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The Flower (part 1)

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Sep 6th, 2020
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  1. The spring is finally rolling in, the pollen in the air, you decide to head out to the park for a little bit of a walk. As you walk down the path through the park, you spot a lovely patch of flowers, kneeling down, you close your eyes and breath in the scent. A rustling catches your attention, your eyes spring open to see the source, a flower catches your eyes as it slowly turns to face you.
  2. “Howdy, what are you looking at?” The strange flower enquires, you’re dumbstruck at the sight of this, a talking flower certainly is something new. “You’re staring an awful lot there, aren’t you? Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” The flower smirks smugly at his own joke, you stare a moment longer before uttering a word. “W-what’s your name?” You stammer out, “My name? You meet a talking flower and that’s your first question?” The flower gives a puzzled look, shaking it off quickly, he finishes his response, “I’m Flowey the Flower, thanks for asking, and you are?”
  3. Giving your name to him, you feel a strange attraction to the flower, you decide to lay down next to the flower bed and talk with the anomaly. Flowey stares at you confusedly, once again shaking it off as you ask him a question. “Are you the only flower like this?” The flower looks down, a sullen look in his eye as he mulls over what he has to say, you notice the way his face shifts is confusingly expressive, given the fact he’s flora. “As far as I know, yeah, there’s nobody but me! One of a kind.” You swear his voice cracks for a moment as he says one of a kind, could he be feeling alone? Does he long for someone to confide in? These questions rush through your head as you stare on at him, you manage to pry yourself away from the inside of your head after a moment, realising he’s not wholly satisfied with the one sided conversation.
  4. “You’re not a big talking person are you humie? Well not to worry, I’m a chatterbox, so I guess I can fill in for your side of the conversation too.” The flower cracks that smile again. Your heart thumps loudly in your chest. The short time you’ve spent with this Flower has sparked something in you, you don’t know why, but your heart is beating at a million miles a minute, “So, Flowey, I think... I think I love you”
  5. The flower stares up at you with a look of utter confusion, unknowing in how to process what you’ve told him, he looks down, then back to you. “No... this is a joke right? Some kind of twisted joke that you’re playing on me, there’s no way someone would just fall in love with anybody on their first meeting, let alone a FLOWER of all things.” You frown at his denial of your feelings but shrug at his response, rolling over to look him in the eyes, you smile warmly at him.
  6. Cutting your time short, you hear your phone buzz in your back pocket, almost time to head back home for class. it’s a shame, you really don’t want to leave the flower by his lonesome again. Pondering a solution you ask the flower a question, “I can be back here tomorrow and talk some more if you’d like? I’m sure you’re dying for some company.”
  7. The flower smiles softly, a sharp change from the forced grin he had on prior, he quickly clears his throat and grins again however. “Alright, you’ve been entertaining enough, I’ll be here again tomorrow, just make sure you’re still fun or else.”
  8. You slowly walk back home, excited for tomorrow’s ‘date’
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