, no touching buttons in strange places!"
  145. [20:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah-" Mary lets out a sound, "Ah.... Maybe if we press it agian it will stop?" Mary does it again.
  146. [20:26] <@Jamie_Knapp> "God dammit!"
  147. [20:26] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka twitches repeatedly. "Hey, Junko-chan... can I stand on your shoulders?"
  148. [20:26] <Pinko> The shutters try to shut down, but the sheer mass of insects cause them to break down. They can't squish through them. Soon, they're at ankle height.
  149. [20:27] <Tsuboki_Junko> "No! B-but you can sit on them I guess." She's busy stomping and punching at the growing mass of bugs. "I hate bugs!"
  150. [20:27] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Ah." Mary's outfit parts open as her wings of light spread, and she gently rises, carefully avoiding crushing any of the insects.
  151. [20:27] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Wow I hate bugs." She tries to scrape them off.
  152. [20:27] <Pinko> Stomping and punching at them does absolutely nothing. In fact, if anything, they repulse and knock Junko's strength back at her.
  153. [20:28] <The_Espada_> "Well this is disturbing.... any ideas?"
  154. [20:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Gah! These things aren't normal!"
  155. [20:28] <Pinko> They weren't kidding - these bugs are nearly immortal.
  156. [20:28] * Tsukimiya_Mary watches that happen, and fires a little beam of light at one.
  157. [20:29] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Oh... So." Mary flies to Junko, floating more like, "Junko-chaaan, you're strong, you'll close it.
  158. [20:29] <Pinko> The blast of light doesn't even do so much as scrape one of them. They keep filling the room, and then suddenly, at once, as if they were some kind of hive mind, begin to crawl out of the room into the facility.
  159. [20:30] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Or, OR, that."
  160. [20:30] <Tsuboki_Junko> "That can't be good."
  161. [20:31] <Pinko> The swarm of insects gains distance, the creepy crawlies' tapping echo disappearing - unless they chase after them.
  162. [20:31] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "On days like this I wish I wore pants."
  163. [20:31] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Now we have to follow and clean this up."
  164. [20:31] <Pinko> Even the one that was in the bowl seems to have awkened and left, World Hunter trapping the one she's holding in her palm.
  165. [20:32] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "What did WE just do?" Mary stresses the WE.
  166. [20:32] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Clean up what? I can't punch them, the one thing I'm good at on this team..."
  167. [20:32] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mary drops down, "Following them we can do though." Mary keeps hovering, since her wings are already down, flying after them.
  168. [20:32] <The_Espada_> "I did not do anything."
  169. [20:33] <@Jamie_Knapp> "At least someone listened."
  170. [20:34] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Let's follow." Shizuka goes after Mary.
  171. [20:34] <Pinko> You can only follow the insects for a time, some of them trying to evade you by entering ventilation tunnels. To try to not lose her way through, World Hunter starts planting stickers on the walls.
  172. [20:35] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I thought there was supposed to be just one bug."
  173. [20:35] * Tsukimiya_Mary sticks with the largest pack, humming to herself as she flies.
  174. [20:35] <@Jamie_Knapp> "I was sure there were more."
  175. [20:36] <Pinko> After a while, a good five minutes there's no trace of them anymore, leaving you in some cramped room that ressembles a small storage.
  176. [20:37] <Pinko> The shelves are empty, and for the first time it's pitch dark in this facility.
  177. [20:37] * Tsukimiya_Mary lets out an angry sigh, trying to grab one to see with direction it will escape in, but ultimetly hanging her head, "They got away..."
  178. [20:38] <Pinko> World Hunter still clings to the one she has. "I think this one might just disappear too if I let go."
  179. [20:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Lets find the exit and go."
  180. [20:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Where?" Mary is illuminated by her wings, her hair catching the soft blue light.
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  198. [20:43] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka dashes after Junko.
  199. [20:44] ->> You are now known as Tsukimiya_Mary
  200. [20:44] <The_Espada_> Dragoon chases after them
  201. [20:44] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Get back!" Jamie opens fire with her gun, acidic ammunition melting through the door.
  202. [20:49] <Pinko> The door sizzles at the ammunition eats through it, disingretating just before the insects can slam through it. Without a sense of direction anymore, they all begin scrambling back.
  203. [20:50] <@Jamie_Knapp> "After Them!"
  204. [20:51] * Tsukimiya_Mary follows the order, frowning, "Working together quite well for insects."
  205. [20:52] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Oh no you don't!"
  206. [20:52] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Maybe they're following bug hormones? Like there's some massive bug party just waiting for them."
  207. [20:53] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Hormones...?" Mary shrugs a little.
  208. [20:55] <Pinko> Junko chases after them through the facility, the group being able to follow her by the echo of her foot crashing against the ground as she runs after them. After a few more moments, they all start taking different directions, and leave Junko alone in front of a cell containing a group of men wearing labcoats or security gear. They all seem terrified by the
  209. [20:55] <Pinko> sight of the insects.
  210. [20:56] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I think I found something!"
  211. [20:57] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah?" Mary comes to a halt, holding her dress in place as she floats, "People!"
  212. [20:58] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie follows her exclamation and books it as fast as she can.
  213. [20:59] <Pinko> One of them is considerably older than the rest, brooding to himself. He looks like he could've been the 10 years old in the picture Ishikawa had in his office. His weary eyes slowly set on Mary, recognizing her and smiling warmly. "Ah, so you really are a special one, aren't you?"
  214. [21:00] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eheheh-" Mary flushes a little, settling down, "Ishikawa-san, it's nice to see you're safe." She bows her head out of respect.
  215. [21:02] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka follows the sound and manages a tired bow when she reaches the group, then leans against the wall panting. "Maybe we could get a clue about what's all going on here?"
  216. [21:02] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie pants as she catches up. "Yeah...info..."
  217. [21:03] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You girls should exercise more."
  218. [21:03] <Pinko> "Ah, I've been a fool. I should've told people the truth earlier." He sighs deeply and looks at the party, most of them still catching their breaths considering they've spent a while running. "I don't know how you will judge me, but I will tell you what I know."
  219. [21:03] * Tsukimiya_Mary nods, "That would be welcome."
  220. [21:05] <Pinko> Ishikawa walks closer to the bars of the cell. "You see, while I myself am not an overed, I've stumbled into their existences a while ago. I have my contacts, after all. When I realized that days were at first going by without me remembering them, I brought to work one of these anti-warding masks. My intuition was correct. The person passing off as the
  221. [21:06] <Pinko> janitor had no name and no history. But when she knew her secret was out, she forced me to cooperate with her, threatening my family if I'd speak out. I was to tell people that this horrible, horrible monster that we found would be the problem to all of their problems."
  222. [21:07] <Pinko> He then smiles up to them meekly, apologetically. "As you can figure, it was all a lie. While it is nearly invincible, it doesn't have any of the claimed properties I was made to lie about. It was more sinister than that."
  223. [21:07] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Who was this person?" Mary lifts his journal a little, "What does it do?"
  224. [21:09] <@Jamie_Knapp> "What did...we...just unleash?"
  225. [21:10] <Pinko> "Ah, well, she never really gave a name, and walked around in a complete biochemical suit, probably so we wouldn't identify her. I only know her voice sounded female. As for... that, it was inevitable. You see, as they got wind that the UGN was going to shut down their operation, she took us hostage and locked us here so we could continue working on her
  226. [21:10] <Pinko> project."
  227. [21:10] <Pinko> "As for what it does... well, I suppose you're aware of how widespread the Renegade virus is, correct?"
  228. [21:11] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Yes. Continue."
  229. [21:12] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Somewhat."
  230. [21:13] <Pinko> "In a few months, we were planned on 'discovering' an entire colony of these, just as we'd confirm that the bug was entirely 'safe' for human uses. We'd have more or less shown the benefits of it, and how it would be the closest thing to transhumanism for the next few decades. People would be instructed to swallow the bugs, and let them live symbiotically
  231. [21:14] <Pinko> within their bodies, that it would help maintain and improve it. If your idea of improving a human body is to turn them into a Gjaum over a year..." He seems sickened by the idea.
  232. [21:14] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... Who would do such a thing?"
  233. [21:15] * Jamie_Knapp 's eyes widen. " Oh...Oh man."
  234. [21:16] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka gags. "That's... so..."
  235. [21:16] <Pinko> "But... I know one fatal flaw. Yes, these insects are invincible, but their life is linked to the woman. I know that much. Monsters or not, they still are insects, and I've spent utmost time studying their bheaviors. She is their Queen, and without her, the entire project will go down."
  236. [21:17] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Where can we find her?"
  237. [21:17] <@Jamie_Knapp> "...Then we have our mission. Any idea where she is?"
  238. [21:20] <Pinko> "She's... probably locking herself somewhere in this facility. I know for a fact this lab is empty, as this was an emergency contingency plan and they haven't had the time to staff it yet." He grasps the bars and starts sobbing. "I don't want to be remembered for this...! Please, stop her...!"
  239. [21:21] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Oh we will. You want out of there first?"
  240. [21:22] <The_Espada_> "i get the feeling she knows we are here."
  241. [21:22] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Let's use that. Draw her to us."
  242. [21:22] * Tsukimiya_Mary nods, "We will stop this."
  243. [21:23] <Pinko> "Ah, well, I suppose if you'd try to escape with us, she'd do everything in her power to stop you, but... I'm not particularly willing to endanger my team, after all I've put them through."
  244. [21:24] <@Jamie_Knapp> " So what, we leave you in the cell?"
  245. [21:24] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "I'm certain we could defend you, but..." Mary rubs her cheek, "Attract her attention..."
  246. [21:25] <The_Espada_> "We have that one bug right?"
  247. [21:26] <Pinko> "We're not going anywhere, and we're too valuable for her to infect us just yet." She grins cheekily. "The bug kills you if you're not infected with the virus, after all. None of us are."
  248. [21:29] <Pinko> World Hunter seems utterly disgusted by the discovery, falling onto her knees and staring at the bug she is holding.
  249. [21:30] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "What happens if one of us eats the bug?" Mary frowns.
  250. [21:30] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Gjaum."
  251. [21:30] <Tsuboki_Junko> "So hey, how about I just start trashing her shit until she comes out to play?"
  252. [21:30] <Pinko> "....You're infected with the virus. You'll turn into a gjaum as you become slowly but surely unable to contain your own virus."
  253. [21:30] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Here." Jamie holds out her hand for the bug. " I'll put it somewhere safe."
  254. [21:31] <Pinko> World Hunter nods and gives her the virus. "This is too much for me, maybe this career isn't cut out for me..."
  255. [21:31] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Isn't that... what happens to us anyways?"
  256. [21:33] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie bags it and puts it in a zipped up pocket of her flak jacket. "Maybe. But not if we don't over exert ourselves."
  257. [21:34] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka twitches repeatedly, looking like quite the little volcano getting ready to erupt.
  258. [21:35] <Pinko> Ishikawa sighs deeply. "If there's anything I could do for you, in your state, I would, but that's not my field of expertise." He smiles meekly as he then points them to the hallway to their left. "This is where she exited this room through."
  259. [21:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah... Shizuka-chan, aren't you looking forward to teaching this person why playing with insects is bad?" Mary smiles warmly.
  260. [21:36] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko forges on ahead, intent on punching something.
  261. [21:37] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah..." Mary laughs a little, covering her mouth, "I'd take you on the offer, but I haven't been in 'your' state for quite some time." With that she turns, following Junko.
  262. [21:38] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Yes. Punishing her will be a small comfort in the face of my nightmares." Shizuka mutters as she goes on.
  263. [21:38] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie nods to the man. "Thanks." Then she heads off.
  264. [21:38] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Nightmares?" Mary blinks, "You fear insects?"
  265. [21:40] <Pinko> This corridor goes on for what seems to be miles after the news that has been dropped onto them. As they dwelve deeper into it, doors are shut as they walk through the facility, as if to keep guiding them straight ahead. The further they walk, the more they can recognize the sound of the creepy crawly masses.
  266. [21:41] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Everyone got their A game?"
  267. [21:41] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "No. Bugs are just gross. It's the gjaum thing that bugs me more. Pun not intended."
  268. [21:43] * Tsukimiya_Mary nods a little, "This is indeed a disaster brewing." She palms an arrow for her bow, preparing herself.
  269. [21:43] <Pinko> It finally ends in some kind of vivarium, a lady wearing a biochemical suit flanked by two agents armed with heavy rifles. At her feet rests the swarm of insects, as if they were some kind of pet dog to her. She begins stripping out of her suit, revealing a horribly difformed butterflylike body, floating a few inches above the ground.
  270. [21:44] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Hello. I hope you're as ready as we are."
  271. [21:45] * Tsukimiya_Mary slows, and in response to the sight activates her Origin, hair lighting up, "Good morning."
  272. [21:46] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko just gives a thumbs down sign.
  273. [21:47] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Moon Dogs. These guys are FH spec ops. Elites."
  274. [21:47] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aaah..." Mary takes a deep breath. "How wonderful."
  275. [21:48] <Pinko> "Aaaah, so Cauldwell was correct, your team is ressourceful." She smiles charmingly at them - as charmingly as a difformed insect being can, after all. "You know, Cauldwell's offer extends to all agents of the UGN. He would forgive you, give you a second chance. My plan is not so diabolical, is it? We're already affected."
  276. [21:49] <Pinko> "If you were to join us, I am sure you'd be master agents in no time. You could give up the fight. Finally live normal lives, with your families that you love. They're infected too, you know?"
  277. [21:49] <Pinko> Her tone is not evil or anything, in fact, she seems sincere about her opinion.
  278. [21:50] * Tsukimiya_Mary smiles a little, "but then our hearts would truely be false." Mary glances around, "This is the future you see for the world?"
  279. [21:51] <Pinko> "This future is our only option! We don't want to destroy the world, we want to save it! Evolve to the next level! Protect our loved ones! We're dangerous, terrible monsters, each of us!"
  280. [21:51] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Join the walking dead?" Jamie sighs "I know how that ends. "
  281. [21:52] <@Jamie_Knapp> " But I will never be a monster. Never describe myself as diabolical."
  282. [21:52] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka turns her head to the side, expression souring. "You seem like a nice lady."
  283. [21:53] <Pinko> "...I tried to warn you...." She seems genuinely sad about this outcome. You also hear the agents to her side flicking their safeties off.
  284. [21:53] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh..." Mary shrugs, and bows her head, "I must respectully decline. There is indeed a way to save the world, but not this way. And I will come to see that dream realized." With that, she adopts the first pose of firing her bow.
  285. [22:00] <The_Espada_> "I'm afraid declining is my only option." As he creates a gun.
  286. [22:02] <Pinko> The two Moon Dogs, apparently briefed about their threats, raise their guns at Junko and unleash Hell at her.
  287. [22:03] * Tsuboki_Junko scrambles to get out of the way, just barely keeping herself from being hit.
  288. [22:05] <@Jamie_Knapp> "Melee people on the guards! Those with range focus on the Queen Bitch!"
  289. [22:09] * Tsukimiya_Mary lets out another halo and burst of light, a walking reflection of the moon on a pond as her light cuts and casts over every corner it can.
  290. [22:10] <Pinko> As Mary's attack was blasted through the room at their targets, the bugs instantly raised themselves and coated her entire body and took the entire blow for her. it was still powerful enough to knock most of them off of her.
  291. [22:10] <Pinko> The two other guards weren't so looking, holding back pained grunts as the light cuts through them.
  292. [22:11] * Tsukimiya_Mary lets out a pent-up breath, eyeing the queen, "How loyal of them."
  293. [22:11] <Pinko> As Papillon then raises her finger, an ominous feeling raises the room, her evil eye appearing before the party.
  294. [22:17] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... This will not be easy." Mary grits her teeth, her halo dispelling and her wings flexing.
  295. [22:18] <Pinko> The attack then crushes through the room they're in, most of them being able to use their own momentum to counteract the effects, or in Junko's case, sheer toughness, but the two rookies go down.
  296. [22:21] * Tsukimiya_Mary is still floating when the attack ends, bracing herself, sweat running, "You..."
  297. [22:23] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'm gonna make her swallow all of her teeth!"
  298. [22:25] <@Jamie_Knapp> "...Bitch!" Jamie unloads a full magazine from her machine gun."
  299. [22:26] <Pinko> She hisses as the bullets hit her but the gravity surrounding her seems to lessen the impact or cause a few shots to go stray, despite all of Jamie's best abilities.
  300. [22:30] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka gets up after taking a nasty hit, leaking black stuff and sending shadow tendrils toward Papillon. Alas, they swing wide.
  301. [22:40] <Pinko> "It's not too late, we can work this together!" Her last attack seems to have costed her a bit of energy somehow, as she's already panting.
  302. [22:41] <@Jamie_Knapp> "It is for you."
  303. [22:45] <Pinko> Papillon is hard pressed under the waves of attacks, trying her best to stick her head out.
  304. [22:48] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Your end is an end to civilized life," Mary intones, "Our paths were decided."
  305. [22:50] <The_Espada_> "That hurt damnit. Why dont i return the favor?" Dragoon fires a magazine into the damn butterfly.
  306. [22:51] <Pinko> Papillon, out of defensive moves, takes the hail of bullets and screams in pain as they hammer her.
  307. [22:51] <Pinko> Her bugs jerk and twitch in reaction as well!
  308. [22:55] <Pinko> "You freak, you were trying to make me your toll!" World Hunter then summons a bow out of sheer gravity, and fires a deadly projectile that slashes through Papillon viciously. Still, she stands up, panting and hissing.
  309. [22:59] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko moves in on Papillon, body changing into something akin to a T-Rex girl an otaku might draw in his free time.
  310. [23:06] <Pinko> The moon dogs unleash their payload once more, this time after loading in anti-renegade ammunition. Luckily for Junko, they're both rather poor shots.
  311. [23:14] * Tsukimiya_Mary fires another, final shot with her halo, but it finally fades, lacking in power: the only one it manages to strike is one of the guards, but it does put him down.
  312. [23:17] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie calculates the perfect spot to avoid the destruction and puts herself there.
  313. [23:20] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko, who might have avoided the whole thing by standing still, moves to place her body between Shizuka and Papillon. Her scales easily soak up the damage being down but it still must sting, right?
  314. [23:22] <Pinko> "Ah, you -brats!-" Her evil eye goes berserk, having spent enormous energy for this attack. She seems to be losing control over her own renegade virus at this point.
  315. [23:22] * Tsukimiya_Mary takes the hit hard, slumping and coughing, before forcing herself back up again. The white part of her dress stains red, and a thin line of blood runs from her mouth, which she wipes carefully with her arm. No words anymore.
  316. [23:23] <The_Espada_> Dragoon goes to a knee before getting back. blood dripping down from his mouth and eyes.
  317. [23:25] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie aims and fires one shot through papillion's skull.
  318. [23:26] <Pinko> Papillon drops unconcious, the evil eye in the room throwing them menacing yet panicked glances, the bugs squirming in all directions, at a loss.
  319. [23:27] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie glares at the troops. " you fuckers want to stick around?"
  320. [23:28] <Pinko> The one still standing seems at a bit of a loss now, but still holds up his rifle, preparing for a retreat.
  321. [23:29] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "It would be in your best interest, soldier-san, to surrender."
  322. [23:34] * Tsukimiya_Mary starts approaching him, hesitating as she's healed, "Oh... Thank you, Shizuka-chan." A warm smile over her shoulder, before turning back, "We're not incapable of compassion."
  323. [23:34] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka blows a kiss at the bloody Mary and sends a wave of creepy shadows over her.
  324. [23:39] <Pinko> Cornered, the visor on his face not revealing much emotions, he drops his rifle and reach for a small egg shaped device on hist waist.
  325. [23:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah-" Mary raises her hand, a flash of light obscuring her form.
  326. [23:41] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie dives for cover.
  327. [23:42] <Pinko> The grenade detonates in the middle of the room, taking out the two rookies, the False Hearts again panicking as he sees them standing
  328. [23:43] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Wrong move." Mary's eyes lose their color, her arm raising.
  329. [23:46] <@Jamie_Knapp> Jamie fires but misses for the first time today
  330. [23:47] <Pinko> He seems to have inhumane reflexes, even beyond those of an overed. This is the power of an overed breed to combat, apparently.
  331. [23:49] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka gets up after taking a fall, coughing up angry shadows. That really hate bugs.
  332. [23:50] * Jamie_Knapp (~androirc@5751C030:94CE80C8:ACBDB610:IP) Quit ( 94CE80C8:ACBDB610:IP QUIT :Remote host closed the connection )
  333. [23:50] <Pinko> The bugs jitter and come to the False Heart's protection, much to the surprise of the agent.
  334. [23:50] * Mid (~androirc@5751C030:94CE80C8:ACBDB610:IP) has joined #DXtheGame
  335. [23:55] <Pinko> "Ah, e-enough of your bull!" World Hunter then takes out the second Moon Dog the same moment Dragoon double taps Papillon
  336. [23:55] * Tsukimiya_Mary lowers her arm, letting out a long sigh. "There we go."
  337. [23:56] <Pinko> At the very same instant, a cloud of gas leaves her body, rather sweet scenting smell filling the room. The bugs then all begin writhing in appearant pain, leaking out horrible juices, until they all finally lay limp on the floor.
  338. [23:56] <Pinko> It's over. This False Hearts plot was handled with.
  339. [00:00] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well... In the end you do have a story, right?" Mary smiles a little. "If... you can go public with it."
  340. [00:00] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Don't worry about it. You looked so red and gushy from your injury that I couldn't help myself." Shizuka says tiredly and closes her eyes.
  341. [00:01] <Pinko> She stiffles a chuckles and shakes her head. "Hokkaido, uh? I guess I can take a couple of days off...."
  342. [00:02] * Tsukimiya_Mary laughs a little, "We'll put it on Ian's tab!" She pats Shizuka's head as thanks.
  343. [00:02] <Pinko> Far away from there, Ian sneezes. It's getting chilly, in November.
  344. [00:03] <Pinko> It also seems the facility was tied to Papillon herself: once she disappeared, the entire facility went into emergency mode and every door unlocked. Time to return to the team of researchers?
  345. [00:04] * Tsukimiya_Mary waits to make sure everybody is okay, and goes to return to the researchers. "We did it!"
  346. [00:05] <The_Espada_> "Note to self beware any egg shaped objects"
  347. [00:07] <Pinko> "Ah... so you did." Ishikawa nods, the cell door having opened as well. The team of scientists are still quite in disbelief from the recent events. "Follow me, team. You'll be with your families soon enough. You can thank these peoples for it."
  348. [00:08] * Tsukimiya_Mary gets all red again and nods, "My allies did most of the heavy lifting."
  349. [00:08] <Mid> "Im glad everyone is ok."
  350. [00:08] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka tries to keep out of sight when the group gets to the researchers.
  351. [00:09] <Pinko> It takes a while of fumbling, but you finally manage to find an emergency exit that leads... straight into an onsen. Here, cellphone reception works as well. Perhaps it's time to call for reinforcements?
  352. [00:11] <Mid> Jamie calls Sachiko you can overhear her talking about an apology vacation.
  353. [00:12] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah!" Mary doesn't waste any time, taking off her sandals and hoisting up her dress, stepping into the water.
  354. [00:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You're really not dressed properly for that nee-chan."
  355. [00:16] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "The gods taunt me." Shizuka mutters and looks away.
  356. [00:16] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well, not for long." Mary's holding her skirt in one arm, as the other loses her shoulder-cape.
  357. [00:17] <Tsuboki_Junko> The delinquent throws her hands up as she turns to look away.
  358. [00:18] <Pinko> Junko suddenly receives a text from Ian as she gets reception once more. "You guys safe? Sorry I had to stay back for that one."
  359. [00:19] * Tsuboki_Junko sighs and starts texting back, "We're fine. Ended up in Hokkaido. Back in a couple days."
  360. [00:21] * Tsukimiya_Mary gives the scientists a dark look, "it's not Maidenly to undress while observed by... uh..." She remembers both Dragoon and Ishikawa... and the entire medical team are there. "You! What are you doing here?! out for a minute!"
  361. [00:24] <The_Espada_> Dragoon is busy looking at his phone in a corner not paying attention
  362. [00:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Muuu... I suppose even Japan has those men," Mary comments slyly, waiting for the scientists to either turn, or her patience to run out, before she finishes the job and sinks into the onsen, letting out a content burble
  363. [00:26] <Pinko> The team of scientists look away, really surprised that this would be Mary's first priority. That, and none of them really understand why a Miko, a delinquant, some detective looking girl, a lunatic and a silent, brooding man rescued them.
  364. [00:27] <The_Espada_> Dragoon starts talking over the phone "Yes i promise to get you something.... no i.... i will be back as soon as possible."
  365. [00:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Learn to stop caring and love the onsen," Mary mumbles, hair floating wildly already. "You can't spend every day working hard, you know?" Another cheeky grin.
  366. [00:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko sighs, going about shooing out the scientists and getting them to either go to the proper waiting rooms or wait in the dining area. She kept Shizuka neaby, paying for three baths. Some delinquent.
  367. [00:31] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Not long after Shizuka finds a spot to undress and gets into the water. "What a strange place to contemplate my destiny." she says as she sinks in further and narrows her eyes at nothing in particular.
  368. [00:33] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "One could contemplate their destiny anywhere, why not do it while relaxing?" Mary flicks a little water at Shizuka.
  369. [00:34] <Mid> Jamie stands outside. " Yeah honey, just come here. I'll make it up to you. You and Adam." She pulls out the dead bug wrapped in plastic. "I promise. No matter what it takes."
  370. [00:35] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka blinks, then responds with a splash of her own. "But I'm not relaxing! This is hard work!"
  371. [00:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aha, bathing in an onsen?" Mary 'kyaa's and covers her face, "Knapp-san, come in with us. Dragoon-san, uh, you can too, on the other side though!"
  372. [00:37] <Mid> Jamie hangs up and re hides the bug. "Coming!"
  373. [00:37] <The_Espada_> "Huh?"
  374. [00:38] <The_Espada_> Dragoon looks up from his phone confused on where he is
  375. [00:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko finally emerges from the changing room with a towel over one shoulder.
  376. [00:39] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Bathing in an onsen..." and then muttered very quickly and softly. "...around people who were a bloody mess only minutes ago."
  377. [00:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "We're in an onsen. I know you're /gaijin/ but they must have hot springs in... uh... Ah Me Ri Ka?"
  378. [00:40] <The_Espada_> "never visited them. no time to"
  379. [00:40] <Mid> Jamie eyes Mary. "It's a bathhouse dude."
  380. [00:41] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "But don't get any weird ideas. Nothing funny goes on at the onsen!"
  381. [00:41] <Tsuboki_Junko> "...why are you on the girls' side?" Junko stops to give Dragoon the evil eye despite being quite naked.
  382. [00:41] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "No time t- You're how old?!" Mary stands up, covering herself, "This kind of thing-"
  383. [00:43] <The_Espada_> Dragoon tilts his head "17 why?"
  384. [00:44] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah, Junko-chan, It's fine, as long as he's away, right?" She sinks back in, "Aaand he's near your age too." Mary's grin takes on a wolfish, predatory look. "Should you both go over to the other side?"
  385. [00:45] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Sorry to burst your bubble, nee-chan, but guys don't interest me." She ends up ignoring Dragoon's presence, slipping into the water near Shizuka.
  386. [00:45] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh... Eh?!" Mary blinks, "Wait, then, you should be on the other side too! You're the predator here!"
  387. [00:46] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko sighs and puts on a mock expression of hurt. "All these years following you around and calling you onee-san, you didn't wonder why?"
  388. [00:47] <Mid> "Like that isn't most of us Mary."
  389. [00:47] <Pinko> Ian thinks this family meeting sucks. His feet hurt and he wishes he was at home watching movies with Lena. This music sucks.
  390. [00:47] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "My shame is everlasting." Shizuka hangs her head.
  391. [00:47] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "... A-ah," Mary starts to edge away, "So those kind of... wait..." She looks around, "Is everybody here...."
  392. [00:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You mean you aren't? We've seen you around Watanabe-san."
  393. [00:48] <The_Espada_> Dragoon seems even more confused than he was previously.
  394. [00:48] <Mid> "we've seen you around Junko
  395. [00:49] * Tsukimiya_Mary hesitates, and lights up, "Ah, it isn't like that! It truely isn't! She and I are just, uh, we're... We're good friends! The best of friends!"
  396. [00:49] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Denial is never good, nee-chan."
  397. [00:49] <Mid> " Yeah I'd call you a certain kind of buddies for sure."
  398. [00:50] <Pinko> World Hunter is sinking next of them, evading the situation entirely.
  399. [00:51] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Uu.... Uu..." Mary is staring at her toes through the water, "It isn't... LIKE that though. That's..." Her legs pull up, "Things really did change."
  400. [00:51] <Mid> "It's a whole new world you live in."
  401. [00:52] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Speaking of new things..."
  402. [00:52] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko looks an arm around her half-sister's shoulders as she leans to point at Jamie, "How long have you been an Overed?!"
  403. [00:52] <Tsuboki_Junko> hooks*
  404. [00:54] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "See, it's more like that."
  405. [00:54] <Mid> Jamie hesitates. " Oh. Oh right." She sighs. "I've been an Overed for awhile now. Before we met..."
  406. [00:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> "What was with the fainting?!"
  407. [00:54] <Pinko> "...I guess this isn't the first time you guys dealt with something like that, if you're so cheery, uh?" World Hunter tries to crack a smile.
  408. [00:55] <Mid> "I was hiding it. To protect...my family."
  409. [00:55] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah..." Mary blinks a little, "I haven't been there for much, but, we have seen cruel people do cruel things."
  410. [00:55] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Did the secrecy ever bother you?"
  411. [00:56] <Tsuboki_Junko> Her gaze lingers on Jamie for a few moments.
  412. [00:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "If you remember the Saint Jude's Hospital, we were involved in solving that. Off the record," Mary boasts a little.
  413. [00:56] <Mid> "It's my habit. I'm a spy..."
  414. [00:57] <Pinko> "I, erm, I may or may not have taken a few blurry shots of the heroes of Saint Jude." She sinks into the water some more, down to the mouth.
  415. [00:57] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You knew about this nee-chan?"
  416. [00:58] <Mid> "She didn't until we went...on that train ride."
  417. [00:59] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Oh right, the trip no one would tell me about." She huffs and sits back, hands behind her head.
  418. [00:59] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Oho, pictures of us? Did you get my good side?" Mary grins. "Oh, Junko, that trip. That was... boring, really."
  419. [01:00] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Boring. That sounds like a code."
  420. [01:01] <Mid> "It's not out of lack of trust in you. It's. We have enemies..."
  421. [01:01] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Enemies," Mary scoffs a little, "With careful tending, we will be better off."
  422. [01:02] <Mid> "No fate but what we make."
  423. [01:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko sits up again and looks at Shizuka.
  424. [01:03] <Pinko> World Hunter grins and nudges Mary. "Some of my bloggers are big fan of the Miko outfit, mind if we get a shooting sesh one day?"
  425. [01:04] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Enemies. Enemies and eventual doom. Guess I have a lot to look forward to."
  426. [01:04] <Tsuboki_Junko> A finger carefully pokes at a pale cheek before her attention is drawn away, "Hey, is Beast King popular too?"
  427. [01:05] <Pinko> "Well, your look is more say, exotic, but maybe we could do a calandar type of deal, eh?" She gives Junko a cheeky grin.
  428. [01:05] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aha, of course! I'm always eager to demonstrate my skills with the bow." Mary grins, "It was all I had to do for many years."
  429. [01:06] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Figures the miko outfit gets more fans. Dumb otaku." She's poking both of Shizuka's cheeks now.
  430. [01:07] <Pinko> "I mean, some do enjoy a bit of muscle." She chuckles and shakes her head. "No fans for your subsonic chainsmoker, though."
  431. [01:07] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Maybe you could try dressing up like a schoolgirl?" She starts poking back.
  432. [01:08] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I've been wearing the girls uniform lately with spats." The poking slows as Junko looks down for the first real comparison between siblings. Who had the bigger breasts? Hmmm.
  433. [01:09] <Mid> Jamie giggles at the description of Ian.
  434. [01:10] <Mid> And definitely nothing else.
  435. [01:10] <The_Espada_> "Well then i will just go find a place to stay for a bit...... later" Dragoon walks out the door.
  436. [01:11] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Aaara, so soon? Remember, you'll go blind!"
  437. [01:11] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Maybe it takes time for the image to spread. I think I'll avoid getting a fan following if I can help it." Shizuka waves.
  438. [01:12] <Mid> " Hey Vir! Hit me up when you get back in Town!"
  439. [01:12] <The_Espada_> Dragoon shouts out "What am i going blind from?" A panicked edge to his voice.
  440. [01:13] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Naisu bodi!" Mary calls back, covering her mouth as she laughs.
  441. [01:15] <The_Espada_> "What?"
  442. [01:15] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "It's nothing! Bring back sake!"
  443. [01:16] <The_Espada_> Dragoon throws sake in through the door.
  444. [01:20] <The_Espada_> "I will be sure to do that Jamie." Dragoon calls out
  446. [23:56] <The_Espada_> "The damn butterfly is finally dead."
  447. [23:57] <Mid> Jamie lays hands on the three still wounded, some of their wounds healing.
  448. [23:58] * Tsukimiya_Mary nods, running her hand through her hair and turning, "We did it." She goes to attend to Shizuka first, "Sorry. You went through the effort of healing me and he went and did that." A nervous laugh comes out as a look of shame goes through her eyes. "Sorry."
  449. [23:59] <Pinko> World Hunter sniffles a bit, shaking her head. "Ah, I was a damn fool I guess... I thought I had my big story."
  450. [23:59] <Mid> "Pretty big story here."
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